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An oft-used stock phrase when it comes to merchandising or advertising, done to ensure the intended consumer that their product has evolved beyond its original form. How true such a bold statement actually is tends to be subject to personal opinion.

This can also use other family members in place of "father". "Mother", "Grampa", or "Grandma" are the most common. Also appears as "isn't your father's".

Examples of Not Your Daddy's X include:


  • Late 1980's: "This is not your father's Oldsmobile... This is the new generation of Olds."


Live Action Television


 Lewis Black: "Now this is not your father's Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. This one lets you choose which girl you get to be, which tiny bikini she gets to wear, and... uh, what's it matter after that?"



  • An early issue of Wizard magazine described DC Comics's Adam Strange as "Not your father's superhero. He's your grandfather's" -- due to the fact that the only time when he was especially popular was in the early Silver Age.


New Media

News Broadcast

  • The Pulse

 Shepard Smith: "This isn't your father's news magazine."



Web Comics


 Dad: "Say there, sport! This is one squeaky-clean comic!"


Western Animation

  • One episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades has Flint remarking about the laser-based weaponry manufactured by M.A.R.S. Industries (which is slowly beginning to replace bullet-based guns as the weapon of choice on the frontlines), warning his men, "Watch the recoil! These are plasma-pulse rifles, not your daddy's M16s!"