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File:Oglaf 4596.png

This will not end well.

"This comic started as an attempt to make pornography. It degenerated into sex comedy pretty much immediately. Even so, there are some things depicted that are best kept away from children and work. Please click on the button below to certify you're over 18. Of course, if you are under 18, you can't legally certify anything. So if you're a minor, please get a parent to click the button which says you aren't. Thank you. (Taking moral advice from cartoon characters is probably a bad idea.)"
—opening disclaimer

Oglaf is a very well-drawn and often seriously NSFW webcomic by Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne. Most of the episodes (called "stories") are single non-sequential pages, though some stretch out longer; the very first one was eight pages long. The comic started out as a gag-a-week work, but slowly started including longer Story Arcs, most of the time focusing on Ivan and his never-ending torment at the hands of Mistress and Sandoval, the Ambassador of Xoan. These arcs appear to be (very) slowly coming together into a single overarching plot.

(Just a note: Click "Next page" to see the next page of a story. "Next story" to see the next story. "Epilogue" to see epilogues. The last page of each story (and epilogue) has a small diagonal cutout at the bottom right-hand corner.)

Most strips are very, very NSFW. So many that the strips that are work-safe are the ones slapped with a warning label. However, the comic also features many gags that are quite innocuous or just "immature". The comic features creative character design, excellent artwork, inventive jokes (SFW or otherwise), and is definitely worth a look if you are over 18 and nowhere near your workplace.

Recurring characters include (but aren't limited to):

  • Mistress: A cruel dictator, usually busy either ruling her nation or finding new ways to torture her slaves. When she's not doing either, she torments Ivan for giggles.
  • Ivan: Mistress' sorcery apprentice and the ostensible protagonist. Not allowed to have sex (or even wank) under castle regulations. To make sure he doesn't get distracted from that rule, Mistress cursed him with walking, talking semen. As of 5/22/11, in a magical sleep.
  • Cumsprite: The walking, talking semen. Its job is to run to Mistress and tattle whenever released. Notably, a Cumsprite is conjured from his semen whenever he ejaculates, whether by masturbation or not.
  • Sandoval: The Ambassador of Xoan. Staying with Mistress as a political guest, he sexually harasses Ivan whenever he's bored. He also seems to be sexually attracted to food, especially desserts.
  • Greir: A female adventurer. The comic's resident Deadpan Snarker.
  • Oglaf: A farm boy. The Chosen One, although chosen for what, we're not sure.
  • Ponce de Leon & assistant: Two adventurers in search of the Fountain of Youth. They haven't been seen since the Fountain of Girl incident.
  • The Snow Queen: The personification of Winter. Satisfying her is necessary for Winter to end and for Spring to start. Greir gladly takes up the challenge.
  • Kronar, Son of Man: A Barbarian with serious honor.
  • Vanka: Female thief. Exceptionally clever and light-fingered. One half of a Battle Couple with a male thief.
  • Navaan: Female vampire. Captures Ivan in Vanorva with the intent to kill him, but soon finds him useful for...other things. Is now a "doctor".
  • The Dwarves: Three little men with bad teeth, limited fukken vocabularies, and lunatic enthusiasm for creating bizarre and fukken awesome magical items.

Because the site has a SFW "Do you really want to see this content?" page, this page will have indirect links to NSFW content. (So much of it's NSFW that, in accordance with the site's preferred style of warning, we'll warn for the pages that are actually worksafe.)

This Web Comic contains examples of:


 Punitive pearl necklace. Tits out, Captain."


  "This is an enormous slur on my professional conduct."

  1. Here, he turns into a golden shower to seduce Danae, but then decides he's more attracted to the water in a bucket she's washing herself with.