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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Most notably, the White Devil for Nanoha, in reference to Amuro Ray.
    • Also, Ma-hou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Demonic Cannon Girl Lyrical Nanoha).
    • The movie manga version has garnered the nickname "Emoha" for having her Desperately Looking for a Purpose In Life origins exaggerated into flat out Wangst, and later believing that she failed to get through to Fate, rather than mainly being concerned about what punishment she will receive for her crimes.
    • Signum Loveless, because of Signum's very similar personality to Lamia Loveless from Super Robot Wars.
    • GaoGaiGar-tan and Lezbot for Subaru.
    • Loli-Rider for Lutecia, because she looks like a younger version of Rider from Fate Stay Night.
    • Spaghetti for Jail Scaglietti, for no reason at all besides the pun.
    • Etnagito for Agito, because she looks exactly like Etna.
    • Arnage has been called Heavyarms-tan or Heavy Weapons Girl in the western fandom, due to the reacted form of her Divider.
    • Cardiche - Fate's car in season 3, which has the same color scheme as Bardiche.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Signum started out sounding like a slightly softer Lamia. But as StrikerS rolls in... she starts sounding exactly like her.
    • Wataru Tachibana as Erio.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Talking to Herself:
    • Arf shares the same dub actress as young Chrono and they do have some conversations together.
    • Nanoha's mother Momoko in the dub shares the same voice as Falin, and has a scene together with her.
    • Shizuka Ito voices Cinque, Otto and Deed.
    • Chiwa Saitou, jarringly enough, voices Subaru, Nove and Quattro.
  • Word of Gay: Nanoha and Fate at least according to one interview with the creator of the franchise and their voice actresses.