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A South Korean RPG series by Softmax which began life on PC. There are three games in the series, with the latest, Magna Carta 2, available on the Xbox360. The series is mainly known for its sharp (and Stripperiffic) character design, provided by Hyung-Tae Kim.

Not to be confused with the document signed in 13th century England ceding certain rights from the monarchy to the nobility.

Has examples of:

  • Action RPG
  • Amnesiac Dissonance (In Magna Carta 2)
  • Animals Hate Him (Juto, in the third DLC Live Drama)
  • Arc Words ("Absolutely don't die")
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign (In Magna Carta 2, several names are ridiculously German-sounding, such as Big Bad Schuenzeit and the world called Lanzheim.)
  • Big Bad (In MC2, we have Strass, aka Schuenzeit, aka Srats, aka Taats, aka whatever the hell name he uses whenever he produces a duplicate of himself and uses it to start a war)
  • Cloning Blues (Elgar. For that matter, Schuenzeit.)
  • Dark Is Not Evil ( The Doomseeds turn out to be just nature's way of saying "quit being so hard on me!". However it is also revealed that Schuenzeit/Strass can control them at will)
  • Design Student's Orgasm
  • Fallen Hero ( Strass. When he sacrificed his kan to power La Strada and undo the damage from the Great Carta War, he didn't actually die, though he couldn't go anywhere. After some years, his kan ran low, so he created a duplicate of himself named Taats, and started a war so that he could gather more kan for his kamond. Victorious, he did the same thing again 150 years later as Srats, and another 150 years after that as Schuenzeit.)
  • Glass Cannon (Crocell has a ridiculous level of offensive ability, especially if you use his Fist-Fighting style. This is off-set by his low defence and low HP.)
  • Green Aesop
  • Hey, It's That Voice! (Magna Carta 2's English Dub features a veritable who's who of American Voice Actors, including Full Cast Reunions of the American dubs of both Cowboy Bebop and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.)
  • Improbable Weapon User (Celestine uses a bag of incense to fight with.)
  • Hero with Bad Publicity (Your party gets this treatment after Schuenzeit convinces the populous that sacrificing Zephie to La Strada is the only way to stave off destruction, effectively leaving the Mare as your only real allies. The effect remains after you take down La Strada, though not as bad by the time 3 years have passed, as the people have noticed that they are still alive, despite Schuenzeit's claims.)
  • Hidden Elf Village (Cota Mare. Subverted in that while everyone knows about it, very few people go there since the Mare are wary of other races.)
  • Human Resources ( In MC2, this is how Sentinels are made. Life force is also used to power La Strada, which keeps Lanzheim prosperous.)
  • Interspecies Romance (Celestine and Argo)
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY" (Mare is pronounced "mahr-ray", Trewa is "tray-wha", Huaren is "hue-are-ren")
  • Kill It with Fire (Crocell, Eonis)
  • Lethal Chef (Zephie, if the DLC Live Drama is to be believed)
  • Lightning Bruiser (Rue. Literally)
  • Love At First Sight (Celestine, for Argo. Note that Argo is a massive Dragon/Hawk creature)
  • Love Freak (Celestine)
  • Malaproper (Celestine, in the third DLC Live Drama)
  • Mad Scientist (Huaren)
  • Male Gaze (the first shot we see of Celestine is of her boobs)
  • Our Elves Are Better (the Mare civilization: Humans with crystal ears that live half as long as normal humans. And, of course, they hate normal humans)
  • Parental Abandonment (Not one member of your party has a known living parent. Juto was created in a lab, Zephie's mother killed by Schuenzeit (no mention of her father), Crocell's parents were killed during the war, Celestine's mother died when she was a baby, while her father was captured by the Northern Forces and turned into a crazed Sentinel (though she does get to meet his ghost); Argo and Rue's parents are never mentioned, though are almost certainly no longer around)
  • Pimped-Out Dress (everyone)
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy (Argo, although most other Trewa you meet hate his guts, either for letting his Bluemoon village get sacked, or BECAUSE he's a Bluemoon)
  • Redemption Equals Death (A mild inversion. In Magna Carta 2, Melissa realizes that Schuenzeit and the Northern Forces are actually in the wrong, and switches sides, even fighting alongside the party for a short time. However, Schuenzeit's Dragon, Claire sets off a failsafe she planted with Melissa turning her into a monster. So while the act of redemption doesn't lead directly to her death, Claire made sure it would happen that way anyway.
  • Skunk Stripe (Juto)
  • Super Prototype (Juto, AKA First Elgar.)
  • The Atoner (Notably Juto, though both Zephie and Argo show traits of this as well).
  • The Hero Dies ( Strass says that destroying his kamond and La Strada with it will also eliminate all Sentinels, of which Juto is one. He appears to die after stabbing Strass' kamond, but 3 years later during the ending, it is heavily implied that he's come back)
  • The Lancer (Crocell and Argo, to Zephie)
    • Kinda, sorta. Argo fits more as The Big Guy. Crocell or Rue make the most apparent Lancers.
    • Claire, Huaren, and Elgar serve as Schuenzeit's dragons.
  • The Stinger ( It is implied that Juto spent the last 3 years getting better. Somehow)
  • The Stoic (Rue, though she's largely changed during the ending.)
  • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon ( La Strada in 2, complete with trippy purple sky and HR Geiger-esque architecture)
  • Time Skip (The ending is set 3 years after slaying the final boss)
  • Tragic Monster ( Melissa and Vaizen, Celestine's father. Or really, the Sentinels in general.)
  • Wake Up Call Boss (Several of the later bosses in 2 are capable of killing you in a few combos, though Belial is likely the first one that will give you trouble, as it spams heal when low on life, and the only way to finish it is to skill rush him (provided you've been upgrading them), or equip the DLC weapons).
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist (Schuenzeit aka Strass and his cronies want to keep Lanzheim prosperous, but seem to have no problem with committing countless atrocities to keep it that way).
  • White-Haired Pretty Boy ( Juto's hair goes full white after you sever Schuenzeit's hold over him, and Zephie becomes his new master. He even gets a new outfit)