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Basic Trope: A Big Bad assumes a monstrous form for combat.

  • Straight: The human Emperor Evulz sprouts horns and demonic wings.
  • Exaggerated: Evulz escalates from one form to the next again and again and again, eventually becoming larger than the Earth and uglier than a Lovecraftian bowel movement.
  • Downplayed: Evulz grows somewhat taller and more muscular, and his face distorts a bit
  • Justified: The human appearance was just a disguise, and it would only get in the way during a fight.
    • Evulz can shapeshift, and has a form that's better at combat than his current form. Why not use it?
  • Inverted: The already-monstrous Evulz crosses the Bishonen Line.
  • Subverted: Clipped-Wing Angel.
    • "Rule 34: I will not turn into a giant snake. It never works."
  • Double Subverted: The Clipped-Wing Angel was just the first stage of the transformation. The second stage means business!
    • "Besides, dragons are so much cooler."
  • Parodied: The One-Winged Angel form looks utterly ridiculous. Even the heroes double over in laughter.
  • Deconstructed: Evulz downs the mutagen sample, sprouts Combat Tentacles, and shortly thereafter dies of organ failure from having his biology so abruptly rearranged.
  • Reconstructed: ... then rises up again as an unstoppable monstrosity, the mutagen having completed its work.
  • Zig Zagged: He reveals his new form. It's a cute little animal. The animal starts to tear the party apart. It shows a weakness to carrots. It Turns Red...
  • Averted: Emperor Evulz kicks plenty of ass as a human.
  • Enforced: "What says This Is the Final Battle better than our villain turning into a twenty-foot tall demon?"
  • Lampshaded: "Puny do-gooders, "
  • Invoked: Evulz knows he needs more power and downs the mutagen sample.
  • Defied: Evulz sneers at anyone who feels the need to alter his body to kick ass.
  • Discussed: "Don't let your guard down. When the going gets tough, fellows like these tend to turn into devils and sprout wings."
  • Conversed: "Have you noticed how often BigBads have scary alternate forms?"
  • Played For Laughs: Emperor Evulz turns into a Waddle Dee.
  • Played For Drama: Emperor Evulz's willingness to sacrifice his humanity for power is portrayed with appropriate gravitas.

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