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File:Gray fanservice 2850.jpg

Looks like Gray lost his shirt again. The creator regrets nothing.

  • If Kai from Beyblade doesn't become this in the third season, then I don't know what fits this trope.
  • Full Metal Panic:
  • Peacemaker Kurogane is all about this trope. There's every kind of guy to appeal to everyone's different tastes. Moe boys, older men, effeminate Bishounen, manly men, etc. Especially Suzu in the manga who goes around wearing nothing but a black fur robe draped around him after he goes crazy and gay, and additionally wears makeup, revealing clothing and has white hair to boot. And if you like your Foe Yay, look no further than Suzu's obsession with Tetsunosuke, who is very cute for his age.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • Kamina, who didn't need a Shirtless Scene simply because he never wore a shirt in the first place, and spent one episode wearing nothing but Boota. This ended with him repeatedly smacking himself in the ass (Simon and Gimmy were doing the same thing, which may qualify them as Shotacon-bait). He's also the Testosterone Brigade Bait for that matter.
    • Viral doesn't have a tragic backstory, but he fills most other qualifications, and his time in the Lotus Eater Machine made everyone weep for the poor guy. And long before that his Villain Decay made him appealing for whatever reason.
    • Timeskip!Simon. He often goes around wearing very tight tops during full episodes, and his most recognizable outfit includes a man-corset and an open longcoat. Without a shirt. And don't forget that brawl on episode 20.
    • The series takes it up to eleven with the prison group shower scene, wherein both Simon and Viral were prominently featured wearing ridiculously small towels.
    • Um... Rossiu? Seriously, one of the coolest-headed and most down-to-earth characters in the show, who grows up and blossoms into a totally hot Evil Chancellor type who sounds just like Lelouch and whose emotional turmoil is laid out in Woobielicious detail for all the fangirls to see.
  • From Naruto:
    • Sasuke is the obvious example in the earlier chapters, being an aloof, stoic, Tall, Dark and Snarky, secretly angsty Bishonen with hordes of fangirls in-universe. However his Face Heel Turn and status as a major Base Breaker have made his success as Mr. Fanservice rather mixed.
    • Sai, being Team 7's replacement for Sasuke, also replaced him in this respect: a Tall, Dark and Snarky Emotionless Boy with secret angst who bares his midriff.
    • The titular Naruto, especially after the Time Skip when he's less of a goofball, appears to be more of a Bishonen, has more angst, and spends more time shirtless.
    • Hidan is a White-Haired Pretty Boy who has lots of Shirtless Scenes.
    • Suigetsu from Sasuke's team, who has white hair, form fitting clothes, shark teeth, and a penchant for nudity.
    • Arguably Gaara after his Heel Face Turn . He quits making creepy faces and his cold, silent-type exterior is seen as cool and charming.
    • Itachi Uchiha. Good looks seem to run in the family, and there are many fangirls who would choose him over Sasuke any day. He was the original aloof and depressed Uchiha brother.
    • Deidara, for some. A blond haired pretty boy that was frequently mistaken as a girl by many viewers and readers. The mouths on his hands can either serve as horror can lead to Head-Tiltingly Kinky thoughts, depending on how the person rolls.
  • Back in the early days of Dragon Ball Yamcha was this. He was a Adorkable shy Bishonen in a main cast full of preteen boys and animals.
    • No word on whether this was intentional or not, but the Japanese Other Wiki documents that female readership of Dragonball Z shot WAY up with the introduction of Vegeta and even more so with Trunks. Most likely intentional, as Toriyama's editor at both times was an ex-shoujo manga editor who encouraged him to make Perfect Cell as bishie as possible.
    • Trunks is also so shy and modest that we didn't get a shirtless scene from him until one episode in GT.
  • Perfect Girl Evolution AKA The Wallflower has four guys each for a specific appeal; Kyohei seems to get the majority of the shirtlessness though.
  • Anyone noticed how in Bleach the guys are more likely to suffer Clothing Damage than the girls? There definitely seems to be more fanservice with male characters than with females... And there's the curious evolution of the art style, transforming the main male characters, most obviously Ichigo, into very handsome young men with bodies to die for.
    • No mention of Ichigo's cuteness can possibly be complete without his look starting in chapter 417. Behold. It gets even better in the chapter after, where not only does he have the longer hair, serious expression, large quantities of bare chest, Pimpcoat Badass Longcoat, inexplicable but cool-looking chain, and missing sleeve, he's also pwning Aizen, adding some extra Badass appeal.[1]}}.
    • He also has a very nice shirt removal scene, which could have been avoided by starting the scene 5 seconds earlier. Luckily, it did not, and the fangirls took screencaps.
    • There's also Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, who, even before the Clothing Damage strikes, basically goes around shirtless at all times. There's really no reason for him to be wearing that skimpy bolero jacket other than to please the horny fangirls.
    • Uryu Ishida shows off his bare chest during a training match with his father.
    • Ikkaku Madarame completely ditches a shirt after using Bankai against Edorad.
    • Ulquiorra Cifer gets a brief Shirtless Scene, then a Walking Shirtless Scene after going One-Winged Angel.
    • Ggio Vega's got a very flexible, athletic build to compliment his Eyes of Gold and Bishonen looks.
    • Creator's Pet or not, Sosuke Aizen gets a brief Shirtless Scene, combined with Bishonen face, though it all gets shot to Hell and back once he goes One-Winged Angel.
    • Sickly or not, Jushiro Ukitake has a very nice physique during a Beach Episode.
    • Shuhei Hisagi definitely sports a manly bishie look, and he shows off some leg during his fight with Findorr.
    • Shusuke Amagai gets a Walking Shirtless Scene after his Face Heel Turn.
    • Renji Abarai. Shirtless, with all those tattoos and his hair untied and loose.
    • Byakuya Kuchiki gets a few brief moments of Clothing Damage, and a Shirtless Scene in a volume cover.
    • Senbonzakura once shows up nude in an omake. Haineko and Tobiume tried to sneak a peak, even!
    • Kazeshini is a black-red devil with an Evil Laugh and a Psycho for Hire demeanor, but his Walking Shirtless Scene is still eerily appealing.
  • Soul Eater gives us the three main boys: Soul, who has constant screentime - sometimes without his clothes on and in sexy pinstripes; Death the Kid, who always dresses in a kickass suit and is voiced by none other than Mamoru Miyano; and Black* Star.
    • We also have Stein and Spirit, who provide the fanbase quite a bit of Ho Yay, complete with suggestive speech in-canon to boot! Plus no one can forget that one cigarette kiss...
  • Balmung is the token bishie for the .hack// series, complete with white hair and feathery wings.
  • Between Vash, Wolfwood, Livio, Legato, Knives, and Midvalley, it's hard to think of a male Trigun character that isn't Mr. Fanservice - unless they're horribly deformed and at least twice the size of everyone else.
  • Studio Ghibli has Ashitaka (watch the clothes fall off one by one as the film progresses).
  • Orphen from "Sorcerous Stabber Orphem" Troubled but Cute: check, Tragic Backstory: check, AND those tight leather pants!.and he knows it.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist's Edward Elric. No easy task considering that he's a vertically challenged double-amputee. It helps that he's ridiculously ripped and appears to be unable to so much as walk past a sharp object without his shirt artfully shredding itself to reveal this fact.
  • The only question in adding Berserk to the list is trying to decide who's bigger bait, Guts or Griffith. Angst a-plenty is on both sides, and while Griffith is naked more often and is definitely prettier, Guts gets shirtless and whipped way too often to be coincidental and to garner more Woobie-like sympathy. And considering the series is pretty hardcore Seinen, well, it's pretty undeniably also a case of Even the Guys Want Him - all the rampant subtext between them only adds to the effect..
    • Oh ho ho! Let us not forget that Guts has something that even naked-clad Griffith doesn't have: A FULL FRONTAL SCENE. That spans two volumes. Oh, yes yes yes yes YES.
  • Ace from One Piece, with his permanant state of shirtlessness and easy-going big brother personality. It's implied Luffy could qualify for this trope eventually as well, considering how tallness, broad shoulders, and general beefiness seems to run in his family. And that one panel of an older version of him in an early version of the story? Even if you couldn't see him well, you could tell he was smokin'. (Because seriously, Bearded!Luffy!)
    • Also, Smoker, Smoking Is Cool, fur jackets are cooler, white hair is even cooler and an awesome bod is coolest.
    • They also noticed that Oda is better at drawing hot men than hot women.
    • Zoro as well, due to his inability to keep a shirt on.
    • Bah, Sanji may not have be as ripped as Zoro, but he refuses to bow to that marimo, he's rather slim, but he's well built, with a snappy fashion sense, nice legs, chivalrous attitude and above everything else, is a badass.
    • Trafalgar Law, prior and after Time-Skip, even without revealing any part of his body skin (or his entire hair).
  • If more fangirls knew about Lupin III, Goemon would definitely qualify. Every other episode, without fail, the fab four have to swim somewhere. Three people will be in wetsuits, one person will be in fundoshi. Coincidence? I think not.
    • Jigen could also qualify, for those who prefer the scruffy type. Dark And Tragic Backstory and Love Hurts out the yin-yang, with a side order of Tall, Dark and Snarky.
  • Speaking of Ronin in fundoshi, there's Jubei Kibegami. At a hot spring! And the way his clothes hang open just enough for the rest of the movie.
  • Creed from Black Cat qualifies for this trope rather nicely. Somehow, his evil plot to take over the world and kill everyone not up to his standards is justified by his sad Dark and Troubled Past involving his abusive mother. He has a rather deep and sexy voice, and there is no doubt that he would have no problems doing male-on-male things with Train. He also has an incredible amount of shirtless scenes (even his regular clothes show his chest).
    • He also has a very naked bath scene where he's barely covered by strategic floating clumps of rose petals, in a slow pan from his feet to his head. And when he gets out of it, they pan as low as they can without showing "little Creed."
  • Getter Robo did this in the Revival OVA Armageddon, with updated character designs to make them more handsome. Hayato went from a creepy, distorted delinquent to Tall, Dark and Snarky and the gonkish fat pilots Benkei and Musashi became burly men.
    • Ryoma, too. More than one fan of either gender ended up severely distracted by how handsome he was, in a very Rated "M" for Manly way.
  • Jin from Samurai Champloo has some shirtless scenes, especially in the last episode. May fall into Fan Disservice though, since those scenes also coincide with him getting very badly hurt.
  • Lelouch from Code Geass. In addition to being a CLAMP man (see above), he's a Tall, Dark and Handsome rebel with a tragic past, voice as smooth as silk and an aura of charisma and power - and he looks damn good in black. To a lesser extent, his friend/rival Suzaku applies, being lean, fit, very chivalrous, and generally a nice guy (as long as you don't do something to REALLY piss him off).
  • Joe Asakura from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is Troubled but Cute, a good shot, drives a Cool Car, a ladies' man and pulls a tearjerking Heroic Sacrifice in the first series finale. No wonder he's the most popular member of the team among female fans! (Oh, and in the OAV? He has long hair, wears only a leather jacket and tight jeans, and he gets a Shower Scene!) Ken Washio comes in a close second with his big blue eyes, handsome boy next door face and a decent amount of emotional baggage.
  • Can anyone name any guy from Katekyo Hitman Reborn who isn't one? The fans of this series consists largely of the Estrogen Brigade with a few male sneaking in despite the blatant subtext.
  • With Fushigi Yuugi, it's probably just easier to narrow down which male cast members aren't catering to some estrogen brigade bait fantasies. Whether your taste runs to Draco in Leather Pants (Nakago, Suboshi), or to gorgeous, gallant royalty (Hotohori), or to fiery redheads (Tasuki) or to your basic romantic hunk (Tamahome), there will be at least one ridiculously attractive male character who gets a) gratuitously wet, shirtless or both; and b) a sympathetic Backstory. Hell, even resident monk Chichiri gets in on the Fan Service action.
  • Allen, Tyki, Kanda, Lavi, etc. from D.Gray-man. This series runs off its Estrogen Brigade.
  • Let's just say that while the fights and character development are undeniably awesome, they are NOT the main reasons why women like Yu Yu Hakusho...
    • Don't forget Hiei. Short, with a traumatic past, a deadpan snarker, and is well, shirtless. a lot.
  • Itsuki Koizumi is the SOS Brigade bait, as well as Kyon.
  • Sechs from Battle Angel Alita: Last Order either fits the trope or is a parody of it. Starting out as a exact replica of the female main character, by volume 5 Sechs, after losing her original android body, has changed to a 1.8-metre-tall thin but muscular male body. This was either done to get more female readers into the series or to poke fun at the lack of attractive male fighters in the manga. Additionally, in volume 10 it's revealed that Sechs has gained a large female fanbase in the solar system, much to his/her annoyance.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! You cannot tell me that this is not that reason that Teenage!Negi constantly gets shirtless scenes. Teenage!Kotaro also counts.
  • Lockon Stratos both Neil and Lyle, thank you very much, from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Somehow, both Shinichiro Miki and Alex Zahara manage to do wonderful things with Lockon's voice. It's possible that because he fits this trope so wonderfully that so many fangirls forget what happens when his Berserk Button is pressed...
    • Then again, this trope can probably be used to point out almost every male character in the series, protagonists and antagonists alike.
  • Black Jack is an old king of this trope. Badass Bookworm? Hellz yes. Covered in Scars yet still handsome? Yup. Tall, Dark and Snarky? Ho hum!
  • From Pandora Hearts, Gilbert Nightray. Tall, Dark and Handsome, scarred torso, absolute devotion to his young master and high volumes of trauma in his past. Mmmmmm.
  • Fakir from Princess Tutu. Tall, Dark and Snarky, Slipknot Ponytail, a birthmark that looks like a huge scar right across his chest shown off in the most fanservicey manner possible; a Deadpan Snarker who eventually becomes/is revealed to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, fiercely loyal, determined and protective; has a tragic backstory and a very strong sense of inadequacy, since his "role in the story" is basically to die; has epic swordfights; is completely wrapped up in Mytho to the point which even the main character comments that Fakir/Mytho is a real possibility; provides 80% of the Ho Yay and UST in the entire show just by existing; and gets his clothes ripped to pieces on a regular basis. In fact, he occasionally rips up his own clothes (this has not been explained). Also, he dances. He dances ballet. He also cooks. There is a reason why the Fakir Faction is so huge, you know. *fans self*
  • Although most of the male cast of Karneval could qualify to the point of being full of pretty boys, Gareki is especially seen in cut up or revealing outfits that should not look as hot as they do when he's wearing them.
  • Try every single male character in Fruits Basket. Particularly Momiji, Ritsu, Yuki, Ayame and Kyou. The first wears the girl's school uniform (albeit not with a skirt) because "it looks cuter on him", while the second presents himself as a woman because of an inferiority complex the size of Antarctica. And then Momiji got tall. *fans self* Yuki has soft violet hair and eyes, and makes for a pretty convincing girl the one time when he had to wear a dress. Ayame, on the other hand, is... just fabulous special with that white hair and all those sparkles...Then there's Troubled but Cute Kyou who fits more in the All Girls Want Bad Boys area, with a Hot-Blooded temper and tendency for dere dere moments around Tohru. Akito in the anime also qualifies, although manga Akito is a different story altogether. Tohru lampshades this once, calling the Sohma family, a "family of princes". They also have the tendency to transform into adorably cute critters if hugged by members of the opposite sex and transform back into their human forms completely naked. And need we remind you that everyone in Fruits Basket has a tragic past, screwed-up family history, and/or other significant psychological issues? Plenty of Woobielicious cuties for all.
    • You forgot Hatsuharu.
    • And Hatori. Both he and Hatsuharu more than Ritsu definitely.
    • Being a fan, this Troper would like to defend Ritsu by pointing out that the boy's Mr. Fanservice levels rose exponentially when he cut his hair and started wearing men's clothes. *swoon*...
  • Claymore, anyone? Norihiro Yagi knew what he was doing when he introduced Isley. Isley is Draco in Leather Pants. He's a charming, sophisticated man willing to train a poor, lost young man and is really only trying to save his own species, honest! Of course, with Isley's death, someone had to step up to the plate. Cue Raki, having been Rescued From the Scrappy Heap and taken on the series big bad as sort a reverse-Morality Pet, taking several levels in badass and now shown to be ripped, tall, good-looking and more than willing to fight well in a series where kicking ass is firmly women's business if the ass-kicker is one of the good guys.
  • A good half of the male cast of Vision of Escaflowne were literally made to be this trope -- and by that, we mean that the director had their character designs tweaked (you do not get any points for guessing how) to draw in the Estrogen Brigade Shojo crowd.
  • Shugo Chara has a lot of these, but Ikuto is the #1 example. He's a Tall, Dark and Snarky Troubled but Cute Jerk with a Heart of Gold who's Not Evil, Just Misunderstood, he constantly flirts with Amu in a teasing sort of way, he often dresses in Stripperiffic black outfits, and he has cat ears. It's no surprise that he's the most popular male character in the manga/anime. Oh, and he's also spends a story arc mind-controlled with a trench coat and a scythe.
    • And for those of us who like teachers/older guys, there's Nikaidou Yuu. Too bad he got marrried...
  • The protagonist of Darker Than Black is a Chick Magnet. This is a completely accurate reflection of female reactions to an incredibly hot Badass ninja with a tragic past, and it's further aided by the fact that in his civilian alias, he takes Nice Guy to something resembling Moe despite his usual Stoic-ness. Oh, and he has the nicest coat in the world, seems to be physically incapable of buttoning up his shirt all the way, and is a really good cook. Even leaving aside Hei, no one who has watched the show, ever, is going to forget the scene where November 11 lounges around naked.
  • Probably the only good thing about the anime called Beauty and Warrior: Those warrior twins, especially during their Fight Scene against each other. The rest is... O.K., so everything (including the fight) was full of Narm, but still... (Note that this is made in Indonesia, so I don't know if it can be placed here).
  • Dr. Kenzou Tenma from Monster might have been a little dorky-looking at the beginning of the series, but after the Expository Hairstyle Change he starts looking like this. Daaaaamn. Johan is also rather infamously attractive despite being the poster boy for Complete Monster.
  • If Black Butler's plot and gorgeous art doesn't keep you hooked on the series, the ridiculous amounts of Ho Yay fodder and gorgeous guys will. Special mention goes to:
    • The Troubled but Cute, and I mean very cute, Ciel Phantomhive who had a particularly traumatic Dark and Troubled Past, crossdresses for a ball in one scene, has beautiful blue eyes, has pierced ears, wears a variety of fancy outfits befitting his social status (including a Nice Hat and using a cane)
    • Ciel's deceased father Vincent Phantomhive who was very handsome and compassionate.
    • Sebastian, who is, without a doubt, extremely Badass, has silky shoulder-length black hair, is extremely tall and handsome, constantly wears black, has a somewhat sensual nature. And considering that his human looks are actually derived from Vincent Phantomhive's... Oh!
    • The Undertaker, whose voice in the anime is pure Fetish Fuel for some fans, he also has a creepy/mysterious air about him, has long nails, long silver hair with braids throughout which covers his supposedly pretty eyes, and seems to harbor some Ho Yay tendencies towards Ciel. He looks even better once you see his full face.
    • Prince Soma, a 17-year-old dark skinned Indian, who has golden eyes, shoulder-length purple hair, wears gold jewelry and has the personality of a naive child. Soma's servant Agni who adores Soma and thinks of him as a God: he is an dark-skinned Indian, with white hair and is extremely kind and warm towards others.
    • Aleister Chamber, who tends to act extremely flamboyant and dramatic, is an extremely attractive man, as commented by many nobles, who describe him as "handsome" with hair like gold thread.
    • And dear God in heaven that's not even half of the Mr. Fanservice...
  • While a good amount of the characters in Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei tend to get weird looking because of Art Shifts, a few of the male characters, namely a good amount in Nozomu's class may fall under this. There's also Jun Kudou and the lead male Nozomu Itoshiki and his brother Mikoto who are all Bishonen and very attractive to those who like teachers, doctors, and glasses and they look alike enough to be mistaken for the other. Nozomu can also come across as Moe and wears a hakama and other traditional Japanese attire outside of his hometown. There's also the Once an Episode suicide attempts on Nozomu's part, which could make him a Woobie...considering how it would take an extremely bizarre pair of Abusive Parents to produce somebody like him, even taking into account his own histrionic personality. Also, a good number of Nozomu's female students have crushes on him as well as his male students and he's had his fair share of moments where he goes shirtless or bares all with a few conveniently placed censors blocking his naughty bits.
  • This is kind of the reason why Saint Seiya has a BIG female fanbase. With the exception of the title character, most all of the good guys and even some of the badguy can be considered varying levels of this. The most obvious is probably Andromeda Shun, a Reluctant Warrior with a pretty face, in-universe fanclub and big brother complex. The storyline where he's possessed by the god of death doesn't help matters either. Shiryu just LOVES shirtless scenes.
  • Gintama even with all of their unusual quirks has a lot of female fans. Pretty much most if not all of the men would qualify for this trope. And although it's a gag-series, many of the characters have tragic pasts that aren't played for laughs.
  • Cowboy Bebop: Spike Spiegel! The first time you see him, he has no shirt on. He's also Troubled but Cute and has a really nice voice.
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni gives us Battler, Kanon, George, and Juza who are all quite Bishonen. But if you like your men more manly there's Ronove who's Tall, Dark and Handsome and Battler's Hot Dad Rudolf.
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Satoshi and Keiichi. Aside from Keiichi's various interesting outfits, there's the infamous Yaoi tease between him and Satoshi in the Kira OVA.
    • Keiichi's dad... in the manga.
  • Kiryuu Touga and Ohtori Akio in Revolutionary Girl Utena can often be seen in open shirts. Of course, some would say any onscreen appearance by Akio constitutes fanservice in itself...
  • Akira Inugami from Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest is handsome, snarky, he lost his parents when he was young, he's a 15 year old werewolf who can beat entire gangs, has a Shirtless Scene or two, and he's constantly tormented by two Ax Crazy stalkers with a crush.
  • Hayate of Hayate the Combat Butler.
  • Ichise of Texhnolyze is a good example of this, for a double amputee. He's good looking, has a Shirtless Scene in the first scene we see him in, quiet, Badass, lost his parents when he was young, endures a lot of hardships, and is very much a Woobie.
  • Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Smooth voice, elegant, handsome, and for the few times he's appeared (counting the movies) usually he's either naked, giant and naked, wet, in bed with another guy or in any combination of those.
  • Durarara: Despite being a Manipulative Jerkass Izaya is quite popular among female fans.
    • Shizuo is a popular target of this as well.
    • Ahem. Shizuo's brother Kasuka. That is all.
    • Hell, almost all the male cast consists of Bishonen .
  • The entire male cast of Angel Sanctuary.
  • Yamato "Matt" Ishida from Digimon Adventure seems to have been specifically designed with this purpose. Blond and blue-eyed (a quarter-French), aloof lone wolf with a Big Brother Instinct, perfectly-styled spiky hair, a troubled past and an inclination toward music. They even up the ante in the second season, where he has become a little more open to the other characters, has let his hair grow out a little and is the leader of a very popular rock band. He even gets the in-universe mob of screaming fangirls to boot (some even with stalkerish tendencies).
    • If you love the Adorkable type, then Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi and Jyou "Joe" Kido are MAJOR fangirl carnage for that. Specially considering that Jyou is bordering on Tall, Dark and Handsome in 02.
    • Taichi "Tai" Yagami/Kami is no slouch in the fanservice department either. He's got all the traits of your shounen hero that fangirls can't get enough of. He's athletic, adores his baby sister, got spiky brown hair, tan skin, and those wonderful goggles.
    • Davis, Ken and T.K. also count more or less. There is a fetish for fangirls ([[Even the Guys Want Him and boys) with a lot of these guys in digimon.
  • The entire male cast of Axis Powers Hetalia. It really says something when even the main character's grandfather has loads of fangirls.
  • The entire male main cast of Ouran High School Host Club, both on-screen and with the fans.
  • Minami from Cherry Juice, who has the natural harem, the non-chalant shirtless-ness, and who is not above kissing his bishonen best friend in order to make his sister jealous. His status as this trope is lampshaded within the manga with the opening line:

 "A stylish man... dripping with sweat!"


 Koutetsu: Don't you ever get tired of doing that that?

Barnaby: Doing what?

Approaching Fangirl: E-excuse me? Can I hold your hand?

Kotetsu: That.

  • In Wild Rock, a manga full of Bishonen running around in Loin Cloths, Emba's design can be considered nothing more pure cheesecake Fan Service. He's got the "manly, but caring" personality to boot.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing:Despite being part of a franchise generally targeted at males (because girls can't possibly be entertained by giant robots and politics), an overwhelming majority of the fanbase was female; females who were unabashedly interested in the male characters of the show for their looks, with maybe personality coming in at a close second. Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, Zechs, and Treize all fit this trope. The sheer amount of fanfiction, doushinji and websites dedicated to them (usually of the Ho Yay nature) is testament. IIRC this was done intentionally to broaden their audience demographic. It worked.
    • On that note; there is PLENTY of Dark and Troubled Pasts (particularly Heero, Duo, Trowa and Zechs), Badasses (all of them), pretty boys, questionable moments that fuel the massive amount of yaoi fangirlism, stocism (Heero and Trowa; although they kind of sorta not really get over their absolute stocism), jerks with hearts of gold, and a Shirtless Scene (maybe- Heero had bandages, but bandages aren't shirts, right?). Depending on your mileage there is Foe Yay (Zechs and Heero always promising to finish their "duel"). So much Woobie (depending on the character it may be Iron or Stoic) it is almost painful to watch at times, considering what the pilots have been through and what they keep going through during the show.
  • Kou from Monochrome Factor. Troubled past? Check. Emotional and physical scars? Check. Sexy voice? Check. Looks great with his shirt off? Check. Comfortable with man-on-man scenes? Check. Akira and Shirogane are also great examples.
  • Takumi Usui of ~Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!~ is an obvious one. Good looking, wealthy, Troubled but Cute, popular, good at everything, and completely devoted to his girl. Both in and out of universe, Even the Guys Want Him.
  • Togari's Tobei, and not in the usual Bishonen way either. Word of God says he was originally in his twenties instead of 16, and it shows. He's got, like, zero body fat. Not to mention the whole "unrepentant sinner on a Redemption Quest" thing. *swoon*
  • While Fairy Tail rather blatantly caters to its male fans, it has one particular character by the name of Gray Fullbuster who, in addition to being the most 'collected' of the main cast, and a tragic backstory, has a very nice body which readers get plenty of chances to oggle, as his obligatory quirk is stripping to his boxers without realizing it. Hiro Mashima does not try to hide that attracting female fans is Gray's job. When the first major arc focused on Gray, he said it was due to the female fans: there weren't enough of them.
    • Although not as blatant as Gray, Natsu's definately one of these. Unlike Gray, he wears a vest and scarf... just no shirt. And he's equal to Gray in the abs department.
    • Jellal Fernandes: Angsty backstory, badass boss, even ripped when he was around ten or so. Mashima also loves drawing him so he gets brought back continuously.
    • A good portion of the male cast have female fanbases: Lyon, Zeref, Laxus...
  • The entire male cast for Kyou Kara Maou, and I'm not even kidding. You have Yuuri - the cute lead teen, Wolfram - the bishounen (as stated by Yuuri himself), Gwendal - the hot tsundere, and Conrad...oh, you won't forget Conrad...and loads more. In fact, it's as though each character has been designed to ensure that there's someone for everyone.
  • Rosario Plus Vampire: Most of the males after the Art Evolution that takes place in the manga become much more attractive. Especially Tsukune who has a nice scar, a well-toned body, some heroic angst, and an increasingly pretty face. Need we say more?
    • Not to mention Ginei, who managed to be the series' main source of manservice even before the Art Evolution.
  • Minami-ke: Hosaka is built from the ground-up to complement Haruka's Ms. Fanservice status and is there to provide appeal to the girls through his unparalleled Bishonen looks and Bishie Sparkle abilities... until he starts making Shirtless Scenes and Imagine Spots for no apparent reason.
  • Alviss of Marchen Awakens Romance. Let's see, Bishounen? Check. Dark and Troubled Past? Check. Clothes get ripped off in battle? Check. Cries at the end of the series and has a wonderful smile? Double check. The main victim of Ho Yay/Foe Yay moments and plays the role of the Distressed Dude? Triple check.
  • Shion and especially Nezumi of No. 6. They're both Bishonen, get shirtless scenes, have angst, and have quite a bit of Ho Yay between them.
  • Yamato of Karakuridouji Ultimo is Tall, Dark and Handsome with a muscular body and frequently gets Shirtless Scenes. Then there's that Ho Yay that Rune has towards him or the angst he undergoes.
  • Gene Starwind of Outlaw Star. Let's see...tragic history, Even the Guys Want Him, not bad to look at, athletic, good heart (underneath a selfish juvenile exterior), Handsome Lech...
  • Basilisk is a series, where every single female character (excluding the crone Ogen) shows more or less, usually more, bare skin at some point. Fortunately for the ladies, it also gives us Kasumi Gyoubu, whose ninja technique (merging himself with solid objects) requires him to be completely nude. It also doesn't do any harm, that he has the body physique of a god.
  • The Sengoku Basara anime contains the gallons of fanservice from the original video game and adds a little more with an injured Date Masamune bandaged shirtless scene. Yowza.
  1. Obviously, he picked up more than combat skills from {{spoiler|Tensa Zangetsu