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The Nebula Awards are yearly awards given out for works of Science Fiction and Fantasy by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SWFA), begining in 1965. Unlike the Hugo Award, its equally-famous counterpart, the Nebula is only given for written works and not film or TV, although "Best Script" was added to the list in 2000 which covers them somewhat.

There are also several special Nebulas:

  • Author Emeritus - for authors with contributions to the field
  • Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award - for lifetime achievement (Damon Knight was a SFWA founder)
  • Bradbury Award - for excellence in screenwriting
  • Service to SFWA Award
  • Andre Norton Award - for Young Adult works
  • Solstice Award - to honor individuals (not necessarily writers) for significant contributions to the field


Works on this wiki with a Nebula Award nomination include: