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 Gribble: I was a good kid. Followed orders, put my toys away. That's why they took her, because of me. What kind of message is that to send to a little kid?

  • Nightmare Fuel: The fate of Gribble's mother and by extension the countless others who have been murdered.
  • Uncanny Valley: As this trailer demonstrates, the movie probably surpassed The Polar Express in terms of creepiness, especially the main character, whom one commentator thinks looks like a 40-year old deformed midget. It doesn't help that they used an actual kid for the voice but based the motion capture off of Seth Green, hence the dissonance. * Kind of averted with the aliens who look somewhat attractive.
    • And the baby martians, oh man, those baby martians.
  • Unfortunate Implications: As the Something Awful review points out, the Martian women have assumed positions of power that have left them completely unable to care for Martian children (as there's no way someone can hold a full-time, influential job and be a loving mother at the same time), the Martian men have become effete layabouts as a result, and the movie directly says that Martian children will only truly thrive when raised by a mommy and daddy. It's like someone adapted a parenting book from the '50s.
  • What Do You Mean It's for Kids?: The hype makes it sounds like a comedy, but the kidnapped mothers get their brains drained.
    • And then vaporized. No wonder Gribble didn't want to tell Milo the truth behind why he's on Mars.
    • Milo's mom almost gets vaporized to provide memories for the new generation of Nanny-Bots, then Milo gets shot in the foot with a laser and suffers not from excessive blood loss from GETTING SHOT, but will now die because his helmet broke, and then his mom pulls a Heroic Sacrifice to save him, dooming her. This also spawns some Fridge Brilliance.