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The Memetic Number is basically a number that, aside from being an Arc Number, is so ingrained into the audience's mind that they often use it idiomatically on other media (e.g. the Internet), thereby giving it memetic status. Furthermore, it is taken beyond the specific media into general pop culture, much to the point that were it not for helpful archiving from sites like The Other Wiki the original reference would be lost---something an Arc Number would envy.

It also helps if the number is currently associated with a meme.

Compare Arc Number (where the number is disproportionately popular in one area; an Arc Number can be this if it is a prominent part of a meme), Numerological Motif (which is the non-memetic integration of numbers in general into human life).

Examples (in numerical order)

Examples of sets of memetic numbers


  • Oh, bad luck, I'm afraid shinty-six is a real number. As in the phrase, "I only have shinty-six days left to live."
  1. "Let Courier Six carry the package" "Courier Six?"
  2. Intentionally a bulletpoint of 6.
  3. Try to use the altcode Alt+1337...
  4. That's ridiculous. It's not even funny.