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Shonen manga + numerous Bishounen characters + close "brotherly" bonds + numerous suggestive scenes, dialogue, songs, manga covers = Much homoerotic subtext/text naturally.

File:2842829631 cf55d78573 3125.jpg

And the yaoi fangirls went wild. Thanks anime team.

Tropes used in Naruto/Ho Yay include:

Naruto and Sasuke

  • Naruto and Sasuke had plenty of this to begin with, although the dubbed version of the anime took it to new heights in an early episode, where Naruto is sizing Sasuke up, sitting on Sasuke's desk and staring straight into his eyes. (Metaphorical) bits of lightning fly from one's eyes to the other. In the original anime, Sakura and the other girls tell Naruto to sit down; a guy in the front row reaches back and hits Naruto with his elbow, Naruto loses his balance, falls forward, and accidentally kisses Sasuke. In the aired version of the dubbed anime, they cut away at the moment of the actual tripping over and kissing, which makes it look less like an embarrassing accident and more like teen experimentation (and it was seen again in a montage and one opening). Amusingly, the author said the whole reason he did this was to use the joke "just so fans would have it out of the way". And let us not forget Sasuke telling Naruto (in the english dubbed version) "I'm gonna screw YOU up if you don't watch it, Naruto!"
    • In the Crossroads OVA there's a part where Sasuke tackles Naruto to save him from an attack and when the smoke clears he's shown to have landed with his face in Naruto's lap. If you replay that part it looks like he's giving Naruto a blow-job.
    • This manga cover (chapter 411). It features Naruto and Sasuke side by side again and wearing matching necklaces with the other's picture on them. The text reads "And so they fought. And so they laughed. Friends. Before they knew it they were inseparable."
    • And then there's the 6th ending song of the Shippuuden anime which has Naruto and Sasuke facing off against each other to the lyrics "please kiss me...please kiss me...all night." Or the 1st opening song of the pre-Time Skip anime ("Rocks" by Hound Dog) which has Naruto beating some thug in the river, and Sasuke approaching him on the "fighting and loving another" line. They both share a grin, bump each other's fists together, and Sasuke helps pull him out of the water.
    • In Naruto Shippuden ending 19 - Place To Try, Naruto remembers the flashback of him and Sasuke, which encourage Naruto to grow stronger to fight and save Sasuke from his darkness next time when they meet again.
    • In Naruto Shippuden ending 20 - Bai Mai Saido (By My Side), Naruto tries to reach his hand towards Sasuke but Sasuke refuses it and then Naruto was trap in Sasuke's darkness. In the darkness, when Naruto felt Sasuke's malice, he tries to get out. With the help of Naruto's parents; Minato and Kushina, Naruto was able to break out of Sasuke's darkness. Minato and Kushina encourage Naruto by pushing him to the front. Naruto then walks toward Sasuke and tries to reaches his hand towards Sasuke's hand.
      • This manga cover (chapter 364) is no slouch in the Ho Yay department either. You see Naruto and Sasuke appearing to be naked side by side and also see them having a battle. The text reads "Those feelings, those wishes, have without fail...made it our fate to meet once again."
    • The 4th ending of the Shippuuden anime. The first frame is a drawing of Naruto and Sasuke. Surrounded by chains. Then out comes the text underneath the drawing. SASUKE x NARUTO.
    • Then there's the fact that Naruto seems to act like a battered girlfriend pining after her abusive love whenever Sasuke is brought up. It also really doesn't help that when Sasuke leaves the village to join Orochimaru, Naruto responds like a jealous boyfriend who just found out his significant other is leaving him for another man...
      • Not to mention how bad Naruto has it for wanting to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, despite Sasuke almost killing him several times.
      • And after Naruto said he needs to master some jutsu to prove something to someone (Sasuke) and Haku interpreting it as Naruto wanting to impress Sasuke, because he's precious to him (Naruto).
      • And Haku once mentioned that wouldn't the person who acknowledges you from the bottom of their hearts be your most important person- case in point: Naruto wants Sasuke's acknowledgement
      • One scene involved them both panting, naked with towels wrapped around their waists, while leaning on each other.
      • The scene where Sasuke is "killed" by Haku in episode 16 and chapter 27 has him risking his life against Haku so he could save Naruto. Haku mentions later on "he... to protect an important person and knowing it was a trap, he was still able to jump in." And before Sasuke "dies" he is seen standing in front of Naruto in a protective stance and Naruto asks him why he saved him. Sasuke says "How should I know?" and behind him suddenly appears past memories that he shared with Naruto including a stilled image of Naruto and Sasuke's Accidental Kiss in plain sight. Sasuke then smiles happily as he remembers all these memories and says, "I don't know. My body just moved on its own. Idiot." He then falls backwards and Naruto catches him while putting a hand on his face. Sasuke glances at Naruto sadly and (in the anime) appears to slowly reach a hand up to Naruto's cheek before saying "Don't you die too..." and then finally "dies". Tears appear in Naruto's eyes and (in the anime) he hugs Sasuke's body close to him while crying into his shirt. What takes the cake is how Sasuke's "death" made Naruto go into his first Unstoppable Rage of the series, in order to take revenge on Haku for wounding and "killing" Sasuke.
        • Chapter 34 page 3: After the wave country arc Sasuke and Naruto act weirdly embarrassed around each other and blush.
        • Haku even says that Sasuke sacrificed himself in order to save his most precious person (Naruto).
      • In one Shonen Jump interview, Kishimoto mentions that he doesn't think there has ever been a manga where two rivals kissed and, curiously enough, "Sakura, who had intended to be the first one to kiss Sasuke, has it stolen by her rival Naruto". Hmm...
      • More recently, Naruto procedes to ignore one confession of love and outright reject a second, in either case done because he was too busy chasing after Sasuke. While he states that it isn't about Sasuke and more about showing that the cycle of revenge can be ended, one can get suspicious.
        • Actually, in terms of Sakura's confession to him, she tells him that she loves him and that she no longer has any feelings for Sasuke. He does not believe her and suggests she is lying, stating that he knows her better than that. Angered by this, Sakura insists it is true and that he therefore does not need to fulfill his earlier promise of bringing Sasuke home. Naruto says his actions have nothing to do with the promise and that he just wants to save/help Sasuke.
        • During Sakura's "confession" to Naruto she tells him "It's always Sasuke with you, that's all you think about!" Considering that this is Sakura saying this who has a huge crush on Sasuke this is quite interesting.
      • Naruto allowing Karui to beat him up, because she is angered at Sasuke for attacking Killerbee. He does so in the hopes that she can take out some of her revenge/hatred on him that is meant for Sasuke. Also, before that Karui pressured/threatened him into telling her everything he knew about Sasuke and he refuses, firmly stating that "I can't do it. I can't betray him."
        • Naruto getting down on his knees and begging the Raikage to spare Sasuke's life. The Raikage refuses and leaves Naruto, who appears to start crying a bit and remains curled up on the ground until Kakashi tells him to get up.
      • Before his fight with Kyuubi!Naruto, Orochimaru provokes Naruto by referring to Sasuke as "my" Sasuke. Naruto gets PISSED and releases waves of chakra. He then says to Orochimaru with a look of pure rage on his face (in the manga) "In my presence, don't you ever dare speak of Sasuke as though he belongs to you!" and (in the anime) "Don't talk about Sasuke like he's some toy that you own!!!"
        • And Kabuto even says that Naruto was willing to go into his three-tails state and more just to rescue Sasuke.
      • From Manga Chapter 333: Yamato and Naruto are training. They are discussing that Naruto has wind element chakra and Sasuke has fire and electricity element chakra. Yamato mentions that Naruto's wind won't work on Sasuke's fire but it will be able to beat Sasuke's lightning. Naruto then says "So I've got the right affinity for Sasuke..." Yamato agrees with "Right, only wind can beat lighting." And Naruto shakes his head and says: "No, I mean... The only thing that can save a fire from dying and give it even more power, is wind."
        • On Page 6 of Chapter 285 Sakura and Naruto are discussing Sai and Sasuke. Sakura states that Sai looks like Sasuke and Naruto responds: "Yeah right! They don't look anything alike! Sasuke looks tons better! Err... no wait, he doesn't look as bad I mean!" Sakura is shown smiling and saying "You're right, Sasuke-kun does look a little better than Sai." Naruto disagrees with "Not just a "little bit"! Sasuke doesn't look anywhere near that bad!" And in another translation Naruto tells Sakura that "Sasuke's's just better!" When Sakura says that Sasuke is "somewhat cooler than Sai" Naruto disagrees with "What do you mean "somewhat"?! Sasuke's way better!!"
      • From the Third Naruto Databook found under Sasuke's info: "In the past, parting from Naruto had been as painful as ripping off half of his own body."
      • And sometime during the chuunin exams, when Orochimaru is talking to Kabuto, he says that Sasuke is different than he expected - not as evil or someting. He says that Naruto has influence over Sasuke and is changing Sasuke's heart and goals. Orochimaru then says their best course of action is to separate the two as soon as possible.
      • There's an infamous scene from the "Konoha Sports Festival" OVA where Naruto and Sasuke are competing in a relay race and Naruto's waiting for Sasuke to hand him the baton. Sasuke comes up behind Naruto and shoves the tip of the baton up Naruto's clothed butt. The next scene shows Naruto laying on the ground in pain with the baton stuck in his ass and Sasuke standing above him (either not realizing what just happened or ignoring it).
      • And Sasuke remembering the taste of his Accidental Kiss with Naruto in the official fanbook from an 'Official Character Interview'. The interviewers act like they were "interviewing Sasuke", but of course it's Kishimoto writing the answers. This has caused many gleeful fangirls to squee that Sasuke noticed and remembers what Naruto tastes like, and that he's perhaps not as disgusted with the kiss as he acted.

 Q. Naruto-kun sees you as a rival but what about you?

A. Naruto eh ... ? At first I thought he was just a moron who gets in the way but frankly he's been impressing me lately, just a little bit.

Q. What did the kiss with Naruto taste like? Lemon?

A. Hmmm ... Like Miso I guess ...I mean... like I remember! Damn Naruto, why would he do that?!

    • In the Shippuden anime, during the Sora arc, Naruto is asked if he had been kissed before. He firmly states that he has, as he remembers his accidental kiss with Sasuke, and says "I know it was with a guy, but still..."
    • The cover for chapter 485 gives us a picture of Naruto and Sasuke standing just a few inches away from each other looking straight into each other's eyes with an intense gaze. The title reads "So close, yet so far."
      • Not to mention that more than one fan pointed at the similarity of Naruto's dialogue with Sasuke in chapter 485 (and perhaps 486) and Hinata's love confession to Naruto in chapter 437, to the point that one fan replaced the lines and they still fit.
        • Sakura gets very pissed off at Sasuke when he tells Naruto his life is none of his business and tells him to shut up. Sakura promptly yells to him, "Do you know how Naruto feels about you...?!"
    • The cover for chapter 486 has a younger Naruto smiling widely and a younger Sasuke standing next to him smiling slightly. Above them we get this "N*S". Seeing as how the cover only has Naruto and Sasuke on it, it could either be an abbreviation of their names or the Sasuke/Naruto Naruto/Sasuke pairing.
      • That chapter was called "Fists;" the sexual implications of the word were not lost on fans.

 "We can understand each other with our fists, and there's nothing wrong with that!"

      • Also, in that chapter, basically Naruto was saying he'd die for Sasuke. He'd die with Sasuke, for Sasuke. And Naruto seems to be the only person in the Narutoverse Sasuke has a strong emotional bond with (or any sort of human emotional interaction), besides Itachi.
    • Naruto and Sasuke's entire battle at Valley Of The End had some instances which can be interpreted as Ho Yay. Dubbed!Sasuke makes it even more apparent. Shortly after meeting up with Sasuke at Valley Of The End Naruto tackles Sasuke to the ground, straddles him and punches him across the face. Sasuke then spits blood at Naruto's face and they grab each other by the shirt pulling their faces close to the others. Then Sasuke laughs and, in the dubbed version says "Remember how thrilled you were at the thought of beating me to a bloody pulp? What's wrong? Where's your smile now?" And, in the anime only, there's a scene where Sasuke finds the real Naruto out of a group of shadow clones, grins, rushes at him, grabs his wrist and hand, and gets really unnecessarily close before kicking him away.
      • Sasuke says he wanted to defeat (kill) Naruto at the Valley of the End fight but he sure liked invading Naruto's personal space a lot and whispering into his ear.
      • Let's not forget the image above which depicts the scene at the end of their fight where the pain from Sasuke's curse seal makes him fall to his knees above an unconscious Naruto, with his head hanging just above Naruto's so that he's staring at Naruto's closed eyes in the rain.
      • And then there's how Naruto's laying unconscious on the ground after their fight and Sasuke is shown standing above him looking at him and not leaving. He says "Naruto...I..." but stops when it starts raining. And there's also that flashback to when they were younger where they link fingers and Naruto is shown smiling causing a frowning Sasuke to smile warmly back at him while the wind blows in their hair.
      • And then there's chapter 228 where we see a flashback of a young Naruto and Sasuke sharing a secret smile and how Naruto cries Berserker Tears at having to fight Sasuke. And in chapter 229 we get another scene of Naruto straddling and pinning down Sasuke when trying to convince him not to go to Orochimaru.
    • Or how Naruto is shown looking at Sasuke with a very upset expression on his face and thinking "Can you kill me calmly...Sasuke?"
  • When they have their first reunion after the Time Skip Sasuke appears to be half-hugging Naruto as he whispers in his ear and attempts to plunge his sword through Naruto's back.
  • Here's an image from an official Naruto Shippuden calendar.
  • Some of the openings and endings for Shippuden take the Ho Yay between the two and run with it. The "Distance" song in particular is full of this:

 You are my friend

Aah, you still remember the dream we had that day, don't you?

You are my dream

Aah, we'd just gotten started, you are my long lost friend

Whoa, it's time to get moving!



 Every day, lit up by the shine ahead

I wanna see you, it lights my soul on fire

But now we've bid farewell to those fun days

To be the future, I'll try to take over, so that's why I'll dream on!



 I'll go the distance, gazing at a sky so full

I'm just now starting

I'll use my greatest power, Full Tilt!



 You are my friend

Aah, you still remember the dream we had that day, don't you?

You are my dream

Aah, we'd just gotten started, you are my long lost friend

Whoa, it's time to get moving!



 Thank you my friend

Aah, I haven't forgotten what happened on that day

You are my dream

Aah, next time I'll protect you my way!

Whoa, the distance!



 The lie I've told is too big for me to keep hiding

So I'll swallow the truth, this is the end of my trip

I can't keep losing this game, my one dream has begun



 Thank you my friend

Aah, I haven't forgotten what happened on that day

You are my dream

Aah, next time I'll protect you my way!

So I'll go the distance


  • In one scene when Naruto progresses in his waterfall training Kakashi muses "The training method isn't the only reason for all this progress. Sasuke is what makes him so determined."
  • In the eighth Shippuden opening "Diver" there's a brief scene where Naruto's floating underwater and Sasuke floats close to him with his head just above Naruto's so that he looks into Naruto's eyes.
  • In the second Shippuden ending much emphasis is put on Naruto and Sasuke holding hands as Sasuke helps Naruto up from the ground.
  • In the first Shippuden ending Sasuke is nice enough to give a sweating Naruto a towel while smiling.
  • In Shippuden episode 181 (a filler) Naruto and Sasuke briefly intertwine fingers when trying to push the job of babysitting an ostrich onto the other.
  • In the "Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den" special Sasuke and Naruto have another Accidental Kiss.
  • In chapter 403 there's a scene where during a night, Naruto is laying on his bed, pressing himself against his mattress as well as hugging his pillow, while thinking about Sasuke. "Sasuke...what are you doing now? Are you okay?"
  • In the fourth OVA (Finally a clash! Jōnin vs. Genin!! Indiscriminate Grand Melee Tournament Meeting!!) Naruto and Sasuke briefly get this close to each other's faces when arguing.
    • Which also parallels a Flash Back scene in a Filler episode between Jiraiya and Tsunade who were canonically (sort of) together.
    • In OVA 1 "Find The Crimson Four Leaf Red Clover" they have a scene where they're back to back when fighting and the emblems on their backs look like a heart.
  • In a recent chapter where Naruto and Sasuke meet again Madara tries to get Sasuke to leave but Sasuke tells him to wait and actually stays to listen to Naruto when Naruto wants to tell him something.
  • In a filler episode a Kabuto (who's actually Kagerou in disguise) tries to kill both himself and Naruto by squeezing his heart that's connected to Naruto's and before doing so says "Time to leave this mortal coil then you can finally see your beloved Sasuke."
  • The Accidental Kiss was featured in filler episodes about two times and it also reappeared in screenshots during the show's fifth opening which ran for 24 episodes.
  • Chapter 515: Naruto says he has to get back to Konoha to wait for Sasuke because he made a promise to him.
  • Shippuden episode 194 (a filler) has a second Sasu Naru kiss and blushing afterwards, the two boys glued together by their hands, peeing together, Naruto straddling Sasuke and getting very close to him as he shouts about going to save Sakura, a scene were they are sopping wet and panting side by side. To top it off, the two boys then fight together in perfect sync, and finish the episode off by being told that they will have to stay like that for two or three days.
      • And you can't forget the phallic rock under the waterfall, and the water that forms a heart-shaped splash.
      • Or the sexy music that plays when they realize they're stuck together.
  • In chapter 3 after their Accidental Kiss Sasuke defends Naruto against Sakura, who dismisses Naruto for being an orphan and speaks lightly of what it means to be without parents.
  • In chapter 8 (and in the anime) Sasuke even gives some of his food to Naruto.
  • Also, Naruto reacts quite fiercely when Sai insults Sasuke.
  • Sasuke occasionally thinks of Naruto. The most poignant moment is when in Wave Country he looks at the bridge named after his friend, suddenly looking all serious.
  • In the first official character databook, there is a picture of the kiss with the caption, "Will Naruto bittersweetly relax Sasuke's obstinate heart...!?" The kiss is also described as "passionate." Also, Sasuke calls Naruto "usuratonkachi" in canon, which essentially means "idiot." It's claimed in the Official Databook that Sasuke has began using it as a "pet name" or "in an affectionate way".
  • Taken out of context, every conversation Sasuke has with Naruto in Shippuden (and their behaviour towards each other) plays out like a bad break-up or the fighting of jilted lovers (the few canon love confessions in the manga are incredibly similar to said conversations and can in fact be easily swapped in for the dialogue.) Any conversation Naruto has with Sasuke before Shippuden has the distinct impression of Slap Slap Kiss. Any conversation Naruto has with Sasuke after the time-skip is oddly reminiscent of someone who just got dumped and is trying to win their lover back. Also, Naruto seems to have a "broken heart" thing going on after Sasuke leaves.
  • Aside from the countless subtext hints, Naruto and Sasuke have a total of 5 "official" innuendos about a potential homosexual relationship between the two as of yet. The first when they accidentally kissed at the academy, the second when Sasuke accidentally shoved a baton up Naruto's ass during Konoha Sports Festival OVA, the third where Naruto and Sasuke kiss for the second time in the anime, as well as...pee together, the fourth in Konoha Gakuen Den OVA where Sasuke "accidentally" yet again apparently kisses Naruto (supposedly on his private area), and the last where in the Crossroads OVA there's a part where Sasuke tackles Naruto to save him from an attack and when the smoke clears he's shown to have landed with his face in Naruto's lap. If you replay that part it looks like he's giving Naruto a blow-job.
    • Also in Konoha Gakuen Den Naruto grabs Sasuke by the shirt when pissed at him while Sasuke smirks and Naruto calls him "iro otoko" which means "pretty boy, lady-killer, sexy guy".
    • Or the emphasis on Naruto and Sasuke holding hands as Sasuke helps up Naruto from the ground.
    • Not to mention the following lines at the end of Konoha Gakuen Den:

 Sasuke: "You're the only one. Just you, my only..."

Naruto: "Sorry I kept you waiting, Sasuke."

  • Sasuke getting all worried for Naruto's safety when he learned Itachi was in town and was after Naruto.
  • This motivational poster highlights some nice scenes quite well.
  • In Part I there were moments where Sasuke would constantly worry about where Naruto was and would even worry about him.
  • Sasuke x Naruto was apparent in the 2nd Shippuden (Bonds) movie with Naruto constantly chasing after Sasuke, Naruto and Sasuke fighting together, and Naruto destroying the part of the fortress that Sasuke was on to get him to leave and smiling fondly at him was oddly reminiscent of a certain romantic scene between Rose and Jack in Titanic when Rose got on one of the last lifeboats and was looking at Jack much like how Sasuke looked back at Naruto. Also, there's a scene where Naruto and Sasuke run past each other and have a Held Gaze moment.
  • In part II there's a scene where Kabuto shows up and when Naruto mentions Sasuke Kabuto quips: "It's always about Sasuke with you, isn't it?" Yes. Yes it is.
  • Practically almost everyone has commented on Naruto's obsession with bringing Sasuke back to Konoha/redeeming Sasuke making it seem like they think that Naruto's just obsessed with Sasuke in general.
  • Naruto seemed to have a thing for putting his arm around Sasuke in the past and then there's that time in Part I when they returned from training and Sasuke was helping Naruto walk and was holding his hand too.
  • In chapter 133 there's that fight against Gaara where Gaara hit Naruto with an attack that sent him flying and Sasuke appeared to shield him with his body so that he wouldn't slam into a tree. Note that Sasuke was heavily injured when he deliberately shielded Naruto from hitting the tree. Sasuke also says about Naruto that he doesn't want him to die because he's "dear" to him.
  • In episode 29 Naruto saves Sasuke from Orochimaru's attack and Sasuke worries about Naruto.
  • It's interesting to note that in chapter 437 when Hinata gives her Love Confession to Naruto she says she won't let Pein lay another finger on Naruto much like how Naruto once said he won't let anyone lay a finger on Sasuke.
  • Also, how about Naruto wanting to bring Sasuke back to Konoha with him to the extent that he was willing to break the bones in Sasuke's arms and legs?
  • In Part I Sasuke acknowledging Naruto as his equal and saying that he really wants to fight him with a smile on his face and Naruto agreeing that he wants to fight Sasuke too.
  • Shippuden episode 48 has Naruto respond to Sai's question of why he's trying so hard to bring Sasuke back to Konoha when he thinks so little of him with a smile and "Back in the day, I couldn't stand Sasuke. Even though neither of us had families, he was an elite and I was last in the class. But it really was a lot of fun when we were together. He...He acknowledged me more than anyone else ever did. Sasuke is my friend. Someone who I was finally able to form a bond with. I don't care who I have to fight! If he rips my arms off I'll kick him to death. If he rips my legs off I'll bite him to death. If he rips my head off I'll stare him to death. And if he gouges out my eyes I'll curse him from beyond the grave. Even if I'm torn to shreds, I'm taking Sasuke back from Orochimaru!"
  • After Sasuke leaves Konoha Naruto's constantly thinking about him and in Part I Sasuke would constantly save Naruto and Naruto would sometimes return the favor.
  • If I'm right, Sasuke and Naruto's japanese voice actors once recorded a scene where Sasuke confesses his love for Naruto.
  • Naruto once glared at Sai and told him "If it's to save Sasuke, I'll do anything. I'll even work with you."
  • In chapter 237 Jiraiya orders Naruto to give up on Sasuke and Naruto refuses saying he'd rather be a fool and chase after Sasuke.
  • And then there's how Naruto and especially Sasuke tend to act like a sort of Tsundere towards one another.
  • Naruto angsts about Sasuke almost nonstop, even to the point of going into an Angst Coma.
  • Some of the moments they have together are very suggestive and it looks more like they're having sex. Like if you replay any part where Naruto is straddling Sasuke while they're fighting at the Valley of the End it looks like they're having sex. Seriously.
  • Some of the official art/manga covers featuring the two is very Ho Yay-tastic, like this one where it looks like they're trying to kiss but there's a barrier between them.
  • And now in chapter 572 Kurama brings up that infamous Sasuke/Naruto kiss while also musing that Naruto has yet to kiss a girl...
    • Not only that, the infamous kiss is a) used to remind you of Sasuke and b) a chapter or so after that, close enough to the reference, Sasuke appears again... thinking of certain things, and... Naruto. Hmm...
  • Karin says "ah... so this is Naruto." upon encountering Naruto. Obviously, *someone's* been mentioning Naruto (or having singular enough reactions to mentions of Naruto for Karin to take note.)
  • Yuri Lowenthal, (voice of English dub Sasuke) seems to ship Sasuke/Naruto. He once stated at a panel: "Naruto, you're not a loser. I love you. Maybe if you aren't doing anything later..." And in another pulled video he did a shout out to Sasuke/Naruto by saying "I love you Naruto, you loser..."
    • CrispinFreeman (Itachi) and Maile Flanagan (Naruto himself) also seem to ship the two together. [This] panel has a fan asking Maile which one she preferred: Hinata or Sakura and she doesn't even hesitate in saying "Sasuke". And then Crispin says "That's just a no brainer."
  • Shippuuden ending 21 features Naruto and Sasuke fighting and getting very close to each other's faces indeed as well as a scene of them walking to each other and sitting next to one another on a hill enjoying the breeze and the nice sunny day.
  • This scene was added in the recap episodes of Shippuden.
  • When Naruto and Sasuke have their first reunion after the Time Skip you see Sasuke appearing to half-hug Naruto, whisper into his ear, and attempt to plunge his sword into his back. We know swords are phallic symbols in general and then you see the inside of Naruto's mind where he talks to the Kyuubi and then Sasuke shows up. That's right Sasuke has been inside Naruto's mind, or rather inside Naruto.
  • In the Shippuden anime (filler) at one point in an episode Naruto thinks about Sasuke "I'll be the one he can come home to."
  • In a scene at the hospital from the first anime someone blocked out the word "fight" used between Sasuke and Naruto so that it sounded like "fuck". It sounds like instead of Sasuke ordering Naruto to fight him he wants him to fuck him and Naruto ends up agreeing. See it here.
  • Sasuke informing Naruto at the Valley of the End fight that he has become his "closest friend".
  • There's a picture of Sasuke and Naruto laying side by side on the ground sleeping on a dvd cover.
  • They sure do like to stare at each other a lot and sometimes have No Sense of Personal Space in regards to each other despite the fact that Sasuke Hates Being Touched.
  • At the Valley of the End fight Naruto informs Sasuke, while sitting upon him and straddling him and pulling him close, that he would never let Sasuke go after Orochimaru and throw away his entire life in the process.
  • Naruto and Sasuke are the Ambiguously Gay Duo
  • Some you tube poops play with the nature of Sasuke and Naruto's relationship. See the following for example:
  • In fioriparty's video's she makes fun of the Naruto series/characters but also hints that she thinks Naruto is gay for Sasuke in her Naruto randomness 7 video.
  • When Naruto and friends lose Sasuke's trail again Naruto is shown standing in the rain with a very upset expression on his face.
  • In chapter 538 Naruto gives the Kyuubi an extremely terrifying Death Glare when the Kyuubi lectures him about how he's never been able to do anything for Sasuke and in a flashback Sasuke is shown straddling Naruto at the end of their fight with a fist in his face. They both also look at each other with an intense gaze. And when picking a fight they grab each other's shirts and get really close to each other's faces.
  • Naruto considers it his greatest failure that he has failed to save Sasuke from his hatred as of yet.
  • In Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show Naruto is shown to be a Depraved Bisexual with the hots for Sasuke. Hell, he even raped him at one point, regularly comments on Sasuke's looks and wants Sasuke to have sex with him.
  • Naruto and Sasuke were each other's first kiss, albeit accidentally. And they do say you never forget your first kiss...
  • And then there's this cover page for chapter 293 where it looks like they're holding hands.
  • The third Shippuden opening "Blue Bird" (See it here) features Naruto crying and staring in anguish at Sasuke who looks coldly back at him and then walks away with Naruto on his hands and knees watching him. Then there's the image of Naruto floating downwards side by side with Sasuke who floats upwards and looks back at Naruto.
    • In particular, much of the official art and openings/endings for the series focus mainly on just Naruto and Sasuke.
  • In the earlier chapters, Naruto begins training from early morning way into the night so he usually doesn't have time to eat. Sasuke would go out of his way to make sure he would eat.
  • In Chapter 680 Sasuke saves Naruto from falling into lava and Naruto flashbacks to the time when Sasuke saved him from Haku. Naruto then saves Sasuke from the lava returning the favor.
  • In Chapter 681 Naruto worries about Sasuke after he gets hit by an attack from Kaguya and admits it to him.
  • When Naruto tries to go after Kaguya Sasuke stops him from going by putting a hand on his shoulder as if expressing how he doesn't want Naruto to act too reckless or else get hurt.
  • When Sakura says Sasuke "doesn't seem to care" Sasuke turns towards them and says "Naruto."
  • Many characters and fans have commented on how it seems how Naruto mainly focuses on Sasuke after his defection and during the battle with Kaguya all Naruto can worry about is Sasuke and how he wants to be back by his side.
  • In the cover of 671, it was announced that the bond the two share is yin and yang as well as Heaven and Earth.
  • In episode 293; Power - Episode 4, while the Nine-Tails tries to control Naruto, Dokku calls him, but gets shouted instead. Dokku asks Naruto what burden a powerful person carries and made him choose the reason why he desires to be powerful, seeing flashbacks of his comrades of Konoha and also Sasuke, he answered Dokku that he want to protect his comrades and save a friend[Sasuke], leading to the seal inside Naruto to gain strength again.
  • In episode 359; the night of the tragedy, Naruto can be seen running towards Sasuke in the academy; telling him that he is not going to lose to him. Sasuke ignore Naruto and told him to shut up. Angered, Naruto told Sasuke to stop acting so high and about to punch Sasuke. Sasuke dodge Naruto's attack and called him annoying, which makes Naruto even more pissed. After the Uchiha clan massacre, in the academy, Naruto saw Sasuke sitting alone near the academy fence. Naruto was concern about Sasuke as he wondered what is up with him. Naruto then walk towards Sasuke but he got hit by a ball and angrily walked toward the pupils who laughed at him, leaving Sasuke alone.
  • In a post-credits scene of the Movie (Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow), when Naruto yelled that he forgot to ask Kazahana Koyuki for an autograph. Sasuke then told to Naruto that he got the autograph for him, much to Team 7 surprise. Sasuke then blushes and give the autograph to Naruto.
  • When Naruto was unconscious in the movie Legend of the Stone of Gelel, he had a dream of him and Sasuke walking towards each other. However, they passed by each other without a word; with this, Naruto woke up into the battle. The point of the dream, however, emphasized Naruto's regret over losing Sasuke, and strengthened his resolve not to lose any more friends.
  • Naruto Shippuden: The Movie. When Sasuke was mentioned by Tsunade that Lee became his replacement for the mission, Naruto can be seen depressed.
  • In the Prologue of Road to Ninja manga special and in filler episode 311, Lee decided to invite Naruto and the rest of their friends to the public bath after seeing how lonely Naruto feels. There, when Naruto is having a fun time with them and thinking to himself that this is better than being alone, he suddenly thought of Sasuke. Naruto wonders to himself what Sasuke is doing right now and he really have change a lot. In the anime, Naruto continues wonders to himself that if Sasuke didn't change, he would be here with them now and he surprise to see Sasuke sitting next to him and smiles at him. It is then reveal that the Sasuke who sitting next to him Naruto was actually Shino.

Naruto OVA 2: Mission : Protect the Waterfall Village-Sasuke trying to keep Naruto safe by tackling him to the ground and pushing him in some water.

    • When Naruto saves a kid, Sasuke was shocked when he sees Naruto got stabbed with a kunai by Suien and he was shown worried about Naruto when Naruto was being beaten by Suien and his group. Shibuki then drink the Hero Water and easily defeated the group leaving only Suien to defeat. Soon after fighting Suien, Shibuki was defeated; Suien soon after took the bottle of Hero Water and drank it. After seeing Suien stomp Shibuki into the ground Naruto got on his feet and attacked; Shibuki then untied Sasuke. Sasuke then works together Naruto to defeat Suien. During the fight, Naruto transformed into his Nine-Tails' cloak, and Sasuke's Sharingan appeared as well and they then defeated Suien saving the villagers.
  • In episode 359; the night of the tragedy, Naruto can be seen running towards Sasuke in the academy; telling him that he is not going to lose to him. Sasuke ignore Naruto and told him to shut up. Angered, Naruto told Sasuke to stop acting so high and about to punch Sasuke. Sasuke dodge Naruto's attack and called him annoying, which makes Naruto even more pissed. After the Uchiha clan massacre, in the academy, Naruto saw Sasuke sitting alone near the academy fence. Naruto was concerned about Sasuke as he wondered what is up with him and walks toward him before getting distracted by being hit by a ball.
  • At the Valley of the End this is the first time you really see how much Naruto’s words really affect Sasuke. How far he will go for his friend. Naruto considers Sasuke to be the closest thing to him, the first real bond he ever created with anyone and because of this, its hard for Naruto to just give up on the Uchiha. Even though they are subtle, you can see that Sasuke is still affected by what Naruto says and his determination for him. Also, in light of the chapter when Tobirama mentions the fact that when the Uchiha lose someone they love, it causes their Sharingan to change/react. During the Valley of the End fight, Sasuke’s Sharingan changed…
  • In chapter 693 on the Sannin hopes that Sasuke's hate will turn to love as he goes to face off against Naruto.  He wants Naruto and Sasuke to regain that lost love.  Naruto influences Sasuke to the point that he wants to end Naruto's life to accomplish his goals and so he can be alone.  He also calls Naruto his "only friend".  In 696 it is said that Naruto and Sasuke's battle is a conflict of love and power.  Naruto says he doesn't want to kill Sasuke, or leave him alone, and says that there's no way he could ever turn his back on him.  Sasuke says he and Naruto understand each other's thoughts and feelings.

Naruto and his rivals, friends, enemies

  • Naruto/Shikamaru: They were always quite close, even going back to the chuunin exams. But things escalated in Shippuden. In manga chapter 443, Shikamaru tells his father that Naruto makes him want to walk alongside him. The fact that Hinata said almost the same thing during her epic Love Confession a few chapters earlier was certainly interesting.
    • And Shikamaru's father mentions that "Shikamaru, who rarely praises people, said that to me. There really must be something special about Naruto."
    • And back in an early episode of Shippuuden Sai shows up to attack Naruto, Chouji, and Shikamaru with his lifelike drawings and Shikamaru's immediate response is to protect Naruto by tackling him to the ground and staying atop him for a couple of moments.
  • Naruto/Sai: They have bit of this in Shippuuden, episode 57-58, though it might be due to the latter's complete lack of understanding of social behaviors. And preoccupation with penises. Still, it seriously looked like Sai was trying to kiss Naruto. And hilariously, when he's tells Naruto he didn't mean it in 'that way', he's on his knees and reaching out a hand to him like he's proposing to him or acting like he's the Romeo to Naruto's Juliet.
    • In the scene where Naruto is being beaten up by Karui Sai shows up to physically stop one of Karui's punches and tells Naruto "There's no need for you to get beat up for Sasuke's sake. Sasuke's done nothing but hurt you. If it were me, I..."
    • In the scene following that he even sits by Naruto's side and personally tends to the injuries he got from Karui's beating.
    • In the beginning of the third Shippuden movie Naruto carries an injured Sai bridal-style after going back to help him.
    • In the beginning of the 8th Shippuden opening when Sai reaches his hand up to help push Naruto to the waters surface, it looks like it's practically touching Naruto's ass.
    • After the Time Skip when Team 7 has their first reunion with Sasuke, Sasuke half-hugs Naruto while whispering in his ear and attempting to penetrate him with his sword and Sai comes up and saves Naruto from Sasuke's attack.
    • Shippuden episode 201 (and the manga) features Sai telling Sakura about how Naruto let Karui beat him up because he wouldn't sell out Sasuke and Sai acts worried for him stating in a concerned voice that Naruto was "bruised and battered all over" after the beating. He also tells Sakura about Naruto's feelings for her, and acts like he's acting for Naruto's sake/benefit when he says that both she and Sasuke cause him pain.
    • Shippuden episode 238 features much emphasis on a painting of Naruto and Sai holding hands that Sai painted.
    • Shippuden episode 90: Sai trying to feed Naruto ramen when his arm was injured.
    • Earlier when Sai joined the group Yamato told Naruto he was going to be working with Sai and Naruto was then shown staring rather intensely at Sai who stared back at him.
    • In Konoha Gakuen Den the new hot transfer student Sai keeps following Naruto around.
  • Naruto/Gaara: They seem to have this going on during the Rescue Gaara arc at the beginning of Part II. It must be the way Naruto constantly insists, "I've got to save him!" I know his reasons are clear in the manga, but even so...
    • Also Naruto's anger at seeing Gaara dead and seeing Sasori and Deidara sitting atop him. "You bastards! I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!" indeed.
    • Manga chapter 467. The part where Gaara and the other Kages refused to give Madara the Hachibi and the Kyuubi and go along with Madara Uchiha's "Moon's Eye Plan". More specifically, it was when Gaara declared rather fiercely to Madara "I won't let you take Uzumaki Naruto!" that did it for this troper.
    • There's a later chapter right before Naruto faints where Gaara meets up with Naruto, places his hand on Naruto's shoulder and gives him advice on how if he's really Sasuke's friend he'll know what to do for him. He also states that he's going to protect Naruto with everyone else and if Sasuke, a member of Akatsuki, should try to attack Naruto then he won't hold back.
    • That heartwarming scene in Part II where Gaara uses his sand to shake hands with Naruto.
    • When Gaara comes back to "life" Naruto is the first one he sees.
    • Gaara thinking back to past moments with Naruto in chapter 516, his heartwarming speech about his friendship with Naruto and mentioning how much he wants to save Naruto.
    • In chapter 553 Gaara acts really upset that Naruto would put himself in harms way and states that he worries about him.
    • In chapter 558, Edo Mizukage comments "You (Gaara and Naruto) make a nice duo".
      • And Gaara responds "Really?" with a SMILE.
      • Not to mention Naruto worries whether Garra's okay or not and so does Gaara about Naruto.
    • And in chapter 562 Gaara supports an exhausted/hurt Naruto (or clone of Naruto) in his arms.
    • Naruto was just as determined to save Gaara and bring him back to life as he was in his quest to bring back Sasuke. He even, rather angrily, chases after Deidara (one of those responsible for Gaara's death) and beats him to a pulp.
    • Chapter 678: when everyone is trapped inside Infinite Tsukuyomi, most of them dreamed about being with their LoveInterest. Gaara dreamed about his family and Naruto.
    • According to Gaara's [page] on the Naruto wiki, he sees meeting Naruto as the best moment of his life. He even forgives Shukaku for his miserable childhood because he claimed it helped him meet Naruto.
    • There's NotSoDifferent similarities between Naruto and Gaara with their sad childhood backgrounds and how they mirror one another. By beating Gaara Naruto changes Gaara's entire outlook on life and he learns to love himself and others more and find happiness. Gaara eventually formed a close friendship with Naruto, viewing the Kohoha ninja as his first true friend, and became very loyal to his decisions, and protective over him as a companion.
    • His bond with Naruto has also made him capable of tossing aside any grudge, including his previous hatred of his father, who was partly responsible for Gaara's miserable childhood.
    • Gaara cares deeply for Naruto and his well-being, and despite Sasuke's actions during his assault at the Kage Summit and his status as an international criminal, went so far as to attempt to convince Sasuke to come out of the darkness one more time on behalf of Naruto, and when unconvinced, even shed a tear for the failure Sasuke has become, and the disappointment Naruto will face. Despite respecting Naruto's goals, his care for him does not block his personal beliefs, and he believes his friend's well-being is more important, most prominent is his support to keep Naruto out of the war saying to Tsunade that Naruto takes too many risks when it comes to protecting his friends.
    • Gaara's main reason for helping out in the Sasuke retrieval effort was his "big debt" to Konoha, which was then heavily implied to be Naruto.
    • Naruto does not hold any grudge against Gaara for his part in the Konoha Invasion, and although they did not have much contact, considers Gaara his friend.
    • Despite not having much interactions, in a few canon manga flashbacks and dialogues there are evidences that the pair actually kept in touch beyond what was seen on-panel.
    • Gaara's whole monologue to Kankurō about his motivations to becoming Kazekage centers mostly on Naruto's influence on his way of thinking and change of attitude.
    • Upon hearing that Gaara has become Kazekage, Naruto was happy for him from the bottom of his heart. No malicious jealousy or bitterness involved.
    • After refusing someone else's offer of assistance, Gaara lets Naruto help him up in order to pay respect to Chiyo.
    • In Naruto Shippūden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Gaara regards Naruto as "light" itself and is genuinely incredulous by Sasuke's decision, asking, "How? How can you choose the darkness when he was by your side?"
    • Naruto basically being on Gaara's mind most of the time through the whole Kage meeting, the subsequent battle with Sasuke and discussion with Tobi.
    • Both are willing to acknowledge and praise one another's power and skills in battle, without feeling the need to compete or be each other's rivals.
    • The lack of insults, sarcasms and hurtful "jokes" between the two shows how much respect they hold for one another and how seriously they regard their friendship.
  • Naruto/Sora(anime filler character): As you can most likely tell, there's some between Naruto and Sora in the "Fire Temple" Filler arc.
  • Naruto/Menma( anime filler character): In the "Menma" Filler arc. In episode 213 Naruto saves an unconscious Menma and brings him to the hospital so Sakura can take care of him. Also, when Naruto picks up Menma over his shoulder to give to Sakura so she can take care of him he puts his hand on his ass. They get along well after meeting, they eat ramen together, Naruto invites Menma to stay at his house, Menma cleans Naruto's room for him, even doing his laundry and trying to fold his boxers. Naruto also tries hard to get Menma's memory back and in one scene Menma worries about whether or not Naruto's okay. Also, Naruto sympathized with Menma for his troubled past and Menma gave Naruto his ocarina as a parting gift before pushing Naruto into a canyon river and setting off the paper bombs at the cost of his own life. While it succeeded in stopping Shiin's plan, Naruto was furious at the loss of his friend and defeated Shiin with his Rasengan. Later back at the village, Naruto finally had the special ramen he was waiting for Ichiraku to prepare and ate it in memory of Menma.
  • Naruto/Kakashi: They have so much of this in the third Shippuuden movie that Kakashi gets Mistaken for Gay towards Naruto by the end of the movie.
    • There's one translation of a scene in chapter 330 that has Kakashi telling Naruto "I think I'm starting to fall in love with you!" Others have him say how much he's starting to like/admire Naruto and Naruto interprets it as a come on and promptly freaks out.
    • Also, after the Valley Of The End battle if I remember Kakashi carries an injured Naruto in a Bridal Carry in the rain and later gives him a piggy back ride.
    • And in Chapter 566 we get a Big Damn Heroes moment from Kakashi (and Guy) as they ambush Tobi just when he's about to take down Naruto.
    • Kakashi holding Naruto who had fainted from being cut by Sakura's poisoned kunai.
    • Kakashi ending up being the one to feed Naruto ramen when his arm was injured in Shippuden episode 90.
    • Kakashi carrying an exhausted Naruto on his back to the village following the battle with Pain(Nagato).
  • Naruto/Rock Lee: One Shippuden movie has a scene where Naruto gives a drunk Rock Lee a piggyback ride through the forest.
    • And the ending of the 15th Shippuden ending has Naruto and Rock Lee getting really close to each others faces following a fight.
  • Naruto/Haku: Naruto called Haku "cuter/prettier than Sakura-chan" following finding out he's actually a guy.
  • Naruto/Neji: Neji once saved Naruto from an attack in Part I and told him in chapter 193 that his eyes are even better than his, which is a pretty big compliment coming from Neji. Also in chapter 198 Neji says that "Naruto only you can save Sasuke from the darkness because you saved me from the darkness" and gives a heartbreaking smile. All for Naruto.
    • Also, during their fight in Part II Neji gets really close to Naruto's face at one point before hitting him with an attack.
    • And during the fight against Madara and Obito, Neji dies shielding Naruto (and Hinata) from an enemy attack. He spends his final moments flashing back to how Naruto changed his life. He also manages to hug Naruto before he dies, and confess his love. But seriously, compare it to Hinata's confession during the Pain arc. It's not hard to interpret it as Neji was in love with Naruto, and ships naruhina because he thinks it'd be for the best of everyone involved.
      • Devastated, Naruto and Hinata silently mourned over Neji's sacrifice. Naruto was then left in a depression mode was only awakened by Hinata's and Kurama's lecture. With his confidence and beliefs restored, he confirmed that he wouldn't let Neji's death go to waste and that Neji lives inside all of them. WIth that, Naruto goes on and shares Kurama's chakra as a defense and power up.
      • Episode 40-B takes it to new levels, where in order to see if he's suitable for Hinata, Neji trains Naruto by making Naruto take him on a date. And then Hinata recognizes him as a rival in love!
      • In a filler scene Naruto states that he needs Hinata (for a mission of sorts) and Hinata misunderstands him. He then spots Neji and states that he'll ask him with Hinata getting upset.
  • Naruto/Killer Bee: They seem to get along well and have a lot in common, plus in chapter 552 Killer Bee says he swears to protect Naruto. And in chapters 564 and 565 Killer Bee repeatedly saves Naruto.
  • Naruto/Kabuto: Kabuto smiles a lot around Naruto, has called him 'cute' (in episode 93), is generally polite to him, and appears to possess a peculiar fixation on him.
  • Naruto/Itachi: Itachi seems genuinely interested in Naruto and his power and has even smiled around him. He also trusts him completely to take care of Sasuke in his place for him, something he doesn't trust anyone else with. A lot his interactions with Naruto carry some Memetic Molester vibes.
    • The crow-job that Itachi gave Naruto. A lot of people had fun with that one. It doesn't help that if you replay that part in the anime it really looks like Naruto is giving Itachi's crow a blowjob.
  • Naruto/Pain(Nagato): Nagato comes to believe in Naruto and they get along following their battle at Konoha. Also, there's that suggestive scene where Pain crouches down in front of a pinned down Naruto and how Naruto thinks "Pain's inside me..."
  • Naruto/Kiba: They fight often but have moments where they work together and get along. And in the anime there's moments where Kiba puts his arm around Naruto. Secondly whenever Naruto joins up with Team 8 he spends most of his time walking/standing besides Kiba. That and the fact that whenever Naruto is team up with any other guy from Konoha 11 they act towards eachother like comrade shinobi but when it comes to Kiba they treat eachother like guys/friends/rivals and no professionalism. Kinda like he used to treat Sasuke but not in a brotherly way. Third, remember in episode 175 where the cave was falling down on Naruto and Hinata? If memory serves me right Kiba dashed to save Naruto instead of his teammate which he left to Akamaru resulting in an uninjured Naruto but a sprained leg for Hinata. Also, in Naruto’s fight with Neji in the chunnin exams no one cheered louder for Naruto than Kiba. Fifth but certainly not least in shippuden episode 62 there this moment when the guys are brawling where Kiba gazes up to an oblivious Naruto, who was conveniently holding down Kiba to keep him from fighting, and gives him a nice soft smile. Here's a couple Kiba/Naruto pictures.
  • Naruto/Jiraiya: They bicker and get along well at times and Naruto is utterly depressed and upset after Jiraiya's death. In the anime at one point Naruto falls asleep against Jiraiya's back. And there was another instance in episode 53 of the first anime where Jiraiya was training Naruto (who was just wearing his boxers) and while Naruto was concentrating on his chakra energy Jiraiya stares at him rather intensely before saying, "You're quite sexy when you get naked." Even better in the english dub where Jiraiya says almost seductively to Naruto: "Amazing! You have quite a tight sexy little body."
  • Naruto/Iruka: Iruka is very protective of Naruto, sees him as a little brother, cheers him up following Jiraiya's death, and saves his life from a shuriken in part I while comparing his background to Naruto's.

Team 8, Team 10, Team Gai, and Gaara

  • Rock Lee and Neji have shades of this, especially in the Springtime of Youth spin-off (in which Lee has Neji crossdress in their skits a lot because he finds it cute, and peeks on Neji in the toilets in order to compare dick sizes). In the main series, Lee's main motivation for improvement involves one day beating Neji, something that was compared early on to Naruto's desire to defeat Sasuke - in Shippuden, it's revealed that Neji swore to be eternal rivals with Lee, with Lee being distraught at Neji's death.
  • Shikamaru and Neji have a very dedicated following. The fact that they are both long-haired attractive geniuses also fuels the pairing.

Shikamaru and Asuma. Hidan kills Shikamaru's sensei Asuma. This provokes Shikamaru to chase down and engage Hidan, an immortal, in battle and he defeats him by blowing his body to pieces and burying him alive.

• Shikamaru and Chouji. They're best friends, and someone insulting Shikamaru is one of Chouji's biggest Berserk Buttons.
    • Chouji's impressive crush on Shikamaru needs to be elaborated. Almost all of Chouji's flashbacks are related in some way to Shikamaru. He has yet to have a single not-Shikamaru related important character moment. And he has no female love interest... (but, to be fair, not all male characters in this series have)

Shikamaru and Kiba. When they interact in the anime there are heavy amounts of Red Oni, Blue Oni and the Smart Guy with the Idiot Hero.

• Kiba and Shino. See above with the added element of them being teammates and not seeing eye to eye on everything. Sometimes a by-product of Pair the Spares when Hinata is paired with someone outside of her team.
• Gaara and Sasuke. Gaara believes they are NotSoDifferent and actually cries at one point in Shippuden when he's forced to fight Sasuke after failing to get him to see reason.
• Gaara and Rock Lee. Lee seemed to be one of the first people to touch Gaara after their fight and confuse him about his own feelings of hatred. Later Gaara comes to Lee’s rescue which only added fuel to this pairing.
  • Episode 25-A, when Team Guy notices that the middle character on Gaara's forehead has changed from “Love” to “Romance”. Lee deduces that the person who Gaara has a crush on is...Neji, the former falling for him while he was once again Dragged into Drag by Lee.
  • Gai and Rock Lee have an epic bromance going on.

Itachi and Sasuke

  • Itachi stars in all of Sasuke's childhood flashbacks. Even before we knew the truth about Itachi, he was shown to be a kind and loving big brother to Sasuke. His memories have him smiling and spending time with him the most. Their relationship becomes more blatant when we see that, in the past, Itachi has never been shown smiling with anyone else.
• At the end of Part I, Sasuke gets really jealous when he finds out that Itachi came back to Konoha not for him, but for Naruto.
• Even though it's not exactly healthy Sasuke and Itachi seem to be obsessed with each other and care for each other above all else. ◦ After The Reveal about his true motives, we find out that Itachi lived only for Sasuke's sake after the massacre, always thinking about making Sasuke strong enough to protect him all while dealing with his terminal illness.
◦ And of course Sasuke is completely obsessed with Itachi too. He spends all of his time either obsessively loving him or completely hating him, not to mention how he's only sane when he knows Itachi is alive.

• In Konoha Gakuen Den the girls discuss the "secret relationship between Sasuke and Akatsuki member Itachi" and even say "How naughty!"

• After Akatsuki is told that Deidara took Sasuke along with him in his suicide attack, Itachi walks out into the rain and Kisame comments that it looks like he's crying. Later Itachi is shown smiling when he says that Sasuke is still alive.
• Despite Itachi mind raping Sasuke and acting like he wanted to take his eyes and kill him, it's revealed that he really did love Sasuke all along. What kind of love is apparently up for the fans to decide.
• Also, in part II during their big fight scene, at one point Itachi pins Sasuke against a wall while leaning in really close. As well as when he grabs him from behind, wrapping his arms around him.
• Sasuke - "It's like you said. The reason Itachi couldn't kill me, is because my life was more precious than the village. I feel the same. Itachi's life is more precious to me than the village." ◦ What's notable about this is that it is very obvious that the village as a whole and maintaining peace was more important than Sasuke to Itachi, since Itachi kind of grew out of his blanketing unconditional love for Sasuke by the time he talked with Naruto about stopping Sasuke. Sasuke's (once again) blind love for his brother twisted Tobi's words into that and very obviously fed his already-supersized ego.

• Itachi tends to have NoSenseOfPersonalSpace around Sasuke. • In the fight of brothers vs Kabuto, Sasuke gets a big angry and jealous that Itachi went so far as to use Izanami on Kabuto to get him over his obsession with becoming Orochimaru.

    • Not to mention how Sasuke insisted that Itachi was perfect.

• In chapter 589 Sasuke tells Itachi "When I'm with you I remember the past. The feelings from my childhood spent together with the brother I loved." ◦ In chapter 590 we have Itachi's final words to Sasuke as he presses their foreheads together and looks deep into his eyes with a loving gaze and smile. "You don't have to forgive me. No matter what you decide to do from now on, I will love you forever."

Anything Orochimaru Related

  • Orochimaru/Sasuke: There is much suspicion among fans that Orochimaru wants Sasuke's body for reasons more...personal than simply having a powerful new vessel. Calling Orochimaru a gay pedophile has become an accepted part of much Naruto Fanon; the chapter 345 manga cover that featured a smiling Orochimaru literally wrapping his tongue and arms around Sasuke with the caption to the side reading "Within these arms. At the end of this tongue. The future that I raised", or the anime intro with a nude Sasuke wrapped in Orochimaru's pet snakes with Orochimaru's eyes watching the image, didn't do anything to improve his reputation.
    • Neither did his apparent fondness for randomly caressing the faces of little kids (namely Anko and Kimimaro), or trying to wrap his ridiculously long phallic-looking tongue around people's bodies, or calling Sasuke " very beautiful" or thinking "Your body will be mine soon, Sasuke-kun". Then there's his final fight with Sasuke which had Sasuke approaching a ill Orochimaru resting in bed and penetrating him with his sword. Orochimaru sweats and struggles against being pinned against the wall before reverting to his true form, a giant snake comprised of a bunch of tinier snakes, and trying to wrap his snakes and curl himself around/smother a half-naked Sasuke while screaming "Give me your body, Sasuke-kun!" Also this line from hallucination-Orochimaru in one filler arc: "Sasuke will have the power he desires... and I will have him."
    • Orochimaru also provoked Naruto once by referring to Sasuke as "my Sasuke".
      • Also some Naruto/Orochimaru. In episode 29 when Naruto was fighting the short-lived battle against Orochimaru who was on top of a giant snake in the Forest of Death, Orochimaru glances down at Naruto, leers at him and says "How very cute. What a cute prey" before wrapping him up in his ridiculously phallic looking tongue, pulling up Naruto's shirt and examining the seal on his stomach before slamming his hand onto it in order to block Naruto's chakra.
    • In Konoha Gakuen Den, "Orochimaruko" is portrayed as a transvestite ephebophile who's after Sasuke, which, in turn, ends up Squicking most of the cast.
      • Strangely enough, with the exception of Sasuke himself. He likes it. In THAT way, apparently (come on, he's drooling!).
    • Orochimaru putting the Curse Seal on Sasuke by biting him, vampire style.
  • Orochimaru/Kabuto: It's not like Orochimaru's relationship with Kabuto looks anywhere near "wholesome".
    • Agreed, this troper is thinking of a particular scene where Orochimaru has a shower, (this being when his arms were suffering from severe necrosis because part of his soul was eaten by a shinigami) and Kabuto was apparently in the room the whole time watching.
      • Not just watching, almost downright pleading with Orochimaru to "Take him instead". It looked for all the world like a scene from a soap opera.
      • This needs no explanation.
      • It's getting worse. Kabuto has absorbed Orochimaru's remains so Orochimaru is literally inside of him.
    • Being a Yandere is one explanation for Kabuto's behavior towards Orochimaru. After Orochimaru died, Kabuto had an existential crisis, but he claims that the person who inspired him to continue was Naruto. Notice that Kabuto's goal currently appears to be killing Sasuke, ostensibly for revenge, but he might be trying to Murder the Hypotenuse as well.
      • This scene where Orochimaru meets a young!Kabuto and almost looks to be flirting with him while leaning close.
  • Kimimaro/Orochimaru. There's almost blatant Ho Yay when they first meet. "Maybe you can find something interesting to do while you are still alive. Like how you found that flower. Like how I found you." *caresses Kimimaro's cheek which results in Kimimaro blushing*
    • (From The Other Wiki): "Kimimaro's relationship with Orochimaru was similar to Haku's relationship with Zabuza, both having similar backgrounds, and both found a purpose in living for their respective master. His dedication to Orochimaru was so great, that, despite his body's failing strength, he was able to will himself into battle, and still proved himself as an extremely dangerous opponent for the likes of Naruto Uzumaki, Rock Lee and Gaara." Take from that what you will.
  • Orochimaru/Itachi: VG Cats is wrong. Orochimaru left Akatsuki because Itachi turned him down.
    • If we look at the implications of this in relation to Orochimaru and Sasuke's relationship...
  • Even his voice actor gets in on the act. "Just want you to know that Orochimaru loves you too <3" -kiss-
  • Orochimaru and Jiraiya. They're a Generation Xerox to Naruto and Sasuke, as Orochimaru was seen as the talented one by Hiruzen, Jiraiya also tried to prevent Orochimaru from leaving by reminding him of the Sannin's bonds with each other, and Jiraiya's major goal (which Tsunade implies was the reason he refused to become Hokage) was bringing Orochimaru back. There's less evidence to suggest Orochimaru thought similarly of Jiraiya, though.

---> Orochimaru: I'll take Jiraiya...

Zabuza and Haku

  • Zabuza and Haku. It doesn't help that Haku is a Villainous Crossdresser (or at least a Battle Butler who looks really girly). And what makes it even more obvious is when, after putting the man in a near-death state, Haku quips: I didn't want to scar your beautiful body, Zabuza-san. or "flawless body". (in the anime)
    • Haku very, very clearly states that he loves Zabuza in the same way that Naruto does to Sakura.
    • And on Zabuza's side, his true feelings for Haku are never clearly spoken out, but there is... subtext. It is heavily hinted that their relationship might have been more than mentor/student, especially when he requests to die next to Haku, wishes to go to the same place as him, and tenderly touches Haku's cheek before dying.

  Zabuza: "My dear Haku, are you weeping? You were at my side right from the start...and I'm at yours, now, at the end. If I could...if I were able...I would want to the same place...on the other you..."

    • Chapter 522: Haku finding out that Zabuza regards him as more than a mere tool.

Sakura and Her Rivals, Friends

  • Sakura and Ino seem to have a faint rivalrous Foe Yay version of this. Though viewing their interactions as a lost friendship rather than a lost love is sweet, there are numerous works detailing a more-than-friends relationship.
    • "You're going to be in more trouble then you've ever been if you don't get out of me right now!" And that's pretty much in context too.
    • They also get along well before they develop their interests in Sasuke and after their battle, Ino stands up against some girls that were bullying Sakura in Part I.
    • When the girls all visit an onsen together, dialogue from off-screen suggests that Ino at some point grabs Sakura's breasts.
  • And there's also a scene where Sakura heals Hinata by placing her hands over her chest... and her breasts (it's even in color). Here's one interpretation of how it happened.
  • Sakura/Karin: Has ceased to be a Crack Pairing as of chapter 484. Sakura heals Karin by touching her chest, and cries while doing so, causing Karin to cry too.
  • Sakura/Tsunade: Sakura really looks up to Tsunade and admires her greatly and in a filler arc once runs into her boobs and calls Tsunade "beautiful". Sakura also greatly worried about Tsunade when she was in a coma. On Tsunade's side, she greatly cares about Sakura as well and even went out of her way to train her to get stronger.

Sasuke/Suigetsu and Sasuke/Juugo

  • This troper thinks that episode 115 cements Suigetsu's sexuality firmly in the ambiguous territory. Never mind all of the loads of subtext he shares when he threatens Sasuke from behind while naked, there's plenty of subtext for fangirls to squee about in the entire episode.
  • Try episode 125 with Juugo and Sasuke. It almost failed to stay sub.
    • Plus, Juugo's opinion seems to be the only one out of Taka that Sasuke will bother listening to, while he usually brushes everyone else off.
    • Post Deidara battle has some prime Sasuke/Juugo bait, since Juugo is shirtless for almost all of his screentime, and gets unsually close to Sasuke.
    • Juugo is living Hurt/Comfort fuel, and Sasuke is the only one who can calm him down...
    • And Juugo does save Sasuke from dying in the Killer Bee battle, so returning the favor there? He later tells him "I can't let you die. You're all I have left to remember Kimimaro." Sasuke looks almost touched at this response.


  • Despite sharing very little screentime together, they've got an impressive fanbase. It doesn't hurt that their seiyu happen to make beautiful music together.
    • The scene where Kakashi saves Iruka from almost being stabbed by one of the Pain bodies is thought of by Kakashi/Iruka fangirls to be excellent fuel for the pairing.
    • They spend more time together in the anime.
    • Also (again, this is more evident in the anime) every time they talk to each other, they blush like fiends.
    • The three-episode filler flashback arc following Pain's invasion. At some point, the focus moves from the difference in the way the villagers treat Naruto to Kakashi bringing back the beauty he sees in Iruka's eyes.
      • From that same arc, in the third episode, we had this:

 Shikamaru: Naruto went to look for a corpse in the back hills, so Iruka-sensei went after him.

Kakashi: *wide eyes* Iruka-sensei went after Naruto??

Kakashi then runs off to the back hills.


        • What the above sounds like: "I must save Iruka-sensei! ... And Naruto."


  • Kimimaro and Jugo (the picture is from Shippuden episode 118) have quite a bit of this.
    • Kimimaro to Juugo:

 'Yes. I'm going to absorb the enzyme from your body into my own.

    • It gets better. In Shippuden episode 118, Juugo looks back on Kimimaro very fondly. His memory of their first meeting was simply riddled with Ho Yay.
    • "Kimimaro...why did you have to leave me?!"
    • Not to mention the fact that the only times that we get to see Kimimaro smiling (which looks really good on him, by the way) is when he's with Juugo.
  • And, in another Filler arc, Raiga/Ranmaru (basically Zabuza and Haku expies, but Ranmaru looks about 10.)
  • Kisame/Killer Bee: Several fans have noticed Ho Yay / Foe Yay between Kisame and Killer Bee. You see, both of them getting really close to each other's faces, Kisame's sword Samehada REALLY, REALLY likes Killer Bee, and Killer Bee did say that Kisame had "pretty eyes". Kisame goes shirtless during their fight and they both end up soaked with water and splattered with Killerbee's ink. Then this page has Kisame attempting to cut off Killerbee's feet so he won't be able to get away but the way it looks... with a shirtless Kisame standing overtop Killerbee who's on the ground struggling to get away...
  • Madara/Sasuke. After Sasuke fights Itachi and Itachi dies, he collapses and wakes up with Madara by his side who tells Sasuke that he treated his injuries for him and proceeds to tell him the truth about Itachi. It proves too much for Sasuke to handle and he freaks out, foaming at the mouth. Madara gets close to the (shirtless) Sasuke, and grabs his face in his hands, telling him to calm down and breathe. Sasuke shoves him away and later Madara ties him up before telling him more about Itachi and the Uchiha clan.
    • Also, Madara was nice enough to carry Sasuke over his shoulder when he was injured and exhausted that one time...
    • Madara and Itachi. When he's giving his big damn speech about Itachi to Sasuke, Madara sounds... angry. We can infer that he felt like Itachi threw his life away for Sasuke, the lesser brother. The whole scene shows how Madara even cared about Itachi a little, which from him is saying a lot.
  • Seems to be a common theme with rivals that have opposing personalities/appearances and is hinted to have deeper roots extending back to the founding of Hidden Villages. To date we have:
    • Sasuke/Naruto (duh!)
    • Kakashi/Obito
    • Orochimaru/Jiraiya
    • Madara/Shodaime (Hashirama)
      • It doesn't help than whenever he talks about Hashirama, he will always use the term akogare to define how he feels about him (akogare, while usually denoting deep respect, has already become a staple of the Girls Love genre), despite always following up how much he HATES him. Though when you think about it, it does make it worse.
    • and now thanks to a Flash Back Danzou/Sarutobi.
  • Can't forget Konohamaru's two Sexy no Jutsu's: the female version and the male version with Sasuke and Sai naked and locked in a very suggestive pose, to be exact.
  • Gai and Kakashi: One episode of Shippuuden has an immobilized Kakashi being carried on a gleeful Gai's back!
    • Shortly after Gai runs off with Kakashi on his back, Rock Lee attempts to do the same thing to Neji. He actually does give him a piggyback ride here.
    • Episode 219 amps it up with Gai handing flowers to Kakashi after Kakashi won the race and to congradulate him for becoming the next Hokage.
  • And then there's Hidan and Kakuzu, whose bickering is full of this...

 Kakuzu: That scar on your neck is embarrassing. Cover it up.

Hidan: Hey, look at that; it's my headband! You went to the trouble of picking it up and keeping it for me? I'm touched. You're a pretty nice guy, Kakuzu, you know that?

Kakuzu: Shut up! Come on, let's go.

Hidan: Hey! Wait up! Let me put it on at least! Come on, admit it. You like me a little, dont'cha?

Kakuzu: Either you shut up or I'll kill you.

Hidan: You're embarrassed; I understand...

    • We're told that Kakuzu has a hell of a temper and killed all of his other partners in a fit of rage. Except he never tries to kill Hidan on screen, despite the fact that Hidan could basically be his very own stress ball and is very annoying. And then he mentions that he just can't kill Hidan.
  • On another note,Kisame and itachi seem to be on pretty "friendly" terms compared to the rest of the akatsuki.There have been what some might define as "concern" shown by Kisame for itachi.In one episode Itachi is standing in the rain. Kisame makes a comment about it "not being good for his body". There is also the fact that...kisame's dying thoughts were about Itachi See end of this vid
  • Each Akatsuki member is partnered with another, whom it doesn't look like they are ever far away from, and in each pair (except for Sasori and Deidara - the former seemed pretty genuinely hostile toward the latter) each half seems to have at least a grudging affection toward the other. These being Kisame/Itachi (they seem to get along very well compared to the other pairs) , Hidan/Kakuzu, and Tobi/Deidara (With Tobi acting like the adorably idiotic Keet and Deidara being something like a violent Tsundere).
    • It doesn't help that Deidara looks like a girl.
    • "I'm just a schoolgirl in love with her senpai!"
    • The above link becomes infinitely disturbing when you realise who Tobi really is.
    • The honorific used by Deidara when addressing his partner-in-crime Sasori got translated to English in Shippuden as "Sasori, my man" (and in some cases, "My man Sasori") and he uses this term at darn-near every opportunity. To older audiences, this line is dripping with bromance, which is probably a reason why it became a meme in the fandom.
      • Not to mention the fact that the honorific has multiple translations. The most accurate in context would be "Sasori, my man" but an extremely common (but unofficial) translation is "master Sasori".
  • Shippuden episode 185 has an omake in which Kotetsu and Izumo are Mistaken for Gay.
  • In filler episode 101 there's a scene where a ramen waitress and her father blush and get all googly-eyed upon seeing Kakashi's handsome face.
  • Genma/Raidou are another popular pairing.
  • Chapter 488: Shizune crying when Tsunade wakes up from her coma, and then hugging her. She also takes care of Tsunade when she's paralyzed over her fear of blood following the battle with Kabuto in Part I.
  • Even Yamato/Kakashi have gotten some such as this scene from episode 75.
  • Kakashi/Kiba in chapter 483 following them appearing to the group after Sakura put them to sleep when she was going after Sasuke alone. Kakashi puts his hand which held Kiba's sleepy head on his thigh delicately while the other hand is resting on Kiba's chest.
  • "YOUR HEART IS MINE!!!" Seriously, as if this line from Kakuzu to Kakashi isn't enough, let's add some context: the former has the latter pinned to the ground with Naughty Tentacles, is straddling him, and is about to literally rip his heart out to keep powering his immortality.
  • In the video game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 Naruto can go on 'dates' with other characters which includes guys like Rock Lee and Sasuke if he gives them certain items in Ultimate Contest mode. Nothing can beat him going to the hot springs with Rock Lee and Lee later suggests they should do it again sometime.
  • Chapter 581: Kabuto offering Sasuke a We Can Rule Together twice and saying he'll be his older brother and stay at his side. Sasuke refuses.
  • Itachi and Shisui.

• Many people had found Madara and Hashirama's "friendship" to be much like a Romeo and Juliet relationship.

  • Naruto's Reverse Harem Jutsu in 682. He creates a number of shadow clones and then they all transform into various naked men. Bonus points, as Naruto explicitly says he's been practicing it in private more than he has Rasengan.
  • Tenten wins the "Mr. Leaf" contest in Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth despite being female. Even though Tsunade explains why (she protected Tsunade from the other contestants when they got a bit too Hot-Blooded), it's unavoidable. Tenten's Hero-Worshipper tendencies regarding Tsunade don't help either.
    • The Love Bugs drama in Episode 42-A, where Hinata plays a schoolgirl who has a romancenote with a boy that saves her from gangsters...and Tenten is the one who acts as the boy.