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File:Miranda 5472.jpg

The main cast.

Miranda (2009-) is a Britcom on BBC Two starring Miranda Hart as Miranda; Sarah Hadland as her best friend and work mate, Stevie; Patricia Hodge as her mother, Penny; Tom Ellis as her love interest, Gary, James Holmes as some other guy who keeps popping up, Clive, and Sally Phillips as her Old Friend, Tilly. It's primarily a Work Com that takes place in Miranda's Joke Shop but visits other places in the town. It follows the story of Miranda, who messes up everything in her life. It all starts off fine but each episode eventually turns into a Fawlty Towers Plot.

If you want to know about your right to remain silent, you want Miranda Rights instead.

Tropes used in Miranda include:
  • Adult Child:The title character,also many other side characters.
  • Blatant Lies: All the time.
  • Bottle Episode: Series 2 Episode 5 takes place entirely in one room.
  • Breakout Character: Tilly.
  • Brick Joke: There's at least one brick joke per episode which comes back somehow at the end, no matter how contrived.
  • British Brevity: Two series so far, each containing 6 episodes.
  • Call Back: Many jokes from earlier episodes are mentioned again in later episodes, or even the next season. For example, Miranda's friend Gordon ... who is made from an orange.
  • Catch Phrase: Several, including Tilly's "Bear with, bear with" whenever she's reading a text, Penny's "Such fun!" and her habit of using the phrase "what I call" inappropriately. (Such as, "She's having it on a, what I call, weekday.")
    • There's also Stevie's super-positive conversations with her Heather Small cutout - 'Whurt hev ya dun toodeeehh to mek yer feeeeel prooaarroroad?!'
    • Miranda's "Rude!" and "Good word, isn't it?" also get repeated often.
    • Less noticeable is Gary's awkward "Hi." when he walks in, inevitably, at the worst possible moment.
      • But these are all lampshaded beyond all proportion.
  • Contrived Coincidence: The worst possible person always seem to walk in at the worst possible moment.
  • The Danza
  • Estrogen Brigade Bait: Gary ends up with his shirt (or more) off on several occasions.
  • Fanservice: Gary. Especially when he goes shirtless or dresses in his "Alpha Male" outfit.
  • Fawlty Towers Plot: Every episode has this in some form.
  • Fiery Redhead: Miranda herself may qualify.
  • Its Pronounced Tropay: Listen to Penny saying "Lady Gaga". Or "Lady Guh-GAAH", as she puts it.
  • No Fourth Wall: Miranda frequently turns toward the camera to make jokes to the viewers and to actually talk to them as if it were a conversation, except this is only done in short bursts, usually to raise a quizzical eyebrow or to completely contradict what she's just said.
    • To the psychiatrist: "You haven't got us pegged!" - to the audience: "He has -totally- got us pegged!"
  • Ship Tease: Miranda and Gary. And how.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: Gary's friends Chris and Allison.
  • Sound to Screen Adaptation: The show originally started as a radio show called Miranda Hart's Joke Shop.
  • Strange Syntax Speaker: Too many to count.
  • Studio Audience
    • You can easily tell this especially when Gary comes in the psychiatrist office where Miranda and her mum are in and confesses his love for Miranda, kisses her, and goes down on one knee to propose. Half of the audience members are screaming like twelve-year-old girls. Then, you can hear them "aww'ing" at sheer disappointment when we find out it was just Miranda daydreaming.
  • What Could Have Been: Miranda Hart originally tried to get Penelope Keith to play her mum, Penny, but she turned it down.

Episodes of this series provide examples of: