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Remember, kids. You can't have your Fetish Fuel without bucket loads of Squick attached. Or maybe you can? Who knows, that's the fun! [1]


Gamekeeper28: Zigzag looks like what would happen if Jafar and the Genie fused together.

Speedyeric: At least you didn't say "if they had a kid", and it would really give me a nightmare tonight.
—The comment board on The Nostalgia Critic's review of The Thief and the Cobbler.

Subtext can be all kinds of fun. It can hint that those Heterosexual Life Partners might not be so Hetero, or those Bitter Enemies might not hate each other after all, or, even if they do legitimately hate each other, there may be hints that the hatred in question isn't exactly platonic.

Unfortunately, sometimes subtext can be used for a very different effect.

That's No Yay. Implied sexual tension, intentional or otherwise, between two (or more) characters to make the average fan reach for the Brain Bleach. Essentially, the shipping version of Fan Disservice.

Please note that an implied relationship between two consenting, equal adults is not No Yay. What makes it No Yay is the presence of another element, such as Pedophilic overtones, Unequal Pairings, or Rape Tropes. Of course, one person's Squick is another person's Fetish Fuel, and this is a highly subjective trope.

See also Squick, Fan Disservice, Not What It Looks Like, Nightmare Fuel, Brain Bleach, Sick and Wrong, "No. Just... No" Reaction, This Is Wrong on So Many Levels, and Rule 34.

When adding examples, please be sure to explain why that potential ship is a No Yay and what separates it from just regular Ho Yay or Foe Yay.

And if you're just here to complain about a pairing you don't like, please keep it off the main page.

Examples of No Yay include:

Anime & Manga

  • Genkaku/Nagi. It starts off a bit more subtle, with Genkaku seeming a bit too intense and obsessed with getting Nagi to join the Undertakers (along with an interrogation scene between the two, where Genkaku is shown licking the blood from Nagi's arm after his hand was chopped off and telling him what he says is "cute" and that his severed hand has become "cute" as well). Later, the No Yay levels go through the roof when Genkaku is shown getting incredibly turned on by Nagi killing some poor sap, saying that Nagi is a "red flower that has bloomed." After that, he later pretty much gives Nagi a love confession telling him that the murderous side of him was beautiful and exquisite, and that he loved him. Yeah...
  • Hunter X Hunter: Hisoka/Gon and Hisoka/Killua. It doesn't help that he is a Monster Clown, has a unnatural fixation on them and stared at their butts in one scene. Or that he called them "unripe fruit" that he wants to pluck and destroy once they become stronger warriors, and wondered "why exactly does unripe fruit look so delicious?" In addition to that there's the fact that both are twelve years old and Hisoka is 28.
    • Feitan has his own creepy brand of this, if you take the fact that he wanted to torture Gon slowly, combine it with the fact that he reads books by Trevor Brown (to paraphrase from the wikipedia article, the guy draws surreal doll-fetish kiddie-torture-porn), and, um, yeah....
  • Naruto has Orochimaru/Anyone, but particularly Sasuke: There is much suspicion among fans that Orochimaru wants Sasuke's body for reasons more... personal than simply having a powerful new vessel. The chapter 345 manga cover that featured a smiling Orochimaru literally wrapping his tongue and arms around Sasuke with the caption to the side reading "Within these arms. At the end of this tongue. The future that I raised", or the anime intro with a nude Sasuke wrapped in Orochimaru's pet snakes with Orochimaru's eyes watching the image, make it so much worse.
    • Neither did his apparent fondness for randomly caressing the faces of little kids (namely Anko and Kimimaro), or trying to wrap his ridiculously long phallic-looking tongue around people's bodies, or referring to Naruto and Sasuke as "cute" and "beautiful", or thinking "Your body will be mine soon, Sasuke-kun". Then there's his final fight with Sasuke, which had Sasuke approaching a ill Orochimaru resting in bed and penetrating him with his sword. Orochimaru sweats and struggles against being pinned against the wall before reverting to his true form, a giant snake comprised of a bunch of tinier snakes, and trying to wrap his snakes and curl himself around/smother a half-naked Sasuke while screaming "Give me your body, Sasuke-kun!"
      • In Konoha Gakuen Den, "Orochimaruko" is portrayed as a transvestite ephebophile who's after Sasuke, which, in turn, ends up Squicking most of the cast. With the exception of Sasuke himself. He likes it. In THAT way, apparently (come on, he's drooling and smiling!).
    • Jiraiya/Naruto since Jiraiya is an older guy and Naruto is way younger and they're a teacher and student. In episode 53 Jiraiya briefly pervs on Naruto (japanese) "You! You're quite sexy when you're naked." (english) "You have quite a tight sexy little body."
    • Kabuto/Orochimaru is nowhere near wholesome. It gets worse: Kabuto has absorbed Orochimaru's remains so Orochimaru is literally inside of Kabuto.
    • Kabuto/Naruto. Kabuto has a peculiar creepy fixation on Naruto and (in the anime) has called him "cute".
    • Sasuke/Itachi is a popular pairing but it falls into the creepy when you realize that both are brothers, Sasuke is rather obsessed with Itachi and Itachi with Sasuke, both have acted like they wanted to kill the other, Itachi has brutally beaten Sasuke up multiple times, and mind raped him twice and killed their family, and Itachi has acted like he wanted to take Sasuke's eyes, Sasuke has switched his old eyes with Itachi's after Itachi died and seeing as how Itachi is dead its quite disturbing how Sasuke essentially still acts like Itachi's alive by talking to him as he would an imaginary friend and has undergone quite a bit of Sanity Slippage to the point of becoming Ax Crazy following Itachi's death and learning the truth about him. Nightmare Fuel at its best folks.
    • Hidan and Shikamaru. Just watch Hidan's reactions when he got Shikamaru alone in the woods. It almost felt like an Attempted Rape was about to go down. And Hidan looked to be almost orgasming after stabbing Shikamaru.
    • Naruto and Filler Villain Fuka. She makes quite a few suggestive comments to him and tries to kiss him while ignoring his personal space but we mustn't forget that she's actually just a living head of hair and that when she tries to kiss Naruto she's trying to suck his soul out.
    • Kabuto/Sasuke. In chapter 581 he attempted to get Sasuke to join him and said he'll be like a big brother to him and never leave his side after just attempting to eat him nonetheless. Lord, No Yay.
  • Trigun has a few similar cases with Vash and his Evil Twin Knives. Knives is one disturbed son of a bitch with a brother complex, and his introduction scene in the manga involves Full-Frontal Assault and looks like man-on-man rape. Granted, you're not supposed to know Knives is Vash's brother at that point, but you do because you've watched the anime and it's practically It Was His Sled anyway. HoYay, FoeYay, BroYay, NoYay!
  • Gauron/Sousuke. The worst part is that the more you read, the squickier (and more canon) it becomes: yes, Gauron was planning to do that with Sousuke. Yes, he really did think those kinds of thoughts about him. And, yes, Sousuke was that age at the time he did...
    • Too intense for you?
    • In the Sigma manga, there's also the backstory between Sousuke and Kalinin that... can have a lot of Ho Yay subtext (which is the unfortunate result of wearing those Slash Goggles too long). Unfortunately, again, Kalinin is way older than Sousuke, and is supposed to be his legally adopted father. Just the whole way that Kalinin keeps going on and on about how Sousuke and him were "destined" to meet and be together, and how he gushes on about how they're inseparable. And then there's how guilty Kalinin felt towards Sousuke's beautiful mother... only for him to meet Sousuke again and see Sousuke be the spitting image of his mother. He then becomes obsessed with becoming a "happy family" with Sousuke. Lord, No Yay.
    • The relationship between the twins Yu Fan and Yu Lan and Gauron. He picked them up and it's heavily implied that he did stuff with them that made them feel that he loved them. But all in all, he isn't shy about showing that he only really seems to care about using them for his plans to ensnare Sousuke / kill Sousuke's love interest. It's made pretty clear to them that the only one he has eyes for is the 16-year-old boy he has an unhealthy obsession with. The fact that he pretty much ignores all the abuse they go through because of working in Amalgam (including getting repeatedly raped by Gates ever since they were young) seems to be a pretty good indicator that he doesn't care much for their well-being. Despite all this, they are still so incredibly in love and pledge undying loyal to him. "Anything for Sensei" indeed.
    • In one episode of Fumoffu, an elderly man thinks that Tsubaki and Sousuke are going to rape him. In his creepy envisioning of what he thinks is about to happen, roses are used as censors. Squick.
  • In Berserk, Griffith's very possessive obsession with Guts... constantly telling Guts "You are mine"/"You belong to me". Trying to kill him to prevent him from leaving the Band Of The Hawks, visiting Princess Charlotte and having sex with her immediately after Guts left out of frustration and depression, and then, when the Eclipse goes down, after consigning his entire body of men to be eaten alive by demons and becoming Femto, brutally raping Guts's love interest Casca into insanity... forcing Guts to watch while he is doing so and deliberately staring straight into Guts's eyes the ENTIRE TIME he is doing that to Casca. It's hinted that he might've had feelings for Casca as well as Guts and did not take it well when Guts and Casca got together.
    • Then there's that Squicky Forceful Kiss Griffith (as Femto) planted on Casca.
    • Or all those rapes in the series that Casca and other characters endure.
    • There's also Rosine, the "Elf Queen" and Jill, two minor characters in a story arc shortly after the Eclipse which counts as Squick given the age of the two and Rosine's rather disturbing Yandere obsession with Jill.
    • And then we have Princess Charlotte and her old father, the King of Midland. She looks identical to her mother, the Queen, which... caused some problems. Canonically, he ends up trying to rape her, after his rage that Griffith slept with her. The idea of this is very disturbing, and definitely requires a ton of Brain Bleach. This alienates her from her father to the point of disowning him and refusing to see him when he's on his deathbed, his health having seriously deteriorated because of the guilt of what he had done.
    • Slan's attraction to Guts. She's probably incapable of feeling love, being evil to the bone and all, so she seems to want to make Guts her personal sex toy. At one point, Slan decides to show up to taunt Guts in the Qliphoth. She decides to do this by appearing in front of him completely naked and acting as though they're having sex. This would be erotic, considering how beautiful and sexy Slan is... if it wasn't for the fact that the body she's in is made out of the internal organs of the hundreds of trolls that Guts has just slaughtered, they are surrounded by blood and gore, and she's impaling him with her hair. Squick doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • In Soul Eater, there's Ragnarok and Chrona, especially since Ragnarok himself doesn't even really resemble a human. Unfortunately, the overtones are there. With Ragnarok acting extremely possessive of Chrona, and constantly molesting and harassing him (pulling up his clothes, showing underwear).
  • Hellsing's Alucard loves this trope, and invokes it at any given opportunity. He flirts with Integra, WalToy Ship, Anderson (at least, he looks at him rather wistfully) and anyone else who attracts his attention, either immediately before or after indulging himself in a murderous rampage (and often during). Perhaps the best and most infamous example of this is his battle with and subsequent slaughter of Rip Van Winkle, which was dripping with rape metaphors.
  • Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru has Pedro's frequent attempts at raping the pretty-boy protagonist Minoru.
  • Kaguyahime has lots of this. Some of Akira's admirers are very creepy, and Akira was her adoptive mother's lover.
  • Air Gear features a squicky BDSM-type relationship between Ax Crazy Arthur and Shalott, a dude who looks like a girly loli and wears a frilly dress. Not to mention the scene where they lay naked together. Another No Yay scene features Arthur pelvic thrusting against his opponent Agito and nibbling on his ear. Oh, and when Shalott straddles Agito at the end of one chapter and tells him after he tortures him via pulling out his teeth he can "have a lick" if he wants.
  • In Vampire Knight after noticing Yuuki's resemblance to her mother Juri, Yuuki's uncle Rido (who was in love with Juri) changed his plans from devouring Yuuki to keeping her as a substitute for Juri.

Yuuki/Kanami comes across as this to a lot of fans after The Reveal that {{Kanami is Yuuki's brother and he's been grooming her for marriage for years}}.

  • Plus Anima, despite that it's directed at kids 10+ , has Fly being creepily obsessed with Cooro. Not only does he spend the the entire 10 book series tracking all of Cooro's movements, but he refers to him as 'his Angel', and states that he'll 'never let him go'.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura has more than one. Sonomi Daidouji is implied to be attracted to Sakura as a stand-in for Sakura's mother Nadeshiko, who was her cousin (Lolicon + Incest + Replacement Goldfish). One episode has Sonomi manipulating events so that Sakura spends the day alone with Masaki Amamiya (Sonomi's grandfather) — but Sakura doesn't know it's her great-grandfather, and her immediate family didn't know where she was all day, so the subtext becomes incredibly unfortunate (Lolicon + Incest + May-December Romance + NonCon + Wife Husbandry = Squick Up to Eleven).
  • Toyama and his father in Texhnolyze. It's made pretty blantant that Toyama was sexually abused by his father as a child, and even though he's a big, tough gangster now, his father still manages to extort sexual favours from him from time to time.
  • D.N.Angel: Hiwatari Sr has many, very creepy moments with Satoshi, his adopted son. From "I missed seeing your face" to "I'm doing this for you, my precious son" to "I don't want to lose you" to "One has to take good care of their tools" to a scene in Stage Four (manga volume 15) in which he forces Satoshi to transform while holding him down over a table — yes, the entire thing has very disturbing rape undertones.
    • Can't forget Satoshi and his Super-Powered Evil Side Krad: Whenever we see the two together alone, it's generally Krad cuddling Satoshi from behind, or declaring that "You are my everything, Satoshi-sama". Would be incredibly sweet if not for the fact that Krad is also a homicidal blonde angel, who only really wants Satoshi for his body by which he actually means to take over Satoshi's body, as he's some kind of incorporeal spirit and Satoshi is his "host". Well. Hopefully that's all he means by it. Krad also tremendously enjoys reminding Satoshi that he (Satoshi) is not allowed to get close to anyone, and especially not his sworn enemy/best and only friend/possibly love interest.
    • In episode 25 Satoshi's adopted father calls Krad "my cute little servant" after Krad asks for them to get along.
  • Bleach. Let's not forget good ol' Ichigo/Aizen.
      • For that matter, Aizen has been manipulating every event and battle in Ichigo's life, including the death of his mother, from the moment Ichigo was born. This goes well beyond Stalker with a Crush and into Paranoia Fuel.
      • And when Aizen leaves to destroy Ichigo's home town, he tells Ichigo that he will come back to eat him.
    • Gin/Rukia. It's Canon that Gin scares the shit out of Rukia. When she was in Soul Society waiting her execution she stated that even if he wasn't talking to her she'd get this ominous feeling like "snakes were curling themselves around her" and she could feel "every bead of sweat" on her body whenever he was in her mere presence. And of course, there's the fact that Gin was a total asshole and told her that he would save her from being executed before squashing her hopes down flat.
    • Nnoitra/Orihime. It was made quite obvious in the Japanese version of the manga that he wanted to do that to her (something Ulquiorra calls him on), but then Kubo had to get all symbolic and subtext-y. Some of the subtext was toned down during the transition from manga to anime; for instance, where he shoves his fingers down Orihime's throat in the manga during Ichigo's fight with Tesra/Tesla, the anime has him cover her mouth with his hand.
    • Chapter 381 has this with Ichigo finally meeting Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Their interactions are... disturbing, to say the least. Ichigo appears to have merrily escaped Mayuri's wrath for now. But it looks like Mayuri now seems very interested in him - both because of Ichigo's happy comment which pissed him off, and because of Ichigo's potential.
    • There is an uncomfortable amount of this between Loly and Orihime. When not beating up or attempting to kill Orihime, Loly is stroking her hair, calling her "Orihime-chan" ("little Orihime"), invading her personal space, caressing her face, pinning her against walls, tearing her's surprisingly easy to do Alternate Character Interpretation of Loly as a Depraved Bisexual targeting Orihime. In the manga, Loly planned to tear off Orihime's fingernails and rip out her eye as a way to torture her. Thankfully, she didn't get to do that.
  • Speaking of rape, there's the bit in Lagann-Hen where the Anti-Spiral King looms over Nia and moves towards her after he entangles her with Naughty Tentacles. Did we mention that the wounds he leaves from dissolving here are one of the reasons she dies?
  • In the 2003 anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist, we have Dante, whose hitting on Ed in the final episodes belongs here for so very many reasons. 1) She's the Big Bad, he's The Hero. 2) She is, at the time that she begins hitting on him, inhabiting the rotting corpse of her former assistant. 3) She is plotting to Body Surf into the body of Rose, one of Ed's possible Love Interests, a Nice Girl who already experienced Rape as Drama and Teen Pregnancy (and has gone mute from it) in order to consummate the relationship. 4) Ed is her ex-boyfriend's son, and she is only doing this to be "loved by the son of Hohenheim." 5) Dante is four hundred years old, and inhabited the body of an old woman when we first met her, while Ed is 15. It's played for the level of disgust one would expect, and is yet another example of Dante cheerfully crossing the Moral Event Horizon.
    • Another one is Ed and Envy, who both hate each other and beat each other up at every opportunity. And are related. And while this may be subjective, there always seems to be some level of subtext between them whenever they fight. Why the hell does it always seem like Envy's flirting with Ed whenever he talks to him?
  • Baron Kelvin's obsession with Ciel in Black Butler. It's particularly disturbing since Baron Kelvin is a fat and old psycho who fell in love with Ciel when the latter was just seven years old.
    • And the strongly implied rape scene between Alois/Jim and his "father" the Earl Trancy in episode 8 of the second season.
      • Everything about the late Earl Trancy and his sex slaves.
      • In episode 9 the Earl Trancy is seen briefly kissing the foot of the much younger Alois and later Ciel.
    • Sebastian and Ciel is considered Ho Yay by a lot of the fandom but it can come off as Nightmare Fuel-tastic threats at times since Sebastian is basically killing time until he gets to eat Ciel's soul.
    • Grell's (whether you think Grelle's a boy or a girl) crush on Sebastian also counts as Grell is a psychopath who talks within the same five minutes about wanting to cut Sebastian into pieces and bear his children.
  • In Ergo Proxy there's a scene wherein Raul Creed is threatening Daedalus into helping him, coming up quite close and, if memory serves, touching him on the face. Though both characters are attractive, the whole thing feels very much like rape, making it highly disturbing.
  • Tiger and Bunny: Maverick is really possessive of Barnaby to the point of drugging him, mindraping him several times and isolating him in his private mansion. Add in the Power Perversion Potential of having memory-altering Next powers and no amount of industrial strength Brain Bleach is ever gonna be enough.
  • Code Geass: Episode 7 R2 has a creepy scene where Korczak, a Refrain drug dealer, saunters up to Lelouch and gently caresses his face with the back of his hand. In the English Dub he actually refers to Lelouch as "my dearest".
    • The same episode features Rolo Lelouch's "younger brother" getting really close to his face and acting like he's trying to kiss him.
    • Also, Nina's feelings for Euphemia would be standard Les Yay if not for that gross scene in the anime where she masturbates using the corner of a table to pictures of her or how she goes utterly batshit after Euphemia's death and makes the most disturbing facial expression ever.
    • There is a reason Code Geass was the first series to get its own Brother Sister incest page. Highlights include V.V. very, very canonically killing his brother's wife because he was jealous of her stealing all his brother's love and attention. Keep in mind that V.V. is physically about 7. Also, Schneizel flirts with his sister Cornelia and acts very...strangely about his younger brother Lelouch, whom he refers to as "the man I most love...and fear." Gets worse when you realize Lelouch was 10 the last time Schneizel saw him face to face.
    • Mao's Yandere obsession with C.C. He listens to a recording of her voice to comfort him and he thinks it's alright to cut her up with a chainsaw in order to run away with her.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gendo/Shinji (father/son). In Shinji Ikari Raising Project Gendo simply loves Shinji so dearly he wants to bear-hug him from behind or take a bath with him.
    • Oh boy, Rei and Gendo.
    • Asuka and Shinji can fall into this at times especially due to that scene in the movie where he masturbates over her comatose body.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Byakuran/Tsuna is a popular pairing but is rather squicky considering how Byakuran tries to strangle Tsuna to death during their battle.
    • Also Chrome's Foe Yay with Glo Xinia. Consider how during Glo Xinia's fight with Chrome he grabbed her hard enough to cause her pain, kept getting in her face, and told her things like: "You seem to like being touched by men. Your blushing cannot betray your desires." "Give me MORE!" (after hearing her screams of pain) and "It's time to eat... that ring and you!" It's hinted he might've done something to her had Mukuro not shown up, allowing her time to escape. Also, when fighting Mukuro he comes out with this line: "Is that girl so precious to you? Then I'm going to take my share of such a precious girl right before your eyes! This could just be the best situation, don't you think? My appetite for that girl just keeps getting better!" and "Don't worry Chrome, I will take good care of you for MUKURO TO SEE!"
    • In Episode 140/Chapter 226 TYL!Xanxus's indirect innuendo that he wants Tsuna. He only wants Vongola when it's at it's strongest. And when is it at it's strongest? When Tsuna is leading them. Can get a bit creepy when you realize this is a 34 year-old man (granted, in a 26 year-old body) talking about a 14 year-old boy...
    • Then Lussuria, who's openly gay, is insinuated to have necrophiliac tendencies as well. In his words his favorite bodies are the "wasted, cold, unmoving" ones. Ryohei goes topless during his fight against Lussuria and this only serves to make Lussuria his hardcore fanboy. In fact, Lussuria actually openly ogles Ryohei's muscular physique and refers to his body as "pretty nice", says that he's "just his type" and promptly decides to take him home and make him a part of his "collection"... after he's kicked the shit out of him that is...Fortunately Ryohei kicks his ass instead, so Lussuria pretty much failed at the endeavor.
  • In Revolutionary Girl Utena, siblings Akio and Anthy are established to regularly have sex - and it's a very unhealthy dubcon (at best) relationship, to say the least. The way it's portrayed in the movie version is no better: Akio drugged Anthy's drink and then took advantage of her sexually, later stabbing her out of panic after it turned out she was never actually asleep before falling out a window to his death.
    • The movie's no slouch when it comes to this trope, as it also shows that Touga 's adoptive father raped him when he was a child. Ugh.
    • And the sex scene between Akio and Utena in episode 33, seeing as how she's thirteen/fourteen years old and he's way older than her, plus the dubious consent and... unsexy topic of discussion. You won't be thinking of sandwiches the same way again for a good while afterwards.
      • Honestly, though, while Akio looks like a very attractive guy, just about all of his relationships (be they overt or implied) have something seriously wrong with them.
    • Kozue and Anthy's car scene in episode 26 is kind of creepy, since out of nowhere Kozue appears to start seducing a blank-faced Anthy in the car - in the middle of Miki's duel.
      • Kozue and Miki's entire relationship. They're twins, Kozue has tried to kiss Miki when he was asleep and when he's awake and has an unhealthy obsession with him. This leads to a scene in the movie when they're in the bath together and she holds a razor to his throat when he refused to tell her something about his personal affairs.
    • In one episode, Miki's piano teacher is hinted to have a less than savoury interest in him, and he's inappropriately touchy-feely with him when they talk. Kozue has clearly noticed, as it later turns out that she'd previously shoved the teacher down the stairs for it.
    • Nanami's obsession with her older brother Touga. She's a major Yandere for him and she once killed a kitten that she had gotten for him for his birthday because he paid more attention to it than her. He also tries to rape her in Akio's car which she fights off and he acts confused because he thought its what she always wanted. Yikes.
  • Monster: The love and devotion that the Gonkish Roberto has for his boss Johan. Also, Johan's behavior towards his twin sister Anna is pretty darn creepy.
  • The (written after the Anime) Wolfs Rain Manga had a villain ( Lord Darcia 3rd) effectively Mind Raping the confused Half Blood [2] Blue Yaiden in the latter chapters.
  • Haguro of Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest has creepy Foe Yay towards Inugami. It's creepy because Inugami is handsome and Haguro is ugly, is like nightmare fuel incarnate, is insane and a Complete Monster. Also there's that scene where Haguro decides to up his freakiness by kissing a battered Chiba, taking that opportunity to tear out his tongue, poop on him and then rape him. All because Inugami happened to run into him in the street earlier. And then there's Ryuuko's and Haguro's whole relationship given how Squicky they are and Ryuuko's feelings for Inugami...
  • Death Note: Higuchi and Misa's car scene. Higuchi is a Dirty Old Man and Misa is a young woman about half his age. After Higuchi proposes he looked about ready to rape her.
  • Nabari no Ou features a rather creepy scene where Hattori is practically hitting on Yoite - "You really are diligent and smart... as well as beautiful."
  • Loveless: Seimei is one hell of a creepy Yandere towards his brother Ritsuka.
  • Rune's feelings for Yamato in Karakuridouji Ultimo would be standard Ho Yay if not for the fact that Rune is a creepy Yandere who's way smaller and Bishonen looking than the more manly and downright huge Yamato, as well as the fact that Rune almost resorts to Murder the Hypotenuse and If I Can't Have You tactics in order to have Yamato for himself and even resorts to Attempted Rape in chapter 21.
    • Chapter 10 had a rather nightmarish scene where Rune and Yamato are in mecha form. Rune has Yamato forcibly pinned down, in a manner that sends off some disturbing rape vibes. He even talks about how it must be hurting Yamato.
  • Black Lagoon features the incestuous relationship between Creepy Twins Hansel and Gretel. Also, the scene Gretel disarms Eda in Episode 15 has some disturbing erotic overtones. It doesn't help that after the first grope (feeling for her gun holster, so it's justified), she gropes her again, this time lifting up part of tank top and grabs a nice handful of Eda's cleavage while her voice drops an octave. Normally, a little girl on girl action is nice but not when its coming from a child and a psychopathic murderer at that.
    • After Jane suggests she might make a pass on Rock, Revy's reaction is not to make a death threat as would be expected from someone hitting her Berserk Button about him, but to say this. It comes off as quite creepy, as not only does it shed some rather unsettling light on Revy's prison experience, but Revy here is basically threatening to make Jane her bitch.
  • Depraved Homosexual Jakotsu has a crush on the titular Inuyasha. He mostly wants to torture and possibly rape Inuyasha to death.
  • GetBackers: Takuma Fudou's one-sided obsession towards Ban. Yes, it's very disturbing and very wrong... but it's undeniably there. And not very subtle, either. After Ban ripped his arm off, Fudou became totally obsessed with him. He actually kept his own rotting, maggot-infested arm with him just so he can remind himself of Ban - which made him feel "incredible chills rising up throughout his body." It gets worse: His passionate dialogue towards Ban includes how he has a "throbbing desire" to kill him, as well as screaming for Ban to "give his body to him," "meet his desires," "quench his thirst and let him enjoy himself." And when Ban starts worrying about his Heterosexual Life Partner Ginji, Fudou gets pissed. "What are you looking at?! Look at me, Takuma Fudou!!" This is taken Up to Eleven in the Birth Arc, where Fudou reveals his dislike for Ginji, even coming straight out and saying that it's because "when you're around, Midou doesn't even notice me. Midou's eyes are not on me... because you're around!" He then proceeds to try to kill Ginji so that Ban will pay more attention to him. And then there's how he tells Ban that his mind goes blank whenever he sees him, and he can't remember anything other than trying to make Ban give his body to him and meet his desires. It's probably worth noting that he also got majorly pissed at both Hevyn and Shido for interfering with his fight with Ban, and for Hevyn gently putting a shirt on the half naked Ban (an act which seemed to piss him off to the point where he went berserk). Another noteworthy scene is during the Birth Arc, where Fudou gets very restless and excited, and feels a great "desire," wondering what it is about this day that he senses is so exciting. It then cuts to Ban sneezing, and exclaiming happily that a big breasted babe must be thinking about or talking about him.
    • As well as an instance where, when Ban wasn't putting up enough of a fight, Fudou started cutting himself up on the chest, screaming at Ban to "make him bleed" and "push him to the edge."
  • Yami no Matsuei: The incredible amount of Ho Yay Muraki aims at the main character becomes really really weird when we discover that his goal is to put his dead brother's head on Tsuzuki's body. Despite being a White-Haired Pretty Boy Muraki is also an insane Depraved Bisexual who raped and murdered Hisoka.
    • Hisoka and Tsuzuki are standard Ho Yay except for that one scene in the anime where a possessed Tsuzuki attacks Hisoka with a knife.
  • D.Gray-man: Tyki's subtext with Allen is very disturbing even though both are quite attractive because Tyki has tried to kill Allen numerous times and has destroyed his Innocence.
    • Road is quite attractive but she's also quite a frightening sadistic Yandere with a crush on Allen. Plus, it's been revealed that she's actually older than him and might be related to him.
  • No. 6: In chapter 6 a ominous greasy ugly old corpse collector comes up to Sion (a younger Bishonen Nice Guy) and hits on him saying "You're very pretty like a doll" and promises him meat and drink.
    • A top No 6 official makes unwanted advances on Dogkeeper in one scene because he thinks she's a prostitute. He also hits on Nezumi.
  • Perfect Blue features the Ax Crazy ugly Me-Mania's stalker obsession with the beautiful Mima. In particular the scene where he accosts and tries to rape/kill her is quite disturbing.
  • Good lord, do Akagi and Uozumi have this in Slam Dunk. It's been mentioned that Uozumi talks about defeating Akagi everyday and from what we've seen, this is probably not an exaggeration. He almost instantly took an interest in Akagi when he first saw him, cheered him on during the Kainan game, and his rivalry with him is his main motivation for improving. Even after quitting basketball he still travels all the way to Hiroshima just to see Akagi play and even gives him advice in the middle of a game. On Akagi's side he considers Uozumi the better player (despite what everyone else says) and has a great deal of respect for him. Their relationship is even mocked at times, such as when they hug and cry on each other's shoulder, only to show that they're both far too ugly for this to be anything but Fan Disservice.
  • Gankutsuou: Andrea seducing and bedding his own mother, then attempting to rape his half sister. At one point he even implies that he's even going to rape Haidee, however the count steps in and nothing actually happens.
  • Legend of the Blue Wolves features Captain Continental/anyone but especially his lusting after Jonathan who he beats up and eventually rapes.
  • Durarara: Izaya, being quite attractive is still quite a Jerkass and has moments like this with the girls he almost convinces to commit suicide. After one of them breaks into his hospital room and tries to kill him, he hugs her tightly while thanking her and telling her how much he loves her. Of course, it's plain creepy in context.
  • Kinjiro and Nagato from Airmaster. Nagato is quite unattractive and Kinjiro is attractive. Nagato says he wants to have Kinjiro's babies and asks him for a kiss which he reluctantly gives to take the pain of an injury away.
  • Devil May Cry: The Animated Series The Prison Warden hits on Dante in one scene.
  • Osanai's obsession with Paprika. Also, his implied relationship with the Chairman, who is an ugly old guy.
  • Mawaru Penguindrum has a lot. Episode 14 takes the cake though. Two cute girls ( Yuri and Ringo) bonding and spending a whole day together in an onsen? Oh yes, please. A mentally-broken Yuri drugging up Ringo, stripping both of them naked and then trying to rape her, while mentally repeating how much she hates herself due to her body issues and loneliness? Definitely not sexy.
    • Yuri's father and Yuri, as revealed in Episode 15. He carves her body with a chisel to make her "look beautiful" and be worthy of his love, while repeatedly telling her that she's ugly and he can't love ugly things. And this is not counting all of the hints that he sexually abused Yuri as well.
  • In Marchen Awakens Romance we have Alviss/Phantom. Normally, with the Phantom's attempts to kiss Alviss and his obsession with him and lack of personal space around him you'd think this would just be Guy-On-Guy Is Hot but not when Phantom brainwashes Alviss into staying by his side forever, licks the tears from his face and attempts to kill him. The Phantom is also clearly insane.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima features secondary villain Tsukuyomi. She starts as a mere Punch Clock Villain with shades of Psychopathic Manchild and a crush on her ex-sempai Setsuna Sakurazaki, but as time passes, she becomes really, *really*, creepily obsessed with Setsuna. And also seems to derive sexual pleasure from murder. Plus, there's the fact that it was heavily implied that she was going to rape Setsuna when she hit Setsuna with a Clothing Damage spell, followed by pinning her on the ground, and slowly and deliberately cutting off Setsuna's Sarashi bra. Coming from a bespectacled little blonde Yandere in a frilly Victorian gown makes this even more creepy.
  • Koharu no Hibi: Koharu's obsession with Akira. Her actions vary from affectionate (wanting to hold hands constantly) to creepy (the infamous recorder sucking scene, the scene where she sucked on his discarded bottle of tea, licking a picture of him on her phone) to downright bizarre (being disappointed that their literal viewpoints are not exactly the same).
  • Shugo Chara, where famous Idol Singer Utau Hoshina forcefully kisses the mysterious cat-boy Ikuto Tsukuyomi, much to the shock and horror of Amu, Kukai and their Charas (to quote Ran, "It's an adult's world!"). And it becomes Squick once you realize how they are related: she's his sister...
  • Mr. Kimura's obsession with high school girls in Azumanga Daioh. In particular his obsession with Kaorin.
  • Depraved Homosexual Karasu of Yu Yu Hakusho spends the last parts of the Dark Tournament coming on to Kurama; "Human bodies are so frail... I know you fear what my touch could do to you... yet maybe you also want to know it." All this while stroking his hair from behind. He also wants to own Kurama and considers torturing and killing him slowly the most intimate way of doing so.
  • Creed's obsession with Train in Black Cat. He spies on him sleeping in one scene, tries to kill him, kills his friend Saya and tries to kill his Heterosexual Life Partner Sven, as well as saying that he'd rather have him by his side as a dead body rather than let Saya have him.
  • Koyomi and his sister Karen in Bakemonogatari. One notable scene being when he gets on top of her in bed when brushing her teeth which causes her to act like she's having an orgasm the entire time while moaning.
  • Maki/Amber from Darker Than Black. Maki is a sociopathic creepy Child Soldier with Social Darwinist tendencies, who acts like a Stalker with a Crush towards his boss to a point he ties to Murder the Hypotenuse. Amber, on the other hand, is an adult woman in a body of a teenage girl and she becomes younger and younger as she uses her powers finally turning into a little girl and then disappearing completely. She is also a Manipulative Bitch with an Omniscient Morality License and an ability to see the future. Which means she knows Maki is going to die and chooses to do nothing about it, because it would ruin her plan and lead to a destruction of all Contractors.
  • The Sorcerer Hunters manga features a young sorcerer named Potato Chips and his devoted butler Jeeves. The latter's devotion comes off as borderline homoerotic. Basic fetish fuel, right? Well, Potato is a small child (no more than ten, at MOST) and Jeeves is an old man. CRINGE.

Comic Books


  • Luminosity: The pedophilia inherent in the Addy/five-year-old Elspeth shipping meant the author actually changed the chapter break to avoid it in the future. The original ending line of chapter 14 was:
  • Supernatural's Deterioration of Reason has the demon Belial who is not afraid to tell Castiel or anyone else how much he would love to ravish and devour Castiel. He clearly enjoys torturing Castiel and after injecting demon blood into him, Belial taunts him how he was inside of him. It becomes even more squicky in that Belial was once an archangel and hence Castiel's older brother.

Film - Animated

  • Toy Story 2: (Totally no relation to Toy Ship) The Les Yay might override the context of "When She Loved Me", just a little. Woody and Andy, too. Actually, any toy that was especially loved by their owner — they tend to start acting like scorned/jealous/bereaved lovers when the relationship ends.

 Woody: If you couldn't have her, no one could!

  • Rattlesnake Jake behaves in a somewhat molester-ish manner towards Rango, coiling around him and getting right up in his face.
  • Frollo's sexual obsession with Esmerelda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Aladdin: Jafar and Jasmine. Jafar is old and ugly and Jasmine is a young beautiful princess. Jafar wants to marry Jasmine (to gain the powers of the sultan but still...) and Jasmine has to kiss him in one scene to try to keep him from discovering Aladdin. Also, Jafar orders the Genie to make Jasmine fall in love with him. Jafar also calls her "pussycat" and "my dear". Squick.
  • Coraline and the Other Mother. There's some quite squicky subtext from a Freudian perspective.

Film - Live Action

  • Blue Velvet: Psycho drug-addicted gangster rapist Frank Booth/innocent wholesome college boy Jeffrey Beaumont. With Frank of course being the supplier of the depraved Squicky Ho Yay.

 Frank: (To Jeffrey) "Pretty... pretty... pretty... pretty... Pretty!"


 Christof: (To Truman) You're afraid. That's why you can't leave. It's okay, Truman. I understand. I have been watching you your whole life. I was watching when you were born. I was watching when you took your first step. I watched you on your first day of school. Heh heh. The episode when you lost your first tooth, heh heh... You can't leave, Truman. You belong here... With me. Talk to me. Say something.

  • This song from Pete's Dragon is undertone-a-riffic, between Pete and his enormous, unintelligible, animated dragon. A touching friendship ballad needn't be Ho Yay-riffic, but the use of phrases like "Remember the night when you first confided" make the whole thing sound excessively romantic.
  • Devon and Cornwall, two heads of the same dragon, in Quest for Camelot, particularly at the very end of the movie, definitely fall under this.

 Devon: Frankly, we're the reason cousins shouldn't marry.

  • It depends how you feel about demons and the such, but the ending of REC2 has some Les Yay between the horribly mutated possessed girl, Medeiros, and Angela the reporter, when the former kisses the latter in order to transfer the worm demon.
  • Nuada and Nuala in Hellboy II. They're Half-Identical Twins with Twin Telepathy and Synchronization, which makes it nigh-impossible for Nuala to hide herself and the MacGuffin from her villainous brother, no matter how much she wants to. Then along came Nuada's "Father tried so hard to shield your heart from mine." Even worse, Word of God says that all that incestuous subtext was intentional. That sort of thing isn't unusual in real life Irish myth.
  • Happens in-story in the movie Thirteen, when Mason Freeland walks into a store with a friend, and the two of them see a pretty girl in low-rise jeans and visible thong panties leaning over the counter, facing away from them. Mason calls out to her: "Oh sweetie, back that ass up," while his friend adds "I'd like to see how that thong looks on my bedroom floor." When she turns around, they see that the girl is, in fact, Mason's little sister Tracy. Mason is clearly horrified. His friend continues to hit on her.
  • Would Soundwave/Carly count? He does exclusively assault her with his menagerie of spiky, metallic tentacles, and lets them linger over her for a disturbingly long time before Sam agrees to Gould's terms...and this is after masquerading as her car and having her ass on his seat for Primus-knows-how-long! And if that weren't enough, there's his declaration of, "You're mine!" once he transforms and reveals himself to her.
  • Marissa's obsession with Hanna, also some of Hanna's interactions with Erik come off as romantic.
  • The sheer number of times Albert stares into Joey the horse's eyes while touching his head in War Horse has overtones of this. It's vaguely referenced within the movie.

 David: Are you writing a love letter to your horse?


  Annie Wilkes: I'm your number one fan....

  • Rippner and Lisa in Red Eye. Rippner is a Ax Crazy murderer out to kill Lisa's father and other people and even Lisa herself. There's some sexual tension between the two and the scene in the airplane bathroom where he accosts her was dripping with rape metaphors. Word of God also says that Rippner developed feelings for Lisa in the entire time he was watching her and that he was jealous of the man who gave Lisa her scar and raped her.


  • From Harry Potter, we get Harry and Voldemort, the barely-human dark wizard who murdered his parents. If the above picture (Page Image from Marthia Arkoniel.) didn't already clue you in, think of it this way. Their souls are connected, they share each other's dreams, memories and thoughts, Voldemort sometimes gets into Harry's head as a whispering voice of temptation, Voldemort's described as a very charismatic and seductive figure (who used to be physically dashing, before the dark arts corrupted his appearance) and a big deal's made about their fates being intertwined. It certainly doesn't help that Ralph Fiennes, who played Voldemort, is Mr. Fanservice beneath the makeup. Now, just remember that Voldemort is a sociopathic Complete Monster who murdered Harry's parents and tried to kill him as a baby, that he looks and talks like a humanoid serpent and that he is, by most estimates, around 70 years old...
  • The Vampire Chronicles: Louis/Claudia. Claudia is trapped inside the body of a five-year-old (eleven-year-old in the movie), and one of Louis' first descriptions of her in the book as a vampire (while she is still mentally a child) talks of her appearance being slightly sensual. Lolicon much, Louis?
    • The Vampire Lestat: After turning his mother, Gabrielle, the nature of their relationship changed from parent/child to hinting they were lovers. There was more subtle subtext when they were still humans, but it got worse after the change. Lestat going on and on about how sexy she looked in men's clothing and them discussing the possibility of vampire sex didn't help matters.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, Littlefinger spent all his interactions with Sansa in book one commenting on her attractiveness, stroking her face, comparing her to her mother, etc. She mentions later on that him even looking at her is uncomfortable. In books three and four, he's too obvious about his attraction to her for it to really be subtext, but, seeing as he's her uncle and adoptive father at that point, it's arguably creepier.
  • Count Olaf/Violet from A Series of Unfortunate Events. The first book alone has bucket loads of No Yay subtext, what with Count Olaf planning on marrying her and later consummating his relationship with his 14 year old adopted daughter. While Olaf didn't seem to have anything sexual in mind primarily, he still utters a quite Squicky line after being foiled: "You may not be my wife, but you are still my daughter, and..."
    • He decides that he'll let her live even after he has the fortune and makes quite a few comments on how pretty she is. In the next book he has a knife to her THIGH under the table. He has more than money in mind.
    • And then there's this line: "Violet imagined sleeping beside Count Olaf, and waking up each morning to look at this terrible man." The author must have known what that would imply to his older readers.
    • When the hook-handed man has Violet cornered in the tower during the rescue attempt for Sunny. -->"Yes, boss. Yes, boss, of course I understand she's yours, boss."
      • The emphasis is the author's. It sure seems like Olaf has to order the hook man not to rape her because he plans to do it first.
  • Since the protagonist is just barely a teenager, the Ho Yay vibes in this scene (starting about 5:45) from Stormbreaker are rather Squicky.
  • Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham in Red Dragon. Made worse in the movie adaption. "Do you dream much, Will? I think of you often."
  • Wicked Lovely brings us this between Donia, the cursed Wintergirl, and Beira, the queen who left her that way. It's subtle, but Beira stroking Don's face while blackmailing her into killing Keenan is one of the creepiest things in the series...and given the places later books go, that's saying somethiing!
  • In Death: Renee Obermann and William Garnet have a relationship that is just loaded with this. At one point, she tells him to walk her out like a good boy. It sounds like she's treating him like a dog. Much later, he shows up at her place, looking all furious. He shoves her into her apartment and she tells him to not put his hands on her again. He responds that he'll do more than put his hands on her. He sounds like a rapist. It is revealed that she had sexual relationship with him at one time, and she broke it off, because that was her way to establish control over him. Squick.
  • In the Outlander series, there's Captain John Randall towards Jamie. At first, it's more subtle Foe Yay, mostly consisting of Randall having a dreamy look on his face every time Jamie shows defiance and resistance towards him, culminating in Dougal describing Randall's look as a guy who's hot on a girl. And then, Randall shows that these impulses actually extend to being out-and-out sexual, revealing his desire for Jamie to "become his"... which eventually results in poor Jamie getting imprisoned, raped, and beaten (as part of certain scenario that Randall is into) repeatedly. It gets worse when Randall is actually revealed to have probably been genuinely in love with him, in his own messed up way.
  • In Peter Moore's "Caught In The Act" we have Lydia's Yandere obsession with Ethan.
  • Catcher in The Rye: The infamous passage in which Mr. Antolini strokes the forehead of a sleeping Holden. Even Holden himself is rather disturbed, fleeing Mr. Antolini's house right afterwards.
    • Antolini's inquiries about Holden's girlfriends and the fact that he calls Holden "handsome" as he wishes him goodnight could be read as flirtatious advances as well.
  • In Wicked Lovely think too much about how Beira acts towards Donia in the first book and you could be squicked out.

Live Action TV

  • Firefly also has an extremely creepy one-way version of this between Jubal Early and River. Pretty much all of his lines regarding her can easily be interpreted as sexual in nature, and that's before you factor in the rape threats. Not to mention River's line, "You crawl inside me uninvited," which does NOT exactly help things.

 Jayne: Now, somethin' 'bout that is just downright unsettlin'.

  • Willow and VampWillow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The fact that had Willow not shot her, VampWillow (who's not only a vampire, but also creepily insane) was well on her way toward forcing the issue, doesn't help the playful subtext that continues afterward.
  • Dexter: Dexter/Icetruck Killer. And they toned down the subtext for the TV series. The novel was even more blatant.
    • In the novel they were brothers, with Dexter not knowing of Brian's existence. Dexter's fascination with murder was almost sexual anyway, which goes a long way to explain how he interacted with his new-found brother.
      • I'm in pieces Ken
  • Farscape's Crichton/Scorpius and their blatant subtext falls between this and Fan Disservice. Hell, Scorpius/Anyone. There's even a really squicky sex scene at one point involving him and a woman with what look like twitching spider legs coming out of her head. And then there's all the Scorpius/Braca subtext...
  • KC and Coach Carson from Degrassi the Next Generation during Heart Like Mine Part 1 and 2. KC is fifteen and Coach Carson is his basketball coach. The guy does several creepy things. First, he gives KC the room key for his hotel room, so he can make out with Jenna, and then he walks in on them, saying, "Don't mind me." He also takes off his shirt a couple times in front of KC and invades his personal space, touching his shoulders a lot. Later, he gives KC beer and watches PORN with him. During the next episode, he shows him his gun, but the worst part is when he hires a prostitue to "help" KC get laid — pretty much insinuating that he wanted to have a threesome with KC and the hooker. When KC calls him a pervert, he replies by saying, "I didn't touch you!"
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has the dubious honor of sporting a case of No Yay so intense that the actress herself took issue with it and stopped it cold. The producers wanted Dukat, a mass-murdering war criminal, romantically paired up with Kira, the former freedom fighter whose people were the target of his genocide, and so subtext started appearing all over the place. Nana Visitor protested the move so vehemently that the planned storyline was soon dropped and they wound up as even worse enemies. So the producers revealed that Kira's mother was Dukat's lover.

 Nana Visitor: Playing Kira, I can't even entertain the thought. It's too disgusting.

  • Horatio Hornblower has, in the first episode, the very creepy Inquisition scene in which Simpson gets a couple of other midshipmen to pin Horatio to a table, then leans in way too close to him and asks him what his "dirty little secret" is, starting with "A fancier of other boys, perhaps?" Additionally, there's a lot of subtext and hints dropped ("You don't know half of what he's capable of"; "Jack's missed you, boy"; etc.) that before Horatio arrived, Simpson was sexually abusing Archie. Which of course just makes the Inquisition that much worse.
  • In one episode of Friends, during part of an I Know You Know type Gambit Pileup, it's Monica and Chandler versus everyone else (except Ross). Chandler and Monica want to keep their relationship secret, but Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel want them to reveal it. It comes down to Phoebe and Chandler trying to "seduce" each other, despite the fact that neither of them wanted to seduce the other. It eventually, they both lean in for the kiss, and it's plain on their faces that that they do not want to. It's hilarious.
  • Lost: The season five finale gives us hints of Ben/Jacob, which is disturbing on so many levels.
  • Oz had a few of these. Keller/Schillinger in particular is a good example with the kiss Keller gives Schillinger at one point considering that Schillinger is a creepy ugly old rapist and Keller a Depraved Bisexual murderer. Also Beecher/Schillinger with Schillinger raping Beecher and messing with his head.
  • Rizzoli and Isles features Hoyt/Jane seeing as how Hoyt is a ugly creepy Ax Crazy serial killer after Jane and Jane is beautiful and is especially terrified of him.
  • True Blood: Lorena/Bill. In "It Hurts Me Too" after Bill pins Lorena against a wall and tells her that he'll never love her, she kisses him. He does not react well to this, first going for her throat with his fangs, then responding to her urging him to make love to her by doing so extremely violently to the point that he leaves several cuts on her chest and twists her head around 180 degrees. Lorena loves every second of it, and dreamily says "Oh William, I so love you." Also, even after Bill tells Lorena multiple times that he hates her guts and can't stand the sight of her, she still has the nerve to ask him "When will we see each other again?"
  • Glee: Rachel's obsession with Quinn and her constant harping on how Quinn is the prettiest girl she's ever met has long crossed the point of creepiness. She's one step away from kidnapping the lady.
    • Karofsky kissing Kurt when he usually bullies him.
  • Community: The episode "Physical Education" has a scene where Jeff has a pool match with his aging, overweight new billiards instructor. It features both of them getting naked and the instructor walking up to Jeff while both are still naked and then kissing him on the lips.


  • In the much-despised sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, the song "The Beauty Underneath" sounds like a Repo! cut song, features a lot of breathy moans of "yes!", and a lot of ambiguously romantic language. Despite the show's flaws, the song would be standard Phantom Fetish Fuel... if it weren't sung to the Phantom's ten year old son.
  • Stanley and Blanche of A Streetcar Named Desire. Blanche insults Stanley every chance she gets and Stanley equally hates her. Then you see how he deliberately tries to ruin her life and eventually rapes her to insanity.

Video Games

  • There's heavy implication that Bowser keeps kidnapping Peach because he has a crush on her. It's kind of sweet, really. But when he lied to Bowser Jr., saying that she was actually his mother? Gross. He was basically telling his son "I hit that".
    • Even worse is that she never once denies the possibility that Bowser Jr. is her child. Just a shocked "I'm your mama?" Either she has no clue about the birds and the bees or... yikes (it's probably the former, since being completely oblivious when giving birth to a dinosaur is kind of hard).
    • Depends, was Mario in the room?
  • Helen/Travis in Silent Hill Origins. Crazy moms are scary.
  • Asha in Iji ends up generating some one sided Foe Yay with his obsession. He considers Dan whom he refers to as "her partner" so unimportant he thinks Iji being upset about endangering/killing him is petty. If Iji bypasses the duel he leaves a suicide note that makes it sound more like she rejected a date.
    • Turning on the Scrambler makes the implied crush on her even more explicit. I know you're not supposed to take whatever anyone says while the Scrambler is on seriously, but when Asha's dialogue is more or less composed of "<3", "TOOT TOOT", "HONK" and other possibly dirty things, you can't help but think that Daniel Remar is seriously hinting at something.
  • The Condemned series gives us Serial Killer X / Ethan Thomas. The subtext gets a lot more blatant in the sequel Bloodshot, where SKX actually rescues Ethan, gets close to him and holds a knife to his throat, whispering to him, "Yes... I look forward to cutting you open... learn your little secret..." or how he told Ethan, "Do you think of me whenever you look at your hand? I think of you every time I look in the mirror..." Which would all be well and good, except SKX has a huge section of his mouth / jaw blown off, and has a bunch of cuts and scars on his forehead and face. And adding to that, Ethan is a pale, sickly worn down drunk. Please, No Yay.
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn has Ashnard/Naesala, Valtome/Zelgius, Oliver/Reyson, Oliver/Rafiel, Oliver/Sigrun, Oliver/Caineghis,... Hell, any pairing involving Oliver.
  • Haunting Ground has plenty of this. There's Riccardo towards Fiona. At first, this might not seem so Squicky, since his voice seems pretty handsome, and he looks very mysterious with the brown cloak covering his face. Until they actually show his face, and it's revealed that he's actually a 40-50 year old, bald man with a bunch of facial scars. It gets even creepier when the player realizes that he's actually her uncle — made even worse in that he's her father's clone, meaning he pretty much shares the same DNA as her father. And he acts like a complete creep towards Fiona — abducting her and stripping her so she has to go around the mansion naked, carving a statue of her pregnant (and telling her that he's going to make her that way), sticking some stick thing up her... apparently to make sure she's healthy enough to have his child and to make sure she was a virgin, out-and-out stalking her with a gun ("Fiona, why do you run? Let me into your womb!"), and... even more disturbingly, if he catches and kills her during gameplay, the Game Over has him raping her body. Interestingly enough, the worst ending in the game is where he does manage to kidnap her, and confines her in a cage and apparently impregnates her. She's later shown as his wife, with him being very happy. Ugh.
    • And then there's Lorenzo and Fiona. The guy is a crazy, decrepit, wheel chair bound, incredibly old man. Apparently, he wants to rape and impregnate her, too. It's so disturbing when he's revealed to be her freaking grandfather. Fiona really doesn't have any luck with her relatives, does she? He creeps the hell out of most people with the way he crawls around grabbing onto Fiona's legs, calling her his "dear Fiona."
  • The sequel to The Suffering has as one of its villains the ghost of a man who raped and killed prostitutes, and who says things like "I cut her apart so I could see her inner self." Some dialogue indicates that he's a Depraved Bisexual and has his eye on the main character. Even worse, at one point he appears to audibly fantasise you as a child... specifically as a little girl.
  • Axel/Roxas. Some may like it, but others... Axel is around 25, and Roxas is around 15. Also, Axel is, as of the release of 358/2 Days, something of a surrogate father to Roxas. Wife Husbandry leaves a really bad taste in a lot of people's mouths.
    • Also, Roxas/Xion considering She's a clone of Roxas's somebody. The Screw Yourself implications scares off romantic interpretations of their relationship. "I am Sora, just as I am you[Roxas]". Selfcest, much? Not to mention Xion's appearance changes based on who looks at her... who knows what her privates REALLY look like... what if Xigbar walked in on seeing Roxas and Xion doing it? Would he just see Roxas doing it with himself? What if Saix saw it? Creepy, creepy, creepy shit.
      • Xion's true form seems to be a featureless puppet, considering that's what Larxene (who doesn't care about anybody) saw when she looked at her. Whether that lessens or intensifies the creepiness is up to you.
    • Even a person with low-prescription Shipping Goggles would pick up on the Squick created by the scene in Re:Chain of Memories when Riku faints after battling Lexaeus and Xehanort's Heartless's voice is echoing all around the abyss of darkness surrounding Riku. He speaks in this creepy, predatory voice; and when he appears he reaches out towards Riku who franticly backpedals. Ansem/Riku is the pairing most widely acknowledgeed as pedophiliac.
    • Starting with Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts seems unusually fond of adding No Yay implications to its villains, actually. Just for a few examples, there's Namine's completely terrified reaction to Marluxia putting a hand on her shoulder, Riku-Replica's desperate attempt to back away from an advancing Larxene, and in Birth by Sleep, Master Xehanort's rather disturbing interest in Terra's body, as well as Vanitas' chosen method for holding Ven down while he forces a union with his other half.
  • Drakengard is made of this, quite deliberately. The hero's sister wants to jump his bones, and one of your main characters is a pedophile. Long story short, you know there's problems when the least squicktastic implied pairing is the hero and his dragon partner.
  • Mass Effect: After some close listening to Harbinger's lines, a large fraction of them make it sound like he wants Shepard. Really, really bad. Even Mecha Cthulhus want Shepard.
    • In universe, Ashley will get all bitchy if Shepard jokes about her and Liara fighting over him. Afterwards he can suggest a threesome, which promptly causes Ash to dump his ass.
    • The second game was working on a lesbian romance with Shepard and Tali, however her voice actor was really uncomfortable with the idea so it was dropped.
  • For an in-universe example, in the Ace Attorney series, Edgeworth gets incredibly pissed off at anyone who tries to suggest the Edgeworth/Wendy Oldbag ship. Especially Oldbag herself.
  • Familial love ending up as No Yay isn't all that uncommon, so it's no surprise that some people see subtext between heroine Jade and her uncle/surrogate father Pey'j in Beyond Good and Evil. That particular pairing would involve (deep breath) Wife Husbandry with a side-order of Parental Incest, a 30-year age difference, bestiality, and a serious size difference. There's a scene where the two hug each other in a triumphant way after defeating a boss that comes off as very odd to some people.
  • Sonic/Tails, commonly Played for Laughs and played straight in the fandom. Keep in mind that the former is fifteen years old, while the latter is eight.
  • In Prototype, there is a really, really disturbing amount of subtext between Alex Mercer and Elizabeth Greene. The scene when she ends up pinning his body beneath hers with their faces a hair apart does not help at all. But, quite apart from them trying sincerely to kill/eat each other, the obvious age difference (she looks nineteen, he looks about a decade older (even squickier given The Reveal she's over fifty and he hasn't even lived a month), their mutual creepiness, and that she calls herself his mother...well, add tentacles, disease, pustules and blood, stir well and enjoy your Squick. Extra horror: THEY ACTUALLY BREED. It wasn't intended by either of them but eeeugh.
  • Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime: What would be a fitting reward for the hero? Could he become a prince? Brilliant! But he has to marry Fat Bastard Gluttonella...
  • One of the possible companions in Dragon Age II, Fenris, is a former slave. For a long time, a common theory was that he was more than just a body guard; especially since some of his former master's lines give certain implications. This seemed to be just a theory since Fenris acts exasperated when Isabela brings it up, but then Word of God confirmed it. Also, said former master is an old guy. Brain Bleach, please.
  • For Blaz Blue Continuum Shift, there is a lot of unpleasant subtext between Relius and Makoto. His obsession with Makoto's "immaculate soul" borders on fetishistic, his dialogue and means on restraining her during his Astral is demeaning, and then there's Makoto's Bad Ending. *Shudders*
  • Metal Gear Solid: The fight between Vamp and Raiden in the fourth game has some extremely disturbing homoerotic imagery: the grappling, the almost rutting-like motion when Raiden stabs himself to nail Vamp--and don't forget the white blood and the [[Lecherous Licking crotch-knife licking and stabbing which almost looks like rape.
    • Plus, when Raiden stabs himself and Vamp, they end up in a pose that makes it look like Vamp is spooning Raiden. And then Vamp pulls Raiden closer to plunge the blade in farther.
  • Togainu no Chi features a lot of this. For example, there's one of the ending which has Keisuke ripping out Akira's guts while proclaiming that he loves Akira. He's also sporting a look that seems similar to an orgasm.

Web Comics

  • Order of the Stick. Belkar/anyone. Pairing him with a random woman he made out with while killing all her co-workers is one of the least squicky possibilities.
    • Tsukiko is a necromancer who likes undead. LIKE likes undead. Even Xykon is squicked by this.
      • You know you've reached a new level of Sick and Wrong when even the dead think you're creepy.
        • "Hold on, there. I'm not one of those disgusting biophiliacs."
        • She's heterosexual, but she once performed a sexual act on a corpse so decayed she didn't realize it was female, as mentioned here. Ewww.
      • And there's one scene where she comes out of her bedroom in bra and panties holding a Xykon doll.
        • Considering she says she was "trying to get a little shut-eye"...
    • Until recently, there was a series of threads on the official forum dedicated to this (well, all pairings actually), using a different subtitle each time the post limit. Some examples of these subtitles? "Brain Bleach Not Supplied", "50% More Squick" and "We've Finally Stooped to Shipping Ourselves". Though no longer on the official forum, they are continued here and here.
      • When they say "all pairings", they mean all pairings. Examples include: Redcloak/Vaarsuvius(a crowd favorite), Redcloak/Vaarsuvius: The Musical, Belkar/Roy's Sword and Ancient Black Dragon/Anyone. Those are some of the more reasonable ships.
        • If the one that actually killed the threads isn't the most disgusting pairing out of all of them, then it has to be close to it. You don't want to know... It was between Roy, one of the main characters, with his dead baby, as in still in diapers, brother... now I'm going to throw up.
  • Sluggy Freelance proudly presents you with Sam/Zombie-Head-On-A-Stick. Yes, that's a guy named Sam shipped with the rotting head of a zombie that's been stuck on the end of a stick.
  • In El Goonish Shive, there are several in-universe examples.
    • This is Tedd's reaction to the thought of Nanase, his cousin, involved with anyone.
    • In the 'Hammerchlorians' arc, it looks like Sarah may need to settle occasional feelings in this area regarding Elliot's less manly times, too.
    • Justin is less than thrilled with Elliot's less manly times as well.
    • Elliot and Tedd at Grace's saying she wouldn't mind Elliot turning into her if he wants to experiment with making his 'turn into a girl' magic sexy.

Western Animation

  • Batman Beyond: "Out of the Past". Ra's Al Ghul. In Talia's body. Flirting with Old!Bruce, complete with a smooch. The awkwardness is over 9000. Bruce even points it out later:

 Terry: Lady, you are creeping me out!

Bruce: You? She kissed me.


 Batgirl: What do you supposed they do on a date?

Batman: I don't want to think about it.

    • And then there's Joker/Batman.
    • Also from Beyond, Terry/Bruce was a reasonably popular couple for a while as a Mentor Ship, and then it was revealed in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue" that Bruce is actually Terry's biological father through DNA shenanigans thanks to Amanda Waller. Anyone who wasn't into Parental Incest promptly jumped ship.
  • Cat R. Waul's relationship with Tanya in An American Tail:Fievel Goes West, with the former an adult cat who plans to eat the family of the latter. There are still fans of the couple.
  • Invader Zim has Zim/Dib. Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls aside, their relentless, almost sadomasochistic obsession with other falls into this frequently. Jhonen Vasquez has stated that this pairing makes him feel ill. That's actually a bit of an accomplishment, considering it's Jhonen Vasquez.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic/Robotnik. A canon Crack Pairing if there ever was one (this, of course, is in Adventures of Sonic). To be fair, Sonic was disguised as Robotnik's first love, Lucinda, tricking him into marrying him in an over-the-top Slapstick fashion. Which just makes the pairing even more messed up.
  • Slade in the animated Teen Titans series is basically this trope incarnate. The ridiculous amounts of Foe Yay with Robin, his not at all wholesome partnership with Terra, his highly suggestive Mind Rape of Raven and suggestive lines/actions towards her (in the episode "Birthmark"... the man causes a lot of this.
    • Made even worse because Slade/Terra is a canon pairing in the comic.
      • Though oddly enough Terra is actually far, far, far more evil in her comic incarnation.
    • Trigon, Raven's demonic Complete Monster of a father, and Raven.
  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers had a couple of examples. "Ariel" implied that Niko had a slight crush on her captain, Zachary Foxx, at one point. This is pretty reasonable. Zach's got a lot of Mr. Fanservice factors working in his favor. However... the (likely) unintentional resemblance she has to Eliza (Zach's wife) makes it a little creepy. The fact that Maya Danzinger voiced Eliza in her only "live" appearance while Laura Dean (Niko's actress) voiced Eliza in "Space Sorcerer" and "Psychocrypt" (both times, turning out to be someone's attempt to Mind Screw Zach)... well, this makes it a lot creepy.
  • The Foe Yay between Rex and Van Kleiss on Generator Rex can turn very squicky, very quickly, given how squicky Van Kleiss himself is.
    • "You are very important to me, Rex", indeed.
    • Also, Breach comes across as a particularly horrifying type of Yandere one episode, seeing as how she traps Rex in her own personal pocket dimension and refers to him as her "new favorite".
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: Numbuh 1 and his enemies/ technically adopted cousins The Delightful Children.
    • When The Delightful Children had to kiss Numbuh 3 in a school play, all of them (including the fat girl) lean forward and pucker up.
    • King Sandy and his interest in marrying Numbuh 3 and later Mushi.
    • Numbuh 5 and Stickybeard. The Squick about this is that she's 10 and he looks to be around forty-something.
  • Mr. Garrison is this when paired with anyone in South Park.
    • Remember that one episode, back in Season 4, when Wendy and Cartman, who are usually enemies, pair up for a debate and subsequently fall so hard in this that Wendy dreams about Cartman riding into a mountain meadow, shirtless, on a white horse?
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Bubbles and Him. Yes, Bubbles and Satan.
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Twilight and Discord, based on the scene in which he strokes her face. Cue fanart of Twilight demanding an adult.
  • The Simpsons features Smithers crush on his boss, Mr. Burns who's old, skinny, ugly, and evil.
    • One time Marge got a job at the nuclear plant and Mr. Burns developed a thing for her.
  • Adventure Time has a very squicky relationship between Finn and the Ice King, eventually leading up to the point where the Ice King makes fanfiction and Finn kisses the Ice King. Yes, twelve year old boy has a relationship with an old man who has an obsession with capturing princesses much younger than him.
  • Ursula and Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. What with her calling Ariel things like "my child", "angelfish", "my dear sweet child", "sweet cakes", "poor little princess", and "my sweet". As well as telling her if she can't get Prince Eric to kiss her on the third day, then as a consequence, she'll "belong to me"/"will be mine". Not to mention her tendency to invade Ariel's personal space. Also at one point in the 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' song; she moves her tentacle across Ariel's chest, with Ariel having to push it off.
    • She was originally intended to be Ariel's aunt, which probably only makes it worse.
  • The Joker's Foe Yay subtext with The Batman given how insane the Joker is.
  • In Family Guy this happens a lot with Quagmire being unattractive and a horny bastard who frequently has sex (consensual or not) with women as well as his interest in Meg, who is the universe's Butt Monkey and is considered hideous. As well as that one time in "Barely Legal" where she developed a Yandere interest in Brian (the family's talking dog) after he drunkenly kissed her at her prom which lead to an attempt on her part to rape him. There's also Quagmire's and Brian's unhealthy obsession with Lois as well as Stewie's (a talking baby) advances on Brian.
    • Not to mention Meg's brief relationship with Adam West who is way older than her and it was revealed that he branded his initials on her ass.
    • Herbert's (a creepy old guy) interest in much younger guys like Chris.
    • Lois and Stewie have some of this as well.
    • Peter (Meg's dad) once had her kiss him on the lips and it was implied that they slept together once.
    • Peter orders Chris (his son) to take Lois' place while she is away. Chris, playing Lois, sits next to Peter and compliments his muscles. Peter plays along and promises an obscene sex for that night.
  • Danny Phantom and Vlad. Vlad's first appearance alone has him creeping into Danny's room just watching the boy struggle in his sleep, then there's Danny's foot massage request in "Torrent of Terror", not to mention the multiple attempts Vlad has done to try and lure Danny into the dark side which when taken in a different context, it sounds almost seductive. And of course "Eye for an Eye" which is a treasure trove of subtext quotes ("I'm rubbing your nose in this mess you made, Daniel, doesn't it smell yummy?" and "You forgot to take your supplements, have a dose of vitamin-ME!" for example). That episode also has them seeing each other naked. Then there's the fact Vlad made a prepubescent female clone of him... whom he only planned to use to perfect a male clone. The Slade-Robin similarities don't exactly help, either. Given Vlad's obsession with Danny's mother and desire to make Danny his son, Freud would definitely have something Oedipal related to say about it.
    • Dark Danny and Danny have one-sided No Yay, with Dark Danny being the one generating it. At one point, he forces a Time Medallion inside Danny's body while Danny screams in pain. They have quite a few fanfics dedicated to them, though.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Vexus's obsession with Jenny.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants and Squidward given his creepy obsession with him. Don't see it? Come on! They're like brothers, only closer.
  • Suzy of Phineas and Ferb is Jeremy's sister with a huge Yandere crush on him.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 has Shredder and Krang, two villains who always bicker like an old married couple. Keep in mind that one of them is a slimy brain monster.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender "The Waterbending Master", Zuko's approach on Katara was really disturbing. First, what harm from the pirates exactly does he claim he will protect her? Second, he tease her while putting her necklace back. But it's actually an engagement necklace, so putting it while immobilizing the girl would be a forced marriage. Seriously, you could sub this scene "You're so pretty, it's really a shame it's a PG show, because I'd really like to rape you".
    • Azula has some seriously creepy subtext towards almost everyone, especially towards Zuko her brother who she'd like to kill.
  • In Star Wars the Clone Wars, the very first time Ahsoka met Cad Bane, he electrocuted her twice — first to knock her out, then just for the fun of it — handcuffed her, caressed her head in a rather creepy manner, before taking her Padawan Braid as a trophy. Much later, when Ahsoka protected an unconscious Anakin from him, he left, promising her a dance at an other time. Then there's Garnac, the leader of a Trandoshan hunting party, who hunted Ahsoka and other kidnapped Jedi children on a jungle moon. He provided lines like these:

 Garnac She (Ahsoka) can't hide for ever! Mark my words, I'll have her skin, and nail it to the wall for killing my son!

Garnac A valiant effort little younglings. Esspecially You, togruta. You'll be a prized trophy of my collection.