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You've created a cool Henshin Hero -- your mentor character has gotten a few young heroes with a proper demeanor, and chosen the best one to bear the Transformation Trinket. But you want to spice it up a bit. You could start him/her out in one form and have him/her "graduate" to a Super Mode later -- maybe even stick in a Mid-Season Upgrade -- but you want a little extra kick from the start.

Then it hits you. Give him/her multiple forms from day one! That's the ticket. But you'll need to make it so that one isn't an obvious Super Mode he should be using by default.

No worries. Apply a little Multiform Balance.

Multiform Balance occurs when creators take care to make each multiple form of a Shape Shifter, such as a Henshin Hero, a Swiss Army Hero or a Morph Weapon-type Swiss Army Weapon, useful in its own way. The easiest way to do this is to make each one suited for a certain tactical situation or to use certain tactics. For example a werewolf doing a Partial Transformation to Wolf Man may not be able to talk, but can still use weapons and has greater strength than a man, but isn't as fast as a wolf.

In essence, it's applying Competitive Balance between each of the character (or weapon)'s forms. In fact, the character types laid out in Competitive Balance or other power balancing tropes can be quite useful in describing the character's forms.

May overlapse with Evolution Power-Up, especially if new forms were gain/discover as the plot demand, although Multiform Balance can switch back and forth. When Humongous Mecha use this trope, it's usually done with Mecha Expansion Pack or Transforming Mecha.

Examples of Multiform Balance include:

  1. Excels at underwater combat and has some heightened defense, but is generally not as combat-ready as other forms.
  2. The last three are really Evolution Power-Up represent how Tiga Dark slowly purging away darkness from himself.
  3. Focus on healing and purification
  4. its stats are all decent and equal; it's called Speed Forme because the speed stat is still the highest