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You have angered the gazebo.

Tabletop role-playing gamers are also fond of creating their own memes, because that's just how they roll.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • Meme name: description of meme and how it's used.
    • Source of meme and usage in the form of a hot tip. [1]

Warhammer 40000

Warhammer Fantasy

  • Remove X, replace with Skinks.
    • Remove Skinks, replace with Skinks
  • DOOMWHEELS! [62]
  • Malekith: ageless, undisputed witch-king of Naggaroth. Supreme commander over the Dark Elven hordes. Still lives with his mom.

Dungeons and Dragons


 Is it friendly?

It's not friendly, Eric. It's a GAZEBO!

I shoot it with my bow (roll to hit). What happened?

There is now a gazebo with an arrow sticking out of it.

I run away.

Too late, the Gazebo attacks and kills you.



Magic: The Gathering

  • Needs more Goyf. [97] Variations include -4 jank, + 4 Goyf.
    • Really, almost every Standard environment has a card like this. When Tarmogoyf rotated out, it became Needs more Blossom. [98] In the past, it's been Clamp, Jitte, Manticore...
    • On a similar topic, "Tarmogoyf is the best Blue creature in the history of Magic." [99]
  • "Ach! Hans, run!" [100]
  • "Protection from [X]" and/or "Circle of Protection: [X]" (as in, "Protection From Editors" or "Circle of Protection: Tropers"). [101]
  • "Pithy fire related quotation!" — Jaya Ballard, Task Mage [102]
  • Uncle Istvan, anyone? Whenever someone talks about bringing back old creature types, Uncle Istvans will inevitably come up. Sometimes still after the Grand Creature Type Update errata'd him out of having his own type.
    • Brushwagg has achieved similar popularity, with the extra benefit of actually retaining its ridiculous creature type.
  • ...But how's it play against faeries? [103]
  • It dies to removal! [104]
  • "Harrow." "Harrow, to you to." [105]
  • "Why are you mana weaving?"
    • "No, no, I'm randomizing my deck now, so it's perfectly legal..."
      • "SO WHY DID YOU MANA WEAVE?" [106]
  • Storm Crow, a rather average card, and Chimney Imp, a ridiculously underpowered one for its cost, are memetically popular on Gatherer as two of the best cards ever.
  • After Nicol Bolas turned out to be the villain in two consecutive sets, there are a number of players who assume everything is his fault now. This has even been referenced on an official Wizards column.
    • In the third, it's a minor variation: The Phyrexians do control Mirrodin, but they don't have a planeswalker.
    • Also stated as "BOLAS ALWAYS WINS!"
  • I know a great combo: Humility and Opalescence. [107]
  • We've always been at war with Pokémon, I mean Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game. [108]


  1. This is only a demonstration.
  2. A parody of the overly dark and over the top nature
  3. A variation of the above after considering the fact that, in the 5th edition, almost half of the playable "factions" are Space Marines.
  4. A response used to note extreme dislike or possible Canon Defilement, or at least disagreeing with somebody, best used with a picture of a Commissar
  5. Named for a picture of a sword-wielding commissar riding a Leman Russ battle tank. Used either mockingly or affectionately. Oh, and it's official!
  6. The Baneblade's standard configuration is: One turret-mounted Mega Battle Cannon (aka the Baneblade Cannon) that fires anti-tank rockets with an coaxial Autocannon (which is an like an MG 42 that fires larger bullets than it historically did), plus two Lascannons mounted on the turret, two pairs of Heavy Bolters on the tank's sponsons and another pair built into the frontal hull slope for mowing down opposing infantry and a hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon for destroying anything that the above can't.
  7. Lasguns and Flak Armour are by far the weakest weapons and armour in the setting (which still makes them horrible powerful though), the joke being that Imperial Guard equipment is no better than a t-shirt or a flashlight. Can be used as a positive or a negative thing.
  8. Being the Badass Normals of the setting, along with a t-shirt and flashlight every member of the Imperial Guard is issued with a pair of these. Even the women. Especially the women.
  9. The fan-created Catch Phrase of both Tzeentch and Eldrad Ultran, the biggest chessmasters in the entire galaxy, with possible exception of Alpharius.
  10. Created on /tg/, this references the belief that Eldrad's master plans are only for his own self improvement, such as getting himself a Commissar Cap.
  11. What fans believe the Eversor Assassin says before some slaughter.
  12. Whenever anyone uses Warptime.
  13. The fan-created Catch Phrase of Doomrider, a daemon prince of Slaanesh. May be combined with Metalocalypse.
  14. Due to the Orks' psychic power, when an Ork thinks that a red trukk should go faster, it will. Used to summarise Orky "logic" and the belief in the propa' Orky way things should work.
  15. Similar to the above, this is from a Warboss that wanted to paint his army purple to increase their stealth capabilities, becase no-one had ever seen an army painted purple.
  16. Battle Cry of Da Orks, this is frequently yelled by Ork players during battles and fans of Orks in general, especially when describing something awesome they did.
  17. An Orkish pirate song (Displaying their original design as Orcish British football hooligans in space).
  18. The desire of every Ork. One can never reach the point of enuff dakka.
  19. The fans' reaction to the fact that, despite being touted as the Imperium's greatest threat, Abaddon has launched 13 attacks against the Imperium of Man in the last 10,000 years of the game, without one lasting victory and in the end of every attack he flees back into the Eye of Terror.
  20. From a photograph of an Abaddon model with no arms, an extension of the "Abaddon is useless" meme. Speculated to have been removed by Eldrad.
  21. One of many So Bad It's Good lines in the Soulstorm expansion. This one is from the Chaos Lord Firaeveous Carron, in to Dawn Of War.
  22. Another Soulstorm example, this time showing off the narmful lines of the Space Marine Captain, Indrick Boreale.
  23. Yet another Soulstorm example, this time referencing how the Imperial Guard Commander, Vance Stubbs, claims to be in command of 100 Baneblades, something absurd bordering on impossible, especially for a single backwater system. Mutated into Stubbs losing Baneblades left and right.
  24. Lord Bale's narmtastic reaction to being betrayed by Sindri in the original Dawn of War.
  25. More Chaos Narm, this time from a Chaos cultist.
  26. A reference to the joke that the Blood Ravens loot corpses and steal relics from other chapters (itself a fan "explanation" for all the gear available in Dawn Of War II), comparing them to the magpie bird. In fanon, this culminates with the theft of Bjorn the Fell-Handed
  27. A truly horrible fanfic, both in terms of Canon Defilement and actual writing, that guarantees a little rage. Popular with trolls.
  28. A catch all reference to the joke that under Kharn the Betrayer's Ax Crazy tendencies and Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, he is really a nice, but misunderstood guy.
  29. Kharn's days off involve murder and bloodshed on par with his work days.
  30. Kharn steals the hat from a Commissar by chopping off his head.
  31. Kharn takes up drawing. He isn't that great.
  32. Kharn loves a kitten.
  33. Once again from /tg/, this one references the Farseer from the original Dawn of War, Macha, and how she will never, ever, lose her virginity.
  34. A Space Marine chapter created by /tg/. In their own words, they are angry for the Emperor.
  35. The highly misleading tagline of the Ciaphas Cain series, it is used by fans both ironically, as intended, and as acknowledgement that despite his claims, Cain earned his reputation as a Badass Normal.
  36. A snowclone based on the Catch Phrase of Khornate warriors, "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!". Oh Exploitable.
  37. Unlike every other faction, Tyranids don't have any Catchphrases, so they were given one.
  38. Games Workshop discourages anyone that mentions the Squats. Mutated into them sending assassins anytime they are mentioned.
  39. Mocking the "tactics" of the Necrons.
  40. With the 5th Edition Imperial Guard Codex, Usarkar E. Creed's special rule "Tactical Genius" allows the army containing Creed to make a scout or outflank move with one unit of their choice before the game, even tanks. The meme inflates this rule to the point that Creed is just hiding tanks and armies without anyone seeing them the story having many variations, all ending with some poor schmuck lamenting Creed's tactical genius and releasing a Skyward Scream.
  41. A Tyranid version of the above.
  42. A Black Templar Dreadnought from the comic Damnation Crusade, TANKRED only fights for bitches and booze. His endurance is legendary.
  43. Exaggerating the many instances of wolf being used as a prefix or a suffix in the Space Wolves Codex.
  44. Alternate Character Interpretation of Bjorn the Fell-Handed potrays him as rightfully bored out of his mind due to people awakening him every century or so just to tell stories. Most of the comedy comes from the fact that he's been hardwired into an Imperial Dreadnought, and thus you've got the illusion a thousand year old giant robot bellowing out insults such as the above.
  45. A long Shaggy Dog Story involving a Black And White Space Marine On A Black And White Bike.
  46. The common response when someone asks for painting tips. So much can go wrong if you forego this piece of advice.
  47. The 5th Edition Space Marine Codex states that most, if not all Space Marines consider the Primach of the Ultramarines to be their spiritual liege. The joke extends Guilleman's influence to even enemies of the Imperium.
  48. A reference to the Primarch of the Alpha Legion, a Magnificent Bastard and a master of disguise.
  49. A reference to the fact that all members of the Alpha Legion refer to themselves as Alpharius to protect their primarch. It helps that they all look the same.
  50. Because Games Workshop releases such little information on the Alpha Legion, such as the fate of their Primarch, their current command structure, their reasons for defecting to Horus, or if they even really betrayed the Imperium, fans respond that the Alpha Legion is simply a myth.
  51. An exploitable version of the Tau's Catch Phrase, "For the Greater Good!".
  52. A reference to the Tau's combat strategy, staying out of melee range and pounding the enemy with superior firepower.
  53. Standard phrase used in reference to the Catachans, a division of the Imperial Guard that is effectively a Planet of Hats - where the hat is Predator.
  54. Reached memetic status on DakkaDakka, originating in this thread where the poster seemed to have just copy-pasted the model's title from Forge World's website. Thanks to the rest of the posters in the thread also typing its name in ALLCAPS, the tank rapidly became a Memetic Badass.
  55. Possibly the most distinctive, but also extremely Awesome but Impractical piece of Space Marine armour.
  56. One person drew an adorable picture of a female Chaos cultist feeding an Ugly Cute Chaos Spawn. Her popularity quickly exploded, her strangely endearing speech patterns (due to a mouth full of irregular, jagged teeth) and endless persistence causing her to become beloved by the majority of /tg/, featuring in numerous subsequent drawings and stories, including from her creator.
  57. Similar to Cultist-chan above if not as popular.
  58. Used by Ultramarines haters throughout the fandom due to the utter sueishness of the Ultramarines as of the most recent codex and because their colour pattern is blue and white, while the higher ups often incorporate red.
  59. Used whenever someone mentions a Chaos Spawn, one of the most useless units among Chaos Space Marine armies, causes a person to devolve into a Chaos Spawn.
  60. A meme lampooning the incompetence of the Planetary Defence Force in most of 40k fiction.
  61. Highlights some similarities between the Necrons and Tomb Kings factions (both are Egypt-inspired skeletons that can go back up when killed). This meme predates the 5th Edition Necron codex, but got a new youth from it as more similarities were added. For the spelling, see SPESS MEHREENS above.
  62. A Skaven unit that is, even by the developer's admission, a giant hamster wheel with lightning guns.
  63. Shorthand for performing an incredible feat, often against seemingly impossible odds, it has gone beyond Dungeons and Dragons and become part of purified gaming lore.
  64. A brilliant and absurdly popular parody of all the You Can Panic Now rhetoric directed towards D&D and roleplaying games in general, the entire video became a meme, with this line the most popular.
  65. An unfortunate player is confronted by a gazebo, unaware of their nature. Hilarity Ensues.
  66. If the target of an illusion spell has a reason to think that the spell's effects are illusory and can pass a saving throw against the illusion the effect is negated. In sufficiently dire straits many adventurers would try really, really hard not to believe in the dragon that was currently ripping him apart, just on the off chance that it wasn't real.
  67. The head of the major church in Eberron is about ten years old.
  68. D&D 4e had tables which listed stultifyingly obvious information for passing fairly difficult checks. Those first two lines are not even made up, they are condensations of the actual bear lore entries.
  69. The infamous "Dark Dungeons" Chick Tract is as about an unrealistic portrayal of D&D as will ever be conceived.
  70. In "Dark Dungeons", one player is expelled from the group after the death of her thief character, Blackleaf, and ultimately commits suicide over the character's death.
  71. A line from "Dark Dungeons", when the heroine central character decides to break off ties with a witch's coven her DM runs.
  72. A new D&D player's character was Tordek. His motivation for adventuring was attracting female companionship. This was pretty much his entire backstory.
  73. Some enterprising player considered the Fridge Logic of an immovable rod and used it to create a potent weapon.
  74. The Reaction of getting hit by the said Immovable Rod.
  75. A complaint about Katanas and d20, and the attempt to remedy this "problem", became infamous for its truly staggering amounts of Did Not Do the Research.
  76. The gnome was taken out of the 4E Player's Handbook and placed in the Monster Manual, and in the animated videos Wizards Of The Coast commissioned had the gnome point this out.
  77. Action points allowed characters in D20 Modern to add to a roll, allowing characters to go "above and beyond" their normal abilities. The Eversor Assassin is obviously using his.
  78. The Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords was an Animesque supplement designed to mitigate Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards by giving melee characters Ki Attacks and similar powers.
  79. This power, from the Tome of Battle, allowed the user to remove any negative effect. Since the term "negative effect" wasn't well defined, it was reasoned that one could Iron Heart Surge out of pregnancy, or wounds. Additionally, instead of becoming immune to the effect itself, the cause of the effect is ended, so if you are in a desert or are a race somehow impaired by the sun, you can end its heat/light. Ironically, the ability can't be used as Heroic Willpower as intended, as any these situations, such as Charm or Hold Person, prevent you from moving freely.
  80. In 4th edition, Rogues can get a power during which they run past enemies, and if those enemies would make opportunity attacks, they instead target themselves. The only explanation some people could come up with was that they spontaneously developed insanity. Thus, "Durr... *CLANK*"
  81. When telling lies in D&D, subjects receive an increasing bonus to their attempt to see through the lie based on how utterly nonsensical the lie is. D&D 3e has a spell called Glibness which gives huge bonuses to Bluff checks that outstrip the bonus the target gets for disbelieving even the most ridiculous lies, to the point where you can say something like "The sky is green" or, yes, "I am the Moon come down to check on the tides" and be believed. You can also have your friends come along and back you up to get a further bonus on your roll. ("He is the Moon.")
  82. Both are almost One-Hit-Point Wonder, so it's "who scores a few hits first". Thus, even in D&D1/AD&D a commoner beats a cat only if allowed some good use of size advantage, like overrun attack not requiring charge (PO:C&T). In D&D3, a small dextrous cat is better both at hitting and dodging and have 3-attack claw/claw/bite routine, so cats win.
  83. In response to the accusation that 3.5 psionics was broken and that core was balanced, one person made a rather sarcastic response pointing out just how broken the core classes of Cleric and Druid are. CoD refers to Cleric or Druid
  84. Demetheus, one of the signature Dawn Castes, is sort of a cross between Tom Joad and The Rock.
  85. Peleps Deled, a fundamentalist Immaculate Monk, is so set in his understanding of the Immaculate Texts that he killed a fellow monk over this issue.
  86. There's an error in the 2e corebook stats for the Mask; he doesn't have a Lore score, which denotes total illiteracy. Naturally, being one of the setting's great Chessmasters, he actually DOES have a very high Lore score.
  87. One of the explanations for why the gods haven't done anything to clean up Creation is that they're all addicted to the Games of Divinity.
  88. When First Edition "soft metaplot" materials came out, a lot of them had Gem being targeted by the Deathlords/the Locust Crusade/the Fair Folk/whomever.
  89. The Wyld is a weird place.
  90. Lyta is a Solar who hates all Dragon-Bloods and wants them wiped out, Peleps a Dragon-Blood, The Fundamentalist and Arrogant Kung Fu Guy dedicated to a belief system that wants as many Solars as possible to die right now.
  91. The extradimensional realm of Autochthonia is basically a Soviet state that actually works, and its Alchemical Exalted serve to defend its people and enact their will rather than ruling above them as glorious god-kings.
  92. A thread on on how Magma Kraken is your one-stop Sorcery spell.
  93. The Beasts of Resplendent Liquids are somewhat notorious among the fanbase for being exactly that.
  94. The result of Panther's Angry Black Man status.
  95. The book Masters of Jade had a one-off reference to a Lunar attempting to save a Solar Exalt baker from being corrupted by the eating the cakes the Guild had paid the Twilight to prepare for them.
  96. A hypothetical keyword, created by Robert "The Demented One" Vance, which authorises Storytellers to respond to someone using the Charm in an abusive manner by punching them in the face.
  97. A response to proposed decks; Tarmogoyf is a cheap creature that can quickly become very large and is profitably playable in a huge variety of decks.
  98. Bitterblossom, heavily played when Morningtide was in Standard.
  99. While Tarmogoyf is a Green card, some of its most prominent early tournament usage was in primarily Blue decks that just splashed Green for Tarmogoyf. Because Green had a history of being terrible, while Blue is the most powerful color, the joke was that Tarmogoyf was a Blue card in disguise.
  100. Lhurgoyf's flavor text, one of the most famous in the game.
  101. "Protection from X" is an ability that makes it very difficult to affect the object in question with anything that has quality X, while the Circles of Protection were enchantments that could prevent damage from cards with the relevant quality.
  102. The flavor text on a number of cards is Jaya Ballard quipping memorably.
  103. Faeries was a dominant deck during the Standard Metagames which included the Lorwyn block.
  104. Used sarcastically to downplay powerful creatures, even though a jank common creature would be killed just as dead as an expensive bomb and would have much less utility in the meantime. Originally applied to Baneslayer Angel which spent some time costing upwards of fifty dollars and died to a ten-cent Doom Blade, but has since branched out to other expensive, game-winning creatures.
  105. Harrow meets Engrish.
  106. "Mana weaving" is distributing your lands evenly throughout your deck before playing, which negates the possibility of mana screw. Doing it is either uselessly time-consuming or an unfair advantage depending on the thoroughness of the ensuing shuffling. A comic was made to this effect.
  107. Humility is an enchantment that turns all creatures into 1/1s and removes their game text. While merely a bystander in this case of fail, Opalescence is an enchantment that turns all other enchantments into creatures. Get them together, and you've got Humility removing its own ability, but then there's no need to, so it doesn't, but now it has to, but now there's no need to, but now it has to...
  108. Fan Haters, though it's been Magic versus all other CCGs since 1993.
  109. In Call of Cthulhu, if you are exposed to anything particularly disturbing or otherworldly you have to make a "sanity check" and lose sanity points (abbreviated SAN) on a failure.
  110. From this Something Positive strip, where the GM becomes fed up with the players going Off the Rails and kills them all in disgust.
  111. This is an actual roll you must make for your character's stats in legendarily-terrible RPG FATAL.
  112. Byron Hall, creator of FATAL, likes to claim his game is more "realistic" than others. This cry comes up when you run into something mired in blatant Critical Research Failure.
  113. Byron's explanation for the oft-laughable number of dice you have to roll for some things.
  114. Spawned on the TV Tropes liveblog of the FATAL corebook; if an orifice is penetrated by an item too large for its circumference, there's a risk of it tearing open, and if it's the vagina or anus...
  115. Another from the liveblog, it's #86 on the Random Magical Events list.
  116. A claim by Byron Hall concerning his game.
  117. The stereotypical old World of Darkness character was an angsty badass who dual-wielded katanas and wore a trenchcoat to conceal them with. This was encouraged by the game mechanics, as katanas were just better and could only be concealed by a trenchcoat.
  118. The background story for items and characters in a game.
  119. The stats for items and characters in a game.
  120. Unknown Armies is a game where magic requires you to be insane in a way that lends yourself to crazy hobo-dom. One class of mage is fueled by alcoholism.
  121. Image macro derived from a piece of fanart well-known in the BattleTech fandom, depicting Crown Prince Hanse Davion choking Chancellor Maximilian Liao with a shit-eating grin.
  122. While exaggerated for the sake of humor, the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces do seem to have an inordinate fondness for deploying many, many assault 'Mechs - the so-called "Lyran Wall of Steel". Also extends to some fans jokingly referring to lower-end assault 'Mechs such as the Zeus as "ultralight" designs.
  123. Originates from /tg/. Someone proposed using an army of machinegun-equipped trucks, and while it was quickly pointed out that a lance of Firestarters would eat such a force alive, the idea of some petty Periphery warlord or the like trying to loot and plunder with a swarm of guntrucks amused the thread participants enough to spawn a minor meme.
  124. Many players, veteran and new, will often make their characters have minimal backstory or goals, either through laziness or fear that the GM will go out of their way to screw the player over. The result is a homeless person with no family or friends who only kills and goes through dungeons for the sake of it, being at best sociopathic.
  125. In the official forum, someone posted a post, expressing horror, along the lines of Divis Mal is gay?! This was particularly hilarious because the game's Have You Tried Not Being a Monster? symbolism between Divis Mal's sexuality and his superpowered aberrant nature had always been a massive part of his character, right from the moment he was introduced. Someone else created a thread making fun of this, expressing shock and horror that Divis Mal had arms, supported by some of the art that didn't show them. Since then, treating the fact that Divis Mal has arms as a huge, controversial thing has been a running gag among the fanbase.