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File:Madhouse logo 5740.jpg

Madhouse is a highly regarded Japanese animation studio, probably best known for their adaptation of Death Note, their works with CLAMP, Their anime first shows, and the movies done by Satoshi Kon and Mamoru Hosoda. They are also known for doing some of the anime of a mix of western works, for example, Highlander the Search For Vengeance, Supernatural, The Pirates of Dark Water, X-Men, and part of the second season of The Boondocks. Madhouse had a long relationship with the late Satoshi Kon; they animated every project he directed (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent, Paprika, The Dream Machine).

The company was established in the 70s and was one of the first studios used by TMS Entertainment (the first being A-Productions (later left TMS to become Shin Ei Doga), Studio Junio and Studio Zero) to outsource their anime productions to.

They have also recently come to develop a relationship with the Baltimore based anime convention: Otakon - with Masao Maruyama now being an honorary regular of the event as well as the studio itself now producing its "intro animations."

See also DR Movie and Moi Animation, the subdivisions of Madhouse (they're treated as independent companies besides that fact).

Notable Madhouse series and films, besides the ones named above, include


Western Animation