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Part 1

  • Team Seven are eating a meal together and Naruto and Sasuke are competing by having a eating contest. They both finish at the same time, give one another a Lightning Glare and then promptly throw up.
  • One scene features Konohamaru crashing into Tsunade and snuggling her huge breasts when he thinks they are pillows. Needless to say, Tsunade wasn't amused at all with this exchange.
  • Also, Kakashi's "Sennen Goroshi" ("One-Thousand Years of Pain") jutsu, which... turns out to be performing kancho (a Japanese practical joke where you shove your fingers up someone's behind) on your opponent as well as using some bits of chakra on it to send the opponent flying. Then later in the series, Naruto uses it on Gaara. The look on Temari's face is priceless. Gaara himself doesn't quite seem to know what to do. Then it turns out he (Naruto) used a kunai. Laden with explosives. "Boom." Even funnier since Gaara is half-transformed into the Shukaku.
    • What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome??
    • The funny things comes during some games like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja, when you can have Kakashi do the "Sennen Goroshi" on people like Itachi Uchiha, Tsunade and even Orochimaru... Imagine those kind of people getting hit with such jutsu. The game can make that happen.
  • While on the subject, Gaara's full transformation is hilarious. The dub gives him a southern accent...

 Shukaku: I'm finally freeeee!! Here I come, baby!

Gamakichi: Man, that is one funky demon.

  • I personally laughed until I cried during Naruto's fight with Kiba. When Naruto accidentally farted right into Kiba's face and Kiba starts screaming because he had his sense of smell augmented... It was weird, because while I did feel bad for poor Kiba, I just could NOT stop laughing at everyone's reactions.
    • As well as the other time he farted in Kiba's face.
  • Rock Lee is the Drunken Master! Kimimaro's reaction really takes the entire scene to new level of comedy.
    • Just before the above sequence starts, Lee falls and is about to be cut in half — and he asks Kimimaro to wait "one moment, please". Kimimaro... waits.
  • The beginning of Shikamaru's fight with Temari. Naruto having some sort of spaz attack and pushing Shikamaru over the railing and into the ring below and in the anime (this troper can't remember if the same face was in the manga), the look on Shikamaru's face is beyond priceless.
  • Kakashi and Sasuke vs. Zabuza and Haku. Kakashi says something to the effect of "guys who hide behind masks make me angry" or thereabouts. Sasuke then repeats the exact same thing, which causes Sakura to swoon. Kakashi then points out "hey, that's what I said!"
  • Jiraiya. Possibly the funniest character in the whole series, everything he makes is either amazingly funny or heroic, or even both. Especially Naruto's reactions to his constant peeping and stalking on women.
  • And the little exchange between the young Jiraya and Sarutobi in the flashback from episode 83...

 Jiraya: Wow, Sarutobi-sensei, you're a perv.

  • Episode 27 of Part 1 has an easily missed line just after Anko retrieves her kunai from Orochimaru in disguise, although this could just be the delivery from the dub:

 Naruto: Hey... I wonder if I could do that with my tongue!

    • It's in the manga too.
  • During the more comedic moments anything Kakashi says can be pretty darn funny especially the following from episode 4:

  Kakashi: (to Naruto, Sasuke, & Sakura) "Hmm, how can I put this? My first impression of this're a bunch of idiots."

    • Also: My name is Kakashi Hatake. What I like...I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future...hmm...never really thought about for my hobbies...well, I have a lot of hobbies.
    • And Sakura's response to Kakashi's questions: ""I'm Sakura Haruno. I like...(looks at Sasuke) I mean the person I like (looks at Sasuke) My dream for the future is (looks at Sasuke) My hobby is (Fan girl squeal.)" Kakashi asks her what it is she hates and she simply states "NARUTO." while Naruto gets an upset/shocked expression on his face.
  • The following from episode 22:

 Lee: "Oh, Sakura...I love you!"

Sakura: "Aaahhh! Those eyebrows can't be real, nooooo! Your hairstyle is horrible, too, and those eyebrows are so're such a weirdo!"

Lee: "You are an angel sent from heaven! (blows kiss, Sakura dodges) That was a good move, but let us see you dodge this!" (blows more kisses, Sakura dodges again)

Sakura: "(thinking: That. Was. Too. Close.) Hey, keep your creepy little valentines to yourself! I was dodging for my life there!"

  • From episode 53: Jiraiya: (to Naruto) "You! You're quite sexy when you're naked."
    • Even better in the english dub: "You have quite a tight sexy little body."
  • Naruto's reaction to finding out that Haku is actually a guy.

  No way! He's prettier than Sakura!

  • One of Kakashi-Gai's interaction in the Chuunin Exam is really hilarious:

 Gai: Kakashi, I'm gonna be carefully watching your pupil to see if your training was any good. After all, I'm still your rival.

Kakashi: Huh? Sorry, did you say something?

Gai: AAAAH, you make me so mad, Kakashi! Ooh, why did you always have to act so cool!? -instant water wave behind Gai-

  • Gaara's scream of "BLOOD! IT'S MY BLOOD!" in the italian version in the anime is really hilarious because it sounds like Gaara is saying "Ssannwhich... I need a sanndwhihhch!!"
  • Gai-sensei's Big OMG after being ignored by Kakashi.
  • Episode five: Sakura's reaction to seeing Sasuke buried in the ground up to his head thinking that he's just a disembodied head.
  • Episode 3 of the original has two of these:
    • 1) The infamous scene where Naruto and Sasuke accidentally kiss...
      • Any time the kiss is brought up again is an instant CMOF. For example, in a filler episode, a woman accused Naruto of having no experience in kissing. He felt admitting he kissed a guy would retain his dignity. Probably not the smartest thing he's done. Also, in a post-episode omake in which Naruto and Lee debate which of them would be better for Sakura, Lee points out that Naruto gave his first kiss to Sasuke, and Naruto frantically tries to cover it up.
      • In Shippuden episode 194 (a filler) Naruto and Sasuke have another kiss and this time its just as hilarious because they're glued together by the hands. The water even makes a heart shaped splash!
      • And now in chapter 572 Kurama brings it up while also musing that Naruto's never kissed a girl.
    • 2) The scene where Naruto pretends to be Sasuke to fool Sakura, and just as he is about to kiss her... he realizes he has to go to the bathroom!
      • Yep, in some cases toilet humor can be funny.
  • Gai's Dynamic Entry. Made even funnier because even Sasuke gets Blank White Eyes at all of it.
    • In Episode 85 he accidentally uses the dynamic entry on Jiraiya. His expression when he realises who it was is quite, quite priceless.
  • Naruto's first use of the Sexy Jutsu. Even funnier is when he uses it on the 3rd Hokage...and it works.
  • During their fight, Kabuto can't determine if his attack on Tsunade's internal organs was ineffective because of her advanced ninja training or because her breasts are just too damn big to get through.

Part 2/Shippuden

  • There is a scene soon after Sai joins Team 7. When he insults Naruto, Naruto tries to pick a fight with him. Sakura lectures Naruto about importance of teamwork and asks him to ignore Sai's comments. A moment later, Sai insults Sakura. Guess what follows.
  • Some of the exchanges among Kakuzu and Hidan from the Akatsuki:

 Kakuzu: I guess it's not quite all over yet, is it? As you (Shikamaru) can plainly see, my abilities are countless. You'd be wise to retreat and plan your next move, that is if you're smart unlike my partner here. Just remember, all the battle plans you make mean nothing when the situation on the ground doesn't go as calculated.

Hidan: Hehehe...huh? Kakuzu! What did you mean "unlike my partner here", huh?!

Kakuzu: Just what I said, you idiot.



 Kakuzu: That scar on your neck is embarrassing. Cover it up.

Hidan: Hey, look at that; it's my headband! You went to the trouble of picking it up and keeping it for me? I'm touched. You're a pretty nice guy, Kakuzu, you know that?

Kakuzu: Shut up! Come on, let's go.

Hidan: Hey! Wait up! Let me put it on at least! Come on, admit it. You like me a little, dont'cha?

Kakuzu: Either you shut up or I'll kill you.

Hidan: You're embarrassed; I understand...

  • Yamato's Noodle Incident story regarding Jiraya and Tsunade during the Sasuke and Sai arc, vol. 33, at the bathhouse. Not only did it effectively stop Naruto from spying on Sakura, but it scared him shitless! The Oh Crap expression that follows always gets this troper laughing.
  • Personally, this troper finds Konohamaru's infamous fanservice jutsus and team 7's reactions to them to be hilarious, especially Sakura's nosebleed at the image of Sasuke and Sai.
    • What made this troper laugh the most at that scene was Sai's deadpan response to the latter image: "Ah. So that is me."
      • Actually, he says "Ah, it's me and Sasuke-kun."
    • Also, when Naruto begins teaching Konohamaru the Rasengan, Kono just assumes he's talking about a variant of the Sexy Jutsu with a mental image of what you do for each stage.
  • Killer Bee tricking Akatsuki into trying to seal a tentacle, especially when all of them are speechless until Zetsu's Split Personality starts to argue over if they should find it funny.
    • Related there's his brother the Raikage or rather the look on his face when he found out that this whole affair (including losing his arm) was because he wanted to go on vacation.
  • How about in the Naruto + Kakashi vs. Itachi fight in Shippuuden? Chiyo explaining the technique to fighting a genjutsu user with two people. The only time you'll ever see Chibi Itachi. Complete with DX expression as Sakura whacks him with a stick. Priceless.
  • By that same merit, Sasuke's reaction to Itachi blocking his Kirin with Susanoo may possibly count.
  • Tobi. Seriously, almost every appearance he has is a CMOF, especially in Filler. That is until he drops his act as Tobi.
    • 'Whack-A-Mole' Jutsu! Which consists of Tobi popping out of the ground and hitting the Konoha shinobi on the head. With a stick. And not some hefty branch, but a little twig-stick with a couple of leaves on it.
    • "Hidden Jutsu: Frill-necked Lizard!" Which consists of Tobi hanging upside down while his cloak obeys the laws of physics- which it only does Magic Skirt after he makes the handsign!
      • He then rubs the back of his head, and announces sheepishly, "Oh, right. That's all that jutsu does." Until then, the Konoha guys have been eagerly anticipating his technique.
      • This becomes even more hilarious when you know who Tobi really is, and what he ends up doing over the next few chapters.
  • Avoiding Kiba's Fang Drill by...stepping to the side. Kiba's facial expression is what sells it.
    • It gets better. He didn't step off to the side. He skipped. Just to make it more humiliating and hilarious.
    • And when he dodges Sakura's attack: "Olé!"
  • In episode 18 of Shippuden, Gai tries to start that thing where everyone on the team puts their hands in the middle of the circle to get pumped up with Neji, Tenten and Lee. He puts his hand in... but no one puts theirs in until Gai grunts, then Lee puts his hand in. Neji and Tenten don't move. Gai grunts again, longer this time while looking at Tenten, and she (resignedly and obviously embarrassed) puts her hand in. Neji doesn't move. Gai grunts again while looking at him, but Neji still doesn't move and glares at Gai...who glares right back. The two then have a stare down of sorts, complete with dramatic lighting. Gai starts grunting again, louder and more intense this time and the camera angle switches to a wide-view shot of the forest around the four. You can hear Gai continue grunting on and off... and then you him chuckle as Neji puts his hand into the circle.
  • Episode 16 of Shippuden, Gai is traveling with his team in the woods with Pakkun, and Pakkun and Lee ask him if he is ok after using the Gates, Gai laughs it off, saying he's full of energy... then while his head is turned he jumps head-first into a tree branch, knocking him out cold. Tenten then exclaims: "I don't know. He doesn't look so hot to me."
  • Oh dear God. Shippuuden's Eighth Ending. BACCHIKOI!
  • Shippuuden episode 115. This happens twice.

  Sasuke: Put some clothes on.

    • There's also the scene in the restaurant/yoghurt place, where Sasuke gets (loudly) reminded of his status in the show.
  • The "piggyback" scene yet.

 * Gai picks up an exhausted Kakashi and gives him a piggy-back ride*

Naruto: That's just wrong.

Sakura: Grown men playing piggy-back... it's almost creepy.

Tenten: Oh, brother...

Lee: What the? I get it...a training exercise!

Gai: So you wanna see faster? I'll show you faster! What's wrong, slow pokes? Can't keep up with me? Let's go! * Gai runs off*

Sakura: It looks even weirder when they're in motion.

Lee: * bends over to offer Neji a ride* Neji...

Neji: Forget it!

    • And the continuation at the start of the first episode, when Gai charges into the Leaf Village with a semi-conscious Kakashi flopping around on his back.
  • During Sakura's 'confession' to Naruto in chapter 469, you get reaction shots from the other ninja. Rock Lee is facepalming.
  • Killerbee and Raikage. As well as being amazingly awesome and badass, they're also funny as hell. They brought us such lines like "DON'T FUCK WITH THE RAIKAGE, BITCH!!!" from the Binktopia Scanlation of chapter 463 and "I'd like to see you try! BITCH!" from chapter 472.
    • Don't forget Bee's rapping...
  • Seeing the Susanoo fizzle out after its latest upgrade was priceless.
  • Chapter 487. That's all that needs to be said. At least two thirds of the chapter is comedic. I'll wait for people to post specific quotes, because this chapter is HILARIOUS.

 [Naruto suddenly goes frothy-mouthed.]

Kakashi: It's the cut on his cheek! Quick, Sakura, get the antidote!

Sakura: T-Then... Sasuke used the kunai I poisoned?

Kakashi: Uh, yeah, that's what I was getting at.

    • Their expressions during this are what makes the scene.
    • Killer Bee.

 Yo, Omoi, Karui, whattup? You guys been chillin' like villains?


 Naruto: Kiba! Be a man and quit your bitching!

Kiba: You're the one who's always bitching, Naruto!

'Sai: Oh!... You're right. For as simple and dumb as he is, he really overthinks things. *laughs*

Naruto: SAI!! You sure are laughing a lot more lately!!

Sai: Thank you.


    • Naruto's and Kiba's expressions just make the whole thing even more hilarious.
  • Chapter 489: Either Karin telling her interrogators her "demands" (namely lunch), Shizune mistakenly thinking Tsunade (who's eating a lot to recover her chakra) wants to eat Tonton, or Naruto suddenly getting Reverse Summoned to the Toad's Mountain before eating some ramen and accidentally eating a bunch of insects on a platter.
  • Chapter 491: What's the matter, Naruto? Frog in your throat?. Seriously, almost the whole chapter is a CMOF.
  • Whenever Yamato puts on his "scary face".
  • Two Words: Naruto rapping
    • That whole chapter was hilarious.
  • I might be the only one, but when Naruto meets Minato in his mind, Minato and Kyuubi have a short exchange:


Minato: Saying you're gonna tear me to shreds isn't gonna make me wanna come over there.

  • Sai's penis jokes regarding Naruto, "I like everyone, even you, ugly." to Sakura, and the following:

 Naruto: "Whatever. That drawing's nothing special."

Sai: "Yes, you're right. Just like what's between your legs, right?"

Naruto: * turns red*

  • Yamato in chapter 495, "I'm glad he (Naruto) and Bee-san have similar personalities, but please, please don't let him start rapping."
    • Killer Bee telling Naruto to cut it out with saying 'dattebayo' all the time and Naruto's shocked reaction.
  • "The Fake Smile", an episode in the Shippuden anime. Yamato using his scary face on Naruto while saying "There's nothing like it, is there?".
    • When Naruto plans to jump into the female side of the baths, Yamato tells him of a time when Jiraya almost died. He had his limbs broken, shattered rib cage, and several ruptured internal organs. Tsunade was said to have done it. All because Jiraya did exactly what Naruto was planning to do (jump into the female side of the baths). Since Naruto knows Sakura was trained by Tsunade and is on the female side of the baths....cue Naruto getting Blank White Eyes, a hilarious Heroic BSOD, and the Ahou Crow.
    • Besides, Naruto's fear from that initial ghoul stare from Yamato was broken by another "penis remark" from Sai.
      • The implication was so terrifying for Naruto, he has a nightmare about it later in the anime. Every female character in the series is in towels and is ticked at Naruto, then he gets beaten up by them cue him beating himself with a pillow in his sleep.
      • Except for Hinata, for obvious reasons. She only had a look of slight disapproval on her face.
  • This exchange from Chapter 496:

 Killer Bee: (gesturing to a demon head sculpture with an open mouth on the wall) This bad boy'll letcha talk to the Fox... just stroll into the entry box!

Naruto: So this is it.

Killer Bee: Only the chosen can enter though... natch. Into the mouth, up to the head, only the pure-hearted can go in. No darkness in your heart, that was the catch.

Yamato: Could you PLEASE explain things without rhymes? It would REALLY make things easier.

Naruto: No darkness... that's why I had to train at the falls.

Killer Bee: (with what almost amounts to a Rape Face) Even a little bit of evil and the door snaps shut tight... while your head's still inside and BAM - GOODNIGHT! (referring to a few headless statues they passed by) Those headless statues are the previous jinchurikis, aight?

Yamato: This is too risky. Try it with a clone first, Naruto.

Killer Bee: THIS IS A SACRED TEMPLE MOTHAFUCKA! The previous generations watch over this place, your bitch-ass tricks an't gonna fool no one!

Yamato: But -

Naruto: I came here to learn how to control the Nine-Tails, Captain Yamato! This is too important, I can't chicken out!

(after Naruto gets in, he lets out a blood-curdling scream with Yamato in an Oh Crap moment then pulling out his "headless body"... and then)

Naruto: (popping out his head) Gotcha! There was just a switch inside. I knew you'd fall for that.

Killer Bee: (laughing his ass off) Man, I did the exact same joke! And I was just playin, those statues are just broke!

Yamato: (obviously pissed off) THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A SACRED TEMPLE, "MOTHERFUCKER"!!!

  • Chapter 497 mixes in a funny moment with all the awesome. First Kyubi uses the Menacing ball and fires it at Naruto. Killer Bee then states "AWW HELL NAW!!!!" and catches it with Hachibi, which eats the ball.
  • Chapter 498 mixes in some funny moments with all the heartwarming moments. Naruto mistaking Kushina as the nine tailed fox's human form and Kushina laughing in response and hitting Naruto while saying her Verbal Tic "Like NO!"
    • And made all the more ridiculous by the fact that people used to accuse him of the same thing, for the same reason.
    • Naruto being glad to see that his mom's a babe, realizing that because he has her looks he's hot as well, and wondering if her red hair would have looked good on him complete with a panel of him with red hair and giving a thumbs up while sparkling. Heartwarming and hilarious.
    • Then there is Kushina telling Naruto how her nickname was "The Bloody Habanero" and Minato's was "The Yellow Flash", and wondering what Naruto's nickname is. With great satisfaction and a sense that Kishimoto had this planned out since he decided on the character's appearences, Naruto says his nickname is "The Orange Hokage".
  • The first 15 minutes or so of Episode 167 of Shippuden are some of the most hilariously bad moments in the entire Naruto anime. Not just bad, you may literally fall out of your chair laughing at just how ridiculous it is. The Animation Bump and the Off-Model turn one of the most serious fights in the series into a pathetic excuse for a Looney Tunes episode.
    • YMMV, as though its hilarious, its also somehow epic.
    • One of the best parts: Four-tailed Naruto grabs a slab of rock and hammers Pain into the ground with it. When the dust clears, only Pain's head is above ground.

   Pain: Do you hate me?

  • Despite the Mood Whiplash elements of the 13th Shippuden ending "Bicycle" (which is too tooth-rottingly sweet when played after the darkest episodes of the anime), it did give us a few laughs when it was referenced in Episode 165 Omake. When Sakura accuses Hinata of bribing the staff to give her solo screentime on the ED (angrily asking one herself too), Naruto immediately dispelled it and explained that there were too many Hinata fanboys running amuck post-production. This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when the next ED, "Bubble Fireworks," did give Sakura sole screentime.
    • Is it just me, or are the ED's getting stranger as the story progresses? "Bachkoi" (sp?) was downright disturbing on account of the character's faces. "Bubble Fireworks" is really confusing.
  • In a recent chapter, Kushina and Sasuke's mother Mikoto are shown speaking together, Mikoto carrying the infant Sasuke. Kushina asks about Mikoto's "daughter".
    • Made even funnier by this:

 Kushina: By the way... does it hurt as much as they say?!

Mikoto (pretty much sweatdropping): Wow... so there are things you're afraid of.

Biiko (Sarutobi's wife): Come on, Kushina! [drags her by the arm]

  • In a great example of Mood Whiplash, chapter 502 shows us what Guy and Kakashi were doing right before the Kyuubi was released on Konoha.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Naruto with red hair
  • How Naruto's daily life would've been if things didn't go... the way they did. One of the few times when a Crowning Moment is both of Funny and Sadness: the picture is very funny, but the circumstances surrounding it are not. ;-;
  • Guy approaches the "inner-reflection" waterfall from the 490 chapters and begins to hear a shadowy figure tell him how inappropriate his declarations about youth are. The figure tells him "prepare to face your true self"... and then Kisame comes bursting out of the waterfall, fleeing Naruto and in the midst of changing forms.

 Guy : Th-This is what I am on the inside?!?!

    • And then he punched Kisame in the face!
  • Guy summons his turtle from the Chunin exam because he needs its shell as a stepping stone... in midair. It was rather pissed about that.
    • He even lampshades the fact that Guy has never used him since that first appearance, and apparently never used him off-panel in all that time either.
  • I'm the only one that finds this one funny? Here:

 "It's some kind of giant blowfish!"

"Yeah,there are a lot of giant animals around here!"

"...So that's what your blowfish looks like? I bet they are delicious"



 Minato: Umm.... is Kushina really okay?? I've never seen her like this before....

Biwako: She's fine! Just keep an eye on the seal!!!

Minato: Bu, but she's.... (cue Minato's freaked out expression)

Biwako: GOOD LORD!!! you're the Fourth Hokage for HEAVEN'S SAKE!!! This is why women can

have babies!!! you men can't handle PAIN!!!

  • The first half of chapter 511. Jiraya and his students dressed as frogs. You will wonder if Kishimoto finally snapped.
  • From Chapter 512, everyone has gotten free of Kisame's final booby trap. Might Guy is on the ground, paralized with pain due to the damage done to his body by opening seven gates. Naruto touches him lightly, and he screams, and Yamato then explains what happened. As conversations continue between the others, Naruto, in the background, keeps poking Guy about once per page, and poor Guy is screaming from offscreen every few panels.
  • Within Ch. 513-514, it was shown that Naruto's official cover-up for being in Kumogakure's Turtle Island is an S-Class mission of ecological surveying and profiling all its species. He and his teammates had a conflict over the gender a decidedly-female looking aardvark until Zombie!Deidara and Kabuto turns up to flip Turtle Island down and capture Naruto and Killer Bee. With all animals in the island knocked down unconscious, we see the aardvark lying flat on its back with a crudely-drawn penis.
  • After Sasori and Deidara have been brought back to life, Deidara points out how Sasori's weak point is "a big bullseye in the middle of [his] chest".

 Sasori: Do you wanna die, Deidara?

Deidara: I am dead, both of us are!

    • Death just seems to have made Deidara generally funnier. Particularly amusing was him insisting to Tsuchikage that he had killed Sasuke, and Tsuchikage thinking, "Deidara has no idea what's going on..." Also, him yelling at Sasori for releasing himself from Edo Tensei was hilarious.
  • This priceless "analysis" from Gai about Kisame's sword, after they had been fighting for quite a while.

 Gai: That weapon... it's yours, right?

Neji: Who's else could it be?

Gai: Ha! But there's a big difference between knowing and being absolutely certain.

Rock Lee: Wise words, Guy Sensei! So simple and yet so full of profound meaning!

Ten Ten: Oh, give me a break. Do you get this excited about everything he says?

Neji: Forget it, Ten Ten...

  • Naruto's first attempt at turning into the Kyuubi in chapter 519. To say it did not go well would be an understatement.
  • This troper always chuckles at the little *bleh* sound Deidara's hand-mouths make when they spit out a lump of clay. Also, Deidara can sometimes get so over-the-top that it becomes quite funny, ESPECIALLY whenever he's arguing with someone.
  • Naruto tries to get the upper hand on Kakashi during a battle by yelling out spoilers for the next chapter of his favorite book. Kakashi's face bares a massive Oh Crap expression, even through the mask.
  • Zetsu's enthusiastic HALLOOO from episode 201.
  • From the anime: The Hachibi telling Kille Bee, "You suck."
  • Shikamaru waking up before his alarm clock and insulting it.
  • Chouji's reaction to food. He will go to extreme lengths to make sure no one else gets the last bite of a meal (or the last potato chip), motivating him with barbecue will turn him instantly from a coward to a hero, and woe betide anyone who calls him fat.
  • At the beginning of Shippuuden, mentioning Sasuke's name around Naruto and Sakura will result in an impressive and hilarious display of instant synchronized depression.
  • From Chapter 540:
    • Two ninjas urinating and comparing the ripples they make while an assassin gets behind them.
    • Neji telling Kiba that his Byakugan is working fine. While looking at Akamaru.
    • After the Raikage and Tsunade intercept Killer Bee and Naruto:

 Naruto: G...Granny?

Killer Bee: No...Br...Brassiere!

Raikage: Bee! How dare you be staring at the Hokage's chest like this?

Bee: N-no, I meant to say "brother" and tripped at the "t", but since you mentioned it I bet she's an E!

  • Naruto's Sexy No Jutsu had knocked out even the third hokage and never let him down before...but when he tries to use it to convince Bee to help him out, Bee just shuts the door.
  • 547: Second Mizukage. Eyebrows.
    • And then telling Gaara that since Gaara is going to try to kill them, he should go for Mu first. He says if Gaara does it he'll cheer him on.
    • Actually, anything he does is hilarious; in fact, the entire ongoing arc with the resurrected ninja giving away their own weaknesses is kinda funny, in a somewhat disturbing way.
  • Ever wanted to read something from the Icha Icha series? Well, Kakashi gets roped into doing a sample reading for an investigation... cue near nervous breakdown.
  • From the last page of chapter 551, namely Nagato's words to Naruto...did Kishimoto just give a Take That to himself?!
  • Kakashi's "I'm really starting to like you." line to Naruto and Naruto's reaction.
  • These lines.

 " I keep trying to tell you, attacking me now is useless! I'm nothing but a mirage!"

"Then what're we supposed to do?"

"Attack the clams first! I told you, the clams's creating the mirage!"

"All right, let's do this! Aim for the clam!"

(Aim for a clam)

(The clam didn't budge)


"Oh, COME ON! I've told you! I've told you already! That clam is a mirage too, you idiots! Aim for the real one, GODDAMMIT!!!"

"FUCK YOU!! Where is the real one?"

"I said that too! It's somewhere behind me, hiding in a mirage so you can't see it!"

"Goddamit! Shit!"

(attack at 2nd Mizukage again)

(the attack go through him and the clam mirage)


"No, I aimed at the clam behind you, and... Oh, fuck it, I don't know anymore!"

    • The next chapter.

 "Geez, they didn't even have any intent on winning.... Maybe I'm too strong for my own good?"

  • The Tsuchikage's face everytime his back goes out. It's especially funny in chapter 556.
  • Everything the 2nd Mizukage does.
  • I don't wanna be a frog! *Face Palm*
  • The entire 10th Shippuden Opening
  • Hinata fainting due Naruto's sudden appearance/being too close like in this scene.
  • Chapter 563, Naruto and Tobi run into each other... literally. As in Naruto immediately headbutts him before even saying a word.
  • This panel from Chapter 478. The shading makes it look like Orochimaru has a mustache and a bit of hair under his lower lip.
  • That time Lee had his microphone turned up too high.
  • Chapter 565. Killer Bee saying "I was staring at her chest and saw something under the vest. At first I thought it was just nippl-OUCH!!"
    • As if Hachibi mega-poking Bee to not allow him to finish that sentence wasn't enough, there's also the facial expression Hachibi has as Bee talks about Yugito's breasts and Hachibi asks what the hell is he thinking considering they're in the middle of a war that will decide the fate of the entire planet.
  • Naruto struggling to see Kakashi's face.
  • When the Four Tailed Beast (an ape) reveals its name was actually Son Goku.

 Son Goku: I am the Handsome Monkey King of the Water Screen Cave; the King of the Sage Monkeys, bestowed with the Dharma name of Son by the Sage of the Six Paths. I am Son Goku, the Great Sage Equalling Heaven ho haa haa!!

Naruto: Huh? What? Wait, which part was your name? Ho Haa Haa...?

Son Goku: Son Goku, you slack jawed idiot!

    • Eventually, as Naruto continues to be confused, the Four Tails just gives up and asked to be called Son.
  • Chapter 570: The Nine-tailed fox is a Tsundere.
  • Shippuden episode 90. Naruto (whose right arm is in a cast) is having trouble eating with his left hand. When Sakura offers to feed him, so does Sai. Naruto is not amused. Suddenly Kakashi enters and wonders what's going on. One explanation later:

 Kakashi: (attempting to feed Naruto with a ^_^ expression) Here comes the choo-choo!

  • During the War, the Daimyo are in a castle protected by a shinobi division. In chapter 536, page 5... we find out they are bored.

 Daimyo 1: I'm getting rather bored of cards, too...

Daimyo 2: Aren't there any other games in here?

    • In the same chapter, after Naruto and Killer Bee break through the Barrier Team's barrier, the Captain is on his knees and clutching a tree, before stating:

  Captain: "It's no fair... They teamed up... No one said they could do that..."

    • Any YMMV on whteher this is funny or Dude, Not Funny, but then one of the Daimyo later asks "Can't they just calm down and talk things out?" While the people outside are fighting to protect him.
  • And now in chapter 572 Kurama brings up that infamous Sasuke/Naruto kiss while also musing that Naruto's never kissed a girl, causing Naruto to start gagging at the memory.
    • And Naruto crying over Yagura, who's so young, but led the miserable life of a jinchurinku and died before enjoying ramen or a girl's kiss...until the 4th Mizukage reveals that he's an adult.
  • In the Shippuden anime after the Pain arc Naruto returns to the village after beating Pain and Ino is shown looking at him with much adoration and stating out of nowhere "I could fall for him." Chouji's and Shikamaru's reactions to this statement are priceless.
  • Practically every time Sakura punches someone, mainly Naruto or Sai and how she always shouts "Shannaro!" and causes Naruto to get blank white eyes.
  • Chapter 574: The beginning where Karin has major mood swings over a picture of Sasuke.
    • Suigetsu thinks on how he's the only normal person in Hebi/Taka, then Jugo asks why he's always getting between Sasuke and Karin. Suigetsu goes into a rant (With a scary face) on how he loves to cut things apart, and that's a vital part of who he is. Jugo comments how weird Suigestu is. He probably doesn't get that it's a very unsubtle jab at him.
  • Karin beating up on Suigetsu when he badmouths her who just turns into water to avoid getting hurt.
  • In Karui's first appearance, she and Omoi argued over the possible reasons that they could have been called by the Raikage. Omoi thought he was going to be scolded for putting mayonnaise on his potatoes and for gaining weight; the argument started, however, with Omoi suggesting that Samui's back problems stem from her large breasts, which he mentions that Karui doesn't need to worry about. Karui gets pissed and responds by kicking him.
    • Later on their way to the hidden leaf, Omoi warns Karui not to throw rocks because they could hit larger rocks and cause a chain reaction that would result in an avalanche that could wipe out Konoha. Predictably she tells him to stop being an idiot only to arrive just after Pain's invasion... The look on her face is priceless.

  Omoi: "K-Karui... What have you done!"

  • Despite 578 being a really intense chapter, it had a bit of a gem. Sasuke complained about how Itachi always left him for "later". Itachi notes that we keep our natures and habits until we die...but then, he's done that already, so he might want to work on a new way for dealing with his brother!
    • The first page of 578 is actually hilarious itself: it shows Naruto, Guy, and Kakashi vs Tobi, the 5 Kages vs Madara, and Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto ...all in chibi form.
  • 579 is rather serious with the revelation that Kabuto has trained to become a Sage like Naruto from the Snake Summons among other reveals. This is broken by Itachi of all people calling Sasuke Dr. Snakes due to his knowledge of snakes when he was planning to kill Orochimaru. It's even funnier with there being a pause before saying it, as if Itachi added it in. Kabuto follows this up by saying "But you won't defeat me by becoming Dr. Snakes!". You can see it here:

In the fight with Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the brother have four legendary treasure, one being a fan. When they are beaten, Darui is seen wondering where it went. In chapter 533, Tenten is seen using and thinking "This thing looks pretty sweet...wonder who drops it." Gets a grin on my face each time.

Outside of canon:

  • Anything by fioriparty is offensive if you're a fan of the Naruto characters but also pretty funny like the entirety of Naruto randomness 7 but especially the reason Sasuke became the main character is because he made out with Kishimoto.
    • Naruto singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time".
    • The following conversation between Naruto and Sakura:

 Sakura: (healing Naruto) "Your arm will be fine Naruto. Just be more careful from now on okay?"

Naruto: "Yeah but...this kinda makes me happy."

Sakura: "Really? Why?"

Naruto: "Because moments like this make me feel like we are getting closer... to Sasuke! (cue Record Needle Scratch and Naruto blushing and making a goofy looking face)

Sakura: (disgusted) "God Naruto, you are so gay!"

Sai: (appears and holds Naruto's arm) "Welcome to the club!"


 Fiori: "So Tobi, why do you want to save Sasuke?"

Tobi: "Silly Fiori, I need him for the yaoi!"

Sasuke: "That's wait...what? WHAT??!!"

George Bush: "Does that mean he's gay?"

Tobi: You have no idea how important Sasuke is for the yaoi industry. Without yaoi Naruto is doomed to cancellation!"

Fiori: "I agree with that."


  Sai: "God I LOVE being a part of this team."


 Q. Naruto-kun sees you as a rival but what about you?

A. Naruto eh ... ? At first I thought he was just a moron who gets in the way but frankly he's been impressing me lately, just a little bit.

Q. What did the kiss with Naruto taste like? Lemon?

A. Hmmm ... Like Miso I guess ... I mean]] ... like I remember! Damn Naruto, why would he do that?!


 Gaara/Liam O Brian: I do collect pictures of Yuri though.

Liam O Brian: (in Gaara's voice) Sand COFFIN! Sand BURIAL! SANDWICH!

  • The entirety of the spinoff manga Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth, with Konoha's favorite maniac in all kinds of chibi adventures. Of particular note is Lee faking the Oiroke no Jutsu by... putting on a bikini. And then Guy joining him.
  • In Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, you can make Chiyo and Kakashi fight each other, when Chiyo responds, she seems to have a grudge against him, but when the fight ends when Chiyo wins...

  Chiyo: Just kidding!

  • In Naruto: Clash Of Ninja Revolution Shippuden III for the Wii. Fight as Tenten vs. Guy, Neji, and Lee. The opening statement is hilarious on its own, but Tenten, god bless her Satellite Character Faux Action Girl soul, says this beauty, complete with reanimating her eyes to make them shifty and snarkery:

 Tenten: The team sure is good for laughs.

  • The Gemno arc playing off Hinata's Cannot Spit It Out status for Naruto is so cute and hilarious:

 Naruto: Hinata! You're the one I want!

Sakura: What the heck's wrong with you?! You idiot, saying stuff like that right now!

Hinata: I...never knew. I don't know what to say...

Naruto: I need you Hinata.

Hinata: Oh Naruto, I never knew you could be so impetuous.

Naruto: *spots Neji* Never mind, I'll ask Neji. See ya! *leaves*

Hinata: Huh?! Aw...

  • In the second (I think) episode of the Mizuki Strikes Back Arc, Kakashi and Iruka meet up in Tsunade's office (Kakashi is receiving a briefing, and Iruka is reporting in on the capture of the escaped prisoners). Kakashi pats Iruka on the shoulder, grabs Iruka's hand, turns it palm up, makes a few gestures, summons Pakkun on his hand, says words to the effect of "I'm sure you can take it from here, Iruka," and promptly disappears. Cue Iruka doing a "OMGWTFBBQ" confusion dance, complete with waving Pakkun around. Pakkun's completely straight face during the above is the icing on the cake.
    • Not to mention, from the same arc... MIZUKI TURNS INTO A TIGER-MAN. The fact that that makes him extremely strong, fast, and all-around dangerous notwithstanding, HE'S A TIGER-MAN!! And he's grrrreat.
  • In the Bikouchuu Filler Arc (Part I), Team 8 come to visit Kurenai in the hospital (she got kinda banged up trying to stop a prison break in the previous story arc... the above-mentioned Tiger-Man Mizuki Arc, actually). They open the door, Hinata leading... and Naruto is standing on/hanging from the ceiling, right there. Cue Hinata going beet-red from the fact that her crush's face is, like, four inches from hers (upside-down, but still...). Naruto, being Naruto, mistakes her blush for a fever-flush, and he innocently places a hand on her forehead. In response, Hinata screams and impulsively headbutts Naruto across the room, KO-ing him... and herself (what can I say; Naruto is rather hard-headed...); Kiba & Shino try - and fail - to catch her as she falls, and we see her out cold, still blushing and with a goofy little smile on her face.
    • The middle of that episode is also priceless: While everyone was asleep, Hinata wakes up and heads to the waterfall to begin her training (surprisingly in the NUDE). Naruto soon wakes up to urinate but soon after he was done goes to the waterfall out of curiosity, and stumbles into her training. Not knowing who this person was Naruto tries to make his presence known only to slip and fall into the water alerting Hinata and she leaves not realizing that it was Naruto. The next morning, Naruto starts to tell the members on what he saw last night and note Hinata's reaction.
      • That would be because her crush not only saw her naked but is also talking about how beautiful she is. At least this instance can be chalked up to something other than Naruto's obliviousness- he's arguing with Kiba over whether or not the incident actually happened, and since they're behind Hinata, neither of them can see how much she's blushing.
  • The Part 1 filler episode in which Shino laughs. Naruto and Shino's reactions are what make the scene pure gold.
  • The curry episode. Neji + Curry = Win.
  • There's also The Stinger in the fourth movie: Shion says she wants to continue the line of Miko she is in, and ask if Naruto can help. Rock Lee, Kakashi, and Sakura react with appropriate surprise as she asked to have his kids. Naruto, not being the sharpest kunai on the belt (and likely not understanding her) then responds "Sure! I'll do whatever it takes!".
  • Episode 101, "Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-Sensei's True Face!", based around one Omake makes for the most bizarre things this troper has ever seen. Hilariously jarring and weird, you can't help but laugh at it. Kakashi-Sensei finally pulling down his mask to reveal another mask under his first is just the cap to a truly random episode.
  • Deidara, whenever Tobi makes him angry.

 Tobi: Ichibi, Nibi, Sanbi... boku wa Tobi!

Tobi (translated): One-Tail, Two-Tails, Three-Tails...I am the Ten-Tails (Tobi)!

Deidara: *blows him up*

  • Naruto and Kakashi getting Mistaken for Gay at the end of the third Shippuuden film.
  • The Omake for Shippuuden 161 featured Team Taka at an Onsen. I can't decide between Sasuke's total 'meh' nature to Karin invading the men's side of the hotspring, or Karin stealing a toothbrush that actually belongs to Suigetsu.
  • Yamato has been the victim of sleepwalking teammates in omake TWICE - (1) when Naruto hits him with bare hands, kunai and a freakin' Rasengan (Shippuuden ?) and (2) he was pelted with Kiba's Gatsuga, Naruto's punches and even Shino's swarming Kikaichu (Shippuuden 136). It makes one wonder how much money is spend for maintenance by the Inuzukas and Aburames when these two rampage. Also Naruto dreams that Sakura is a man much to his dismay.
  • And let us NOT, I repeat, NOT let the Wind Release jokes when Naruto, Shikamaru and Choji were reminscing about their childhood in Shippuden Episode 163's omake get away: Wind Release: Suction and Wind Release: Fart. With Sakura's courtesy Megaton Punch.
  • In the filler episode 179 we see that Kakashi was following Team 7 before their first meeting. After the whole "bad milk incident", Naruto follows Sasuke to fight him for making Sakura sad. Near the end of the fight Naruto tries the Sexy Jutsu on Sasuke, who doesn't even blink. When Naruto attacks him thinking he is shocked, Sasuke uses a wire to throw a shuriken into Naruto's butt.
  • In a filler Shippuden episode 181 (pre-timeskip), Sasuke is attacked by an ostrich. Just as surreal as it sounds. See it here.
    • Said Ostrich returns in another episode called "Animal District" where it has learned some ninjutsu and calls itself "Condor" (despite being an ostrich as pointed out by Naruto). It now views Naruto as a rival in its bid for freedom and hijinx ensue when it takes over an old training area. Highlights of the episode include Shino freaking out when his bugs are eaten again and again and Rock Lee fighting a boxing kangaroo and its offspring that's just as good a boxer and hiding in its parent's pouch.
  • Shippuden's filler Episode 183 has Naruto catching a cold. While it might not be funny in itself, the fact that the splayed snot is colored white (with Sakura as the usual victim) suggests something more perverted. Moreover, when Sakura fell down ill, her spasms seem to suggest Naruto did something far more perverted.
    • Or for that matter, deploying an entire shinobi unit to quarantine Naruto (toss injections on him as if they were kunai) only seem to set the funny mood of this filler. This is even before we get past the opening credits!
  • Shippuuden filler episode 189. ALL OF IT. Except the oddly depressing flashbacks to Sasuke and Itachi as little kids.
  • Shippuden episode 62: Sora is repeated warned by Sakura and Naruto not to provoke Tsunade. They enter her office. 3...2...1...

  CRASH! *Sora comes flying out and impacts the wall hard enough to break it.*

  • This scene from the filler where Naruto calls Sakura ugly.
  • Scary face no jutsu!
  • In the anime, Kotetsu and Izumo getting Mistaken for Gay here by Tsunade.
  • The Convenience Store Omake. The end, where Naruto purchases a magazine with a specially sealed centerfold. He can't sneak a peek, so he has no choice but to buy it. It's Might Gai in a speedo flexing like the world's coming to an end.

 Naruto: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! THIS is a "Nice Treasure"[2]?! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

  • At the end of the third Shippuuden movie Kakashi being Mistaken for Gay toward Naruto.
  • Sora and Naruto here.
  • Sai's present for Naruto.
  • I'm not into stuff like that!
  • Naruto trying to use the Sexy Jutsu on Sasuke. Epic Fail ensues.
  • "I'm just a schoolgirl in love with her senpai!"
  • Sakura suddenly slapping Naruto and Sai.
  • The game Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations has, as part of the Tale Of Killer Bee, a short video before each fight showing Bee dancing and rapping to a beat, with characters he's defeated so far as backup dancers. So we have Naruto, and then Might Guy, and then Sasuke, and then Kisame, all doing crazy little synchronized backup dances with silly faces. And the last vid finishes with Bee posing in the spotlight while the other four are doing a Hare-Hare Yukai-style pose, complete with jazz hands!
  • In one filler Naruto (while disguised as Ino) accidentally pees on Ino and another guy while falling off of a roof. At first, Ino and the guy think it's just rain before realizing to their disgust what it is. Ino and another woman then beat up Naruto.
    • Ah, what a beautiful rainbow!
  • In the Sora filler arc, Sakura crashes into Tsunade's Gag Boobs and actually hurts her nose.
    • Also, when Filler Villain Fuka asks Naruto if he prefers French or soft (she's referring to kissing) and he adorably believes she's talking about food.
  • In one filler Naruto tells a guy he was born and raised in Konoha , bathed in Ichiraku Ramen, and what people call him is...Sasuke says a clumsy ninja before Naruto can finish and Naruto says "clumsy ninja" before he realizes what he said.
  • Gaara had a little too much to drink like Stewie from Family Guy.
  • Fightdreamerspro is a cosplay group featuring girls dressed as Naruto and Sasuke. In this video Naruto and Sasuke and Sai make jello. Its better than it sounds.
  • Some youtube poops of Naruto are pretty damn funny. For example:
    • "Come now bring thy cum with you! Don't make this COCK suffer anymore because of you!"
    • "This cum was drawn from the sacred COCK and whoever drinks it will have his COCK increase tenfold."
    • "But it sounds to me like your father, was a pretty GAYYYYYYYYY man."
    • "Hand over the cum now or I'll start *beep*ing your villagers one by one very slowly and painfully."
    • "Let her go! *Beep* us not the children!" "It's very tempting. Personally I'd be happy too."
    • "I know he was willing to sacrifice his COCK to save his village. That's not something an ordinary man would do."
    • *laughs* "My COCK is overflowing with cum!"
    • All those explosions whenever someone gets hit or crashes into something.
  • Look at you, what's with the angry COCK?
    • Why should you care what I do? It's my COCK not yours.
    • You think I'll just stand by and let you throw away your CONDOMS FROM HOT DOG HOUSE?!
    • "Let's just do this!" "Put on your CONDOM and we will!"
    • The reveal of Sasuke's "face".
  • "Konoha Gakuen Den" has a few. Like when Naruto and Sasuke have another Accidental Kiss or everyone's reactions to the transvestite versions of Orochimaru and Kabuto.
  • In the Crossroads OVA the face the Filler Villain makes when Naruto uses thousand years of pain on him.
  • Naruto thinks Sasuke looks like a stripper.
  • This omake. Hinata is complained that she only gets "Naruto-kun" speaking lines, which then Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi teases her into saying variations of "Naruto-kun"... which is recorded pronto and will be re-used for the next several episodes, much to Hinata's dismay. And in the next segment, turns out Hinata becomes popular for that... much to Sakura's dismay, in which Sakura tried saying her variations of "Naruto-kun" (Hinata joining in for suggestions), and it was good... but it was pointless because Sakura just won't say that in-story [3] so her lines are going to be discarded, much to her annoyance.
  • The Yaoi paddle.
  1. "Ah, get a grip, Pervy Sage! You fell for it like a ton'a bricks!!"
  2. (the name of the magazine)
  3. Would fit better if she says "Sasuke-kun", though