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Mega Man 3 Japanese Cover.png

After the runaway success of Mega Man 2, Capcom realized they had a hit franchise on their hands, and it was only natural for them to soon follow up with Mega Man 3 in 1990.

The story is centered some time after 2, where Dr. Wily has seemingly reformed after his previous two defeats, and is now working alongside Dr. Light to build a peacekeeping robot called Gamma. However, a batch of robot masters in charge of eight mining operations go berserk and start reaking havoc. Naturally, Mega Man is sent off to stop the rogue machines, this time with the help of his new canine companion, Rush! Along his journies, he encounters a mysterious being called Break Man, who keeps fighting him, as if to test him...

Obviously, it turns out Dr. Wily was behind the whole scheme, tricking Mega Man into defeating the robot masters so he could steal Light's prototype robot and use it for his own evil ends. Oh yes, and "Break Man" turns out to be Proto Man, Mega Man's long lost older brother.

All in all, 3 was another hit in the series, selling over a million copies and receiving excellent critical reception, although not quite on par with 2. The refined gameplay of 2 was expanded upon further, with the "Items" turned into the far more flexible Rush vehicles, no limit on how many E-Tanks you could carry, and a new slide move. On top of that, 3 is the longest game in the entire NES Mega Man series, with a whopping 18 stages total! Unfortunately, Keiji Inafune claimed that 3 was his least favorite Mega Man game, due to the strained development of the game keeping it from reaching its full potential in his eyes, as well as losing the simplicity of the previous two games.

As with 1 and 2, 3 would later recieve a 16-bit upgrade as part of the europe and japan-only Mega Man: The Wily Wars/Rockman Megaworld cartridge for the Sega Genesis [1]. It would also receive a japan-only PS 1 re-release as Rockman 3: Complete Works, complete with remixed music and bonus content. The game would eventually get a major re-release as part of Anniversary Collection for Play Station 2, Game Cube and X Box, and it is now available on Virtual Console.


  1. Aside from being a Sega Channel exclusive for a brief time