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  • Game Breaker - Magic spamming in Seiken Densetsu 3. Also, the Kevin bug.
    • While it takes longer, Magic spamming (particularly once you get Luna) is similarly game breaking in Secret of Mana. Even more so than Seiken Densetsu 3, considering the fact that the spell animations freeze the enemy in place, so casting with the right rhythm can allow the Sprite to kill any enemy before they can move.
      • Secret of Mana has a damage cap of 999. By the time you can actually reach that with spells, most bosses will have 3000+ HP, but then again, only two bosses in the entire game have over 5000HP. Also if you leveled up spells to "Level 9" (8:99), if you invoke a Level 9 animation, you effectively can't spam anymore.
      • Killing a boss in 4-6 hits is pretty dang game breaking. The level 9 animations slow down the magic spam but don't change the fact that the boss is being killed in 4-6 hits.
      • There's also the Sword Orb bug in Secret of Mana that you can exploit as soon as you get reliable means of transportation. If you exploit long enough, gives you a sword that can pretty much kill enemies in two hits, at most.
    • Having Blackpearl as your NPC assistant in Legend of Mana, since her support ability boosts your super meter to 100%. If you bother to learn Item Crafting, you can also deck yourself out with an arsenal of god-slaying that makes even the No Future Mode (ALL enemies lvl 99) a breeze.
  • Player Punch - Some parts of some games are so depressing it hurts the psyche:
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel - Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana) and 3 were both vast improvements over their predecessors. (Seiken Densetsu was first released in the US as the underwhelming Final Fantasy Adventure)
  • That One Boss - Spiky Tiger from Secret of Mana; fighting Vadise and Sierra in Legend of Mana can be a pain as well since Sierra will revive if you can't defeat Vadise quickly enough.
    • Legend of Mana also has the two Tropicallo fights where you can't attack it directly but can only take off a portion of its HP every time you defeat one of its tentacles. One casts magic at you nonstop unless you knock it off its perch, in which case it self destructs and takes a massive chunk of your HP, and the other attacks aggressively. Both continually respawn until the Tropicallo dies.
    • Seiken Densetsu 3 had the second fight against the Two Ninjas in the desert.