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Oy, with the arrows, and the bleeding, and the death!

(gets stabbed)

And the knifing, and the hurting, and the senseless violence, already!

A phrase made popular by Jerry Lewis that was then exaggerated by characters based on him. The phrase is based on the syntax of Yiddish, and is heavily associated with Jewish and Borscht Belt humor. Jews do love to complain, after all. Variations include: "Oh God, with the X!", "Stop, with the X!", "Please, not with the X!", etc. It's often topped off with "already!"

The phrase is generally used to complain about an action, like "shouting," "stabbing" and so forth, but can also use to complain about a subject, such as "Enough, with the radio! Turn it off!"

Just about every Alter Kacker will indulge in the trope, but cultural saturation has also made it a part of general Buffy-Speak.

Not to be confused with Oh, the Humanity!

Examples of Oh God, with the Verbing! include:

Abridged Series

  • Used in the first episode of Berserk Abridged.
  • Used in a recent Ben 10 abridged series.
  • Quite a few times in Dragon Ball Abridged movies done by I Touched Yusuke in the precursor team-up to Team Four Star.
  • Yusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged: X = flying.
  • Ranma Abridged with Ryoga. "Oy, with the boobs, and the shirt, and the woah!"
    • And then in a later episode: "With the boot, and the face, and the pain..."
  • The Abridging of Haruhi Suzumiya: Kyon yells the 'running' version of this as Haruhi drags him out of the classroom, complete with a Super Mario Bros. soundtrack.
  • Code Geass the Abridged Series has this happen a few times, with Shirley declaring "Oh God With The Falling" when Milly declares the cat-catching contest and the "prize", while Suzaku has several, one in the flashback involving being shot, and another being hit the scene-changing screen after Lelouch gets fed up with Suzaku not getting his hint.
  • The Third Hokage from Naruto the Abridged Comedy Spoof Series Show uses this when Iruka shows up to bother him one time too many. "God, always with the talking from you."
  • Used overtly by Uncle Iroh in Avatar: The Abridged Series. "Alright, alright! Enough, with the vining [whining], already!"


  • Brian Michael Bendis sometimes writes Spider-Man (who grew up a Lutheran) like this. "Grenades! Oy with the grenades!"


  • At the end of Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde Inseglet), the actor Jof sees a vision of the knight and his family doing a dance of death. His wife, Mia, turns to him and says "You with your visions and dreams."
  • Jurassic Park: Dr. Ian Malcolm, in The Lost World, neatly summarizes each of the movies in the series.

  "'Oooh, ahhh.' That's how it always starts. Then later there's the running and the screaming."


Live Action TV

  • Occasionally shows up in the speech patterns of the younger characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Willow and Xander primarily, although others employ it as well.
  • Every episode of the short-lived WB sitcom Alright Already had a title which was some variant of "Again with the ______ ".
  • Firefly used this now and again, usually from Wash.
  • When Lorelai Gilmore, from Gilmore Girls, speculates about the most inherently funny phrase in the world to help her through a boring family dinner, she finally settles on "Oy, with the poodles, already!"
  • The West Wing, when Josh is babbling apologetically to Amy about how he never learned to be good at relationships. "You know what? Maybe not so much for you with the talking." *kiss*
  • Kevin Pollak had a one-hour HBO comedy special titled "Stop With the Kicking!" The title came from Pollak's discussion of nascent action "star" Jeff Speakman:

  What kind of a name for an action hero is Jeff Speakman?! It's the Kung Fu Jew! Oh oy! I would throw a kicking move and go "Oh my back, oh my back, wait, wait, wait, stop with the kicking! Stop! Wait a second! Wait awhile."

  • Invoked on The Daily Show when Jon Stewart is talking about corrupt Illinois ex-governor Rod Blagojevich. He can't pronounce his name without dissolving into a Jerry Lewis impression.
  • Used occasionally on Mystery Science Theater 3000, in particular during The Beast of Yucca Flats, after comparing Tor Johnson's lumbering beast to a "meshugene grandfather."
  • Doctor Who has Madam Kovarian utter a variation on this: "The flirting, do I have to watch this?".


  • From Allan Sherman's "Sir Greenbaum's Madrigal": "All day with the slaying and slewing and smiting and smoting like Robin Hood! Ah, would I could kick the habit and give up smoting for good!"

Video Games


  Phoenix: Mia, not you too! With the whip... and the pain... and the owww...

  • In The Curse of Monkey Island, if the player doesn't have Guybrush saw off the plank the first time he boards the Sea Cucumber, and then gets walked off the plank, he will climb on board the ship after sawing off the plank and get this exchange after monkeys surround him again:

 Mr. Fossey: [irritated] AGAIN with the sneaking on board the ship! I don't know how or why you came back on board... but the next time you walk the plank will be your last!


Web Comics

  • Eight Bit Theater frequently uses this gag when someone is getting horribly stabbed, burned, dismembered, or otherwise violently killed off panel.
  • Awkward Zombie did it in this comic.

Web Original


 (after Carl defeats a monster in the kitchen)

Phil: Oi! What's with all the yelling and the cooking and the pan-smacking? It's 8 AM!

Carl: You sound like you swallowed a rabbi.

  • According to, the number one Jewish Country Western song is "Alright, Already, Stop With the Infidelity!"
  • Mister Magic, a superhero from the Global Guardians PBEM Universe whose mystic power is based on the Hebrew Kaballah, often speaks in this manner.
  • The Nostalgia Critic does this (albeit in the midst of a Jerry Lewis impression) in his Dungeons & Dragons review.

Western Animation

  • Mister Director from Animaniacs, and Paul Rugg in general.

 Mr. Director: Oh, cute little children with the puppy dog faces!

    • An even more elaborate example:

 Mr. Director: Oy! How'd you! With the going! You were there but here now! You are! For me to see! How'd you do!?

Yakko: What did he say?

Wakko: I think it was "Oy! How'd you! With the going! You were there but here now! You are! For me to see! How'd you do!?"

Yakko: Thanks for clearing that up.


 Larry: He-LLO FRI-ENDS! Oh, the nice French people, with the funny language, and the talking, with the "Oui oui, poo poo, ah hah hah hah, oh mon cheri, french fries"... woah! Hey LA-dy!

Buck: *laughs* Hey, that's a pretty good Dean Martin.

Otto: *attempting to pull Larry away* Come on, Larry...

Larry: Oh please, kind sir, with the grabbing of the arm... Oh with the hurrying...


 Drakken: Suppose you outnumbered her... Suppose that was an army of you against one of her.

Shego: Oh, no. Again with the cloning?!


Oy, enough with the troping and the editing and the categorizing of the many television shows already!