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NOFX is a Punk Rock band from Los Angeles, California. They have 11 albums. Their members are as follows: Fat Mike (Michael Burkett) on bass and lead vocals, El Hefe (Aaron Abeyta) on lead guitar, Eric Melvin on rhythm guitar, and Erik Sandin on drums. Scott Sellers, Scott Aldahl, Dave Allen, Dave Casillas, and Steve Kidwiller were previous members in NOFX, however Fat Mike and Eric Melvin have both been there since they formed NOFX in 1983.


  • Liberal Animation (1988)
  • S&M Airlines (1989)
  • Ribbed (1991)
  • Maximum Rocknroll (compilation album of demos, 1992)
  • White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean (1992)
  • Punk in Drublic (1994)
  • I Heard They Suck Live! (live album, 1995)
  • Heavy Petting Zoo (1996)
  • So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes (1997)
  • Pump Up The Valuum (2000)
  • 45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records (compilation album, 2002)
  • The War On Errorism (2003)
  • The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us!) (greatest hits album, 2004)
  • Wolves in Wolves' Clothing (2006)
  • They've Actually Gotten Worse Live! (live album, 2007)
  • Coaster (2009)

Tropes that apply to this band:

  • Divided States of America: "Leaving Jesusland"
  • Eye Scream: The song "Stickin' in my Eye"
  • Intentionally Awkward Title: "Don't Call Me White" and White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean
  • N-Word Privileges. Their White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean album. The album's name actually refers to the members of the band, with El Hefe being the "bean", the "two heebs" (heebs being short for Hebrews, as in Jewish people) being Fat Mike and Eric Melvin, and "white trash" being Erik Sandin.
  • Ironic Nickname: Fat Mike is not very fat.
  • Magnum Opus: Punk in Drublic, as well as the 18-minute song "The Decline".
  • Obligatory Bondage Song: A surprising amount of their songs are about S&M.
  • Prison Rape: A character in "The Decline" is raped after being incarcerated for a marijuana-related misdemeanor. He soon commits suicide by asphyxiation.
  • Protest Song: "The Decline" again.
    • During the Bush administration the band noticeably became more political in their songs. Fat Mike also produced two compilations in 2004 entitled "Rock against Bush" for his label Fat Wreck Chords.
  • Pun-Based Title: Heavy Petting Zoo and The War On Errorism.
  • Refuge in Vulgarity: "Liza and Louise"
  • Self-Deprecation. NOFX's two life albums I Heard They Suck Live! and They've Actually Gotten Worse Live!
    • The album "Coaster" reference the bands opinion that you would get better use out of it using it as such. The Vinyl version of the album is entitled "Frisbee".
  • Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll
  • Spoonerism. Liberal Animation and Punk in Drublic
  • Stage Name. El Hefe and Fat Mike.
  • Three Chords and the Truth.
  • Too Dumb to Live: "We threw gasoline on the fire and now we have stumps for arms and no eyebrows"
  • Long Runner Lineup: Type 2, as the band's lineup has been the same since 1991