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File:Hiyamatrope01 1981.jpg

He will show you the power of TRUE courage.


Sure, sure, but please, not so loud... *pulls out earplugs*

Anyway, Nobuyuki Hiyama is a seiyuu, well known for his dramatic yelling for young characters, thus making him the go-to seiyuu of Hot-Blooded characters. He's quite prolific according to ANN, and fans nickname him King of Braves/Yuusha-Oh, not just for his GaoGaiGar role as Guy Shishioh, but the fact that he's done ANOTHER Brave series protagonist, Maito Senpuuji from The Brave Express Might Gaine, the Brave project before GaoGaiGar that played the key role of planting down the seeds of the now Constitution of Bravery. In addition to this, he has also voiced Adult Link (his grunts and yells anyways) from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, who wielded the Triforce of COURAGE! However, he is also capable of doing cold, calculating characters, psycho characters, and cool-headed characters. But yeah, his main forte is Hot Bloodedness. God bless the souls of those few English VAs daring enough to dub over his voice.

As somewhat odd as he may seem, this guy usually plays Bishonen thanks to his unique sexy voice. (But hey, he's doing better lately. Plus, he's got some great taste in clothing to make up for it.)

Best buds with Toshiyuki Morikawa, and close friends with Hikaru Midorikawa.

He may or may be related with the creation of Naruto's Might Guy due to the origin of his Yuusha-Oh nickname.

Tropes associated with Hiyama:

  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Morikawa's the boke, while Hiyama is the tsukkomi.
  • Every King Loves His Castles: Fans didn't notice the input at first, but Hiyama's crowning "King" nickname has shed light on his long-time hobby of studying ancient castles.
  • Fan Nickname: Hi-chan (pronounced as "Hee-chan"), The King of Braves, and "The King of _(insert character's description here)_" for his character's nicknames.
  • Hot-Blooded: Yes, he is THE living example. Any recording studio his works in will be raised 3℃ higher in temperature instantly once he raises his voice.
  • Large Ham Radio: Hiyama comes from a radio club background. Without a doubt, we absolutely guarantee you that he'll deliver them whenever he host one or attend one.
  • Playing Against Type: Every now and then. Tachibana is the Chessmaster. Younger is one of the comedic villains.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Most notably with Keiji Fujiwara (with Hiyama always as some form of commander and Fujiwara as some form of his right-hand-man,) Katsuyuki Konishi ( way or the other,) Toshiyuki Morikawa (friends,) Hikaru Midorikawa (The Hero vs. The Rival respectively,) and most recently Yukari Tamura (Moe heroine with manly hero/partner).
    • Special note regarding the Hero-Rival thing with Midorkawa. The main difference between Hiyama's character rivalry relationship and Takehito Koyasu's rivalry relationship, is that Hiyama would pretty much always be on The Hero's side, while Koyasu on the other hand would often switch around the hero-rival roles with Midorikawa...and the latter pair somehow by fate see their rivalry as an extreme Serious Business.
  • The Smart Guy/Shorter Means Smarter: At 166 cm high, he's surprisingly petite for a guy. Yet he's proven very knowledgeable in various subjects especially history.
  • Fanboy Magnet: Now look, every average-joe would always like to dream of being the hero for their damsels in distresses right? But with the majority of male seiyuu idols (and even screen actors) working damn hard just to appeal the female fanbase by giving themselves up towards feminine looks (dyed hair, slim built and all), be "cute," and rant HoYays for the sake of it, Hiyama, who appears to be an average looking guy himself, is probably the only seiyuu left that can achieve the characteristics, the fantasies, and the adventures of a heroic, masculine man who all the guys can look up to. So, this is the reason why men can't help but to give off massive fan screams that are louder than the gals whenever the presence of Hiyama is detected. And producers would do anything to hook Hiyama into Mecha, and or Harem Genre shows, even if it means to cast him as a not-so-physically-attractive Otaku just to attract the male audience. Because all a guy wants are cute girls, boobs and bottoms, and to be the Badass hero guy who can be around those boobs and bottoms all the time.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Ramen, Ramen, Ramen!