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The first tome of the English translation of Naruto's manga managed to have Sakura speaking about her lacking in the "T&A department".

    • A Filler Shippuden episode has Naruto catching a huge cold. Whenever he sneezes close to Sakura, he ends up covering her in white snot. Seems to be mere Rule of Funny, until you realize that several urban legends equal sneezing with sex...
  • Pretty much everything Orochimaru does or says in relation to Sasuke or any of his other young associates eerily resembles pedophilia.
  • Back in the forest of death in Part I Sakura wanted to watch Sasuke (who she has a crush on) pee.
  • In one Shippuden opening we see what appears to be a nude Sasuke wrapped up in Orochimaru's snakes with Orochimaru's eyes watching the image.
  • Konohamaru using shadow clones to create a Sexy No Jutsu version of Sai and Sasuke naked and locked in a suggestive pose- which was too queer to even make it onto the anime!
  • Naruto's usage of the Sexy No Jutsu in general.