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Moyasimon logo and the show's mascot, A. oryzae

Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture (also spelled Moyashimon) is a still ongoing manga series, adapted to anime in 2007 (with a second season coming up in 2012) and live-action in 2010, which tells the account of Tadayasu Sawaki. The son of a yeast maker and a first-year college student at an agricultural university, Tadayasu has the ability to see, touch and talk with all sorts of micro-organisms and bacteria. These microbes appear to him as bug-sized creatures that come in all sorts of shapes with whom Tadayasu can interact.

  • Tadayasu Souemon Sawaki - The main protagonist of the series. His middle name is usually omitted.
  • Kei Yuuki - Tadayasu's childhood friend, the son of a sake brewer who secretly thinks of himself as a girl trapped in a boy's body and is also in love with Tadayasu.
  • Professor Itsuki - Professor at the university. A mysterious old man with a passion for fermentation of all kinds who knows of Sawaki's ability.
  • Haruka Hasegawa - Postgraduate student and Itsuki's assistant. A short-tempered, no-nonsense and somewhat sadistic woman from a wealthy, over-protective family.
  • Hazuki Oikawa - A freshman and a compulsive neat freak who carries disinfectant tissues and antibacterial sprays around with her.
  • Kaoru Misato - A sophomore with a mustache and beard who wants to use his knowledge of brewing to earn some easy money.
  • Takuma Kawahama - A short, overweight sophomore and Kaoru's buddy. Seems to have a thing for insects and such.
  • Aoi Mutou - Itsuki and Hasegawa's assistant; known around campus as "Miss Agriculture", but also know for being a bit of a lush.

The Department of Agriculture building on the school's campus is a near identical replica of the Real Life University of Coimbra in Portugal (up to and including the school flag being the Portuguese flag).

Tropes used in Moyashimon include:

  1. Specifically, it'd appear a lot of stuff Itsuki promotes as possibilities for future terraforming is in fact based on the Real Life science of bioremediation. And yes, Real Life researchers in terraforming ARE looking at bioremediation as a model for making worlds habitable.