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A now-defunct tabletop miniatures game from WizKids, later acquired by trading card company Topps. Innovations included pre-painted models, and a model base that contained all of a model's statistics, making 'bookkeeping' or 'tracking' unneccessary.

In addition to the rules, the company's Web site also featured a library of 'fluff': a detailed backstory for the game's setting, descriptions of each model's role in the Mage Knight world and an evolving current storyline that could be influenced by the players themselves. When cards were added to the second edition of the game, they usually also had some sort of flavor text.

After about a dozen sets, the company changed the rules drastically and came out with Mage Knight 2.0, which was generally not well received (As it turns out, when your rules and statistics are built right into the model bases, drastic changes to said rules tend to make entire armies literally unplayable). After five sets under the new rules, with increasingly complex game mechanics and an ever-dwindling player base, the game was finally cancelled in 2005.

There was a spin-off game called Dungeons, which more closely resembled a D&D-style dungeon crawl, and a mass-battle ruleset called Conquest. There was also a five-issue comic book series (Stolen Destiny), a two-book novel series (Rebel Thunder and Dark Destiny), and a PC game (Mage Knight: Apocalypse).

For magic users also skilled in armed combat, see the similarly named Magic Knight.

This game provides examples of: