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File:250px-Nuclear Dawn logo 5821.jpg


The Nuclear Dawn devastated the world. But today, the war still rages on. As the survivors join the blue banner of the Consortium, or the red standard of the Empire, which side will you choose? - Nuclear Dawn trailer.


Nuclear Dawn is a First-Person Shooter / Real Time Strategy hybrid. It was developed and self-published by Inter Wave Studios using the Source Engine. It was originally announced as a free mod in February 2006, but suffered a protracted development schedule. It was reborn as a retail title, finally getting a simultanious PC/MAC release on Steam on September 26 of 2011. An Xbox360 version is forthcoming.[when?]

It is the year 2049. The world has been devastated by the fires of nuclear war, but humanity perseveres- in great enough numbers to form two new nations from the ashes of the old world: The massive, communistic, oppressive Empire, and the individualistic, determined Consortium, who always put The Men First. These two are of course at each others' throats, competing for strategic locations, vital resources and pre-Dawn artifacts.

The game itself plays a bit like Battlefield, with large, class-based teams competing for strategic points, as in that game's Conquest mode. But there's a big twist- one player takes the role of a commander and has a Top Down View of the battlefield from their team's command bunker. From there, the commander can quickly build structures and place them anywhere within the base's power grid.These include Assemblers to build other structures, turrets, Supply posts, spawn points and the power generators to keep it all running. He can also research upgrades for the troops, issue them orders and use Support Powers like artillery and area-of-effect healing. Resources for all this are generated by the points that the FPS players capture. The objective of the core (and so far only) gametype, Warfare, is to destroy the opposing side's command bunker.

Tropes used in Nuclear Dawn include: