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An American rock band, often used (and mocked) as a prime example of the Emo genre. However, the lead singer (and much of the band) would be rather annoyed by the comparison. Gerard Way, the lead singer, has been known to dislike the genre, calling emo "a pile of shit". They have on occasion referred to themselves as "what-else-you-got emo" and "violent pop". They have also been described as "vampire and zombie rock". Their music is best defined as hardcore, yet melodic, and in some instances anthemic. They formed in New Jersey around 2002 with their first song, Skylines and Turnstiles. The band claims that the theme and style of their music was initially inspired by their feelings during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The band has a notoriously bad Broken Base and a very Unpleasable Fanbase, rampant with Fan Dumb and Hate Dumb. Enter at your own risk. The band is very popular with Emo Teens, despite not wanting to be. Their latest album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys divided the fanbase, but is their most popular with everybody else, and made My Chemical Romance more respectable among the general population.

Please don't confuse them with My Bloody Valentine, who are a British Shoegazing band who similarly have nothing to do with them.

Members are:

  • Gerard Way, lead singer.
  • Ray Toro, lead guitar, backing vocals.
  • Frank Iero, rhythm guitar.
  • Mikey Way, bass.
  • Currently, there's no permanent drummer (formerly Matt Pelissier, then Bob Bryar, then Michael Pedicone as a touring drummer until September 2nd, whose replacement is now Jarrod Alexander).


Documentaries/Live Concerts

  • Life on the Murder Scene (2006)
  • The Black Parade is Dead (2008)

Tropes featured by My Chemical Romance:


  Gerard: Cawfee, cawfee, goin' to get cawfee!