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Why can't Minnie just climb back up in the game?

Mickey Mousecapade, or Mickey Mouse: Adventures in Wonderland as it was originally titled in Japan, is the earliest known Disney-based video game to be released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and one of the few not developed by Capcom (although they did publish its American release, it was developed by Hudson Soft). The game follows Mickey and Minnie Mouse as they venture through Wonderland to find Alice their mystery friend, who is being held captive by the evil Queen of Hearts Maleficent. Along the way, though, a lot of the creatures they encounter have decided for no apparent reason that the mice need to be exterminated, so Mickey and Minnie have to fight these creatures off as they look for their friend.


  • A Winner Is You
  • Cultural Translation: Capcom changed most of the items and enemies in the American version.
  • Gameplay Ally Immortality: Minnie can't get hurt by the normal enemies or the bosses' projectiles, so if you gather her stars at the beginning, she becomes a Game Breaker against the Cheshire Cat Witch Hazel and Captain Hook Pete.
  • Guide Dang It: The Winter section of the Woods. The hidden door to the final section is in the tree right at the start, but won't open until you go all the way through and loop back to the start, so many players would think there is no door there at all and eventually admit defeat and consult the helpline after shooting every other tree to no avail.
  • One-Hit Kill: All the bosses do this to you.
  • Respawning Enemies: This gets especially cruel on levels where you have to backtrack. Even the instant-death-on-contact minibosses respawned, which meant that you could get stuck in an Unwinnable situation if you missed the key in the castle.
  • Stop Helping Me!: If Minnie falls into a pit, Mickey dies along with her. Having to rescue her whenever the crow kidnaps her is also a hassle.