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  Note: Fan content have been moved to My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon.


Season 1

Part One

Mare in the Moon

  • Twilight Sparkle's various first impressions of the other ponies:
    • Pinkie Pie randomly gasping and running off, only to show up later throwing a surprise welcoming party and proceeding to talk Twilight's ear off.
    • Applejack introducing her relatives.
    • Rainbow Dash's Crash Into Hello, followed by Twilight's shocked expression when Dash makes good on her claim that she can clear the sky in "ten seconds flat". And it actually does take exactly ten seconds.
      • And Dash trying (and failing) to suppress laughter at what she accidentally did to Twilight's hair.
    • Rarity dragging Twilight into a Costume Test Montage.
    • Fluttershy nervously swings her leg and introduces herself at barely a whisper before her voice degenerates to unintelligible, nervous squeaks. Then she spots Spike, body-checks Twilight out of the way to start gushing over him, and Spike proceeds to literally tell her his life story.

Elements of Harmony

  • Pinkie gets a lot of them in this episode. First, she manages to find a book on the Elements of Harmony as Twilight frantically looks for one:

 Twilight Sparkle: How did you find it?

Pinkie Pie: It was under "E"!


 Pinkie Pie: When I was a little filly and the sun was going do-o-o-own...

Twilight Sparkle: Tell me she's not...

Pinkie Pie: The darkness and the shadows, they would always make me fro-o-o-own...

Rarity: She is.

  • After the manticore hurls Applejack off of its head, she turns to Rainbow Dash and calmly proclaims "Your turn, partner" while she's still flying through the air.
  • When Twilight nearly falls off the broken rope bridge, Rainbow Dash quips "What is it with you and falling off cliffs today?"

The Ticket Master

  • The final chase scene near the end, which is also a homage to Benny Hill's famous chasing montages, counts as a double Funny Moment, since it is insanely funny AND because it caught everyone completely off guard.
  • The girls' fantasies about the Gala are all amusingly over the top:
    • Applejack hoping to earn enough money to replace the "saggy old roof" on the barn, Big Macintosh's "saggy old plow", and Granny Smith's "saggy old hip", which leads to Granny suddenly looking more youthful and bucking around in joy after kicking her walker away.
    • Rainbow Dash pulling a stunt just offscreen that earns a literal Jaw Drop from three of the Wonderbolts.
    • Pinkie Pie dashing about trying to take in all the festivities at the Gala while singing a silly song about it. At one point, she plays Pin the Tail on the Pony, only to end up pinning her own tail to it while the fake tail is stuck to her backside. How does that even work?
      • Pinkie Pie, that's how.
    • Rarity's bug-eyed look of glee at the sight of her Prince Charming offering her a huge diamond engagement ring, coupled with her narration: "He would ask for my hoof in marriage, and of course, I would say... YES!"
    • Fluttershy gushing about the birds found in the royal gardens of Canterlot: "Hummingbirds that can really hum, and buzzards that can really buzz!"
  • Pinkie Pie's freak-out. "Bats!! Bats on my face! Heeeelp! ...wait!"
  • Spike and Applejack at the end of the episode. Her line "Just like a boy; can't handle the slightest bit of sentiment" and Spike secretly gushing over getting to go to the Gala feels like a nod to the audience.
  • After Rarity gives Twilight a make-over, she gives Spike one too... and ends up putting him in a goofy-looking "Little Lord Fauntleroy" get-up, complete with blonde wig and a Nice Hat.
    • "I told you, I don't want any part of this girly gala gunk. See you back at the library. (exit stage right)
  • Rainbow Dash calling Twilight a "goody-four-shoes".
  • At the beginning of the episode, Applejack mentions that she bet Big Macintosh she could get all the Golden Delicious in the barn by lunchtime. If she does, he has to walk down Stirrup Street in one of Granny Smith's girdles.
  • Twilight shouts for everyone to stop arguing, and Pinkie keeps going a bit, showing that she'd rather lost the thread of the discussion.
  • The ponies' attempts to curry Twilight's favor are hilarious, but the funniest has to be Fluttershy's "spring cleaning". Not only is she a transparently bad liar, but Angel Bunny's silent snarking stare when Fluttershy tries to deny playing favoritism sells the entire scene, as does Fluttershy's brutal honesty after seeing the snarky glare.
  • The starving Twilight's eyes when Applejack lists all the delicious apple themed food that she brought to bribe her for the ticket
  • When Twilight turns down Dash's favor of clearing up the rainclouds directly above her and the rain finally falls on her aswell, ruining her meal, this exchange happens when Rarity passes by:

 Rarity (with an umbrella): Twilight! *matter-of-factly* It's raining.

Twilight (completely soaked): *totally deadpan* No. Really?


Applebuck Season

  • Eeeeyup. Just the entire introductory scene and Applejack's and Big Macintosh's exchange.

 Big Macintosh: One pony plus hundreds of apple trees just doesn't add up to...

Applejack: Don't you use your fancy mathematics to muddy the issue!

  • The expression Rainbow has on her face when Applejack presses the other end of the see-saw.
    • And before that, when Applejack smacks the ground hard cartoon-style after missing the see-saw.
  • And during the impeding cow stampede, Pinkie Pie is bouncing along the ground saying in a shaky voice "Hey, this makes my voice sound silly!"
  • Twilight's speech constantly getting interrupted, especially Rainbow Dash's face when she says "so... AWESOME!"
    • Made funnier by the fact that another face like this has never been made on the show.
    • And there is the sheer size of the stack of cards Twilight intends to read her speech from, and when the Mayor is about to interrupt she throws them in frustration.
  • Loopy, sleep-deprived Applejack staring at her distorted reflection in the trophy, followed by Pinkie Pie joining in. "Woo! Woo! Woo!"
  • Applejack trying to buck the apples off a bare tree, which leads to Twilight pointing out "A.J., I think you're beating a dead... tree."
  • The ponies freaking out over the aftermath of the bunny stampede. "The horror! The horror!"
  • "No, not baked goods. Baked... BADS!"
  • Twilight saying that Applejack is as stubborn as a mule, then saying 'no offense' to an actual mule who was standing just off screen.
  • Slow-motion Pinkie. Enough said.

 Pinkie Pie: Alrighty, I'll get the sugar and the eggs. Can you get me some chocolate chips?

Applejack: (disoriented from exhaustion), what was that?

Pinkie Pie: (slowed down, from Applejack's point of view) CHOOOCCCOLAAATE CHIIIPPPPSSS.

  • The moment when Applejack believes she's finally finished harvesting all the apples from the orchard, until Big Macintosh comes along and points out she's only halfway through.

 Applejack: How do you like them apples?

Big Macintosh: Uh, how do you like them apples?

Applejack: Mememe wha? Ahh... (faints)

  • Rainbow Dash getting catapulted over the horizon. Applejack's reaction to Rainbow's panicked scream? "YER WELCOME!"

Griffon the Brush-Off

  • Fluttershy's unexpectedly snarky response to Pinkie Pie's attempts to reassure her:

 Fluttershy: Um, Pinkie Pie, about this party for Gilda, um, do you really think it's a good idea? I mean...

Pinkie Pie: Don't worry your pretty little head about mean old Gilda! (pats Fluttershy on the head) Your Auntie Pinkie Pie's got it all taken care of!

Fluttershy: (annoyed) I'm a year older than you.

  • The prank montage near the beginning of the episode.
    • One that stands out is their first prank on Spike, which gives him the hiccups. That is funny on its own, but then his hiccups start sending his dragon fire out, causing him to repeatedly send scroll after scroll to Princess Celestia, literally dropping an avalanche of scrolls on her head with the poor mare having no idea what's going on and just trying to read them.
    • Then later, we notice at the end of the episode when Twilight sends her report that Celestia now has a chute where mail wouldn't just rain on her. And the invisible ink is sent to Celestia, at which she laughs.
      • The chute was already there, you can see it when she gets the first scroll.
  • Gilda lets out the usual cartoon flame breath from the prank lemon wafers set out.... which Pinkie Pie promptly uses to toast a marshmallow.
    • Even better when you know she actually wasn't expecting it, but somehow still had the marshmallow ready.
  • The beginning where Rainbow Dash keeps running... er, flying away from Pinkie Pie... who's calmly bouncing along, and still manages to catch up with Dash. Doubles as a Shout-Out to Pepe Le Pew.
  • After Pinkie Pie pranks Rainbow Dash with the telescope, we zoom out to Fluttershy investigating the fake turtle they were using for her prank and poking at it.

Boast Busters

  • The end of the episode, with the Ursa Major, which while still terrifyingly big, is also amusingly snuggling its Ursa Minor son like a baby, even giving it a bottle. Keep in mind said Ursa Minor was gigantic and rampaged throughout most of the episode.
  • Twilight making an excuse to leave when Trixie tries to challenge her. "I think I hear my laundry calling!"
  • Snips and Snails' Pinky and The Brain moment:

 Snips: An Ursa walkin' up the street, eh? Snails, you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

Snails: Why is it they call it a flea market, when they don't really sell fleas?

    • Also

 Spike: The proof is in the pudding!

Snails: Uh huh huh huh, I like pudding.

  • After Trixie turns Rarity's hair green, she runs through the crowd shouting about how terrible having green hair is. Cue Golden Harvest/Carrot Top, who has apparently dyed her mane green (hers is usually orange), saying "Well, I never!" and walking off in a huff.


  • The fainting-goat panic attacks, complete with sound effects.
  • Angel pulling off a smoker's cough while trying to draw Fluttershy's attention to the smoke appearing over Ponyville.
  • Pinkie Pie's rubber chicken, and her attempt to make the dragon laugh.
    • Rarity's nonplussed reaction to said rubber chicken.
  • The dragon's response to Fluttershy's angry tirade against him is an indignant "But that rainbow one kicked me."
    • To which Rainbow Dash nods proudly.
  • Rainbow Dash losing her patience. "We've tried persuasion, charm... whatever it is Pinkie Pie does..."
  • Pinkie beat Rarity in 35 consecutive games of tic-tac-toe while waiting for Fluttershy. And then Rarity's response:

 Rarity: Best of 71?

  • Fluttershy literally being scared of her own shadow.
  • As genuinely awesome as that moment was, the sight of a pegasus marching up the snout of a dragon and glaring into an eye roughly as big as she is while giving it a piece of her mind is inherently giggle-worthy.
  • During Rarity's part of the Lock and Load Montage, she puts on an army helmet... before checking herself out in the mirror, deciding against it, and putting on a sun hat with the same camouflage pattern as the helmet.

Look Before You Sleep

  • The epic pillow fight between Rarity and Applejack, while Twilight tries to calm them down.

 Twilight Sparkle: [dazed after being hit in the head twice with pillows] Girls, maybe we should take it down a notch?

  • Twilight's Adorkable realization that a pillow fight is Exactly What It Says on the Tin is amusing as well. "Oh, I get it! Pillow fight! Fun!"
    • Heck, Twilight's adorkableness all the way around this episode. Some of the better moments include:
      • "Hooray, slumber party!" while lightly clapping.
      • The fact that she has a book entitled "Sleepover 101" and thinks that doing everything in the book to the letter will officially make the sleepover fun.
      • Her reaction to the tree that Applejack accidentally pulled into her bedroom is to look all through her sleepover book to see where branches fit into the slumber party.

  Twilight Sparkle: Well, there is an entry about backyard slumber parties. Is that what we're doing? Does this count as camping?

  • Applejack and Rarity telling their "Ghost stories".
  • Applejack and Rarity fighting over the spare bed. "Can't hear ya, I'm asleep! *feigns snoring*"
  • The absurdly girly dress Applejack puts on for her dare.

Bridle Gossip

  • Spike's fears of zombie ponies. "Not likely... but possible?"
  • Pinkie's song about Zecora. "It's a work in progress."
  • The reveal of Fluttershy's "Flutterguy" voice. Then his cool jazz rendition of Pinkie Pie's "The Villain Sucks" Song (complete with rhythmic finger snaps in the background) turns the hilarity Up to Eleven.
    • The deadpan and bored manner in which Flutterguy sings it just makes it even more hilarious!
    • Not to mention the way in which Pinkie Pie pantomimes the lyrics as Flutterguy sings them.
    • Made even better by the French dub of this scene. Flutterguy's voice takes the Everything Sounds Sexier in French principle to all his lines, the song included. Watch it here.
  • The sheer fact that Applejack is more afraid of Zecora than her kid sister Apple Bloom is, to the point that it's Applejack who shivers with fright and clings to Apple Bloom during Pinkie's "Evil Enchantress" song.
  • Also of note is when Apple Bloom disobeys her "little" sister, and leaves her on a tree branch in the Everfree Forest. Applejack, one of the most responsible and grown-up ponies, is reduced to throwing a hissy fit.

 Applejack:: Apple Bloom! You come right back here this instant! I'M GONNA TELL BIG MACINTOSH ON YOU! Ah, pony-feathers.


 Rarity: Have you ever heard of personal space?

Pinkie Pie: Nope!

  • "Appletini" lassoing, then harmlessly wrestling Zecora's ear is hilarious. I love the bewildered "What is she doing up there?" look on Zecora's face.
  • Apple Bloom knows what's going on:

 Twilight Sparkle: Apple Bloom, sweetie, you can't just stand there and tell me this isn't a curse.

Apple Bloom: This isn't a curse!


Swarm of the Century

  • Pinkie Pie's brilliant entrance near the end, immediately followed by Princess Celestia's baffled expression as Pinkie and the Parasprites march by, AND Pinkie Pie's trombone closing the episode are insanely hilarious.
    • Pinkie's utterly serious expression while she's leading the parasprites out of town is what really sells it.
    • That and when Twilight begins to speak to Celestia during Pinkie's "parade", you can literally hear the Princess thinking: "You know what? Fuck it; I'm just gonna accept this."
  • A minor one, but Rainbow Dash high-fiving (high-hoofing?) Fluttershy: apparently it stung enough and she lets out an adorable "Ow..."
  • From the same episode, Pinkie Pie's dramatic "I'll save you!" entrance as Rarity's store is being ravaged. You think she's there to have a Big Damn Heroes moment, but then, she trots past her, grabs a flute, tests it and and runs away. Rarity's reaction was priceless, and the fact that it switches to another scene mid-scream is just wondrously timed.
  • Or Applejack, Big Macintosh, and Granny Smith set to defend the orchard - and then the parasprites go and eat the barn.

  Applejack: Didn't see that one coming.

  • The highlight's got to be poor, beleaguered Twilight Sparkle surveying the devastation... and finally (briefly) snapping and giving orders to the fleeing ponies.
  • Pinkie Pie's backwards running while trying to talk to the ponies rounding up the parasprites.
  • Rainbow Dash's parasprite bikini.
  • When the parasprites start eating Ponyville, Rarity's reaction is to yell "EVERYPONY FOR HERSELF!" and run off to protect her store.

Winter Wrap Up

  • The reaction to Twilight Sparkle's first feeble attempt to create a bird's nest.

 Spike: That nest needs to be condemned.

Rarity: Oh, Spike! It's not so bad. Uh... Maybe the birds can use it as a-

Spike: An outhouse?

    • It's so bad that Rarity spends half the day trying to fix it, gets behind in her work, and eventually breaks down in tears. (The seconds-long reaction shot of her dramatic sob is a CMoF all its own.)
  • Twilight's Humiliation Conga when she tries to help Fluttershy wake up the hibernating animals.

 Twilight: (Rings a bell) Hellooo! Wake up little friends, wherever you are! Spring is coming! I wonder what cute, little, furry creatures I've awoken! (Cue a few hissing snakes)

Twilight: Wah! Snakes! SNAKES! (Backpedals frantically into a large cave... and gets swarmed by bats)

Twilight: AAAAAAHHHHHH! (Runs and crashes headlong into a tree, causing a beehive to fall and get stuck on her head)

Twilight: AAAAAAHHHHHH! (Scrambles blindly into another cave... containing skunks)

Fluttershy: (Watching the skunks wake up and leave a visible trail of their stench behind) Good morning, friends!

Twilight: Ughhh...

  • Twilight attempting to help with the plowing by using magic. At one point she cuts off Blues, hitting him in the face with snow. She then comes back around and splashes more on him. He gets enough time to look pitifully at the camera before getting his face covered.

Call of the Cutie

  • "Apples! Apples! Apples! (Offscreen Crash) Heh... apples."
  • Apple Bloom's hilariously over-the-top hard-sell when trying to become an apple salespony. She browbeats Doctor Whooves into buying some apples, scares off Berry Punch, and tries to trick Bon-Bon into buying a bushel of apples.
  • The ridiculously manly tennis-player pony that appears during the episode, who not only had a manly beard, mustache and hairdo, but also had a hairy chest as well.
  • The montage of Rainbow Dash trying to help Apple Bloom find her passion in life. "Ultra-Pony Roller Derby, GO!"
  • Apple Bloom's motor-mouthed explanations, first to Rainbow Dash and then to Twilight Sparkle, of why she just has to get her cutie mark before the party.
  • Apple Bloom spinning around in circles trying to look at her own flank and see if she's earned her cutie mark. Twice.
  • "Please say Bingo, please say Bingo!"
  • "Don't forget your party hat, Forgety Forgetterson!"
  • Berry Punch drinking out of the punch bowl.

Fall Weather Friends

  • All of Pinkie Pie's color commentary during the race.

 Pinkie: Yes! And grudge rhymes with fudge!

Spike: Yes, it... does... What?

Pinkie: And I like fudge! But when I eat too much fudge I get a pudge and then I can't budge!

Spike: So... no fudge?

Pinkie: Oh, no thanks! I had a big breakfast.

    • Pinkie and Spike as sports commentators is guaranteed funny.

 Pinkie: "Welcome to the official coverage of the Running of the Leaves! You know, Spike, despite its name, the leaves don't do any of the actual running."

  • Applejack and Rainbow Dash's feuding eventually degenerating into a Big Ball of Violence.
  • After the Road Sign Reversal, watch Rainbow Dash's face as she says "I'm SURE to win now!" to Twilight. You'll probably laugh.
  • How Rainbow Dash is able to beat Applejack at tug-o-war. She flies over the mud, then lifts Applejack into the air. Applejack realizes Dash is cheating, and...

 Applejack: *muffled* That's not fair! You can't use yer wings to help you win!

Rainbow Dash: *muffled* Huh?

Applejack: *muffled* Yer CHEATIN'!

Rainbow Dash: *muffled* I can't understand you with that rope in your mouth.

Applejack: *lets go of the rope* I SAID......uh-oh. *falls into the mud*

  • "Get it....eye muscles?"
  • Spike's expression when he found himself as the "bull" for the rodeo, and then after Applejack ties him up says; "How do I get roped into these things?"

Part Two

Suited for Success


 Rarity: I'm never coming out!! I can't show my face in Ponyville ever again! I used to be somepony. I used to be respected! I made dresses! Beautiful, beautiful dresses! But now, everypony is laughing at me! I'm nothing but a laughingstock! (sobbing)

Twilight Sparkle: You're not a laughingstock, Rarity!

Rainbow Dash: She kind of is!

Twilight Sparkle: Shh! (to Rarity) Come on out and talk to us.

Rarity: (throwing herself down on her bed) Leave me ALOOOOONE! I vant to be alone! I want to wallow in... whatever it is that ponies are supposed to wallow in! Do ponies wallow in pity? Oh, listen to me! I don't even know what I'm supposed to wallow in! I'M SO PATHETIIIIIIIC!!!

Twilight Sparkle: Now what do we do?

Fluttershy: Uh... panic?

Rainbow Dash: That's your answer for everything!

Applejack: Well, we can't just leave Rarity like this...

Pinkie Pie: She'll become a Crazy Cat Lady!

Twilight Sparkle: She only has one cat.

Pinkie Pie: Give her time...

    • This is followed by a scene in which Rarity contemplates going into exile, and wonders what to pack.
  • Hoity Toity describes the dresses at the first fashion show as "A mish-mash of everything but the kitchen sink!"; cue Rarity shoving a kitchen sink out of view.
  • Fluttershy shocking Rarity with her apparent knowledge of fashion designs.
    • Applejack refers to it as her "freaky knowledge of sewing."
  • Twilight's model walk. Just look at her face.
  • Opal playing with Hoity Toity's mane as he waits for "take two" of the fashion show.

Feeling Pinkie Keen

  • A group of pegasus delivery ponies accidentally dropping a flower pot, an anvil, a wagon, and a piano on Twilight Sparkle. Bonus points for having Derpy Hooves being part of said group.
  • Spike backing out of Twilight's library with a stack of books is accompanied by the "beep... beep... beep..." warning sound of a truck backing up. Unfortunately, this is after the opening library door has already clobbered Twilight.
  • When the Hydra first appears, Heads One, Three and Four bellow menacingly. Head Two is apparently a little slow, and has a moment of confusion before joining in the roaring.
    • A moment later, Heads One, Three and Four lash out at the ponies, slamming into the mud, a tree and a rock in the process. Head Two, apparently as a bit of payback for being Late to The Punchline earlier, laughs at them.
  • Twilight is going to hold off the Hydra until the others can get across the gorge.

 Twilight Sparkle: "Oh, what would a brave pony like Rainbow Dash do?" *beat* "CHAAARGE!!!"

  • Twilight Sparkle's reaction after surviving the leap across the bog. She hits a conveniently-placed cave, shakes her head a few times and does a silly grin while a *squeak* noise plays.
  • At the very end of the episode, Spike is about to send off Twilight's letter to Princess Celestia when CELESTIA OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE!

 Spike: ..."twitchy tail"? Holy guacamole!

    • If you listen closely, you can hear a "whoosh-boom" as Celestia lands near Spike. That's right, despite having wings, Celestia seems to have literally fallen out of the sky, just to pick up Twilight's letter (and prove Pinkie right once again).
    • Or maybe a sonic rainboom?
  • Gummy, Pinky's toothless pet alligator, gumming her, and her complete lack of a reaction.
    • Not to mention the fact she has a Pinkie Sense reaction just for detecting when there's an alligator in the bath tub.

Sonic Rainboom


 Rainbow Dash: Ugh... (Falls over in frustration)

Fluttershy: ...Too loud?


 Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash, you rock. Woohoo.

    • Made all the better with her reaction at the actual show, when Dash manages to pull off the Sonic Rainboom, and Fluttershy cheers loudly while Dash's other friends are dumbstruck.
  • Pinkie's reaction when she (literally) tastes the rainbow, made all the funnier by her apparent love of spicy stuff in earlier episodes. Apparently, rainbows are too spicy for even Pinkie Pie!
    • For extra icing on this piece of hilarity, Pinkie's lower lip quivering from the spiciness and neighing as she fled. I kid you not.
  • Rainbow Dash's reaction to meeting the Wonderbolts, getting the best young flier crown from Celestia and her friends hoisting her up on their backs, complete with joyful wiggling during the last one.

  Rainbow Dash: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!


The Stare Master

  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders' attempts at fixing Fluttershy's table: "Hammer." "Hammer." "Hammer."
    • Followed by the Crusaders' reactions to the end result:

 Apple Bloom: You're just chicken!

Scootaloo: Am not!

Apple Bloom: Oh, wait, now I know how to call a chicken! Scootaloo! Scoot-scootalooooo!

  • Fluttershy realizing what she's got herself into by having the crusaders at her cottage.
  • The CMC panicking over the cockatrice.
  • Then there's Opalescence, who has apparently started to hate the whole family - enough to slice off a chunk of Sweetie Belle's mane in one swing of her paw.
    • Then she gives Sweetie Belle this really smug Cat Smile.
  • The CMC trying to get cutie marks based on arguing, then wondering what that would even look like.
  • At the end, Rarity's reaction to Fluttershy easily getting the Cutie Mark Crusaders to listen to her.

The Show Stoppers

  • The entire musical performance by the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • The Crusaders Comically Missing the Point by ignoring their real talents.
  • During the montage of the Crusaders gathering supplies for their act:

 Scootaloo: OK. So that's six wooden planks, four-by-eight plywood, a box of nails, four cans of paint, and four brushes. Anything else?

Sweetie Belle: Yeah... Instructions on how to use six wooden planks, four-by-eight plywood, a box of nails, four cans of paint, and four brushes.

  • Scootaloo repeatedly Head Pianoing when she has trouble coming up with a song.
  • "You're not using power tools, are ya?"
  • A subtle one, from Scootaloo: "Coming up with words is... like, hard."

A Dog and Pony Show


 Diamond dog leader: ENOUGH! Your HURTS!

Rarity: "Whining"? I am not whining; I am complaining! Do you want to hear whining? (in a whiny voice) Thiiiiiiis is whining! Oooh, this harness is too tiiight! It's going to chafe. Can't you loosen it? Oooh, it hurts and it's sooo rusty! Why didn't you clean it first? It's gonna leave a staaain! And the wagon's getting heeeavy, why do I have to pull it?!

Small diamond dog: Whaa! Make it stop!

Diamond dog leader: Stop whining!

Rarity: (stomping her front hooves) But I thought you waaanted whiiiniiing!

  • Not to mention when the Diamond Dogs try to force her to work again.

 Diamond Dog 1: Make the noises all you want, but move while you make them! *smacks her in the rump* Hya, mule!

Rarity: Did you just call me a mule?!

Diamond Dog 1: Uh...

Rarity: Mules are ugly! Are you saying that I too am ugly?! (bursts into tears)

Diamond Dog 2: What are these noises?!

Rarity: He called me ugl-l-ly!

Diamond Dog 1: No! Mule! I said mule!

Rarity: An old, ugly mule! And it's TRUE! Just look at me! I used to be beautiful! B-b-but noooowwww...!

Diamond Dog 3: No! You're still beautiful, pon--uh, Miss Rarity!

Rarity: You're just saying thaaaat!

Diamond Dog 2: No, you're still pretty! A-And, er...

Diamond Dog 1: And nice! Yeah!

Rarity: I don't believe you! YOU NEVER LIKED ME!

  • Earlier, Rarity's fan-girl freakout when Sapphire Shores (the Pony of Pop) comes to commission some new outfits.
  • Whenever Spike did his Big Nos.
  • Spike's fantasy about rescuing Rarity. It must be seen to be believed.
    • Not to mention Spike using Twilight as his steed as he charges to rescue Rarity.

 Spike: "Heigh-ho, Twilight! Away!"

Twilight: "And just what do you think you're doing?"

Spike: "Please, Twilight. Just give me this."

Twilight: *exasperated sigh* "Fine."

  • When Spike and the girls are falling through the tunnels of the Diamond Dogs' lair, Pinkie Pie appears to be having the time of her life. At one point, she does a swan dive falling down a shaft as everyone else in the rescue party is freaking out.
    • What makes it even funnier is, she probably somehow knew that they were all going to be just fine--either through Pinkie Sense or because she's aware they're in a children's cartoon and none of them are going to die anyway.
    • If you watch the whole sequence closely, you see Pinkie doing other stuff too. For instance, at the start, when everyone else is doing a chain of mouth-on-tails, Pinkie (the last one) instead just grabs on to someone's tail and tucks her feet in. So while everyone else is sliding on their hooves, she's waving in the air enjoying herself.
    • And when the chain of ponies goes flying over the gorge, look quick and you'll see Pinkie is actually riding on Fluttershy's back.
  • The Imagine Spot of Rarity freaking out as she finds every surface covered in dirt.

Green Isn't Your Color

  • Rarity's little fits of envy, especially "I'm the one who should be mobbed by strangers wherever I go!"
  • Pinkie Pie being ominous. "Losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend..." "Forever!"
    • Followed up later by Pinkie taking a bite out of an apple in an overly-dramatic fashion, then exclaiming "Mmm...Juicy!"
  • Pinkie Pie's creepy ability to hide in the unlikeliest of places. She eavesdrops on conversations from a small basket of sponges and a mirror reflection.
  • Fluttershy letting out what may be the quietest frustrated scream ever. Later, she throws another hissy-fit and kicks a vase... so gently that it barely wobbles before righting itself.
  • Twilight's sabotage attempt.
  • Spike confessing his "secret" crush on Rarity to Twilight and Pinkie Pie. Twilight's reaction is priceless, as is Pinkie Pie's. He's then inexplicably wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Rarity in a heart on it.

 Spike: I'm gonna tell you two a secret but you have to promise not to tell anyone.

Twilight Sparkle: I promise.

Pinkie Pie: Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye! *sticks a hoof in her eye*

  • Twilight accidentally sticking her hoof in her open eye while reciting the Pinkie Pie Swear.
  • Pinkie's promise to keep Twilight's plan to sabotage Fluttershy's fashion show (so she can get out of modeling) a secret, which involves zipping her mouth closed, locking it with a key, burying the key, building a house over the hole, and moving into the house. (It's almost all miming, though, and Twilight's reaction seals this.)
  • Anything and everything that involves Photo Finish; her accent is really what does it.
    • ZE MAGICS!
  • Struggling hard to keep from divulging either pony's secret, Twilight stuffs the entire contents of a fruit bowl into her mouth. It's a funny visual on its own, but what pushes it from "amusing" to "hilarious" is the way she glances around the room in a very forced attempt at casualness afterward, while the other two ponies spare her no more than a half-second's befuddled pause before continuing their conversation.
  • The "secrets known to Twilight" dam finally bursting: "SPIKE HAS A CRUSH ON RARITY!"

Over a Barrel

  • Braeburn's lightning tour of Appleloosa.

 "As you can see, we have all the finest comforts, like horse drawn carriages! And those there are horse-drawn horse drawn carriages!"

(whip pan to a group of ponies sketching a passing coach)

    • That joke is made even funnier by the sight of a clearly sentient pony dragging a carriage in which another pony is riding.

 "Okay, you pull now."

"Aw, we just switched!"

  • From the same scene:

  Braeburn: Here's where we have our wild west dances! And here's where we have our mild west dances! (cut to a bunch of ponies dancing weakly)

  • Applejack reading a bedtime story to an apple tree, and getting defensive when she thinks Rarity called Bloomberg (said tree) a baby.
  • The chat in the sleeping carriage, especially when Fluttershy claims she'd like to be a tree.

 Rainbow Dash: Pssst! Pinkie Pie.. you asleep yet?

Pinkie Pie: No, are you asleep yet?

Rainbow Dash: If I was sleeping, how could I have asked you if you were asleep?


A Bird in the Hoof

  • Angel Bunny trying to get Fluttershy to the tea party in time which ends with him locking her out of her house to keep her from repeatedly coming back and thanking Angel.
  • Rainbow Dash making a series of faces to attempt to get a reaction out of the guard-pegasi.
  • The various neurotic Ponyvillers at the party with Princess Celestia:
    • Rarity in one of her Pimped Out Dresses freaking out over getting it ruined, leading her to back out of Sugarcube Corner like a bank-robber with a hostage once the party's over. "Nobody move, and my dress won't get hurt!"
    • Applejack's uncertainty about what course to eat first, ultimately giving up in frustration. Then leaving with as many leftovers as she can carry.
    • Mr. and Ms. Cake (repeatedly) refilling Celestia's tea, which tempts the Princess into faking them out.
    • Pinkie, by contrast, is as hyper and happy-go-lucky as ever, perhaps moreso. She hits herself in the face with a pie, dips her head into a chocolate fountain, then proceeds to go up to the princess of Equestria, blurt "YOU GONNA EAT THAT!?!" and wolf down Celestia's cupcake. At the end of the party scene, she cartwheels out of Sugar Cube Corner, kicking another hapless pony in the face on her way out!
  • Twilight Sparkle's prediction on what Princess Celestia might do to Fluttershy once Celestia finds out Fluttershy "kidnapped" Philomena.
  • "I'll write to you when you're banished. Unless I'm banished too, somewhere where there's no post office, then you'll have to write to me. Deal?!"
  • Twilight giving Philomena some "tough love":

 Twilight Sparkle: Make her straighten up and fly right!

Fluttershy: She can't fly...

Twilight Sparkle: No excuses!

  • A second Yakety-sax inspired chase scene towards the end of the episode between Philemena, Twilight and Fluttershy who are all equally desperate to avoid the attention of the guards looking for the bird themselves.
  • At the end of the episode, after Philomena dies, revives, and is revealed to be a phoenix, it's revealed that much of the episode's plot was Philomena basically trolling Fluttershy.
  • Rainbow Dash getting Philomena to tickle a reaction out of the royal guards.

Cutie Mark Chronicles

  • Applejack describing Manehattan as "the most cosmopolitan city in all of Equestria", while her flashback shows a bystander telling a young Applejack "Outta the way, ya rube!"
  • Pinkie Pie apparently forgetting what she was talking about, where she caps off the story of how she got her cutie mark with "And that's how Equestria was made!", followed by offering to someday tell the Cutie Mark Crusaders the story of how she got her cutie mark.
  • Fluttershy introducing her story with "You'd never guess, but when I was little, I was very shy."
  • Twilight dancing around in a circle going "Yesyesyesyesyesyes" at the end of her Cutie Mark story, and her subsequent reaction to everypony staring at her.
  • Young Rarity's deadpan expression when her horn drags her for hours on end to what she can only assume to be her destiny, and her reaction when she finds what it's led her to...

 A rock?! That's my destiny? What is your problem, horn? You dragged me all the way out here for a ROCK!? Gah... DUMB ROCK!

  • Young Spike's utterly unfazed look when suddenly aged from a newly-hatched infant to a massive adult dragon and then back to an infant again, and then he starts sucking on his tail.
  • Hey, you know Applejack? The rough-and-tumble close-to-earth cowpony? Compare that to the "little lady" seen in the episode and you're sure to get a chuckle or two.
  • Twilight's Dad's reaction when he's turned back into a pony, staring at his hooves with a "What the heck?!" expression on his face.
    • And then her parents' surprisingly enthusiastic approval of accepting the apprenticeship, despite being plants not 20 seconds ago. Or maybe not so surprising...
  • Scootaloo's reaction to the Group Hug, followed by:

 Fluttershy: Hey, how about a song?


  • The abrupt cut to Twilight telling her story, with no explanation of how the CMC got roped into hearing it.
  • Also, Scootaloo's reaction to Rarity's Cutie Mark story, after having to listen to Fluttershy and Applejack's stories:

 Scootaloo: These namby-pamby stories aren't getting us any closer to our cutie marks! They're all about 'finding who you really are' and boring stuff like that!


Owl's Well That Ends Well

  • Spike's first meeting with Owlowiscious:

 Spike: Uh, hi! I'm Spike. I'm sure Twilight has told you all about me.

Owlowiscious: Hoo...

Spike: Uh, Spike? You know, assistant number one?

  • When Spike tries to get some new quills for Twilight, he first tries to buy one...

 Spike: But the store's called "Quills and Sofas"! You only sell two things!

Storekeeper: Sorry, junior, we're all outta quills until Monday... you need a sofa?

    • Then he tries to borrow one from Pinkie Pie, who manages to find a quince, a quail, a quilt, a quesadilla, and a quiche, but is fresh out of quills. Bonus points for (mis)pronouncing all of them with the same initial "kw" sound.
    • Then he tries to get one from one of Applejack's chickens, who manages to put up quite a fight.
      • Plus, Spike appears to be in the resulting Big Ball of Violence by himself for the last couple seconds.
    • And when Spike finally gets back to Twilight's with a feather, only to find Owlowiscious has beaten him to the punch again, he gets so mad the feather in his hand spontaneously combusts.
  • Spike's Dastardly Whiplash get-up when he plots to get Owlowiscious in trouble.

Party of One

  • Pinkie Pie delivering a singing telegram invitation to Gummy's birthday party to each of her friends in the opening, wearing herself out in the process.
    • What really sells it is Gummy, the birthday gator himself, who just kind of stands there in the middle of whatever elaborate costume Pinky Pie has on at the moment. Also helping are all of her friends' reactions to their singing telegram.
      • Speaking of said reactions, the best one has to be Twilight Sparkle's; her expression can only be called concern.
    • When she gets home, Pinkie decides "I think I'll just pass out written invitations next time..." before collapsing.
  • Pinkie's friends making a variety of flimsy excuses to avoid going to the "after-birthday party" Pinkie is throwing. These include Rarity sticking her head in a full garbage pail so she can use the excuse "I Have to Wash My Hair", and Rainbow Dash drawing a wristwatch on her foreleg so she can use the line "Oh, look at the time! Gotta go!", followed by her and Fluttershy engaging in some Stereo Fibbing.
    • Pinkie finding said Stereo Fibbing to be the most plausible excuse of the set.
  • The stealth montage and the chase that follows afterwards, where Pinkie tails her friends once she starts finding out something's up. Describing it fails to do it justice.
    • Pinkie Pie's disguise during said montage gets increasingly complex, conspicuous, and goofy, starting with a pair of Groucho Marx glasses, then a bale of hay wearing a pair of glasses, and finally a bale of hay wearing glasses, a jacket, and a baseball cap. Rainbow Dash recognizes her without a second glance.
      • Plus, Rainbow's rigid Oh Crap pose right afterwards.
  • Pinkie Pie angrily knocking on the door to Applejack's barn with her head!
  • When Pinkie starts interrogating Spike, forcing him to confess. Spike, not understanding what's going on, begins to confess to random things, such as using up all the hot water to take a seven-hour long bath and that he likes to flex in front of a mirror. This ends up making Pinkie even angrier.
    • And the last one he confesses to:

 Spike: And sometimes, when no one's looking, I do this. (he pulls out a mirror and flexes in front of it) Lookin' good, Spike. Lookin' REAL good! (then hangs head in shame)

    • Spike ruining Pinkie's Corner of Woe moment.
    • Can't believe no one else noticed it, but right after Spike reveals what he does in the mirror, Pinkie has a look on her face that pretty much says "Yeah... I didn't need to know that".
  • Pinkie going over the edge, and trying to hold her "after-birthday party" for Gummy with inanimate objects (a bucket of turnips, a stack of rocks, etc.) as the guests.
    • Then Rainbow Dash shows up, and ends up arguing with the stack of rocks until she realizes what she's doing.

 Pinkie Pie (as "Rocky"): She ain't going nowhere, chump!

Rainbow Dash: Who are you calling a chump, chump?! (some rocks fall) *sigh* That's it, party's over.

  • I don't know if it's his adorably googly eyes, the fact that no matter what his expression never, ever changes, or the fact that he's a tiny alligator with no teeth who acts like a cat, but Gummy is usually the funniest part of any episode he's in.
    • This troper gladly seconds that, and adds that for some reason his gumming things is just adorably hilarious.
    • Don't forget the way he blinks one eye at a time.
      • Also he has a tendency to come out of nowhere - it can be a (relatively) normal scene and then BOOM. ALLIGATOR.
        • Gummy is a NINJA!

The Best Night Ever


 Twilight Sparkle: Those horses were supposed to pull our carriage! How will we get to the Gala?!

Rarity: Whatever shall we do?! {walks over to a couple of male ponies} Uh, excuse me, would you boys mind pulling our carriage to the Gala?

{Gilligan Cut of the ponies harnessed to the carriage}

Twilight: Oh, yeah, right.

    • What's even more hilarious is the animation error on the stallion on the right when Rarity charms them (a part of his face and mane disappears for a moment).
  • No one else thought it funny when Spike cracked the reins on Caramel and Blues on the way to the Gala? Their reaction (and Spike's face) were priceless!
  • Rainbow Dash doing a Diving Save to catch a dropped pie, followed by her Fan Girl Squee when she gets to hang out with the Wonderbolts.
    • Soarin' happily gorging on said pie. At least one pony had a good time at the Gala.
    • Am I the only one who thought he looked like a stoner with the bags under his eyes, big appetite, and Surfer Dude accent? Sure sounds like one to me.
  • Pinkie Pie entering the ballroom at the Gala, and interrupting the proceedings with an overly-enthusiastic song-and-dance, stopping only when she notices everyone else glaring at her.
  • Rarity smashing her glass slipper so that Prince Blueblood can't find her may well be the Crowning Moment of Funny for the whole season.

 Pinkie Pie: Ooh! Rarity, your glass slipper! Now your prince is sure to find you.

Rarity: (screams in horror) *deliberately stomps on slipper* Let's go!

Pinkie Pie: *stares at crushed slipper in shock until Rarity drags her off*

    • Actually, most scenes with Rarity and Prince Blueblood are hilarious. Both keep hinting at the chivalrous things which Rarity ends up doing like paying for food, opening the door and putting a piece of clothing over a puddle.

 Blueblood:"One would hate to slip."

Rarity: "Yes, one certainly would."

Blueblood: "One's coat should take care of that."

Rarity: "Oh, of course it will."

Both: *Awkward pause until Rarity covers the puddle*

  • Fluttershy, the kind and compassionate member of the group, slowly losing her temper because none of the animals will hang out with her. Which eventually leads to her trying to trap them, and even carrying a squirrel with her teeth near the end!
    • You can briefly see a vulture hiding on a tree with some small rodents (his prey) and even shielding them with its wings from the rampaging Fluttershy.
    • At one point during Pinkie's song, nearly drowned out by Pinkie's singing, you can hear Fluttershy screaming in frustration- Actually, scratch that. You can hear her ROAR in frustration. LIKE A DINOSAUR.
    • A little early on, when she scares off the animals the first time, Fluttershy comments on being a loud mouth.
    • Fluttershy tries to trap one of the animals with a carrot and a box and ends up catching the garden's caretaker.

 Fluttershy: Gotcha! It's okay. I promise not to hurt you. I just want to be your... friend?

Caretaker: Mmm, sounds good to me.

  • As Celestia sees the chaos at the Gala rising to a peak, she offers Twilight the following advice: "Run." Twilight and her friends are quick to follow that advice. Bonus points for coming as Fluttershy hits breaking point:

 Twilight Sparkle: Well, things can't get any worse...

Cue the door slamming open and all the animals rushing through, revealing a ticked-off and very exhausted Fluttershy...

Fluttershy: You're... going to LOVE MEEEE!!!

Celestia: (to Twilight Sparkle) RUN.


 Spike: Hey, Pony Joe. Another donut.

Pony Joe: Don't you think you've had enough?

Spike:(Slams mug down on table) ANOTHER DONUT! EXTRA SPRINKLES!


Season 2

Part One

The Return of Harmony, Part 1


 Discord: (Frustrated) Oh, for goodness' sake! (Pokes Fluttershy's head and brainwashes her) You've been kind for far too long, my dear! Time to be cruel! Arrivederci!

  • During Discord's conversation with Celestia and the mane cast, Pinkie Pie starts laughing, which Twilight isn't happy about, but how can you not laugh at this?
  • "Hold on a second! Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain, you guys! Chocolate. Rain!"
  • Pinkie's reaction to the elements being missing is priceless.

 Pinkie: Oh well, if anyone needs me, I'll be outside in the chocolate puddles with a giant swizzle straw.

  • Despite the seriousness of the situation, seeing Celestia Jaw Drop when she realizes Discord has stolen the elements is just funny coming from such an unflappable, reserved character.
  • The weird weather in Ponyville: Cotton candy clouds, chocolate milk rain, corn turning into popcorn, apples swelling up and bending the trees they're on, animals randomly growing deer legs...Plus Rainbow dealing with it at the beginning:

 Rainbow Dash: (drop of chocolate milk rain comes down on her head) Hey! It's not supposed to rain until tomorrow! (looks up at cloud) You can't just-! (Rain comes down on her in earnest.) You did...

  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders arguing at the beginning of the episode over what a Draconequus represents.

 Apple Bloom: Confusion?

Sweetie Belle: Evil!

Scootaloo: Chaos!

Sweetie Belle: It's not "chaos" you dodo!

Scootaloo: Don't call me things I don't know the meaning of!

  • It may just be this troper, but I thought that Sweetie Belle calling a flightless pegasus a dodo was funny all by itself.
  • Applejack faces are the meme of Friendship is Magic. FOREVER.
  • Rarity coming to help Applejack in the orchard.

 Rarity: I heard about your troubles, Applejack, and I came to see if there's anything I can do without getting wet. Or dirty. Or out from under my umbrella.


 Twilight: My failsafe spell... failed! What do we do now?

Spike: Um... give up?

  • Fluttershy's sassy tail-snap. SO out of character.
  • Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack each displaying their newly corrupted personalities in rapid succession:

 Fluttershy: *shoves Pinkie Pie into the maze wall*

Applejack: *laughs at Pinkie Pie*

Pinkie Pie: And what are YOU laughin' at?!

Applejack: *shifty eyes* Chocolate milk!

  • Twilight's hilariously delivered snark at what she believes to be another of Applejack's lies:

 Applejack: Well, looky there. Rainbow Dash is flying away. She's abandonin' us.

Twilight: Now, I know that's a lie.

  • Discord's meowing umbrella.

The Return of Harmony, Part 2

  • Fluttershy continues to be hilarious. After the mutant bunnies run over Twilight, she shouts out "Good boy, Angel! Mama's so proud!"
    • "Hey Twilight, what's soaking wet and clueless?" (splash) "Your FACE!" (bucket)
  • "I never thought this would friends....HAVE TURNED INTO COMPLETE JERKS!!"
  • Twilight's reaction to finding the elements and pretty much FORCING her friends to be the elements, and Spike to be Rainbow Dash, are hilarious.

 Twilight: "Necklace, necklace, necklace, necklace, and... big crown thingy! C'mon, everypony! Let's go!"

    • And then:

 Spike: But Twilight, aren't you missing somepony?

Twilight: Nope. We've got the liar, the grump, the hoarder, and the brute. That just about covers it.

Spike: What about Rainbow Dash?

Twilight: Congratulations Spike! You're the new Rainbow Dash! Now let's go!

Spike: ME?!? Bu-bu-but if she finds out I've been impersonating her... oh... that won't end well.

Twilight: Too bad. You're Rainbow Dash. Now let's go defeat Discord so we never have to talk to each other again.

Everyone except Spike: YEAH! WOOHOO!

    • And before any of this:

 Twilight: This is mai book, and I'M GOING TO READ IT!!

    • I'm going to take a book...and READ IT! Sorry, couldn't resist.
  • Really, the entire scene in and around the library is one long CMOF. Twilight's reactions to being the Only Sane Pony and rapidly reaching the end of her tether are always worth a giggle (see also: "Bridle Gossip", "Swarm of the Century" and "Feeling Pinkie Keen", among others). Tara Strong always comes through with beautiful snark.
  • Rarity continuing to obsess over her boulder, which is now named Tom.
    • And defending said boulder with kung-fu.
    • LOOK OUT! HERE COMES TOM! *giant boulder crashes through window and nearly crushes Pinkie Pie*
    • Also when she takes Fluttershy's cast off necklace: "MINE!"
  • On a related note, Rarity's de-brainwashing scene, while more implied than shown, is fairly hilarious.

 Rarity: "What do you think you're doing? Get away from my gem! Get awa-"

{Magical flash}


Rarity: *pushes Tom out of her shop* Let Us Never Speak of This Again.

    • Not five minutes later, when they find Rainbow Dash:

 Rarity: How in Equestria can she think that tiny patch of cloud is Cloudsdale?

Applejack: The same way he got you to think that cheap rock was a bonafide diamond?

Rarity: I thought we agreed never to speak of it again.

      • Applejack saying her line with a bonafide Trollface.
  • When the others were chasing Rainbow Dash so Twilight could cure her of Discord's spell, Fluttershy said this before going into determined mode.
    • Before that, Applejack manages to lasso Rainbow Dash, but because Pinkie forgot to secure the rope, Rainbow Dash manages to get away...but not before the rope snags Pinkie and Rarity and drags them out of the Twinkling Balloon with Rarity admonishing Pinkie. Their facial expressions are priceless.

 Rarity: Fluttershy, could you be a dear and FLY FASTER, PLEASE?

  • "Um, I'm just wondering if it's okay if I hold you down against your will for a little bit?"

 Twilight: (Facehoof) Ugh...

  • Discord getting himself a glass of chocolate milk. Then he drinks the glass, and throws the chocolate milk behind him. It explodes.
    • And notice that the glass filled from the top down.
  • The chaos at the Apple farm. AJ is reverse eating apples, Granny Smith is tap-dancing on her hind legs (complete with top hat and cane) and Big Mac is acting like a cross between a cartoon gopher and a puppy.
  • Ballet dancing buffalo wearing onesies. That is all.
    • Also, floating pies.
      • Pie flavor!
      • Becomes a Brick Joke when the pies rain down around Discord, who's laughing his head off, just before the above-mentioned exploding chocolate milk incident.
  • The group prepares to finish Discord off, Twilight gives a Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner...and then Pinkie Pie tells everyone to wait as she drinks some more of the chocolate milk rain. Then growling at Discord.
    • Also, the reactions from her friends while she's doing this. Applejack looks disgusted while Fluttershy just looks terrified.
  • "You better THINK before you laugh at the Pie!"
  • There's something strangely amusing about seeing Pinkie Pie skate along the soapy roads with a completely serious look on her face while proclaiming how much fun she isn't having.
  • When everyone else is freed from Discord's Mind Rape, they either feel guilty, somewhat scared, or embarrassed. Pinkie Pie just laughs at the fact she turned grey, and is so busy doing this Applejack has to carry her along in a wagon. Completely in character for her though.
  • Midway through the episode, there's a shot of Discord walking where every footstep has a different ridiculous sound effect. I had to rewind and watch it a few times, and I still can't stop laughing.

Lesson Zero

  • Everything about Twilight's anal retentive behavior and momentary descent to madness this episode is a big bag of this. Where do we even begin?
    • Her checklists.
      • "Weird, didn't we just get quills and ink last week?"
    • Twilight making a mess trying to even out the frosting on the cupcakes she ordered from Sugar Cube Corner. There's hardly any frosting left on them by the time she's done.
    • Her crazyfaces, which manage to be amusing and nightmarish at the same time.
    • Her raspy, annoyed groan as she teleports away from the picnic.
    • Her attempt at psychoanalyzing Rainbow Dash when she thinks Rainbow is angry at Applejack for some reason. Twilight puts her mane in a Prim and Proper Bun, and makes Rainbow lie on a bench and talk about her "issues".
  • The Atomic Rainbomb. That is all.
  • The entire town fighting over Twilight's old doll.
    • Big Macintosh running off giggling with said doll afterwards.
      • And this is even after Princess Celestia removed the spell from the doll.
    • Before he joins in, Big Macintosh says "Eeee-nope."
    • The reveal of the Mayor fighting Derpy Hooves after Princess Celestia arrives to put a stop to all the fighting.
    • Not to mention the Cutie Mark Crusaders' initial reactions to the doll. They had literally come to blows over who would have to play with it [1] when Twilight cast that spell.
      • The very first time Sweetie Belle lies about said mane. The way she uncertainly fumbles over the last word is priceless.
      • Just as funny is when she excitedly squeals the same line while she is entranced by the doll.
      • Also, when they're fighting over who WON'T have to play with Smarty-Pants, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are both trying to force Sweetie Belle in the doll's direction. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but the wriggling action she makes while trying to escape (along with the sound that accompanies it) is nothing short of hysterical.
    • Twilight Sparkle trying to make the doll more appealing to the Crusaders by giving them its accessories: a mini checklist and quill.
    • And when it's all over, the pitiful little squeak it makes when the Mayor steps on it.
  • Rarity is in full HAM mode in this episode. It is glorious. "The worst...possible...THING!!"
    • She even magically summons a couch to faint on. Twice.

 Rarity: What? You didn't expect me to lay on the grass, did you?

  • Fluttershy beating the crap out of a bear in order to help it relieve some tension it's having in the shoulder.
  • Pinkie Pie's pointless contribution to the picnic: A basket of balloons which proceeds to lift the basket up into the air. Pinkie does her usual Breaking the Fourth Wall glance, only to look puzzled as if she knows the audience is unable to comprehend why she brought it.
    • She is actually looking at Fluttershy, and is put out by her nonplussed reaction.
  • Spike has apparently been taking lessons in Breaking the Fourth Wall from Pinkie. He pushes away a background, rolls one of Twilight's Imagine Spots up like a windowshade, pops another with his claw like a balloon, and even gives a shrug to the audience at one point.
    • And then, his beleaguered postscript to the end-of-episode letter.
  • Applejack's response when Celestia shows up.

 Applejack: Whoa, Nellie...

  • Celestia's Fascinating Eyebrow while Twilight's friends are taking the blame for her going this far to try and learn a lesson to send her.
  • Twilight's adorably big grin when she tells Spike the first thing to add to their daily to-do list.

Luna Eclipsed

  • Chaperone Granny Smith's response to Twilight wishing her a happy Nightmare Night.

 Granny Smith: I should have been asleep five hours ago!

  • Everything Luna does that is not a slight Tear Jerker is this.
    • After telling Twilight that she recalled who purged her of her Dark Power (complete with hovering, gathering storm-clouds, wind, and the usual bellowing).

 Twilight: And...that was a good thing, right?

      • The way Twilight fixes her hat and beard after Luna yells this. Hilarious every time.
    • For SpongeBob SquarePants fans, Luna asking what fun is.
    • "The fun has been doubled!" I will be surprised if this does not become a meme.
    • "Tis a lie! Thy backside is whole and ungobbled, thou ungrateful whelp!" *thunderclap*
    • "Huzzah! How many points do I receive?!"
    • Plus her utter confusion when she sees Ponyville citizens cowering in abject terror: "What is the matter with you??"
    • Luna's totally deadpan face as loud things happen inside Fluttershy's cottage.
  • "Pinkie Pie, you're a genius!" "No I'm not. I'm a chicken!"
    • Pretty much Pinkie Pie acting like a chicken all the time is hilarious. The sound-effects just makes it even funnier.
    • Her act was so good, she apparently lays an egg when surprised by Luna.
    • "Too old for free candy!? Ba-Gawk! NEVER!"
  • Derpy Hooves popping out of the apple-bobbing tub, plug in mouth. Bonus points for Carrot Top's deadpan reaction to it.
    • Derpy's costume — a paper bag on each of her hooves and one on her head.
    • Made even funnier by the proud expression on Derpy's face as she pops up out of the tub with the plug, only for it to turn to despair as the water starts draining away.
  • The scene where Spike complains about Mayor Mare's cheesy voice complete with a rainbow wig is funnier when you realize that both of them are voiced by Cathy Weseluck.
  • A brief moment when Luna transforms from her Nightmare Moon form into Luna after the last candy offering - she spits out fake vampire teeth. It's just humorous that she needed a small, non-magical material to enhance the scaring effect.
  • Everypony (except Princess Luna) failing to recognize Twilight's "Star Swirl the Bearded" costume.
  • Princess Luna getting Rainbow Dash back for scaring everypony with a thundercloud.
  • Fluttershy's attempts to hide from both Luna and the scariness of Nightmare Night, especially when she tries to run back inside her cottage and Twilight shuts the door on her with the most deadpan expression, causing her to smack comically into it.
    • Not to mention the assorted farm animals from Fluttershy's cottage when Twilight goes to drag her out.
    • Fluttershy being forced to give Luna a lesson on how to speak softly and sweetly.


Fluttershy (terrified): Okay...


Fluttershy: Okay...


Fluttershy: Okay....


Fluttershy: Perfect-lesson-over. [Flees back into her house, only to have Twilight close the door and have her smack into it.]


 Spike: Aww, the rainbow wig just kills it for me.

  • Twilight proudly exclaiming that in order to help Luna, she's going to do what she does best: "Lecture her!"
  • When the foals were crying after Luna cancelled Nightmare Night, one of the fillies (the one dressed like a princess) stating she wanted to be a zombie next year. It's as funny as it is sad.
  • Blink and you miss it, but directly after Luna's return, when Pinkie and the foals are running through town screaming, Pinkie is still running like a chicken with her forelegs folded like wings.
    • Bit of Fridge Brilliance there, too. Pinkie's not actually scared, she's just getting into the spirit of Nightmare Night.

Sisterhooves Social


 Rarity: I didn't know you could burn...juice.

Rarity's Mother: I've been giving her lessons. I wouldn't be surprised if she's got a Cutie Mark in fancy cooking by the time we get back from our vacation.

    • And then afterwards...

 (Sweetie Belle puts a bowl of bubbling black...stuff on the table.)

Rarity: L-Let me guess...applesauce?

Sweetie Belle: Nope. Toast!

  • Sweetie Belle's huge pile of luggage. "Just a few necessities..."
  • The Running Gag of Rarity furiously and successfully suppressing all her nerves at Sweetie Belle's antics, over and over again. She's had far too much experience there...
    • Particularly as some of her expressions are reminiscent of Twilight's breakdown in "Lesson Zero," making you wonder the first time you see the episode just how far this is going to go.
  • Much of Applejack and Apple Bloom's interaction, when it isn't a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.

 Apple Bloom: (with a mouthful of apple) What's 'uncouth'?

Applejack: It means uncivilized, y'know, bad-mannered?

Apple Bloom: *belches*

Applejack: Exactly!

  • The argument over who should be sisters, ending with a confused Apple Bloom asking Applejack "We're still sisters, right?"
  • Sweetie Belle impersonating Rarity's voice.
  • ONE. DAY.
  • Granny Smith interacting with a megaphone.
  • Rarity's line after the race is as sweet as it is hilarious.

 You see, we are apple pie!

  • Everyone assuming Rarity's joking about going to the spa.
  • Lampshading the Furry Confusion regarding herding sheep. "You could've just asked."
  • After Rarity offers to be a better sister by showing Sweetie Belle how to cook her favorite foods or clean her mane:

 Sweetie Belle: You want me to go home with you so we can do what YOU want to do?

Rarity: Uh...yes?

    • The awkward sound effect on Rarity's nod really sells it.
  • Sweetie Belle's infamous sliding across the floor with her hind legs.

The Cutie Pox

  • Scootaloo's attempt at bowling.
    • This troper thinks it was funny that she bucked the ball.
    • Sweetie Belle's inexplicable pleasure at her gutter ball.
  • Also a little bit squicky, Spike getting hearts in his eyes when Twilight's mane is styled like Rarity's. Rarity thinks she looks simply divine!
  • Apple Bloom's Cutie Pox kicking into overdrive while she's on her way to ask Zecora for help, forcing her to act out all her new talents, whether it's chimney-sweeping, chess-playing, or lion-taming... You have to wonder, where did those lions come from anyway?
  • Pinkie Pie's anguished confession about how many corncakes she ate the other day when Applejack presses for somepony to tell the truth. And when that doesn't work, Pinkie lets out a hysterical cry of "Make it stop!"
  • Apple Bloom's short wait after learning her lesson of "Good things come to those who wait".

 Apple Bloom: Well, I've waited long enough!


 Applejack: Mah sister's speakin' in Fancy!

  • Big Macintosh stepping in to kick Granny Smith's leg to get rid of a cramp like this happens all the time.
    • Also doubles as a pun, since Granny Smith uses the phrase "charlie horse", a synonym for a cramp.
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's faces as Apple Bloom gets more attention and rubs it in their face, especially Diamond Tiara.

 Apple Bloom: These are advanced moves. Not for beginners. (Smugly) Got that, Diamond Tiara?

Diamond Tiara: (Growling.)

  • The Flower Trio panicking as usual.
    • Plus the fact that it's those three, of all ponies, that Spike happens to explain Cutie Pox to, thus causing a panic and everypony running indoors.
  • Ponies in Hazmat suits! Complete with Radioactivity Cutie Mark!

May the Best Pet Win

  • Gummy clinging to Pinkie Pie's head like a suckerfish.
  • Fluttershy's head bobbling up and down after her head is manually nodded by Pinkie Pie when she explains how they both nodded in agreement about the rest of the Mane Six deciding to not mention the Pony Pet Play Date to Rainbow Dash.
  • Fluttershy going crazy with glee when Rainbow Dash announces she's thinking of getting a pet. She grabs Rainbow and flies off with her back to the cottage while chattering excitedly. Rainbow Dash doesn't react to any of this, except for finally starting to flap her wings to so her feet don't drag.
    • The shot is funny as well: it looks like Fluttershy has instantly carried Rainbow Dash into the sky, but the camera pans down to reveal that Fluttershy is slowly flapping a few feet off the ground and can barely get Dash airborne.
  • The song Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash sing has some amusing moments, from Rainbow Dash's snarky reactions to Fluttershy's suggestions for pets ("Cutesy-wootsy? Have you even met me?") to a tortoise in the background putting on sunglasses when Rainbow Dash asks for "cooler" suggestions for flying pets.
    • Derpy hiding in the chicken coop at the end of the song, made funnier as she's the only background pony for the episode.
  • Rainbow Dash's drill sergeant routine when prepping her potential pets for the games. "You call that flapping?!"
  • Rainbow Dash's list of qualities she's looking for in a pet include "coolness, awesomeness, and radicalness."

 Twilight Sparkle: Aren't those all the same thing?

Rainbow Dash: You would think that, Twilight, and that's why you would never qualify to be my pet.

  • All of the talents that the animals perform, such as the duck tap-dancing, the eagle knitting, the falcon doing card tricks, the wasp doing shadow puppets, and the bat performing a snippet of the theme song on water glasses.
  • "Ghastly Gorge! Dun dun dun. "
  • Near the end of the episode, when Tank the tortoise is carrying an injured Rainbow Dash to the end of the race, the rest of the mane six get impatient and just move the finish line closer.
  • "It can fly and it's not a squirrel!...should we sing about it again?"
  • The last little exchange between Twilight and Rainbow:

 Twilight Sparkle: Tenacity.

Rainbow Dash: Gesundheit.

  • Fluttershy shoving Twilight away from the binoculars she just conjured up.
  • Throughout the entire episode, Fluttershy corrects everyone whenever they call Tank the tortoise a turtle. Near the end, we get this gem:

 Fluttershy: Look, there's the turtle!

Everyone Else: Tortoise.

Fluttershy: Whatever.


The Mysterious Mare Do Well

  • This exchange when Twilight notices Rainbow Dash show-boating:

 Twilight Sparkle: Call me silly, but this whole "hero" thing might be going to Rainbow Dash's head.

Pinkie Pie: You may be right... Silly.

    • Made even better by Pinkie's uncharacteristically serious tone of voice.
    • The look on Twilight's face also really sells it.
  • Pinkie Pie mistaking Spike's title as a "ghost writer" as meaning he's actually a ghost.
    • And the YouTube comments haven't missed this:

  Spike is Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is a superhero. Spike is a ghost. Rainbow and Spike are a ghostly superhero. Rainbow and Spike are the new Danny Phantom.

    • Even better, the complete lack of reaction from everypony else after Pinkie freaking out and running away. They're so accustomed to her antics that it wasn't even worth commenting on.
  • The fact that Rainbow Dash had Spike write her autobiography after the "Spike is the new Rainbow Dash" meme can also qualify.
  • "Excuse me, but do you think you could just skip your catch phrase, and hurry up and save us?!"
  • Rainbow's reaction to the Mare Do Well having saved four construction workers in the time it took her to save one.
  • Rainbow Dash helping Granny Smith cross the street, and then getting whacked by her purse because she didn't want any help.
  • Rainbow Dash performs the heroic feat of...mowing the lawn!
  • Pinkie Pie's words of wisdom near the end:

 Pinkie Pie: The only thing that should be rubbed in anypony's face is chocolate cake! (drools)

Applejack: I think we're gettin' off-topic here.


 Rainbow Dash: Spike here writes down everything I say, don't you, Spike?

Spike: (Writing on notepad) "Don't you, Spike."

  • After Rainbow flies off the handle at Spike writing down that she's jealous (much to the amusement of the other element bearers), she's standing there looking a bit sheepish as Spike writes down , "Correction: Rainbow Dash is very jealous."
    • Though if viewers take the laughter of the other ponies the wrong way, it can become a Tear Jerker in an instant.
  • Applejack naming her hind legs.
  • Rainbow's failed attempt at trying to fix the dam.
  • Admit it, it was pretty funny when it was initially revealed that Mare-Do-Well is none other than Pinkie Pie.
  • The way Rainbow Dash casually tosses the baby over her shoulder to the mother, who catches the poor foal by the diaper and glares daggers at RD before walking away.

Sweet and Elite

  • Everything involving the bellhop pony.
  • Rarity's Hurricane of Excuses while switching between the two parties.
  • Rarity shoving Opal into the shower, and Opal's Death Glare as Fluttershy hugs her.
    • It's also amusing to note that Opal apparently wears mascara, which is running due to the dousing.
  • Pinkie Pie finally reveals how she can set up parties almost instantaneously: she has a party cannon. Pinkie Pie has weaponized fun!
    • And the fact that it's completely IN-CHARACTER for her to possess such an item. To further highlight its absurdity, it serves as the beginning of a pony conga line which is the current focus of many "Haters gonna Hate" GIFs.
  • Twilight's really bad dancing at the garden party.
  • Pinkie Pie after Rarity wakes up: "Hi again!"
  • "Balloons are super-easy to pack!"
    • The one balloon deflating against Rarity's necklace. It's the small things that add so much humor in this show.
  • After Jet Set and Upper Crust insult the dress Rarity made for Twilight, only to turn into shameless suck ups when Fancy Pants compliments it.
  • Rarity's Spit Take into Jet Set and Upper Crust's faces.
  • When Rarity's friends find out that she's been hopping between the two parties, they are totally cool with Rarity hanging out with the posh ponies... and then Rainbow Dash decides that the Mane Cast should crash the party and show the Canterlot elite what fun is really about. Rarity's reaction sells it.
    • Applejack's literal take on a garden party.

 Applejack: (Digging a hole and tossing a couple of weeds) How come y'all aren't doin' any gardening? This is a "garden party," innit?

  • Rarity kissing Celestia's hoof to show her gratitude. The look of awkwardness on Celestia's face is priceless.
  • Derpy's inexplicable appearance in the checkerboard of upper class ponies, complete with bag on head, but dressed up with a pearl necklace.
  • The scene right after Rarity is getting ready to go to the garden party. She's finally dressed up all fancy, goes to exit the room... cue the rest of the mane cast appearing out of nowhere. What makes the moment is that there was never any indication that they were going to show up, meaning it's just as unexpected for the audience as it is for Rarity.
  • The croquet mallet knocking one of the high society ponies' hair off. Without her noticing.
  • If you look at Fluttershy during the party, she's made a nest out of her hair which the birds are using.
  • Just how ridiculously pretentious the Canterlot ponies sound, especially when they laugh and hurrah.
  • Rarity's excuse for why she smells like cake frosting: "I always dab a little bit of cake frosting behind my ears before I go out. After all, who doesn't love the smell of cake frosting?". Fancy Pants has absolutely no problem with this.
  • Fancy Pants's trophy girlfriend/wife, especially her finding a new way to hang off of him in every shot.
  • Rarity's manically adorable Squee before going to the Wonderbolts derby.
  • The conga line that goes across the screen with Rarity on the end, only to reenter with Rarity in the right position, but outside the window instead of inside with the others.
  • Rarity absent-mindedly dipping her hors d'oeuvre in chocolate, and her reaction to the taste combination.

The Secret of My Excess

  • A kitchen sink is in the pile of Spike's presents.
  • Giant!Spike making a "blah blah blah" motion with his free hand as Rarity tells him off.
  • Pinkie Pie falling over as she watches Spike and Rarity through binoculars.
  • As Zecora is examining Spike, his head squeaks as she pokes and prods at it.
    • Zecora grabs Spike's left hand and flops his arm up and down. His other arm flops up on cue, smacking Twilight upside the head. Made even funnier by Zecora's little "Ooh.".
  • Spike says that usually he just gets a book from Twilight for his birthday. Cut to Twilight, sheepishly backing away, bow-wrapped book hidden behind her back. With a sheep's bleat sound effect to boot.
    • Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity and Applejack give Spike gift-wrapped presents. Rainbow Dash gives him a dumbbell with a small ribbon wrapped around it, which is both humorous and completely in-character for her.
  • "You took my advice. Use the floor as one big shelf!"
  • "Pinkie Pie! Stop giving him cake!" "I'm not giving him cake, I'M ASSAULTING HIM WITH CAKE!"
  • When Twilight keeps teleporting Spike over to her so she can wipe his cheek (the sequence itself is funny enough, evoking a bit of Portal logic), the sequence ends when Pinkie Pie randomly teleports in instead!
  • Spike stole not only Sweet Apple Acres' apples, but their leaves. Applejack lampshades this.
    • AJ's deadpan response (complete with leaf mustache!) after laughing at the idea of Spike being the thief sells it.

  Applejack: Twilight. Get my rope.


 Rainbow Dash: Put her down right now!

Fluttershy: If you wouldn't mind, that is...

Rainbow Dash: I mean it, dragon-boy!

Fluttershy: We'd be ever so grateful if you would be so kind as to possibly consider...

Rainbow Dash: Drop her, scaly!

  • Rainbow Dash completely losing it over Twilight and Applejack tying themselves to a tree.
    • The fact that she immediately assumed they tied themselves to the tree.
  • Spike keeps trying to take the doctor's utensils, with Twilight slapping his hand away.
  • As always, Derpy appears, this time popping out of a well to interrupt a conversation between Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings.
  • Twilight and Zecora discussing Spike's problem...and then noticing that Spike has completely cleaned out Zecora's hut. Including the cauldron they were talking over seconds ago.
    • The look Zecora gives Twilight right after this happens is pretty funny as well, as if she's thinking "You're paying for this."
      • Or she's thinking, "Why is it when you all come visiting, you need to destroy or steal my things?"
      • Made funnier by the fact that you can hear the sounds of Spike stealing everything. It's only when the door slams that Zecora and Twilight notice.
  • When Spike traps the Wonderbolts in the water tower, they buzz around like flies.
  • The Wonderbolts simply striking a pose and flying off after being freed from the water tower, as if to say "No one saw that, right?"
  • That doctor pony. His odd, almost sing-song way of talking combined with the way he treats Spike like a little kid makes him just hilarious.
  • Rarity's mane after Spike roars in her face and her subsequent reaction to it.

 Rarity: How rude.

  • After Rarity's heartwarming moment where she comforts Spike on the bridge, it pans back...and the other members of the Mane Cast are just standing at the end of the bridge awkwardly.
  • A split second before Spike and Rarity start to fall, and after Rarity exclaims about him being the rampaging dragon, Spike gives this little "Whoops?" look.
  • Rarity hopping across the room Pinkie Pie-style after Spike gives her the fire ruby.
  • The way Rainbow Dash pulls Fluttershy to her side from off screen with one arm and proudly inflated chest when they need to save Rarity and Spike.

Family Appreciation Day

  • Granny Smith's various bits of weirdness like painting polka dots all over the kitchen and being a Drill Sergeant Nasty to jam jars. At least until it turns out they're all completely necessary for the zap apples to turn out right.
    • Not to mention dressing up in a bunny suit and singing the ABCs while hopping over watering cans. Made even better when the foals including Diamond Tiara join in with her and wear their own bunny ears. Applejack calls it "singing to the water."
      • The real icing on this is that, unlike Granny Smith's other seemingly nonsensical actions, this one is never given an explanation.
  • Granny Smith yelling "COURT MARTIALED" at a cracked jar and throwing it away.
  • The CMCs' various ways of trying to get Granny Smith out of coming to Family Appreciation Day.
    • Sweetie Belle getting electrocuted while trying to buck the unripe zap apples.
    • Using the sleeping Granny Smith as a virtual puppet, with eye-painted glasses, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo in control of her arms and legs, and Apple Bloom providing her voice.
      • The dumbfounded look on Cheerilee's face when Granny Smith wakes up from her nap while Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are losing control of the ropes, leading to Granny Smith smiling while rising up into the air over the barn.
      • Granny Smith touching Cheerilee's face and patting her head. It's not clear whether she's still being controlled by the ropes or doing this of her own volition, and either way there's no reason why, and it's all the more hilarious for that.
        • And Granny not being perturbed at all by waking up to find herself being hauled up by ropes.
  • "Are you window shopping?"
  • Granny sitting so fast she pushes her chair away.
  • The intro: Granny Smith, in the dead of night, clanging two pots that are tied to her back and hollering, "THE TIMBER WOLVES ARE A'HOWLING, THE TIMBER WOLVES ARE A'HOWLING!" and Big Macintosh's calm "Eeeyup" in response.
  • The callback to "The Return of Harmony, Part 1" when Scootaloo calls Apple Bloom a dictionary.
  • Granny Smith's mother looking angry about her husband's expression of gratitude toward Princess Celestia.
  • The light in the clubhouse turning on after Scootaloo hits it when she jumps up after getting an idea.
  • If you look closely, the look on Sweetie Belle's face after she gets woken up when Filthy Rich's presentation is done is worth a chuckle or two.
    • Silver Spoon drooling during his presentation as well.
    • The entire class is bored or asleep during Filthy's presentation...except for Diamond Tiara, who is wide-eyed and attentive. She's the only one who claps at the end.
    • And Twist, who's either got a crush on Filthy Rich or is daydreaming about something adorable. Either way, she's got a sort of goofy "d'aaaw" look on her face the whole time.
    • Scootaloo has her face buried in her textbook.
    • Apple Bloom's panicked "no, no, no, anything but that" look when Granny Smith is mentioned.
  • The first encounter in this episode between Granny Smith and Filthy Rich gave us this:

 Granny Smith: Of course, Filthy.

Filthy Rich: Ehm, I prefer "Rich".

    • Cheerilee has a similar line earlier on, but like always she sounds so cheery while saying it, which makes it all the funnier.
  • After telling the class her story, the instant before Diamond Tiara calls her "just a kooky old lady", Granny Smith licks half a math problem off the chalkboard. Leaving her tongue hanging out afterward with a dopey-yet-innocent expression, was just icing on the hilarity cake.

Baby Cakes

  • Pinkie Pie's myriad Oh Crap expressions, especially when Pumpkin starts using magic.
  • Pinkie Pie's description of the uses of a crib: "It is only to be used for napping, sleeping, and on occasion with permission, as a pretend old timey western fort!"
  • The Hand Wave of how the Cakes can have a pegasus and a unicorn, followed by Mr. Cake pretty much begging the audience to accept it.
    • Either that, or desperately trying to convince himself that his wife isn't cheating on him.
      • This was my first reaction too, except the same explanation would have to hold since Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake, the twins, are a pegasus and a unicorn, respectively.
      • Oooooor the real father also had mixed lineage. It did seem to be a bit of a surprise for Mr. Cake at any rates.
      • In any case, it's the darting eyes as he says "And that makes sense, right?" that make the scene.
  • Pinkie Pie following the Cakes as they ask the rest of the Mane six to babysit, demonstrating how much she wants the job with whatever prop is handy. Until she drops one, and skedaddles.
    • The object she drops? A cloud wearing a diaper.
  • Heck, the entire episode was pretty hilarious. One of the funnier moments is when Pinkie attempts to change the babies' diapers.
    • It's a small thing, but Pinkie kicking off a diaper has to be the most subtly funny animation I have seen on this show.
    • And the way Twilight completely ignores that she has a diaper on her head. By now, this is just completely expected of Pinkie.
    • The brief jackhammer sound as she's trying to change the twins.
  • "You understand, don't you? You're not mad at me, are you? Please don't be mad at me!"
  • Twilight's excuse for not being able to babysit. "I have to send a report to Princess Celestia summarizing all my other reports to Princess Celestia!" You can practically hear the fans screaming "WHEN DO YOU SLEEP TWILIGHT!? WHEN!?"
    • Rarity's reaction to being asked to take care of the Cake twins. The other Mane 4 at least had valid excuses, Rarity, however, just plain doesn't want to babysit period. Of course, knowing Rarity, fans were probably expecting this reaction from her.
      • This is funnier considering that the writers could easily have given Rarity a big order to fill for a client.
      • And she's very flattered that they thought of her, not realizing that (since asking Pinkie was out of the question for them) she was their absolute last choice.
      • Your Element of Generosity, fillies and gentlecolts.
  • The standup comedy scene, mostly Pound and Pumpkin Cake's WTF looks during Pinkie's "Pig Song."
  • Pinkie's unusually sarcastic response after realizing the flour is becoming a Running Gag. "Yeah, I think I can see where this is going."
  • Pinkie's usual reality-breaking ways, including getting into the hospital nursery by apparently warping underground, and talking to herself during her standup routine.

 Pinkie: Tough crowd.

Pinkie: You're telling me.

  • The whole stand-up routine was hilarious for reasons completely apart from the jokes being told. Aside from the points already mentioned:
    • Pinkie manages to achieve microphone feedback from a broom.
    • When her jokes fail to entertain, not only do we hear (faintly) the usual chirping crickets, someone in the nonexistent audience also coughs.
  • When Pumpkin was chewing on her toys:

 Pumpkin Cake: "Om nom nom!"

Pinkie Pie: "No no no, Pumpkin!"

Pumpkin: (sticks another toy in her mouth) "Nom nom!"

Pinkie: "No, no!"

Pumpkin: (sticks another toy in her mouth) "Nom!"

Pinkie: "NO!"

  • The Cakes' expressions when they return home at night. Mrs. Cake is cringing as though she expects to find her children glued to the wall.

 Mr. Cake: Are we in the right place?


Hearth's Warming Eve

  • In the play, Pinkie gets the role of the earth ponies' leader...Chancellor Puddinghead. It fits her to a "T", and pretty much everything her character does is hilarious:
    • For starters, the fact that she literally has a large cup of pudding on her head at all times.
    • Chancellor Puddinghead wanting to name the new land they've found Dirtville.

 Chancellor Puddinghead: This dirt is the dirtiest dirt in the whole dirt world!!! In the name of the Earth Ponies, I think I'm gonna call this new place...Dirtville!

Smart Cookie: ...How about "Earth"?


Chancellor Puddinghead: Earth!

    • "Hold on to your hooves! I am just about to be brilliant!"
      • Coupled with one of the most infectious grins you will ever see. Seriously. You can't look at it without smiling.
    • Chancellor Puddinghead's attempt to read the map, talk, and walk at the same time requires her to cut holes in the map (upside down, no less) and attach it to her face.
      • "The earth is round. There is no up or down."
    • "Can you think inside a chimney? I didn't think so."
    • The unicorn and pegasus leaders are announced with horns at the summit. Chancellor Puddinghead is announced with kazoos.
      • Also, this line, combined with her facial expressions, is hilarious.

 Chancellor Puddinghead: Only because you mean old pegasuseses are makin' it snow like craz-ay!

  • Applejack as Puddinghead's secretary Smart Cookie has tons of wonderfully snarky comments throughout the episode.
  • When Twilight has to use her magic to pull a frightened Fluttershy out of a box, Pinkie tries to help by pulling on Twilight's head, causing her to scream just like in The Ticket Master.

 Twilight: (As Pinkie pulls her head) PINKIE!

  • Princess Platinum putting her crown on upside-down in her haste to leave the council.
  • The leaders fighting over the small rock is hilarious if you recall Tom from "The Return of Harmony", especially Princess Platinum's "Give me my rock!" line. It's equally hilarious if you remember Pinkie Pie's cutie mark story.
  • Fluttershy's typical happy yell.
  • While the leaders are stamping their hooves in frustration, Pinkie is doing this.
  • The reveal that the three leaders were all within sight of each other while declaring that they've found their new home.
  • Rarity complaining that the breeze coming in through the open window is messing up her hair once is pretty funny. Her complaining a second time, annoyed that nopony seems to have heard her, is hilarious.
  • Spike as the narrator has his moments, most notably the Get On With It Already pony in the audience that interrupts him at one point.

  Spike: And the three leaders returned home to lick their wounds. And basically complain.

  • Derpy waving out from behind the curtain and then being pulled back and given what looks like a "Go sit in the corner" look and point.
  • Seeing Fluttershy in full body warrior armor had this troper laughing all the way.
    • And then there's the fact that her character is named Private Pansy.
  • Commander Hurricane knocks some snow off a railing while complaining about the meeting, followed by Private Pansy nonchalantly coming up the stairs with the snow on her helmet, and falling down the stairs afterwards.
  • Rarity's fierce Christmas Tree hat.
    • Pinkie Pie popping OUT of the christmas tree hat.
  • Fluttershy as Private Pansy declaring "I can see my future house from here!"
  • Princess Platinum starts an Are We There Yet?, only for Clover the Clever to move a bush, revealing the castle they just left a few minutes ago.
    • Then there's the big dramatic "STO-OOP!" when Princess Platinum comes to the stream, which is initially shown close up to look big and threatening river, only to cut to a shot of Princess Platinum actually by the stream, which is rather...weak looking.
  • There's always this bit of dialog:

 Princess Platinum: Clover the Clever, throw that brute into the dungeon!

Clover the Clever: What dungeon?!


Part Two

The Last Roundup

  • The entire sequence based on the classic I Love Lucy conveyor belt sketch. Complete with Pinkie Pie piling cherries onto her and Fluttershy's toques, and planting herself at the end of the belt to fill up her mouth.
  • "Is it because you were insulted when I insulted your hair?" Oh, Rarity, you always have the best lines.
  • The whole scene with Derpy Hooves. She can't seem to do anything without causing damage. And that includes just sitting down.
    • Special mention goes to the face she makes after she electrocutes herself.
    • Also worth mentioning is the Brony reaction to Derpy.

 Rainbow Dash: Careful Derpy!


Commenters: And there was much rejoicing.

  • Pinkie Pie's epic freakout after she thinks Applejack went back on her Pinkie Pie promise.
  • Pinkie Pie being the "big guns" necessary to get Applejack to spill why she won't come back to Ponyville because of her incessant, random chattering.
    • Not to mention the punctuated zooming in on her face before the cut to commercial, which was hilarious as there wasn't yet any indication as to why she would be the "big guns".
      • Even better: How does Pinkie Pie serve as the group's heavy artillery? By rambling. That is all. She doesn't even react when Rainbow Dash covers her mouth to see if Applejack's given up, instead repeating her Inherently Funny Words through her hoof and ignoring the others' conversation.
  • Pinkie Pie getting kicked off the cherry tree by Applejack. Makes one wonder (after the laughs) how and why she went up there to begin with...
  • Rarity's annoyed expression when she and Pinkie Pie are left behind and forced to head back to Ponyville on their own on a hand cart. Oh, and Pinkie has started rambling again.

 Pinkie Pie: Chimi-cherry, cherry-changa, chimi-cherry, cherry-changa...

Rarity: When I get back, you're going to get it, Rainbow Dash.

    • It hasn't been lost on the fandom that Rainbow Dash is scheduled to end up in the hospital two episodes from now.
  • The mailstallion thinking Applejack's surprise party is for him because it happens to be his birthday. Also could count as an amazing Shout-Out to the Avatar: The Last Airbender finale.
    • The mailstallion getting the barn doors closed in his face by Twilight? Dickish. Mailstallion gets some cake anyways? Heartwarming AND funny, just cos it's Pinkie Pie.
  • Fluttershy demonstrating the difference between being surprised and being startled.
  • Pinkie Pie's bathroom dance.
  • Pinkie showing off how limber her lips are (so that she's ready to yell when Applejack walks in to her surprise party), especially Apple Bloom's WTF face watching her.
    • Made even better that, when the time actually came to yell "Surprise!", Pinkie was late.
  • "Lady, you're trouble!"
  • Pinkie Pie has a cute and funny line as the train's leaving.

 Pinkie Pie: And drink sarsaparilla! (everypony looks at her) What? It gives you extra sass!

  • It's not easy to spot, but after making it past the Friendship Express, Applejack looks back and dares the others to catch her. There's a shot of Twilight on the cart with an expression on her face that just screams "Hello? Pegasi pulling a cart! A train won't stop us!"
    • This is made even better by Applejack's lines.

 Applejack: Haha! Try and catch me now!

(Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash hop over the train)

Applejack: Aw, nuts!


The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

  • Applejack's letter to Princess Celestia at the end.

 Applejack: Dear Princess Celestia: I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Ahem: [happily] I didn't learn anything! I was right all along!

[cut to goofy country music and a wide-eyed Applejack happily bouncing a mug of cider on her head.]

  • Rainbow Dash's attempts at drinking some cider ending in failure, until the end.
    • After the Apple Family cider runs out again, she pops up from way in the distance to yell about it.
  • Fluttershy is abruptly woken up by Rainbow Dash at the beginning of the episode and has her blanket torn off of her. She quickly covers herself and blushes in response, even though she realistically has no reason to do so.
  • Big Macintosh getting caught into the Apple Family's cider-maker treadmill when Rainbow Dash stops helping him.
  • Derpy appearing in the background, with her eyes "derped" so far apart they're practically rolling into her head.
  • Granny Smith's reaction when Flim called her chicken.
  • Rainbow Dash's anticipation for cider throughout Flim and Flam's song leads to some hilarious expressions.
  • Rarity helping Granny Smith with quality control:

 Granny Smith: Good'un, bad'un, bad'un, good'un...

Rarity: Lovely, horrid, horrid, lovely...

  • The pony Flim goes to when singing about "ponies with thirsty throats, dry tongues, and not a drop of cider to be found?" The one who looks absolutely horrified? Berry Punch.
  • "Yes sir, ma'am, sir!" cracks me up as well.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it one, but during the song, after Flam asks Rarity "What d'you say, sister?", Rarity starts swooning and Spike has to hold her up.
  • Flim and Flam suddenly appearing in the Apple family's Huddle Shot.
  • Fluttershy on Pinkie's bed mane in the cold open.

  Fluttershy: "Gosh Pinkie, I love your new style."

  • "I can't believe-able!"
    • Made funnier when you realize "unbelievable" and "I can't believe-able" are basically the same thing. Flim had repeated what Flam said when that bit started in a sense.
  • Can we leave it at the brothers making some rather amusing faces if you paused it at the right time and leave it at that?

Read It and Weep

  • Pinkie Pie twisting her head around and around in order to follow Rainbow Dash as she practices her flying tricks at the start of the episode.
  • Daring Do confronting a pack of ferocious felines, including a tiger, a panther, a cheetah, a bobcat... and a cute white kitten.
    • They all show up a little later, all carrying assorted clubbing weapons (like a flail) in their mouths.
    • This is mirrored later on with the hospital ponies: the doctor, two nurse ponies (one of whom even makes a pawing motion like a cat!), and... a filly trainee nurse.
  • Daring Do dodging the traps in the temple, including ceiling alligators and one trap we don't see, but which produces a number of amusing noises and leaves a number of arrows stuck through Daring Do's Nice Hat.
  • Daring Do going through all the same gestures as Indiana Jones preparing to steal the idol in Raiders of the Lost Ark... then just swiping it without trying to trick the counterweight system.
  • The in-book villain Ahuizotl arrives on the scene all menacing... and speaks with Pinkie's voice (because Pinkie was just arriving to Dash's room).
  • The sheer overkill of the Death Trap Ahuizotl leaves for Daring Do. Spiked walls closing in, snakes, spiders, and quicksand?!
    • The fact that all of the traps are deactivated by switching a single lever. Even the spiders and snakes.
  • Rainbow Dash's faked snores... particularly the one with a very questioning tone to Twilight.
  • We hear barking throughout the chase scene at the end of the episode, as if the hospital workers have sent out guard dogs to catch Rainbow Dash. And then when she's finally cornered outside the library... the camera pans over to a clearly insane pony in a straitjacket (a pony who has a screw for a cutie mark, no less) making faces to rival Lesson Zero and barking like a dog! She is shortly chased off by an orderly as Doctor Caramel says "Hey! Get back to the hospital!"
  • Rainbow's put on eating habits upset even Pinkie Pie... and we've seen her table manners.
  • As the hospital ponies chase Rainbow Dash around, RD notices a vine just like the sort Daring Do used in her book. She swings across the river using the vine--and the hospital ponies dash over the bridge that was less than two feet away.
  • "Wow! I knew this book was good, but I didn't know it could drive a pony to petty theft!"
  • While Ahuizotl curses Daring Do, his minions just sit there without reacting.
  • Rainbow Dash getting a glass stuck around her mouth, which actually makes her look more like a real horse when she gets it off.
  • The argument over whether it's a "ruckus" or a "fracas".
  • This bit:

 Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash, just because you're athletic doesn't mean you aren't smart!

Spike: Yeah, just look at me! [kisses his bicep]

[The other two give him blank looks. He goes back to sweeping.]

  • A spider in the book shouting "Burglar!", because a pony with a shaven head thinks Dash is trying to steal his slippers.

  Doctor: "Rainbow Dash, what's going on? Why are you stealing slippers?"

  • The Boredom Montage where Rainbow tries and fails to find something to do takes about a minute. Then the clock hand moves forward by only a minute.
  • Pinkie Pie getting distracted trying to figure out what her head is shaped the most like.
  • "I hate to admit it to my self, and really hate to admit it to my friends, but I LOVE THIS STORY!" This is akin to the reactions of many of the people who first start watching the series.

Hearts and Hooves Day


 Sweetie Belle: Nothing's wrong with this one, he seems all right.

Scootaloo: His girlfriend sure thinks so.

  • Sweetie Belle jumping out of a bush and screaming a frustrated "OH COME ON!"
    • That frustrated scream was accompanied by a Record Needle Scratch, and immediately after the music continued to play distorted.
    • And, later on, her jumping out of the same bush and screaming an ecstatic "YES!" that is eerily reminiscent of her sister.
  • Sweetie Belle, full stop, this episode. Her "innocent" pushing Big Mac and Cheerilee is adorably hilarious, especially in the scene where the CMC are trying to get them to drink their love concoction:

 Sweetie Belle: We thought you two would be perfect together. To test it. Together.


Sweetie Belle: So, uh, we'll just leave you two alone. Together. To test it.

  • The way that Cheerilee and Big Mac call each other pet names, and the CMCs' disgusted reaction to it.
    • Special mention goes to the end, where Big Mac screams out "SCHMOOPY DOO!" in a tone that you would never hear him use otherwise. And it is hilarious.
  • Just before Sweetie Belle tells the happy couple that they should get married, they're trying to decide who should take the first sip of their (probably melted) milkshake. Big Macintosh unconsciously pushes the glass off the table, spilling everything on the floor. And no one even cares.
    • When Sweetie Belle comes between the pair and they reach for each other with the most heartbroken looks imaginable, despite maybe being five inches apart.
    • After Big Macintosh rushes off at the idea of getting married, Cheerilee exclaming "Schmoofie!" in a really melodramtic way.
  • Big Macintosh doing the Pepe Le Pew bounce.
  • Big Macintosh and Cheerilee trolling the CMC at the end.
  • The split-second reaction Cheerilee has when the CMC express their disbelief that she doesn't have a special somepony. You can tell she's just thinking, "Yes, thank you so much for reminding me again that I'm single."
  • Cheerilee and Big Mac's confusion upon snapping out of their love-induced haze:

 Cheerilee: "Am I wearing a wedding veil?"

Big Macintosh: "Eeyup."

Cheerilee: "Are you sitting on a feather bed in a hole in the ground?"

Big Macintosh: "Eeyup."

Cheerilee: "Girls! Can you explain why I look like I'm getting married at the bottom of a pit?"

  • The awkward scenes (especially the first one) of Big Mac and Cheerilee getting left alone by the CMC.

 Cheerilee: "Well, this has been....strange."

Big Macintosh: "...Eeyup."

  • Apple Bloom's over-the-top Imagine Spot of what would happen to Ponyville if Big Mac and Cheerilee don't get cured.
    • Particularly the pegasus stallion that crashes headlong into a house for no particular reason.

 Apple Bloom: Ponyville will be overrun by uneducated little ponies starving for apples! It'll be chaos! It'll be chaos!!

    • There's also the cut to Apple Bloom waving her arms in the air and looking panicky, while Scootaloo just stares at her with a hilarious expression of bafflement.
  • The expression and tone Cheerilee has when she answers the CMCs' question they gave her in order to have her come to the gazebo:

 Cheerilee: *deadpan and without the normal lilt in her voice* "It's an apple tree."

  • The face on that one stallion who really likes jelly looks like a certain face you would see in rage comics.
    • And just that stallion himself, who comes out of nowhere after several others have far more reasonable flaws. He's all kinds of hilarious and creepy.
  • The CMC vacuuming off a rainbow's colors for their love potion.
  • At the end, to try and slow down Big Mac, Apple Bloom ties him to a cart full of anvils and Berry Punch's house. Only the latter slows him down for a bit.
    • The fact that it's Berry Punch's house, and the look of somewhat baffled horror on her face.
    • On that note, Cheerilee smashes through a door. Twice.
      • Not to mention through the CMC. In slow-mo, no less.
  • The CMC making a holiday greetings card for Cheerilee, adding more and more decorations to it until we finally get to see just how huge it is, at which point Sweetie Belle sticks its tip into an average envelope. Then they all stare at it for a moment.

 Scootaloo: I think we're going to need a bigger envelope.

  • Anytime somepony emulates Cheerilee and Big Mac's nicknames for each other. The CMC in particular have to almost force it out.

 Apple Bloom: 'course, if you're gonna get married you'll wanna pick out a really nice diamond for your *gag*...schmoopy doopy pookie pie.

Scootaloo: Don't you think you should start looking for your wedding dress? You'll want to look your best for your...honey bunny snuggle baby.

  • Sweetie Belle crashing a funeral, calling the eulogist "old", and bouncing away is as funny as it is absolutely terrible.
  • Apple Bloom, as she tries to distract Big Mac. "How much time is left? I'm running out of ways to make diamonds sound bad!"
  • It's subtle, but Scootaloo's response to finding out the CMC need to keep Cheerilee and Big Mac from looking into each other's eyes for one hour: "Only an hour? Pff, we can pull that off in a second."
  • This troper personally found everything Big Mac said outright hysterical. Why? Because it's the first time he's had more than two words of solo dialogue since episode 4 of last season!
  • Apple Bloom's Late to The Punchline moment at the end of the song - she walks off singing triumphantly with the others after establishing that Big Macintosh is available, but she still needs to ask whether they were talking about him.

  Apple Bloom: Wait a minute, let me get this straight. Are you talkin' about my brother?!

  • It's a small one, but when Apple Bloom is telling Cheerilee why the CMC love her so much, their enormous valentine falls on top of them, but she just keeps talking as if nothing happened.
  • Sweetie Belle popping out of the nearby bush.

 Sweetie Belle: Aw, come on!

    • And again later in triumph.

 Sweetie Belle: YES!

  • All the stallions listed in the song, making you wonder if the reason there are so few males in Ponyville is because they're all so weird!
    • Judging by what we've seen about the mares that's the pot calling the kettle black if I ever heard one.
  • All of the CMCs' "I'm going to be sick" faces during Miss Cheerilee's and Big Mac's Sickeningly Sweethearts moments.
  • When Apple Bloom is trying to keep Big Mac busy so he doesn't see Cheerilee...

 Apple Bloom: Ah'm runnin' outta ways to make diamonds look bad!

  • This troper thought that Cherrilee's snark moment was hilarious simply because of the stark contrast with her usual character.

  "Girls, can you explain why I look like I'm getting married at the bottom of a pit?"

  • The small kicks Mac's hind leg makes after he lands head-first in the pit.

A Friend in Deed

  • Pinkie Pie gearing up in aerobics clothes and... doing silly faces. Then we find she was doing that in an effort to make Pound and Pumpkin Cake laugh.
  • Pinkie Pie's random songs during her efforts to cheer up Cranky.
    • And actually including "Sing a random song out of nowhere" on her checklist of making friends.
  • Pinkie jumping up and down on a "spider" that turns out to be Cranky's toupee. Once she realizes this, she shouts out to the entire town about needing a replacement, from on top of a flagpole, through a megaphone. She makes sure to stress that Cranky is really really bald, and that this is Serious Business.

 Pinkie Pie: What's so funny? This is serious business, everypony! Cranky needs a new wig to cover his hairless head!

  • All of Pinkie's 4th wall breaking and application of cartoon physics this episode. The best has to be her friendship rocket at the end of the episode.
  • During "Smile, Smile, Smile," Pinkie goes into the schoolyard and finds the foals jumping rope. She starts doing it, gets Scootaloo and Dinky to join, and then pulls two others in as well. The thing is, the last two foals had been holding up the rope, and so all 5 are jumping rope with no one holding the handles. Screw gravity, she's Pinkie Pie all right.
    • The jump rope is still swinging itself when Pinkie runs off to cheer up Apple Bloom.
  • Pinkie has a welcome wagon. With exploding confetti. And a cake launcher. Would we expect any less?
    • She also mixes up the cake oven and the confetti cannon. Again. And after she gets literally covered in cake batter she zips right out and eats the Pinkie shaped mound of batter in one bite.
  • Pinkie apparently thinks not with portals, but with felt. Which she manages to make appear in reality in the form of a big green check mark.
  • Twilight's Head Desk after Pinkie insists on talking to Cranky one more time.
    • Ahem, the consensus is that Twilight joined Facebook.
  • Derpy making her token appearance inside a snow globe.
    • Right after getting hit by a monkey plush doll, Pinkie makes her best impression of Derpy's face.
  • Pinkie in a beaver outfit, complete with bucked teeth and half a tree cut down.
  • Cranky finds out the hard way that no matter where you run, Pinkie will find you. Rainbow Dash feels your pain.
  • While chasing Cranky, Pinkie jumps from one apple tree to the next, and knocks all the apples down just by landing on the top of the trees.

Putting Your Hoof Down

  • Every catchphrase Iron Will does is deliciously hammy.
  • When Fluttershy tries to get a cherry from a gruff stallion at a reduced price, she decides to take Rarity's advice and flirt with him!
    • When that fails, she then takes Pinkie's advice by using the Duck Season! Rabbit Season! gig, but she makes the switch too early, causing her to insist on paying more for it, with Rarity doing a Facehoof and Pinkie Pie burying her head in the ground in response to this.
  • Iron Will's goat assistants behaving like real goats most of the time, including two blankly staring while one of them starts eating the other one's tie.
    • One of them also tries to eat Pinkie's tail.
  • This episode provides us with yet another Bon-Bon voice.
    • Cherry's joke getting interrupted by a cartload of garbage landing on her head (courtesy of Fluttershy).
  • The entire queue's reaction when Fluttershy tells one pony to go to the back of the line.
  • Fluttershy and Iron Will's demonstration.

 Iron Will: Whoa! He's blocking your path. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!

Fluttershy: Um, politely walk around him?

Iron Will: No.

Fluttershy: Gingerly tiptoe around him?

Iron Will: No!

Fluttershy: Go back home and try again tomorrow?!

Iron Will: NO! When somepony tries to block, SHOW THEM THAT YOU ROOOOOCK!


 Iron Will: Iron Will will delay for half a day, and no longer!

Pinkie Pie: A full day!

Iron Will: Half day!

Pinkie Pie: Full day!

Iron Will: HALF DAY!

Pinkie Pie: HALF DAY!

Iron Will: FULL DAY!

Pinkie Pie: (neck stretches up to Iron Will's face) WE NEED HALF A DAY, AND NO MORE!


Pinkie Pie: Okie-dokie, see you tomorrow!

Iron Will: Wait...

      • And at the end, Pinkie just walks away. In midair.
  • Iron Will is just as much of a Large Ham when just talking to Rarity and Pinkie Pie as when he's in front of a crowd, causing them to look around to see if there's anyone else he's talking to.
  • Pinkie and Rarity's shocked/terrified expressions when Fluttershy stands up to Iron Will. Pinkie's Jaw Drop (which Rarity corrects) is especially glorious.
  • Fluttershy's animal friends waving goodbye to her as she leaves her house and starts to act assertive.
  • After one of her first attempts successfully asserting herself, Fluttershy lets out the briefest maniacal laugh (for her, at least) akin to Rarity's from "Sonic Rainboom".
  • Fluttershy getting rough with a tourist who just wanted directions to Ponyville tower. What does she do? Fling him out of frame and into a pile of hay - right beside Ponyville tower. And he's all like "oh hey, there it is".
  • Iron Will gets around by STANDING on the back of a goat much smaller than himself. It looks just as ridiculous as it sounds, and nobody even bats an eye!
  • Pinkie's flawless delivery in the following exchange reminds everyone why she's the Element of Laughter:

 Rarity: (to Fluttershy) Oh, sweetie! We all said things we regret!

Pinkie Pie: We did?

Rarity: (covers her mouth) Shh!

  • Iron Will announcing that he needs to do some groceries, so he'll allow Pinkie and Rarity time to "find" Fluttershy. He even pulls a comically tiny shopping basket (with flowers on it) from behind his back.
  • Pinkie Pie's sassy pose when defending Rarity from New Fluttershy's angry rant.

 Pinkie Pie: Fashion is her passion!

    • This is just a part of it: even when defending her friend, Pinkie Pie still brings her own unique flair to the argument.

It's About Time

  • Future Badass Twilight is actually from next Tuesday.
  • Twilight having no idea that she's wearing Groucho Marx glasses when she starts talking about the warning.
  • Pinkie Pie trying to run while being held up by balloons, and calmly asking if anyone's going to join her before going back to it.
  • One of the measures taken to prevent the disaster was to cut Pinkie's mane.
  • When Cerberus suddenly arrives in Ponyville...

 Pinkie: OK everypony! Follow my lead. *PANICS*

  • The threat of Ponyville being destroyed by Cerberus being prevented by Fluttershy treating it like a real dog and giving it a belly rub. It's a mix of this, CMoA, & CMoH.
    • Before that, there's a shot of Cerberus nearly taking a piddle on one of the buildings.
  • The fact that Pinkie Pie has balls and eyepatches stashed all over Ponyville in case of emergencies. It actually works.
  • Spike and Rainbow Dash taking advantage of Twilight's resolve to not move for a week.
  • Pinkie Pie's reaction when a potted plant falls on Twilight's head after her Pinkie sense acts up again:
    • Spike's blink and you miss it Oh Crap face when Pinkie's tail twitches.
  • How did Future!Twi get that eyepatch? SHE LOOKED AT THE SUN THROUGH A TELESCOPE.
    • Directly after Pinkie cheerfully says she has no idea if she set up the telescope so it would be safe.
  • The Archive guard and Celestia cheerfully greeting Twilight without even taking note of her appearance.
    • Even better: Celestia basically PHOTOBOMBS her way into the episode; casually strolling along through a supposedly top-secret portion of the archives as if it was a part of her morning routine.
  • Twilight panics after being unable to find the archives she's looking for...and then Pinkie Pie points out that they were standing in front of it the whole time. Twi's reaction is priceless.

 Twilight: (deadpan) Huh, how'd I miss that?

    • Immediately before this, she stated that If My Calculations Are Correct then that was where the Starswirl wing would be.
      • Made better by Spike pointing out that this was where they came in.
  • Pinkie seems to go through the entire episode having no real idea what Twilight is even worried about, and becomes convinced it's somehow about finding out what her birthday present will be.
  • Twilight, completely seriously and sincerely deciding that stopping time is a viable solution to preventing the catastrophe after several previous attempts failed.
  • There's something strangely hilarious about Doctor Whooves laughing at Twilight's talk of time travel.
    • Common fanon consensus is that he's laughing to avoid blowing his cover.
  • A bit meta, but the very notion of a magical purple unicorn declaring something to be scientifically impossible is pretty hilarious.
    • The line "You're not scientifically possible!" alone got this troper. Past Twilight's delivery and Future Twilight's reaction sealed it.
  • Spike's casual "Hey, Pinkie" as Twilight goes nuts around them.
  • Twilight dramatically declaring that she's decided to "Monitor. Everything."

 Pinkie Pie: Makes sense to me.

  • "Now you look like a pirate! A sleepy pirate with a really weird mane-cut."

Dragon Quest

  • The girls' pathetic dragon disguise, and the fact that it actually works.
  • Fluttershy pausing to open her back window in the middle of racing away from the dragon migration.
  • Spike's attempts at joining in the other dragons' games.
  • After Spike leaves for his trip, Rarity and Twilight have this little exchange:

 Rarity: We're following him, right?

Twilight: Of course.

    • And they all have huge smiles plastered on their faces.
  • Rarity's indignant "Ow" when Rainbow Dash kicks her.
  • Fluttershy completely OWNING Rainbow Dash counts as this and as a CMOA.
  • Rainbow Dash arguing that Fluttershy owes her to watch the dragon migration because she watched the butterfly migration with Fluttershy. Dash looks so bored in the picture of it.
    • Fluttershy's irritated expression during this. Even a Shrinking Violet doesn't appreciate someone calling her interests boring.
  • Although the three ponies standing up for Spike is a CMoH, Rarity's little speech is also hilarious.

  Rarity: Fighting's not really my thing, I'm more into fashion, but I'LL RIP YOU TO PIECES IF YOU TOUCH ONE SCALE ON HIS CUTE LITTLE HEAD!

    • Her doing a little hair flip when she says that bit about liking fashion is just the cherry on top of another glorious Rarity scene.
  • Rarity's idea of camouflage, and the fact that she added a bit of Pinkie flair to enhance her dramatic entrance.
    • Also, adding to the above, while everypony else is watching the migration through binoculars, Rarity appears to be using opera glasses, which is so in character for her.
  • Rainbow Dash says she's done her share of stupid things. Twilight, Spike, and Rarity respond in unison, "We know."
  • Spike's high dive jump.

Hurricane Fluttershy

  • "Be cool or be a mule! offense." "None taken."
  • Fluttershy trying to get out of the big pegasus meeting by... disguising herself as a tree. "I'd like to be a tree," indeed.
  • Fluttershy gently sets Angel down as she prepares to join the tornado. Said tornado promptly slams him into a tree. Also quite a cathartic image after "Putting Your Hoof Down."
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene, after Fluttershy pulls off her 2.3, Twilight uses her magic to pull Spike off-screen via his claw. Totally deserved given the behavior up to that point.
  • Fluttershy pitiful attempts at Playing Sick are as funny as they are adorable. "Ah-choo."
  • That ridiculously muscular pegasus with the tiny wings; He only had a few scenes, but he made the most of them with a big YEAAAAAAH!!!!
  • The ponies asking Twilight what the anemometer does.

 Cloudchaser: What exactly does this machine do?

Twilight: It measures your accelerative velocity and translates it into wingpower thus gauging your h2o anti-gravitational potential. Any other questions?

Flitter: Yeah. (Turns to Spike) What exactly does this machine do?

Spike: It tells you how fast you're flying and how strong your wings are.

Everypony: Ohhh, ok.

  • Fluttershy's training montage includes tug-of-war against a butterfly. Not simply because she has trouble at first, but by the end we get to see how far she's come. She can outtug a whole kaleidoscope of butterflies!
    • Then again, a flock of butterflies didn't seem to have any trouble supporting her weight as a filly...

Ponyville Confidential

  • Snips and Snails getting stuck in gum.
    • And then they get stuck in it again, in hopes of getting in the paper again.
  • Big Mac and Applejack "switching places": Applejack saying only "eeyup" and "nope" while Big Mac goes into a lengthy monologue. It's so unexpected that it's absolutely hilarious. It also makes that scene all the more effective.
  • Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's ideas of how newspapers can get them cutie marks.
  • "The Cakes are breaking up!"

 Mrs.Cake: We are?

  • Pinkie Pie acting like she's hit the breaking point at an intervention when Gabby Gums calls her obsessed with parties.
  • Diamond Tiara says, "You're lucky I'm nice." Ha.
  • Diamond Tiara's opinion on last year's school paper.

 Diamond Tiara: No more namby-pamby stories like last year's editor!

Ruby Pinch: But Namby Pamby was a great editor!

  • Rarity seeing her diary in the newspaper and screaming "I'LL DESTROY HER!"
  • Rarity's sudden Julius Caesar reference:

 Rarity: Et tu, Gabby Gums?

  • When Diamond Tiara insists that nopony takes the current school paper seriously, it cuts to Truffle Shuffle sitting at the back of the class, reading the school paper... wearing reading glasses and a fez. Then he looks up nervously.
  • When Rainbow Dash bursts into the spa, she takes one of Spike's cucumber slices and eats it. Spike then sticks his claw down Rainbow Dash's throat in order to get it back.
  • It's worth a chuckle to hear Rarity of all ponies say a phrase like "gum on their bum."
  • Apparently, all somepony has to do in order to stop a unicorn's magic is to hit their horn, just like Sweetie Belle did to Rarity. It's basically the unicorn equivalent of smacking someone's hands to stop them from touching your stuff.
  • Rarity giving in to her urge to snoop through Sweetie Belle's saddlebag by leaping on it while it hovers in midair.

 Rarity: *seeing "The Foal Free Press" in Sweetie Belle's bag* You really shouldn't be snooping, Rarity.


Rarity: Oh, but it's so much fun, Rarity!

  • The picture of Celestia eating cake. What makes the scene is that she unusually holds the cake with her hoof, instead of using magic to levitate it.
  • The picture of Spike in a fez and smoking jacket, holding a bubble pipe.
  • "Stop the presses!" "Uh, they haven't started yet."

Mmmystery On The Friendship Express

  • The official description for this episode calls the investigation in this episode "the silliest investigation in Equestian history." They have not lied to us yet and considering that recent and forthcoming episodes are/likely will be considered pretty darn dramatic, we could likely be in for a lot of these.
    • It's also a nice bit of self-awareness at the idea of Pinkie Pie being a detective. Even the show knows hilarity will ensue from this.
    • In the preview, we have Pinkie Pie saying this: "I have no idea who-do-doned it!" Our next meme, everypony.
  • "Are you okay, thief?"
  • Pinkie scratching her ear like a dog as she wakes up.
  • Pinkie's assorted outlandish theories, and the Imagine Spots that accompany them.
    • "Con Mane" resting his milkshake atop Golden Harvest's head before going off to sabotage the MMMM.
  • The look on Joe's face when Rarity says he'd look good in a tuxedo.
  • The ponies shying away from the brilliant aura of light from the eclairs, which is revealed to be the griffon holding a floodlight behind them.
  • When Twilight gathers everyone together for the summation:

 Mulia Mild: Why are we all here again?

Twilight: I bet you're wondering why you're all here again.

Pony Joe: She's good.

  • "Fine, I'm guilty! I WEAR FALSE EYELASHES! Oh, and I took a bite of the cake."
  • Pinkie Pie figuring out who ruined the other bakers' desserts: "He has mousse in his moustache! He has eclair in his hair! She has sprinkles in her wrinkles!"
  • When Twilight takes over the investigation, she also begins using Pinkie's Bubble Pipe, somehow managing to be even more hilarious than when Pinkie uses it.
    • And right before that she takes a moment to wipe the pipe bit clean.
  • Twilight's irritation when Pinkie starts literally retracing her steps.
  • Rainbow Dash's and Fluttershy's deeply disturbed expressions upon first meeting the Mousse Moose.

A Canterlot Wedding

  • Rarity faints happily twice, with big grins plastered on her face, after finding out two major pieces of information (that she's been asked to make dresses for the wedding, and that Shining Armor is Captain of the Royal Guard). The second time, Twilight pulls out a pillow to cushion her fall.
  • Twilight making the sandwich talk when imitating her brother.
  • Applejack asking Twilight Sparkle "Why the long face?". At long last they managed to squeeze that joke in.
  • The Zombie Bridesmaids being distracted by the bouquet, especially since they were reasonably scary up to that point.
  • Pinkie Pie defeats changelings with her party cannon. Made all the funnier by it making a noticeably different sound compared to the other attacks.
  • Pinkie Pie sneezes confetti.
  • Applejack's obsession with her Stetson. Unlike her Gala dress, her bridesmaid dress doesn't include a hat, so she keeps slipping it on when she thinks no one is looking. It looks hilariously out of place. Her Liar!jack face also makes a brief appearance when she puts it on during the wedding.
  • The Mane 6 have just started to run to get the Elements of Harmony... all except Rarity, who can't bear to see her dresses just torn off and thrown away but instead has to catch them and lie them down gently.
  • When Twilight is reading the letter from Canterlot, Pinkie Pie steps on a cake, leaving a visible footprint. Twilight then fixes the frosting while still reading with her magic, without looking.
  • Pinkie VS Changeling

 Changeling: (Scowling as it transforms into Rarity, then Rainbow Dash, then Fluttershy which only makes Pinkie Pie giggle)

Pinkie Pie: Oh oh, do me! DO ME!

Changeling: (rolls its eyes and transforms into an adorably happy Pinkie Pie)

Pinkie, I've seen better. (Proceeds to grab Twilight and use her as a gatling gun.)

  • Fluttershy, while confronted by a group of changelings that have taken her form, avoids fighting them by pretending to be a changeling herself and pointing them to the false direction of the "real" Fluttershy.
  • Pinkie and Cadence dancing.
  • Spike announcing his plans for Shining Armor's bachelor party... after the wedding is over.
  • Princess Luna's being absent once again during a big world ending event is actually lampshaded at the end of Part 2, when she just drops in with the words "Hello, everypony. Did I miss anything?"
  • An I Take Offense to That Last One moment after the reveal:

 Chrysalis: He may not be my husband, but he is under my total control now!

Cadence: *gasp*

Chrysalis: And I'm sorry to say, unable to perform his duties as Captain of the Royal Guard! *dramatic close-up*

Cadence: Not my Shining Armor!

  • Any instance of Spike playing with the Shining Armor and Cadence figurines meant for the top of the cake. Bonus points when Pinkie Pie gets in on it, too.
  • "I saw her put a spell on my brother that made him go (makes a really silly face)!"
  • One, the sound effect when Pinkie Pie smiled at being told to start the reception party. Two, setting up a DJ stand. Three, pulling Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3 out of Hammerspace and initiating the party immediately. Best. Ending. Ever.
  • Twilight, after all was said and done, shows off her Super OCD one last time by readjusting Shining's chest plate.
  • Looks like Discord's still got a little bit of a hold on Rarity, going by her reaction to the bouquet.
    • "It's MINE!"
  • Twilight zaps a few of the Changeling Applejacks, then levitates the real one, who shouts "Real me! Real me!"


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 Wiz: (on the Wonderbolts) They're sort of like the Blue Angels.

Boomstick: Except they're ponies!

    • The ending was hilarious, and COMPLETELY in character for Rainbow Dash. Starscream's Spark appears above his wreckage and starts taunting her, so she eats it!
  • It's good to know Lauren Faust has a sense of humor. One fan asks...

 Fan: Was the name "Twilight Sparkle" an intentional joke, or was that just by accident?

Lauren Faust: It passed legal.

  1. and, perhaps incidentally, remain within reach of the visibly deranged mare offering it to them