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From the vision of one lovestruck girl.


Momoko: Shojo bubbles? This can only mean that he's a good guy.

Pluie: OMG, that ring is fabulous! It Must Be Mine!

Momoko: What? The bubbles... lied to me?

A romantic moment in anime is often accompanied by a pastel background with lots of bubbles. Nobody knows who wanders into all these series with an invisible bubble machine, but maybe they should stop before they get soap in somebody's eye...

This is a technique taken directly from manga, and often accompanied by a Bishie Sparkle for one or both of the characters involved.

Alternately, the background may have a floral pattern rather than a bubble pattern. In yuri manga, the flowers may be lilies, because yuri literally means "lily". Roses are common otherwise, although any kind of flowers may be used, at the artist's whim, including odd things like passionflowers and clematis.

See also Cherry Blossoms and Flower Motifs.

Examples of Love Bubbles include:

Anime and Manga


 Leomon: (twitches) Would you please stop doing that?

  • Played both humorously and straight in Sailor Moon.
  • Speed Racer does these with camera flashes.
  • Used in a number of fantasy sequences in Midori no Hibi.
  • Happened all the time in Marmalade Boy.
  • Rosario to Vampire ("Tsukune!" "Moka-san!")
  • Confined to a zone in episode 34 of Zettai Karen Children, to the depression of another character.
  • Used a lot in Aishiteruze Baby.
  • Gunbuster uses a floral background pattern when Noriko first meets Kazumi.
    • Diebuster also does this during the first meeting of the main two characters.
      • This is done as a reference to Aim for The Ace. Hiromi sees bursting floral patterns and bubbles when Reika does any especially awesome tennis moves, only adding to the unintentional Les Yay.
  • Paradise Kiss uses a floral background pattern when Yukari first meets George. In this case, it is made to look like an embroidered floral pattern on fabric, which matches the subject matter (clothing designing) of the series.
  • Fushigi Yuugi uses love bubbles and sparkles, flowers, colorful backgrounds, etc.
  • The end song of the Transformers Zone OAV shows Cain and Akira running through a field of such bubbles.
  • Yume and Yuuki from Kanamemo are grandmasters in evoking these.
  • Achakura and Yuki in Haruhi Chan, after Yuki rescues her from a cat.
  • Used in, of all places, Death Note. They appear once, when Misa plays Ring Around the Rosie with Light and L.

  L: (deadpan) Yay, fun.


Video Games

  • Kimmy Howell, Loony Fan of Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, weaponizes these.
  • They appear in Sengoku Basara whenever Tsuruhime tries to confess to Fuuma. Or just around Tsuruhime in general.
  • Often happens to Fuuko in Clannad whenever she gets overwhelmed by the cuteness of something (usually starfish). The scene often pulls back and shows everything looking as normal, but with (starfish-shaped) bubbles appearing only around Fuuko.
    • The worst case Fuuko has though is when Nagisa hugs her, causing her to be out for several minutes. Of course, Tomoya won't let that chance pass by...

Web Comics

Parodies/Examples Played for Laughs:

Anime and Manga

Web Comics

Web Original