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Ninja in orange
A demon in his stomach
Wants to be leader
--User:LE Xicon 712

Blondie prankster kid
Shapeshifts into busty girls
Demon fox? Really?
--User:Banjo 2 E

He was a better villain
Than Madara is.

Dude with god complex
Left Konoha a crater
Got owned by a book.
--User:Av 12971

All 'bout Sasuke,
Everywhere Uchihas,
Artifact Title?
- User:Zelnor

Everyone hates it
Just because it's popular
And the Uchihas.
- User:Arutoa

Awesome blue shark guy
[[spoiler:Died in an anticlimax
Got his head chopped off]]
--User:Crazed Ninja

All we knew was wrong
Kishimoto screwed with us
Kisame still lives?
--User:Pom Rania

Kids were friends/rivals
They became best enemies
Obssesion ensued. --Zerah92

"Believe in yourelf!"
But you have a Fox spirit!
You cheating bastard.

First it's really great,
Then it sort of does decline,
But now getting good?
--Psalm of Fire

Kishi breaks aesops
Like a bull shatters china
I am disappoint.
--T. Uzoma

I remember when
Kyuubi was frightening
Now he's been bitchslapped.
--T. Uzoma

Where is Temari?
She's more badass than Tenten.
She should have the fan.
-- Anaheyla

Kumo-nin are cool.
Don't care about Naruto.
Something is wrong here.
--Midnight Over Clouds

Sasuke Uchiha,
Last surviving Uchiha
my ass, Masashi.
--The Druid Alchemist

Haku looked cuter
Without a hole through his chest
Thank you, Kakashi
--Space Invader 42359

People arguing
I just point and laugh and say
Watch the explosions.

Got a bit of a down-grade.
Wins two on-screen fights.

Main Villian Tobi
Not Uchiha Madara!?!
Who the hell is he!?!