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  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • In one scene of the StrikerS manga, Subaru accidentally throws Teana over a wall during a team training exercise, and manages to jump over and catch her on the other side. Initially, this appeared to be simple Rule of Funny, but it was actually Foreshadowing for the Robotic Reveal. Subaru also is able to read the class rankings from a distance where Teana is unable to do so, and in episode 8, suggests that she can go for four or five days without sleep even while doing training.
    • Why does Revolver Knuckle have two spinning gears? Is it because Everything's Better with Spinning is being invoked twice? No, it's because they counter-rotate, so their torque cancels each other out and Subaru's aim with that arm isn't thrown off.
  • During the Final Battle, Scaliette uses a glove that shoots out red strings], attempting to bind Fate. Fate cuts through them with ease, and then smacks Jail down. Proving that you can't even fight Fate WITH Fate.
  • In one episode, Subaru comments about the Yagami family being an invincible force should all six of them be in a battlefield. This is partly because of individual power level but also because the six of them fulfill the roles of a TSAB squad set up, more specifically...
      • Vita is the front attacker.
      • Signum and Zafira are the wing guards.
      • Shamal is obviously the Full back.
      • Hayate with Rein make up the center guard.
  • Fridge Horror: The Bureau recruits grade-school children who are nobodies on their homeworlds and nobody seems to notice or care.
  • Fridge Logic: We know Jail can make robot eyes, so why is Cinque still rocking the Eyepatch of Power eight years later? In-Universe that is, since the actual reason is obvious.
    • It's also implied that it's a point of pride for her, since it was a wound she received from her fight with Zest in what was apparently her first major engagement.
    • It's hinted that Cinque likes to wear the eye patch, so she doesn't get it fixed because then she'd have no excuse to wear the eye patch anymore.