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File:Noto 801.jpg

Ippen, shindemiru?

One of the more popular Seiyuu since about 2000, Mamiko Noto is known for her soft breathy voice, which is worshiped by some and derided by others as ridiculously "cute." She tends to play either passive moe cuties or Yamato Nadeshiko, but one thing that makes her so famous is her ability to adapt to almost any type of role -- well, so long as the character is a girl or a young boy. (On occasion, she plays an older woman.) Has a longstanding friendship with fellow Seiyuu Ayako Kawasumi.

Notable roles by Mamiko Noto:

She's a member of the seiyuu group MORE PEACH SUMMER SNOW, alongside Chiwa Saitou, Haruna Ikezawa and Ryo Hirohashi (co-seiyuus in Keroro Gunsou, the last is also a co-seiyuu in Clannad and Taishou Yakyuu Musume, the first two co-seiyuus in Mariasama ga Miteru, and the first a co-seiyuu in Girls Bravo). She also visited Otakon 2007 in Baltimore (consider yourself lucky if you met her there).

Though they're not THAT closely related, Noto seems to have a relation with fellow seiyuu Kaori Shimizu. If the latter appears in one series, the former have a high chance to appear in that series (doesn't work in reverse generally) and it's also probable that Noto's character will be under the care/supervision (or maybe the junior) of Kaori's character (case in points: School Rumble and Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, other cases they're companions, as in Mugen no Frontier). It's also listed in The Other Wiki that Noto's voice is very hard to imitate, but Kaori is the only one to ever come close to imitating it. This feat is also repeated with remarkable results with... Kikuko Inoue.

She was at one point courted by Tetsuya Kakihara. While we don't know how Noto reacted, and all ends well for her... Poor Tetsuya seems to be the sole butt-end for the backlash by the fans. In fact, Noto herself has reached the status of Even the Girls Want Her, since the likes of Hitomi Nabatame and Shizuka Ito (both famous for being Les Yay in real life), as well as Nana Mizuki and Akeno Watanabe (not so known for it) all want a piece of her.

Here is Mamiko in GPS form.

Tropes associated to Mamiko Noto