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Low Ki (real name Brandon Silvestry) is an American professional wrestler that's worked primarily in the indies, most notably Ring of Honor, but has had a run in TNA as Low Ki and later Senshi and WWE as Kaval.

That Other Wiki has tons of information on his career, read about it here.

Tropes associated with Low Ki:

  • Bald of Awesome
  • Badass Baritone: Low Ki is famous for his deep, resonant voice.
  • The Comically Serious: ESPECIALLY during NXT and he had Lay Cool as his pro/s. His main interaction with them was standing there, silent, holding both copies of the WWE Women's Championship, while Michelle and Layla cranked up the bubbly airhead factor.
  • Finishing Stomp: His Warrior's Way/Ghetto Stomp Finishing Move, where he jumps halfway across the ring and lands on you.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: Low Ki gives you your money's worth.
  • Jobber: His recent run with WWE was this trope played disastrously straight.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Never mind his speed, ferocity and endurance, Low Ki is deceptively strong, his Ki Krusher '99 involves lifting the opponent up as a fisherman suplex and dropping them right on their head.
  • No Sell: On the independent wrestling scene, Low Ki is booked as an extremely dominant wrestler that you can beat the crap out of, but because he's such a Determinator Badass he'll react with just a glare and a scowl.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Low Ki is a small wrestler, that doesn't stop him from tearing you to pieces with his chops and kicks.
  • Schroedinger Fu: Has a very unorthodox wrestling style. He primarily uses a variety of chops and kicks, a lot of chops and kicks, and his finishing move is a diving stomp, but he also has a bevy of suplexes, he also has a fantastic Phoenix Splash (corkscrew 450) and has won several matches by submission, he's a really well rounded wrestler.
  • Serious Business: Wrestling is serious business for Low Ki, not only is he a stickler for Kayfabe, but his character is always played straight.
  • Shout-Out: Low Ki is a reference to the song No Diggity.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Though he is undeniably talented, many reports from the various indy promotions he has worked for has painted him as an egomaniac with a very high opinion of himself.
  • What Could Have Been: His WWE run as Kaval was a whole mess of what could have beens the minute he won NXT Season 2. First and foremost, the Genesis of Mc Guilicutty was probably going to be the angle that got Kaval over with the crowd, as he could have dominated them or played a large hand in taking them down. Or at least in theory, but the debut was so botched that the angle scrapped before it even began. With no story for him, Kaval was functioning as a jobber for three months straight, until he just got fed up with it and asked for his release.
    • Though if you look at how Daniel Bryan was handled, Kaval might have gotten himself a huge break had he been a bit more patient with WWE management and not expect his big chance to be handed to him on a platter right off the bat.