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File:Haruhi-church-stained-glass 553.jpg

Hail Haruhi, motherfucker.

Since most people imagine God as an bearded old man, the natural antithesis of this expectation would be having the supreme ruler of the universe be a young girl instead. Creators will sometimes do this to subvert a viewer's expectations, especially in works heavy with Epileptic Trees and Mind Screw.

Compare Divine Race Lift, Goo-Goo Godlike, Little Miss Badass.


Anime & Manga

  • Suzumiya Haruhi
  • Lain from Serial Experiments Lain.
    • She personally denies it quite vigorously. The implications are that she could be God if she wanted to, but doesn't think that's what the world needs. There also may or may not be something above her better deserving of the title, but he isn't exactly a conventional deity either, assuming that he's not just her creation, as well. Mind Screw, ahoy!
  • The premise of Kamichu!!. The full title actually means "The Goddess, A Middle-School Girl"
  • Kamichama Karin has a variation, with a bunch of middle-schoolers who can borrow the powers of various Greek gods using magic rings.
  • Madoka's wish in Puella Magi Madoka Magica essentially makes her God. Well, that and Hope
  • Hanyuu of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is the true identity of Oyashiro-sama, and she takes the form of a young girl, appearing no older than Satoko or Rika.
  • Skuld from Oh My Goddess is a Heaven-born angel who looks like a little girl despite her age most likely not relating to human years.

Comic Books

  • In The Sandman, the Lord of Chaos, Shivering Jemmy, manifests as a young blond girl with a balloon.
  • The ultimate conclusion of Lucifer: Yahweh retires by Lucifer's suggestion, and Elaine Belloc takes His place.



Live Action TV

  • On Angel, Wolfram & Hart's conduit to the Senior Partners would sometimes manifest as a sweet little girl
  • God took the shape of an elementary-school girl a couple of times in Joan of Arcadia.


Tabletop Games

  • It is implied in Demon: The Fallen fluff that the (old) WorldOfDarkness God is a girl. Since the Fallen are pretty much the only still-living beings who have actually seen God at the dawn of time, their word can be trusted.
    • Since the vast majority of the Fallen are still really, really pissed at God, don't put too much stock in their word.
    • God also has an evil sister named Oblivion, short for "The Grand Maw of Oblivion." Grand Maw wanted to create her own universe, and saying that she "failed" is not putting it strongly enough. Now she and her "offspring" spend their time gnawing underneath the afterlife until the end of the world.

Video Games

  • Eternal Daughter: Player character Mia is a demigod.
  • Not technically a god, but the Fairy Queen in The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker manifests to Link in a child-like form. And then hits on him.
  • Moriya Suwako from Touhou.
    • And hey, Kanako Yasaka, why not, even though she's not as young-looking. Reality Warper Yukari Yakumo also may qualify. She's not God. But she might as well be.
  • Yune from Fire Emblem': Radiant Dawn should count.
  • Taken to the extreme in Ar tonelico series. Humans (and more) live in three gigantic towers that are also massive computers capable of potent magic [sic]. The Administrators of the towers are all little girls, especially Frelia.
  • Oracle of Tao has Ambrosia, who for much of the first game is oblivious that she is God's avatar (she's about 20-30 though). This creates an odd situation, since she was literally sending herself on a quest. Later on though, she accepts being God fully, and the current version of God gets reincarnated so that Ambrosia can have a life with Nevras while her mother can have a life with God.
  • A sort-of inversion: In Strange Journey, Lucifer appears as a little blonde girl in white dress, calling herself "Louisa Ferre."

Web Comics

  • Minus isn't really confirmed to be God in the comic - just a girl with limitless unexplained powers.
    • But she does create the Afterlife, and is shown to run it whenever she isn't busy having fun.
  • An old, discontinued webcomic, Acid Reflux, had a little deity girl get her own (used) universe as a present. Her name, of course, was "God". Much humor occurs when she's sucked into said universe, a sort of high fantasy pastiche.

Web Original

  • In BitF City, the most powerful Randomnian god, creater of a whole dimension, is a 6-year old. She also has the mentality of one.
  • SCP-239 from the SCP Foundation seems to be a Reality Warper in the form of a young girl.