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Born in 1951, Nobuo Tomizawa is one of the lead directors of Telecom Animation Film, he first started at Nippon Animation in 1972 (The Japanese version of The Other Wiki said that he came to Nippon Animation in 1974, but Tomizawa has said in a conference that he came to them in 1972) and left Nippon Animation to come to Telecom in 1977 for more money and he became a director in 1980 as one of the studio's directors died during the production of the Ulysses31 pliot and took over the production on it.

Productions worked on by Nobuo Tomizawa:

70's work

80's work

90's work

2000's work

2010's works

  • Hime Chen Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri (First series): Timing Supervisor for episodes 27 to 51 (listed as Assistant Director, however, all Tomizawa did was look over the Timing sheets), Storyboards and Episode Director.
  • Detective Conan The Lost Ship In The Sky: Key Animation.
  • Lupin III The Eternal Mermaid: Chief Telecom Director.