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File:318px-Nick at Nite logo 2009 svg 2419.png

Nick at Nite (now stylized as nick@nite) is a timeshare channel programming block on Nickelodeon, currently airing from primetime to early morning. The block was born in 1985 when A&E (then known as ARTS), which was running programming during the primetime hours on Nickelodeon, lauched its own 24 hour channel and because there was likely a small audience for children's programming after bedtime. The block was originally a "oldies channel" showcasing classic television sitcoms such as I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie and SCTV. The block spun off the oldies TV network TV Land. In 2004, Nick At Nite became its own "channel" for Nielsen ratings purposes.

File:NickAtNite 8925.jpg

Old, not as extreme logo.

In recent years, Nick At Nite has been showing more movies, original programming, and recent sitcoms such as The George Lopez Show, Malcolm in the Middle, The George Lopez Show, Everybody Hates Chris, The George Lopez Show, and The George Lopez Show. The channel is now basically more family-oriented and kid-friendly than the previous Nick At Nite, and some Nick At Nite shows actually are advertised during Nickelodeon programming day. In 2009, the channel's name was changed to nick@nite as part of a network-wide rebranding.