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File:Newgrounds logo1 9485.png

"The problems of the future, today!"
—The site's old motto

"Everything, by everyone."
—The site's new motto

Newgrounds is a very popular Web Animation and Web Games site, where you'll find nearly 200,000 Flash animations and games submitted, watched and played by over 1,500,000 users. It's quite big, in other words. The site's owner, Tom Fulp, started the site to showcase his flash in the late '90s, but soon other artists began to ask him if they could appear in the site too.

This eventually lead to the creation of the internet's first automated portal, where users submit their flash to the site and users of the site then vote to see if the animation should continue on the site ('saved') or should be deleted ('blammed'). The site has grown considerably since then.

Like YouTube and other user generated sites, you'll find flashes that are close to True Art (check out some of the stuff below!) and flashes that are as bad as you might expect from such a large collection of animation. Indeed, some groups like to submit bad flashes just to laugh at the reviews (the worst ones generally don't last long before getting blammed). And the site has great deal of very, VERY NSFW content (when they say adult content, they mean it!). You've been warned.

Newgrounds also features audio portal where people can listen and download user-made songs for free and use it in their works. They also have an art portal where the content differs greatly from the art found in Deviant ART.

Newgrounds user thewax70 captures the spirit of the site and its motto quite effectively in this Flash animation, which features more than 40 of Newgrounds' original animations and games.

Newgrounds recently achieved Death by Gluttony by attempting to host the Homestuck animation [S]: Cascade. You would think they'd know better than that.

Some of the more famous animations and viral videos that originated from (or, at least, were made famous by) Newgrounds are:

And so forth.

We could list the number of tropes used on Newgrounds, but given that it has so many movies, that would probably list every trope ever.

There is also a fan made wiki, which has recently undergone some Wiki Magic.[1]