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File:Mandy Moore 9684.jpg

Dreaming of, and probably finding, some Wild Hope

Mandy Moore is an American Pop singer, actress and voice actress, best known for looking pretty and turning out to be quite a bit more talented than you'd expect from someone so ornamental.

Amanda Leigh Moore was born in 1984 and released her first album, So Real, in '99. She was the last of the "pop princesses" to debut, and was panned for following in the footsteps of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. The fact that she was still a teenager at this time couldn't have helped, as her lyrics would have had to be toned down even further than the "wholesome Girl Next Door" image the labels were still trying to keep pinned on these gals. It wasn't until Moore's fourth album, released in '03, that she came into her own as a musician, and her more recent albums have been well-liked by those who actually bothered to hear them.

Moore also transitioned over to acting during this period, headlining The Film of the Book A Walk to Remember opposite Shane West. The film flopped, but critics nonetheless had some good things to say about her performance. Gamers will also be pleased to note that she had a brief turn voicing Aerith Gainesborough in Kingdom Hearts I (before being replaced by some combination of Andrea Bowen and Mena Suvari). Her next major film role was the Darker and Edgier Saved, a Black Comedy satire of Christian High School life; it's quite obscure, but people liked what she did with the role. She has had TV roles on The Simpsons, Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs, opposite then-boyfriend Zach Braff. Most recently, she voiced and sang for the most recent Disney princess, Rapunzel, in Tangled, which ought to do some pretty good things for her career considering how well it was received.

Moore is currently married to country singer Ryan Adams, plans to release a new album in the next year or so, and has even ventured into fashion.

This is not by any means a complete and total biography, but since she's been in a lot of productions and gets a lot of hits out here, tropers hoping to add to the Wiki Magic can check the "Related" page for other places she's appeared.


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