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  • Even the most horrifying of cutscenes in 3 can be made into Narm by suiting Heather up in the Princess Heart costume.
    • Don't forget Origins, where Travis can run around in a freaking dog suit.
  • "Shut your stinking mouth, BITCH!" Konami has no moral qualms about showing one woman throw up a demon fetus and then have another woman swallow it, but they draw the line at a Precision F-Strike? Such harsh language was uncommon for video games at the time, but come on... way to spoil the moment.
  • The cutscene in Shattered Memories where Harry meets up with Michelle in the bar. After Michelle says a few things about how her relationship wasn't what she thought it was, it then cuts to a shot of Harry, whose staring-off-into-space expression indicates that he wasn't paying attention.
      • There's also calling for Cheryl in the first area. "Cheryl? Cheryl? Sweetie? CHERYYYYL!"
      • Kaufmann is a Complete Monster in other games, but a complete ham in this game. We'll just mention his bizarre sex rant. "THE TIGER IN SPACE!" which he then ends with "You know, people who get enough don't need analysis. And you clearly are not getting enough."
    • Made even worse knowing the ending. He's not talking to Harry, he's talking to Cheryl. Basically he was telling a girl in her late teens to early 20s that she should have more sex to solve her psychological problems. Uh......what?
  • So much of the dialogue and the voice acting in 1. However, many fans find a certain charm in the narm. "Huh, radio. What's going on with that radio?"
  • "Eddie, have you gone nuts??"
      • "Eddie, you can't kill someone just for the way they looked at you!" This delivered like a kindergarten teacher to a child, swapping "kill" for, maybe "push".
    • "I'm kind of lost." (incredibly long pause) "...Lost?"
  • "MY DAUGHTER WILL BE THE MOTHER OF GOD!" Actually, every single one of Dahlia's lines.
  • Every single one of Claudia's lines, not helped at all by the glorious Fake Brit accent. The maker of a Let's Play of the game was so amused by it that every subsequent instance of the word "God" was instead spelled as "Gawd", even in direct transcripts from the game.
    • What's worse is that Claudia's accent doesn't even make sense, when you think about it. Her father, Leonard, does not have a British accent, and Silent Hill is in America. You could argue that Claudia lived in England for some time, but do you really see someone as nuts as she living anywhere else but her rust and blood ridden "paradise?"
      • What's weird is how Claudia and Alessa have British accents when neither of their parents seem to. Double Retcon points in Alessa's case since she didn't even have a British accent in the first game or in Origins.
      • "It was foretold by gyromancy!" Just sounds like some random divinity mumbo-jumbo, right? This is Gyromancy. You are now picturing Dahlia spinning around in circles and falling over again and again and again.
        • Probably they made it this way deliberately - Dahlia's absolutely nuts, so she WOULD foretell something that way.
  • The fourth game has Henry's epic-level Dull Surprise reaction to everything from people being brutally murdered in front of him to discovering the corpse of the murderer in his apartment.
  • The second game has Pyramid Head's raping of the town's monsters, which, while terrifying, is so insanely out of place that one can't help but laugh, especially the second time when the monster being raped is moaning in pleasure (apparently even abominations wrapped in their own skin like it).
  • In 3, Heather answers a payphone in a locker and some never-identified man wishes her a happy 31st/24th birthday and an extremely bizarre one-sided conversation ensues. All Heather can say after he hangs up? "...But you're wrong. It's not my birthday." Interesting thing to focus on.
      • How about the mysterious caller's voice? This editor and his brother both barked out "It's Woody Allen!" nearly in unison as he started singing "Happy Birthday to You."
    • A climactic scene from 3 comes to mind, when Heather, who isn't quite as derpy as her father was, still derps pretty hard when someone is murdered before her very eyes and then she asks the murderer, "What did you do?! Why, Claudia was just helping Vincent scratch an itch, of course. Why ever would you suspect anything else?
  • Cynthia's death scene in 4 features the very spine-chilling and sad piece "Room Of Angel", actually a theme of the game's main antagonist - both the music and lyrics make it a Tear Jerker in that context, but as for Cynthia's death, the music may provide effective tone, but if you notice the lyrics in that situation? "Here's a lullaby to close your eyes/It was always you that I despised/I don't feel enough for you to cry." Why, thank you.
  • Homecoming has few moments of full-on narm, but "You gotta be shittin' me!" is not something you should say when encountering a new monster type if you want to keep the eerie atmosphere intact. It doesn't help that this line is, word for word, something Travis Touchdown also said in No More Heroes while being ambushed on the toilet.
    • Alex Shepherd is in a mostly abandoned town that is riddled with chasms blocking all exits to the town, and the only means of departure is by boat. However, in spite of encountering killer monsters, in addition to the previously mentioned problems with the town, he can inspect an old beat-up vehicle and wonder "Why hasn't this been towed? It's clearly broken down." Seriously Alex, is that what's on your mind at that moment?
  • While the games' soundtracks are excellent for the most part, it is kind of amusing when Mary Elizabeth McGlynn informs us (in "I Want Love") that "[her] Swiss cheese heart knooooows! Only kindness can fill its hoooooles!" (Swiss cheese, really?)
  • In 2, James' random yell just before the two Pyramid Heads kill Maria is definitely narm.
  • Downpour has its fair share of narm. Every time Murphy screams, he sounds ridiculous. And then there's the childish "Get away from me!" he'll do on occasion. But the most notable mention goes to when he has the flashback of Charlie's death in the prison. "CHARLIIIIEEEEE!!!" Then we get treated to an awkward closeup of a little girl screaming. The models definitely don't do it justice.
  • The comics aren't immune to narm. The Hunger, a bonus "motion comic" in The Silent Hill Experience, is a nigh-apocalyptic epic, but has some weird art in places. The very first panel shows the main character "walking" through a foggy Silent Hill by literally sliding across the screen. It looks like one of those Newgrounds games that Retsupurae would poke fun at.
    • In the second part, there are some panels where the main character looks like he's been traced off of Christopher Eccleston of Doctor Who and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra fame. Then there's the confrontation with an evil doctor who looks just like Christian Bale, and, in the next panel featuring him, it's the exact same image, only flipped. It certainly takes the reader out of the experience a bit.