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A weekly late-night programming block on Japan's Fuji Television, devoted to anime series targeted at audiences lying outside of typical anime-watching demographics. Despite the time slot, series broadcast under the noitaminA flag generally attract a sizable viewership, and have developed a reputation for high quality.

noitaminA began as a half-hour slot on Fuji TV, but expanded to one hour for the spring 2010 season. Its official Japanese website is here, with a somewhat less up-to-date English version available as well.

The name is "Animation" backwards, in case you're wondering.

Series originally broadcast during noitaminA:

Current/Future Shows

  1. Sakamichi no Apollon (April 2012-)
  2. Tsuritama (April 2012-)
  3. Moyashimon Returns (July 2012-)
  4. Natsuyuki Rendezvous (July 2012-)
  5. Robotics;Notes (October 2012-)
  6. Psycho-pass (October 2012-)

Past Shows

  1. Honey and Clover (April-September 2005)
  2. Paradise Kiss (October-December 2005)
  3. Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales (January-March 2006)
  4. Jyu Oh Sei (April-June 2006)
  5. Honey and Clover II (June-September 2006)
  6. Hataraki Man (October-December 2006)
  7. Nodame Cantabile (January-June 2007)
  8. Mononoke (July-September 2007)
  9. Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture (October-December 2007)
  10. Hakaba Kitaro (January-March 2008)
  11. Library War (April-June 2008)
  12. Antique Bakery (July-September 2008)
  13. Nodame Cantabile: Paris Chapter (October-December 2008)
  14. Genji Monogatari Sennenki (January-March 2009)
  15. Eden of the East (April-June 2009)
  16. Tokyo Magnitude 8 (July-September 2009)
  17. Trapeze (October-December 2009)
  18. Nodame Cantabile: Finale (January-March 2010)
  19. House of Five Leaves (April-June 2010)
  20. The Tatami Galaxy (April-June 2010)
  21. Shiki (July-December 2010)
  22. Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture (live action) (July-September 2010)
  23. Kuragehime (October-December 2010)
  24. Wandering Son (January-April 2011)
  25. Fractale (January-April 2011)
  26. C the Money And Soul of Possibility (April-June 2011)
  27. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (April-June 2011)
  28. No. 6 (July 2011-September 2011)
  29. Bunny Drop (July 2011-September 2011)
  30. Un-Go (October-December 2011)
  31. Thermae Romae (January 2012)
  32. Guilty Crown (October 2011-March 2012)
  33. Black Rock Shooter (February-March 2012)