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You got MC confusion? I’m Frontalot!

If I were MC Frontalittle I’d be telling you only ever what I’m not,

but I am the most frontingest.

Carving off the obfuscation, little something just

to confuse you with. And like a villain,

I got conundrums. your empty head they gonna fill in.

Still in effect, the mock you made:

my dexterity ain’t 20 when the skills are displayed?

It’s alright, I took it as a compliment.

Shows you know nerdcore’s extent.

MC Frontalot, real name Damian Hess, is a nerdcore hip-hop rapper. What is nerdcore, you may ask? It's simply normal hip-hop, but focused on pop culture (Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Zork, etc.). While a lot of nerdcore music has come before him, Frontalot made it really well known with his frequent appearances at the Penny Arcade Expo.

Frontalot started out with a small audience; he originally made songs in an online competition named Song Fight. He entered through many names, but his "MC Frontalot" username never lost a single competition. And, as anyone would tell you, he was good. So much so, one of his songs in Song Fight scored 614 votes. Which was the closest after that? 28.

After his Song Fight popularity, MC Frontalot released his first official song, titled "Nerdcore Hiphop". Every geek, nerd, and pop culture fan loved his idea of rapping, but with a different theme. Remember that whole "he created nerdcore" thing mentioned previously? "Nerdcore Hiphop" is the song that allegedly named and started it, but again, Frontalot himself said that there's been plenty before him.

As he released more songs, Penny Arcade started to take notice of him. Through the blog, Tycho and Gabe directed fans to his website, which was the start of his fanbase. In honor of Penny Arcade making him known, he created the "Penny Arcade Theme" song in honor of Tycho and Gabe helping him out. Frontalot now preforms at Penny Arcade Expo's frequently. He even created the song "Final Boss" for Penny Arcade Adventures.

While he did make a demo album, MC Frontalot released his first official album, Nerdcore Rising, in 2005. This contained songs he had previously released on his website and six new songs made for the album. Of course, Frontalot's still alive and kicking, releasing albums and making apperances today.

Frontalot's discography:

  • Nerdcore Hiphop (2004)
  • Nerdcore Rising (2005)
  • Secrets from the Future (2007)
  • Final Boss (2008)
  • Zero Day (2010)
  • Solved (2011)

MC Frontalot provide examples of the following tropes:


 You are likely to be eaten by a grue!

If this predicament seems particularly cruel-

Consider who's fault it could be!

Not a torch or a match in your inventory!