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"I'm only really here to keep the fangirls interested."

Meet Tonga’s Oiled Olympic Flag Bearer, Pita Taufatofua TODAY

So, you're flipping through the channels on your TV, waiting for the end of the commercial break and...

Hold that thought. Who's this guy? And why does the camera keep panning down his open shirt?

Meet Mr. Fanservice! This character has been given the role of the show's primary source of Manservice. If he's in a show that isn't already aimed at women (or gay men), this can be an effective way of getting their attention. Expect to see at least one shirtless scene.

The Spear Counterpart to Ms. Fanservice. See also Eating the Eye Candy, and Bishonen Jump Syndrome, which discusses the increase of these in manga and anime.

Please note: Just because somebody is hot does not mean they are a Mr. Fanservice. If you wish to gush about your male fictional crush, please take it to Perverse Sexual Lust.

Examples go in subpages: