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A webcomic created in late 2008 by David Herbert, Living with Insanity is a surreal humour strip that deals with the day to day life of some odd individuals.

Originally created out of Herbert's frustration from dealing with artists who dropped out on projects, the comic updated week-daily for over a month until harsh criticism caused him to abandon the artistic duties and hire Paul Salvi. Together, the two have managed to amass a readership in the thousands.

The story is about Herbert's Author Avatar David, who has survived a car accident that left him brain damaged and reliant of hallucinogenic drugs. However, the driver gave him a settlement that allowed David to retire and make comics full time. Lonely from living alone, David bought a cat and a sentient robot head, both of whom wish to kill him, and soon gained a roommate named Alice. Eventually he was sent an artist named Paul, Salvi's author avatar, who has become addicted to David's drugs.

The comic was originally auto-biographical with many fantastical elements inserted, but the auto-biography seems to be gone in favour of surreal plots.

You can find it here.

This comic contains examples of: