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If you don't know, you don't want to know.

One Piece usually has several Funny Moments per arc. Just take a look...

East Blue Saga

  • This exchange within the Usopp arc:

 Pepper: Hey! Where's the captain (Usopp)?

Onion: Could they have finished with them already?

Carrot: Hey, you pirates!


Nami: ...

Onion: Give him back!

Luffy: Ahhh! That meat was delicious!

Pepper, Onion, and Carrot: M-MEAT!? The captain! He COULDN'T have--!

(Nami giggles)

Zoro: If you're looking for your captain...

Pepper, Onion, and Carrot: WHAT!? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!?

Zoro: He just... (evil face) gobbled up!

Pepper, Onion, and Carrot (looking at Nami): GYAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! OGRESS!!

Nami (understandably pissed off): WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME!?

(Zoro laughs contentedly as Pepper, Onion and Carrot pass out on the restaraunt floor)


  • The first introduction of Luffy against an enemy was Alvida of the Iron Mace, who demanded to be called the most beautiful woman of the sea despite her, ahem, large appearance. Luffy's first comment towards her? "Who's the tough-looking old biddy?"
    • Oh, yes! Epic reactions! Also, that was one of the very few times that 4Kids actually had a funny line! (insert alarmed face here) When Coby once again says that Alvida is the loveliest on the sea (out of fear, of course), Luffy asks him, "When was your last eye exam?" Can you say "Burned"?
      • Even better in Finnish manga translation:

 "Who's that ass-faced tart?"

  • The beginning of episode 4 when Nami cons three of Buggy's men out of their boat and their treasure, after which they get sunk by a coldfront.
    • Near the end there's Luffy attempting to catch a bird in the air only for him to get caught in its beak.
  • Also at the beginning of chapter 2, the monologue says it all:

 Luffy: Too bad I can't swim, too. Ha! What was I thinking? In a giant whirlpool, it doesn't really make a difference if you can swim or not! I'd drown even if I could swim! YIKES! AAAA!

  • Luffy delivers a bone-crushing (literally — sound effects included) Groin Attack on Buggy. Even the ladies were feeling that one!
    • Even funnier, there's a brief panel in the manga where Luffy briefly notices Buggy's lower half just standing by, with one or two panels between this and the aforementioned Groin Attack, heavily implying that he was planning said nut shot the whole time!
  • Usopp and Luffy are spying on Kuro and Jango, only to learn that they plan to assassinate Kaya. Instead of keeping out of sight with Usopp, Luffy stands up and screams "HEY YOU GUYS! DON'T KILL KAYA!"
  • Luffy asks Sanji to join the crew.

 Sanji: Sorry, but I'm gonna have to decline your offer.

Luffy: No, I decline.

Sanji: You decline what?

Luffy: I decline your declination.

  • At the beginning of the Arlong/Straw Hat Crew fight, we get this brief yet hilarious exchange:

 Arlong (while still holding Luffy mid-attack): Idiot!

Luffy (even more enraged): WHY YOUUUUU.....! (proceeds to viciously chomp on Arlong's arm, causing Arlong tremendous pain that forces to free his grip on Luffy)

  • Some wordplay before the big Nami flashback in the Arlong storyline. After Nami faked killing Usopp, Zoro told Sanji that Nami probably couldn't handle killing him in cold blood. The word he used to insult her, "komono", was intended to mean "small fry", but Sanji interpreted it as "small breasts". When he went to kick Zoro, and Zoro blocked, they ended up in a Double-KO of Usopp. Cue Pieta Plagiarism with Luffy.

 Sanji: He is alive.

Zoro: Nah, I think he's dead now.


  • When Usopp beats down Choo with the Usopp Hammer. Seriously.
  • My all-time favorite line from Loguetown (which, unfortunately, was not retained in either Funimation's sub or dub):

 Marine A: It's the pirate hunter Zoro!

Marine B: He's cleaning our floors, that fiend!

  • When Dracule Mihawk came to Shanks and reveals Luffy's bounty, Shanks, who was hungover at the time, gets Mihawk a drink and calls on his crew to get drunk again!

 Shanks: Don't be stupid! I can't not drink on a joyous day like today!

  • In the Arlong arc, Usopp's thoughts on the merman who spent two episodes chasing him (even though it was Usopp's plan to use himself as a red herring against said merman):

 Usopp (in tears): HE'S SO STUBBORRRNNN!!!

  • When Zoro meets Tashigi, he's shocked to see how much she resembles Kuina. In the anime, he's so shocked he breaks her glasses.
  • While Arlong and some of his men are out terrorizing Cocoyashi, Zoro takes down some other fish-men. When Arlong gets back, he demands to know why Hatchan didn't do anything. Hatchi replies that he was out taking some swordsman away from Arlong Park...

 Hatchan: THAT WAS HIM!!



Laboon Arc

  • How about when they first encounter Laboon? Luffy makes it perfectly clear that he's too dumb to let his crew live, and that they would have died a long time ago if not for his strength. How stupid is he? See for yourself.
  • Crocus' entire introduction is one big Crowning Moment of Funny, especially the rampant abuse of his "running gag."

 Usopp: Hey, you wanna fight, we'll fight! We got cannons back here, you bastard!

*Crocus gives the crew the dangerous crazy eye, followed by a series of different camera shots punctuated by drum beats, ending in a close-up of his eye*

Crocus: You try it and someone's going to die.

Sanji: *while Nami and Usopp freak out in the background* Yeah? And who's that?

Crocus: Me, of course.

  • And later...

Whiskey Peak Arc

  • The great fight between Luffy and Zoro on Whiskey Peak. First, when the other crew mates are asleep, Zoro protect them from the Baroque Works agents. Then Luffy woke up and got angry at Zoro for cutting down all those nice people who fed them (and he was dead serious). Even better is the Death Glare and following Curb Stomping Battle they give to Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine when they try to interfere. Last but not least, the fight is eventually ended... by Nami who knocks them both unconscious.
  • Vivi accidentally revealing Crocodile's name to the Straw Hats while explaining her mission, complete with a Oh Crap reaction from everyone else except for Zoro. Cue instant appearance of "The Unluckies", the Mr. 13 group.

Drum Island Arc

  • Luffy's attempts at cheering Nami up when she falls ill before the Drum Island arc. Luffy's doodled-on face and Zoro's reaction to it still make this troper lose her shit laughing.
  • The first time Tony Tony Chopper proves his inability to hide behind corners because he does it inversely, with his body fully exposed and only one eye covered by the corner.
  • So Chopper is working on Luffy and Sanji, thinking back to his first memory of them: treating them and Nami, and Luffy telling Dr. Kureha that the others are his friends. The moment Luffy wakes up, he mumbles he's hungry. When he turns his head and sees Chopper, he doesn't see the doctor who saved his life. He sees MEAT. Chopper backs away and bumps into Sanji's bed. He stirs awake, and starts muttering recipes for venison. One Piece quickly becomes a horror film for the poor reindeer as his second memory of the two is running for his life from their hungry appetites.
  • Luffy has one of his overly-excited Idiot Hero freakouts when Chopper shows off all his Rumble Ball transformations: "SEVEN-FORM TRANSFORMING INTERESTING REINDEER!" He repeats that word-for-word but utterly deadpan when Nami asked him why he invited Chopper on the crew when she found out nobody but her knew he was a doctor!
  • In Chapter 150, anything that involves Wapol utterly failing to get his (former) castle's weapons. First, he makes a grand speech about how he's going to eat all the weapons in his armory and transform into a one-man arsenal... only to find that the key's been stolen. Then he unveils the "Drum Crown Seven Shot Tin Tyrant Cannon", aims at Luffy and pulls the trigger... and nothing happens . The next panel is Wapol's completely stunned face[1], followed by a panel of him trying the lever again, followed by another panel of stunned silence.
  • "SHUT UP! LET'S GOOOOO!!!!!!"

 Zoro (in the Funimation dub): Most people don't make friends by telling someone to "shut up".


Alabasta Arc

  • Before entering Alabasta, Luffy and the gang come up with a countermeasure against one of the Baroque Works Agents.

 Luffy: Okay, whatever happens from now on, this left arm is proof of our friendship. Now, let's get onto dry land. TO A RESTAURANT!!! Then Alabasta.

Everyone: SHUT UP, YOU IDIOT!!!

  • When Luffy eats some cactus that makes him hallucinate, he starts yelling insane things and flailing about like mad. In the next panel, he collapses with a big thud, and Chopper's just sort of standing next to him with a huge syringe.

 Chopper: Sedative.

  • During the crew's travel through the desert, they are faced with several monstrous creatures, who get their "fifteen seconds of fame", before Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji knock them out. A particularly hilarious instance leads to the following:

 Nami: With those three attacking it together, I feel sorry for that monster.

  • Ace's official introduction. It starts with everyone in a restaurant thinking that he died, while Ace has his face planted in the food that he was eating. He suddenly sits up and everyone freaks out. Ace looks back and forth at the shocked staff and when a woman asks if he's okay, he promptly uses her skirt to wipe the food off his face. He tells the chef that he was sleeping and moments later he passes out again.
  • And right after that, Luffy ramming into both Smoker and Ace, sending them flying through a building and a wall. And then it takes several minutes of eating to Luffy to recognize Smoker....
  • Luffy's impersonation of Sanji.
  • Luffy, in order to take advantage of Crocodile's weakness against water, drinks an entire barrel of the stuff. It's Mizu Luffy!
    • And then there's Crocodile's reaction to Luffy's "transformation":

 Crocodile: Does he not comprehend the situation he's in?

  • Luffy's first fight with Crocodile is a very serious affair, with Luffy unable to land a solid blow on his opponent when he keeps turning into sand, while he openly mocks him all the while. And then Luffy suddenly opens wide and bites Crocodile in half at the waist, a move so ridiculous and made of so much Mood Whiplash that Crocodile loses his cool and basically goes "Enough of this crap!"
  • Usopp pulling out his "5-ton" hammer and engaging in a game of whack-a-mole with Miss Merry Christmas. With a Rubber Band of Doom added in for good measure.
  • After he and Chopper won their battle with the Mr. 4 group, Usopp was apparently dying of his injuries. But came to when Chopper admitted to stealing his manjuu, a pastry filled with sweet bean paste.
  • Mr. 2's Copy-Copy Montage, where he attempts to make Sanji "laugh helplessly until he collapses" by changing every part of his face into the most ridiculous-looking version out of all the people he's copied...resulting in Mr. 2's regular face, with Usopp's nose.
  • Luffy being told that he slept for 3 days, and he calculates that he missed 15 meals. Also Igaram's wife, Terracotta, comes in with a trolley full of fruit.

 Terracotta: I've heard you can eat a lot. Do you think you could snack on this fruit until dinnertime?

Luffy: Okay. *Swallows all the fruit at the same second that he finishes answering*

Sanji & Zoro: Was that some trick!?

    • Not to mention that Terracotta looks so much like Igaram that the Straw Hats at first think it's him in drag. Considering he did that at Whiskey Peak, it's not a stretch.
  • The Straw Hats are leaving Alabasta through the desert when they notice Nami is feeling down in episode 128.

 Chopper: Nami, are you feeling sick?
Luffy: Nami, want a piece of meat? But only one.
Sanji: Nami-san, it's about Vivi-chan, isn't it? I understand how you feel, but, if you keep thinking so much, you'll never get over it. You two were good friends for so long, but c'mon, cheer up.
Nami: I'm... giving it up. For Vivi. My 1 billion Berries.
Chopper, Luffy & Usopp: OF COURSE YOU ARE!
Zoro: Nami, quit being so damn misleading!
Nami: Huh? What's your problem? There's no point worrying about Vivi!
Chopper: Oi! Usopp has FALLEN OFF!
Nami: That's his problem!
Everyone: IT'S YOUR FAULT!

  • Near the end of the arc, the crew (sans Zoro) is depressed about leaving Vivi. Then Zoro tells them that the should have forcefully taken her with them:

 Chopper: Ah, you savage!

Nami: Scumbag!

Sanji: Mosshead...

Luffy: Three swords...

Usopp: No, Luffy, calling him "three swords" isn't insulting.

Luffy: *Beat* Four swords...

Usopp: That's not an insult either! Listen, why not call him nattou (fermented soybeans)? That would be like telling him he stinks.

  • This is followed by Nico Robin insisting she join the crew:
    • How did she pull it off? By saying Luffy "did something" to her. While she explains that it had to do with how he saved her against her will after beating Crocodile, Sanji immediately assumes she meant something else and starts berating Luffy.
    • After the exposition, Usopp interrogates her:

 Usopp: You're full of confidence. What's your specialty?

Robin: *Beat, smiles* Killing.

Usopp: LUFFY!! My investigation has concluded that she is far too dangerous!!

    • Also when Nami tells Robin she'll be watching her... then Robin pulls out a bag of jewels she stole, and Nami starts calling her "sister". The BGM slowing down to a halt adds to the comedy.
    • Usopp accepting her was a lot easier. She just threw a couple extra arms on Luffy's head so he could imitate Chopper for some laughs.

Skypiea Saga

  • When Luffy meets Blackbeard, the two are eating at a bar. Blackbeard loves the bar's pies, but Luffy hates them, and vice-versa for the drinks. This is the beginning of a weird grudge match between the two, and when they start ordering different foods for take-out, they start trying to one-up each other on the amounts. It ends with...

 Luffy & Blackbeard, to each other: WHAT, YOU WANNA FIGHT?!



 Chopper: JUMPING POINT!!! (jumps overboard... offscreen) DAMN IT! *splash*

Zoro: Man overboard! *jumps over to save Chopper*

  • In regards to the Going Merry flying edition...

 Nami: Something about it doesn't seem right to me...

Zoro: Well, for once, I agree with you. Chickens don't even know how to fly. They should have made it a pigeon.


  • Zoro clearing his throat to do a Tarzan shout while swinging.
    • Followed by Zoro telling Nami that her vine swing went badly because "she didn't do the call".
  • Robin tells the others to put out the fire so as not to reveal their position to the enemy. Luffy disagrees and says lighting a campfire is obvious for camping. Nami tries to remind them that they are in a dangerous forest. Sanji and Zoro prepare a large woodpile. Sanji says that animals are afraid of fire, while angry eyes and growls can be seen behind him. Next page, well, see for yourself.
  • I find this page funny. If you can guess why, give yourself a cookie.
    • Is it because Robin's riding on a big pig's back while everyone else are running for their lives?
      • Is it Zoro?
  • While trying to rescue the rest of their crew taken to Godland, two of the monster trio plus Ussop are given a crow themed Dial boat to get there, after the initial selfishness of Luffy wanting a different bull themed one (and collective badass quotient of being willing to go in the first place) Sanji's comment that "a crow ain't a waterfowl.."
  • Chopper's reaction as he observes Gedatsu's idiocy:

  "What a dimwit!!"

  • Luffy's Island Song. Comes in two flavors.
    • Right in the middle he's interrupted by what he thinks is a goat, but is really one of Eneru's priests trying to ambush him. He knocks the priest out in one punch, comments how he really wanted to see a goat, and walks off humming like he's pissed off.
    • Even better, if you aren't familiar with what's going on in that particular arc, Luffy's line about the island belonging to God is ten times funnier.
  • The scene with the waterfall in episode 160 is priceless. It's especially funny when its shown that Sanji, Luffy, and Usopp all have a Oh Crap look on their faces.
  • On the verge of leaving Skypiea, Conis tells them that they'll start falling soon. The look on Zoro, Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Sanji and even the Going Merry's faces are priceless.

 Conis: Good Luck!

  • Not in the series outside of the DVD commentary, but J. Michael Tatum doing Eneru's voice at a drive-thru. Can be seen here.
  • The Funimation dub has this moment of Usopp having another panic attack:

  Usopp: We've got zero, and I mean I mean Zolo I mean zero chances...wonder how Zoro's doing.

  • Luffy's impersonation of Zoro.
  • Zoro's Idiot Ball moment when he wanders around in the forest lost for a while with a giant Southbird, who's head normally points south. When he's trying to get to Eneru's shrine. Which is to the south.
  • Zoro defeats Ohm, and then has to contend with his giant pet dog...only to find out that he obeys anyone's orders, at which point he just orders him to knock himself unconscious and moves on.
  • The Straw Hats fleeing Skypeia. After stealing all the treasure they can find, they run into a mob of Skypeians approaching them with a colossal cylinder wrapped up. Usopp figures that it's a gigantic cannon and, thinking that the mob angry at them for stealing their treasure, the Straw Hats run like hell. What was the cylinder? A giant column made of solid gold, which broke off the Golden Bell, that the mob was trying to give to them as thanks.
    • The oddest part about this? The Skypieans giving them the pillar was Robin's idea. Skypiea and Shandora don't value gold the way Humans do. So why didn't Robin just say that?
    • Another great moment as they're getting close to the ship...

 Sanji (heart-eyed): NAMI! CONIS! *runs smack into a tree branch*


Robin: Are you all right?

Sanji (back up and running like nothing happened): UH-HUH!


Davy Back Fights


 Nami: Alright. Thank you for waiting. We will now officially start distributing the loots. Each of these is worth a lot of money!!!

Usopp: YAY!



Sanji: New pots, new pans, new silverware... and a few mousetraps.

Zoro: Time for some rum!

Nami: First things first. My share is 80% of these.

U, L, C, S & Z: HOLD ON A SECOND...!


 Robin: Actually, Nami, if we do as you said, we would certainly get an easy win. However, I don't want that split-head (Foxy) traveling with me.

Nami: *gasp* So true!!

Luffy, Zoro, Usopp & Sanji: Yeah. We don't need that kind of trash.

    • Hey, if Luffy, who's an excellect judge of character, says that, he has to be right.
  • The Foxy bombs. Luffy's reaction is priceless.
  • As Luffy chases Foxy through the Foxy Pirates ship, he runs into Foxy in a bizarre Paper-Thin Disguise with an over sized head as the crew's maid. Luffy buys it completely. But it's at its best later on when Foxy tries it again with a cook disguise and actually unmasks himself when Luffy fails to figure it out again.
  • Luffy and the afro. Almost every member of Luffy's crew agrees on the power of the afro. Nami wonders if she and Robin are the only sane members of the crew...

 Chopper: Is Luffy gonna win?

Robin: Of course. He's wearing an afro.

  • At the end of the Davy Back Fight Luffy comes off victorious from the combat. He chooses to take Foxy's Jolly Roger for it. He then draws them a new one so that they can keep their sail. As you might've guessed, it's awful. The Foxy crew's reaction sells it.

Enies Lobby

  • Just before the Straw Hats leave to go to Enies Lobby, Nami brings Luffy a huge sack of food and drink, and Luffy starts scarfing it up. That's not the funny part. That's usual for him. The funny part is Zoro off in the corner, snatching up all the bottles of booze he can find, with a sparkly gleam in his eyes and a huge grin.
    • Luffy was yelling at Nami for taking so long to get there...then he asked what was in the bag.

 Nami: Meat and sake.

Luffy(mid-chowing down): Sorry I complained!

  • How does the Franky Family get Franky to join the Straw Hats permanently? By stealing his speedo and making him run through Water 7 naked. Cue two episodes worth of Scenery Censor moments.

 Luffy: Stop it, Robin! I still want him to be a man when he joins our crew!

Robin: As pirates faced with a treasure, why should we let go without good reason?

  • Usopp's apology and Luffy accepting him back in the Straw Hat Pirates. Which is why the picture headlines Inelegant Blubbering.

 Nami (laughing): You guys are pitiful!

  • This conversation:

 Luffy Hey Zoro, why were you running away from the storm?

Zoro It's nothing. Forget it.

Chopper He was stuck in a chimney.


Chopper Eh? What?

Luffy Ha ha ha ha ha, "he was stuck in a chimney". Zoro is an idiot!


    • It becomes a Chekhov's Gag later on during the ride to Enies Lobby aboard the sea train Rocketman.

 Zoro Hey, I don't see Luffy. Where did he go?

Chopper Maybe he got stuck in the chimney of the Rocketman?


  • Back in Enies Lobby, the scene where we found out what Kaku's Devil Fruit power is. This troper laughed for minutes on end. And it only gets more hilarious from there. Jyabura agrees.

 Zoro: You look like shit!

Kaku: Gabeen! Did... did you just, like...

    • In the anime, Jabra tries to stop laughing. But he loses his shit again when Kaku's ears twitch.
    • Made all the more hilarious by Zoro's reaction and inner monologue of "No, I can't laugh! But it's...too...ridiculous!"
    • During his fight, he proclaims to Zoro that he'll show him the power of a giraffe... and starts retracting his neck into his body to prepare an attack.

 Zoro: Real giraffes don't do that.

    • The second time Kaku does this, he pulls his neck in too far and his legs suddenly extend unexpectedly.

 Zoro: How the heck does your body work?

Kaku: Um, it's like a pasta machine. You put the dough in and the noodles come out the other end. ... Pasta Machine!


  • When he's not kicking ass, Kumadori is a living source of laughs. Especially when he tries to commit seppuku (only to use Tekkai to null it) or when he escapes from a fridge by devouring everything inside.
  • Chopper gets a great one where he shows an unusually witty insult, offering to make Zoro a special cure for hopeless idiocy after he runs off in the other direction after being directly told to go up the stairs!
    • Nami then asks him to make some for Sanji, too. Sanji's running ahead babbling about how Robin's waiting for him to save her.
  • When Zoro and Sogeking are handcuffed together, Zoro has a rather twisted solution: cut one of their hands off. He reasons they can run to Chopper real quick to re-attach it.
  • Luffy's traumatic childhood.

 Garp: When I tossed you down that bottomless ravine, left you alone in a jungle at night, and tied you to balloons and let you float up in the sky, all of that was to turn you into a strong Marine!


Sanji: I'm beginning to understand where his incredible will to live comes from.

  • The entire scene when Kokoro reveals herself to be a mermaid. Everyone she is carrying, who are underwater and holding their breath, all have face faults that make them breathe in surprise. Everything afterwards just makes Sanji a Butt Monkey. From that point on, whenever he tries to think of the mermaids of legend, he thinks back to Kokoro, and starts to cry.

 Zoro: "If you think you saw a mermaid, it was really a dugong." It looks like that's really true.

Sanji: Idiot, she hasn't said yet if she's a mermaid! Don't give up the dream!

Kokoro: I'm an icefish mermaid.

*Sanji holds out a hand in protest*

Sanji: STOP IT!!!

  • Except for the obvious stuff, Spandam's entire existence in Franky's flashbacks consists mostly of getting hit in the face. Again and again.
  • Don't you wanna know where Sharpshooter Island is?
    • ...It's in your heart...
      • Cue Nami's dubious response after learning where this Island is located, only to hear the songs verse stating he was born there.
  • Absolutely everyone sees right through Usopp's paper-thin Sogeking guise...except Luffy and Chopper.
  • Even though they are in a tough situation, they can still make you laugh.
  • Garp, the hero of the marines, casually mentions to Luffy and Co. that his father is Monkey D. Dragon, the Revolutionary.

 Garp: Ack! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything! BWA HA HA HA HA! Then, never mind about what I just said.

Everyone except Luffy: EEEEHHHHH?!



  • Sanji's reaction to being told by Zoro his poster looks exactly like him.

 Sanji:: △☐✕~◑※◇♨✹~✖✹!!

Zoro: I can't understand your words...


Thriller Bark

  • I'm surprised this one hasn't been mentioned. Luffy's first meeting with Brook.

 Luffy: Do you poop?

Sanji: Don't ask him a question like that!

Brook: *walks away grabs a cup of tea and returns* Yes, I do poop.


 Brook: I'll tell you everything now... It has been a long time since I began drifting on this sea... But let me say, my being a skeleton and not having a shadow are completely different things. To be continued in the next chapter.


  • And then, in Thriller Bark, long after you probably have forgotten it, we have Perona's reaction to Usopp being immune to her negativity ghosts.
    • It's the same reaction Eneru had to Luffy's immunity to electricity. Only it was far better executed in the anime this time.
    • She's so dumbfounded and depressed by the revelation that they play their tear jerker music, "Mother Sea"!
    • And it turns out he's so negative, that he eventually turned Perona negative with the trick, causing her to grovel to Kumacy!
  • Anything involving Zombie Cerberus, which was briefly Luffy's pet (until Gekko Moriah recalled all the zombie spirits and rendered it dead again).
    • When Luffy initially beat Cerberus, Robin asked if it was okay as Luffy was riding it. Zoro said, "Don't show the loser pity. You're hurting his pride."
  • After being captured, the enemies poke fun at Luffy's apparent fear due to his wearing a suit of armor... he corrects them pointing out that it is a MAN'S ROMANCE to put on a suit of armor. A notion loved by Oda, and most fans, harkening back to Montblanc Cricket..(as well as being similar to the gag from Bill & Ted)
  • When they first encountered the Negative Hollows, Zoro showed apathy at Luffy and Franky being affected by them.

 Franky: Totally useless. I'm totally useless this week. Whatever I do, I'm useless! I don't have the confidence to live! I wanna die!

Luffy: If I get reborn, I want to become a clam. This sucks. I wanna die.

Zoro: Hmph! You guys are pitiful. Because you guys never pull yourselves together, you let some ghost or something break your spirit.

[A Hollow passes through Zoro]

Zoro: I'm sorry that I was born.

    • Cue Sanji AND Cerberus laughing at Zoro after.

 Sanji: I saw something funny!

Zoro: SHUT UP!!!

Sanji: Oh, I'm sorry. "I'm sorry that I was born!" AIYIYIYIYIYI!

  • Luffy spots a moaning zombie slowly rising from his grave... and pushes him back down. After a moment of hesitation, the rotting zombie (covered in bandages) bursts out and calls him a moron. Luffy stares blankly at him before putting on a concerned look and noting that he looks badly injured.
    • Later, Luffy spots a critically wounded old man and calls out to him as such. Everyone else in his group yell "IT'S A ZOMBIE, IDIOT!", before being corrected by the old man himself. Cue funny reactions from all involved.
  • Usopp waking up Sanji, Luffy and Zoro with the cry of "A beautiful lady swordsman just showed up with a ton of meat!"
  • Tactics 15! Pirates Docking Six! Giant Robot Warror! BIG EMPEROR!

 Franky: Oi, Robin. Come on, you need to form a part of it too.

Robin: I won't. It's too embarrassing.

  • "He ATE the cage?!"
  • Nami was attacked by an invisible assailant while bathing and screamed, causing Usopp and Chopper (standing guard outside) to barge in. Usopp gets quite an eyeful of Nami and reacts accordingly. (And surprisingly enough, not that way.)

 Usopp: *bowing, obviously flustered* Thank you very much!


    • Especially funny is that Nami mimics Bon Clay's speech mannerisms ("Gimme a BREAAAAAK~!")
    • Turns out Lola realized she said it only to get away from Absalom, and played along til Nami beat him. She then pounced him almost the moment he hit the floor.
  • During the struggle between the Straw Hats and Oars, the latter is eventually turned upside down after a series of successful attacks. As he tries to stand back on his feet he looks really mad and threatens a gory revenge on the pirates.... then he discovers that he's stuck in the ground (because of the horns) and is unable to actually move. Cue a series of slasher smiles from the crew followed by an nonchalant, epic, off-screen No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Oars.
  • Brook's first meeting with the crew. Asking Nami and Robin for their panties. Saying he will patiently wait for dinner, only to start banging on the table and singing about dinner. Burping and farting in-between talking. Beginning to tell his story and abruptly ending it with "To be continued."
  • This scene. "Damn, no stamina?!"
  • Robin tells Professor Hogback to order her and Chopper to jump out of the window. When he does, they step out of the way so he's pointing at Sanji and Zoro's zombies. They then proceed to jump out of the window, still fighting with each other.
  • The three members of the crew which are able to feel fear (Usopp, Nami and Chopper) by themselves in an apparently haunted island. Made awesome because they were able to avoid capture while the monster trio didn't.
    • A smaller moment happens early in the arc for these three. Before landing, Usopp is trying to convince Luffy that landing on a haunted island is a bad idea, while Nami and Chopper curl up and say that they've come down with "I-Can't-Land-On-That-Island Disease" which is usually USOPP'S excuse.

Sabaody Archipelago

  • During the Straw Hats' fight with Duval, his pirates talk about staying in formation. The problem is, in Japanese, the the term they use, hentai hikō, can mean either "formation flying" (編隊飛行) or "perverted delinquent" (変態非行) with slightly different kanji. So Franky thinks they're calling for him!
  • While wandering around Sabaody, Zoro meets a World Noble (Tenryūbito) and, not knowing that nobody is allowed to talk to them or even cross their paths, rudely asks him if he wants DIRECTIONS or something.
  • After talking with Rayleigh, the Straw Hat Pirates prepare to cause ruckus for 3 days to give him time to coat the ship. Luffy's words after that are just EPIC.

 Luffy: We're up against an admiral! We'll have to make sure none of us die, eh?

Usopp: Don't say scary stuff like that!

Franky: Three days, huh?

Luffy: Then, let's go... To the amusement park!

Sanji, Nami and Zoro: Oi!

  • The entire chapter where the crew found Camie the mermaid.
    • Sanji gets Marshmallow Hell'd trying to save her.
    • The crew, even Zoro, entirely erase Kokoro being a mermaid from their minds.

 Sanji (after being reminded of Kokoro by Usopp): Thriller Bark? No, that wasn't scary. That wasn't scary at all. The scariest thing we've ever encountered was...

    • This conversation.

 Luffy: Do you poop?

Camie: Well, actually, I--


    • Brook, upon realizing that he can't ask for Camie's panties, proceeds to ask if he could borrow some money from her. The next logical step, of course.
  • This page always leaves this troper in stitches. The Thousand Sunny's Gaon Cannon is more awesome than even Luffy can handle.
  • In a variation of You Just Told Me, we have this gem from episode 387. The Straw Hats go to rescue Camie's Fishman friend only to find that it's Hatchan, one of Arlong's mooks from nearly 350 episodes back! When he hears them, he disguises himself by covering his body with ink. As they approach, this great dialogue happens:

 Zoro: Hmm... that silhouette, and that familiar voice... Nami, what do you think?

Nami: There definitely is something suspicious about him.

Luffy: What?

Sanji: Well we'll find out if we ask him, right? HEY! Is Arlong doing alright?

Hatchan: Huh? Arlong? No, he got got captured by the Marines along with everyone else. I escaped, and I'm now living out my old dream as a seller of takoyaki.


Nami and Zoro: ...I knew it.

Luffy: ...Ar..long... eh?! EEEH?! SO IT WAS YOU, HUH, YOU DAMN SQUID?!!

Hatchan: DAMN IT!!!

    • But due to his new profession, Luffy then has to decide between food and common sense.
  • Duval's face revealed.
    • When somebody says something like "They look exactly the same!" Brook just loses his shit, falling to his knees and pounding the floor with his fist.
  • The perfect finish for this arc is after Caimie has rescued Sanji from under the water. She brings him to the surface, and then cries out going 'Oh my God, please, help!". While everyone asks what's wrong, Camie explains how she thought Sanji was alright, but now his nose is bleeding. Nami's reaction?

 Nami: ...Just leave him there.


Amazon Lily


 Luffy: Man, Nami is nothing compared to these guys!

*flashback montage of her beating him up for acting dumb*

Luffy (apprehensively): Maybe not...

  • The scene where Luffy wakes up and the Amazons started taking notes on his wacky, weird-for-anybody behavior, thinking all men had stretching arms and thought only of hats, cracked up this troper. Especially the gold balls.

Impel Down

  • In Impel Down, Luffy and a giant Sphinx play Whack-A-Mole with Mr. 3. No really.
  • In the anime's rendition of the scene where Garp and Sengoku discuss Luffy's breaching of Impel Down, Sengoku gets so angry with Garp that he swipes his bag of cookies and downs them himself.
  • When Luffy fights Magellan the second time, he gets Mr. 3 to give him special armor on his hands and legs. He promptly goes into Let's Get Dangerous mode for a second before ruining it. (Anime, episode 449)

 Luffy: I don't know why, but this brings a tear to my eye! Thank you!! Thanks for making me look so cool.

  • Our first time in the Warden's office. While Magellan swoons over Hancock's beauty, Hannyabal is sitting at his desk, muttering, "Someday it will be mine..." then the phone rings. (Paraphrased)

 Hannyabal: [answering phone] Hello, warden's office.

Magellan: [breathing poison, furious] Why are you answering my phone!?

Hannyabal: [keels over] Agh! You're killing me! Blast! I wanted... to be the warden...!

  • Don't forget Ivankov's Delayed Reaction to finding out Luffy is Dragon's son. Complete with him flying backwards into the wall.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the anime, where Ivankov takes about twenty seconds to realize that Luffy just called Dragon "dad", and another six seconds after THAT to propel himself backwards into the wall.

Crew's Whereabouts

  • "As for me, I am currently in Hell."
    • The anime reveals that it's entirely his own fault too, due to a rather egregious case of foot-in-mouth.
    • Even better was his Eneru-ish expression when he properly saw his "savior" Elizabeth. He was expecting a beautiful, buxom maiden like this. Then, a little miscommunication later he's confronted by This!
  • Anime only. In episode 421, Zoro is stuck in a castle after being sent by Kuma and is being treated by Perona, who was also sent there by Kuma. After Perona hits Zoro with a Negative Hollow, he collapses, wakes up and finds out he's been stuffed into Kumacy the bear's body. We then have this following exchange.

 Zoro: Get off of me!

*Perona looks at him angrily and hits him with a Negative Hollow*

Zoro: I'm sorry that I yelled.

Perona: It's ok as long as you learned your lesson.

Zoro: *recovers* You little bitch! *gets hit with another Negative Hollow* I'm sorry about my attitude. *recovers again* Screw you! *gets hit again* I'll call you 'mistress' *recovers again* I won't! *gets hit for the last time* I'm really sorry that I'm being so rude. *Perona laughing* That's enough, you idiot! *starts heading North* I don't have any time to waste. I got to go back.

Perona: *points East* The exit is this way.

Zoro: Yeah?

*Zoro walks South*

Perona: Why did I tell you that!? Where're you going? How can you miss the door!?

*Zoro blushes in embarrassment*

  • And 35 episodes later, he's still looking for his swords, and Perona's reaction as he screws up her directions AGAIN harken back to Enies Lobby:

 Perona: Fantasista, huh?



  • When the incredibly huge gates to Marineford start opening for no apparent reason, Buggy suddenly takes the chance to build himself up even more among his crew members by suddenly holding out his arms with a stick in one hand, making it like he pulled a Moses and opened the gates himself, after which the majority of the crew start bowing down to him.
  • Luffy's "Jet Substitute" attack vs Mihawk, where he simply grabs the unchoppable Buggy as a human shield then blames Mihawk.
    • Buggy is a magnet for these. After being pulled down, Buggy feels brave enough to hurl one of his Muggy Balls at Mihawk... only for the swordsman to easily send it back at Buggy. The look on Buggy's face before the ball explodes? Priceless.
      • Naturally, since exploding is mostly the same as getting chopped up, he got better.
  • Despite chapter 582 being serious, there was one absolute gem. Trafalgar Law's crew and Jimbei are at Amazon Lily, and have been given orders to stay out of the village. Law's crew begins talking about trying to sneak in to see the women, when Bepo (a bear) says, "Think there's any female bears?"
  • From Luffy's latest flashback, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo ran out on a check. A chef finds a piece of paper that says Treasure Credit — Luffy. Doubling as a CMOF and Chekhov's Gun.
  • The flashbacks of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo of their various adventures and fun. Garp visits, smiling in one panel...and beats up all three in the next.
  • Franky in chapter 593. The way he triggers the self-destruct switch (pirate button!) in Vegapunk's lab. Especially his 'thumbs up' in the background.

 Franky: [voice over] Can I just ask one thing...? What would happen if I accidentally pushed the switch...? Is fault..."

    • One chapter later, we get to see how he looks after the explosion when he figures out what Luffy's message is. What should be undiluted Nightmare Fuel as the skin on his face has been blown off becomes comedy gold with what he says in response to this.

 Franky: Forsooth.

    • And then, two chapters later, Franky puts on a Tiger skin in order to stop freaking out the people he is with as he still hasn't put on new skin. However, while lighting a Fireplace, he accidentally sets the Tiger skin on fire, and runs out ablaze, scaring the crap out of a Marine patrol, and thus starting the myth of the "Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore" as the cheesy thumbs-up is shown once more.
  • Chapter 595: Refusing to join him, Jewelery Bonney kicks Blackbeard in the face, as he muses that's not a ladylike-thing to do as the crew laughs, and after learning about Newkama Food, Sanji asks Ivankov for the recipe. His response? A dropkick to the face.
  • Buggy is revealed to have been on Gold Roger's ship. During The Reveal by the Marines, Buggy goes through several levels of Oh Crap ending with a Jaw Drop.
  • Everyone's reactions to Luffy being Luffy to Whitebeard.
  • Anime version of the flashbacks up the comedy. This troper laughed his ass off to Dadan family practicing their cover story in the case when Bluejam's crew came looking for Ace and Luffy. When attempting to lie they all make the same utterly unconvincing poker face as Luffy! Also Curly Dadan counting the boys after Sabo moved in uninvited:

  Dadan: One, two, huh? One, two, huh? One, two, huh? Ace, Luffy, huh? Ace, Luffy, huh? *a full minute later* Ace, Luffy and — WHO IS THAT?!


Return to Sabaody

  • Post time-skip: MANSOPP's reintroduction, and almost immediate reaction to the guy who's 'doppleganging' Sogeking. Even though Usopp KNOWS the guy is a phony, because Sogeking and Usopp are the same person.
    • It's amazing how composed Usopp stays stuffed in Nami's cleavage like that in the anime. I guess he's just so used to her charms by then.
    • What is Sanji's first thoughts after landing?: TARGET — WOMAN: LOCK-ON.
      • Followed closely by him flipping the okamas the bird and vowing never to return to "Hell". And then he thanks them for the lift.
    • Oh, and apparently, Zoro was the first one to make his way back. It makes me laugh for some reason.
      • Only for him to get on the wrong ship. Which he then cleaves in half. While underwater.

  Zoro: This was the result of a quirk of fate... hate your own destinies which set me upon your ship like an angel of death. I got on the wrong ship!


  Robin: You never change, Franky.

  • And now 600 has Brook defeating some marines with The Power of Rock!
    • Franky's little hand inside his giant mechanical arm.
      • Not to mention that his hair is now controllable!
    • Luffy wearing Hancock's disguise.
    • Zoro: "I want to go to a beach. I want to fish." Also, the way he's proud of getting to Shabaody first.
    • Ax Crazy brothers Coribou and Caribou, though moreso via Crosses the Line Twice.
      • The iguana toupee...
  • What about what happens when fake Luffy meets Sentomaru? The new Marine hammers fake Luffy (AKA Demaro Black) into the ground like a railroad spike with the flat of his broad ax? This troper nearly busted a gut when he saw the fake's expression: [1]
  • Sanji talking in one-word sentences to Zoro. Followed by the two trying to outdo each other by arguing over who killed the Pacifista they both destroyed.
  • Sanji in chapter 602 is one from start to finish. He sees Perona, all grown up, and swoons over her. He then sees Nami and Robin, causing him to blast off into the distance with a high pressure nosebleed. And then he merely sees Hancock and is petrified. She didn't even use her powers. And then he hears that Luffy was on the Isle of Women, and his reaction is priceless. Finally, when the okama are holding back the Marines, he suddenly feels like his heart is being crushed.
    • In episode 522, Perona has to use a Negative Hollow on Sanji.
    • The okamas get one in this chapter, too. One winks, trying to do the joke "shooting star" wink, only to have the star break before it gets an inch from his face.
    • I wonder what would happen to him if he found out that Luffy saw Hancock naked and hugged her, 2 times for each one...
  • Brook's ridiculous(ly awesome) songs are hilarious enough, but the anime one-upped the hilarity in episode 520 when Brook pours water on his face after a tiring performance...only to have the water pour right through him and onto the floor as his manager watches speechless and horrified.

Fishman Island Arc

  • 603 has several; Team Sanji blasts off again, the whole business with Zoro and Luffy nearly destroying the bubble for fish (twice!), how everyone ignores the giant fish that's sneaking up on their ship only for it to get killed by a bigger fish, Usopp and Chopper hamming it up together again, Franky's 'robot voice' demonstration, and Sanji's reaction to Kuma 'saving' the crew.
  • 604 has the Sea Cow from the Arlong arc make an appearance pulling the Caribou ship... and it remembers just how badly it was beaten up before and wisely runs away from the Straw Hats, leaving Caribou the only one invading the Straw Hats' ship. Cue Caribou's reaction shot. Also, Chopper's suggestion of Sanji having to go rehabiliation with low intensity photos so he stops blasting off again every time he so much as looks at a woman. Also Nami's failed attempt at teaching the crew about deep sea currents. And of cource, when they finally find a giant, ship eating Kraken in their way to Fishman Island, what is the natural reaction of Luffy? Tame it.
    • Not to mention when Brook tried to make another Skull Joke about it being cold, Chopper promptly cuts in with, "Wow. And you don't even have skin!" The next panel then promptly shows Brook on his knees, face down with disappointment.
  • 605: Luffy continues to try and tame the giant ship-eating Kraken, telling off Zoro and Sanji for hurting it even though it was going to crush the Sunny, Sanji 'withstanding' Nami, the power trio not tying themselves to the ship with ropes after they go in bubblediving suits to fight the Kraken, reactions to 'Franky Rocket Launcher', the random shark with clothes wandering in when Luffy beats the pulp out of the Kraken in one hit, and Franky nipple lights.
    • Caribou's plan to ambush the Straw Hats was flawless. He'd use a sea monster to tow his ship to Sunny, invade and mow them down with a gatling gun. But he could've never ever predicted the singular fatal flaw (discounting many other factors that would've made his plan utterly useless): the sea creature he used, Mohmoo, was trounced by the Straw Hats 532 issues/492 episodes before. The moment he saw Luffy and Sanji, Mohmoo swam away in a panic, leaving Caribou stranded, alone and unarmed, with the Straw Hats. Oops...
  • 606 has Caribou escaping his bonds, hiding in a barrel while plotting to kill all the Straw Hats... and Franky just slowly, frame-by-frame, appears in the picture and curiously looks in the barrel. Cue the barrel being hammered shut. Also, the shear number of things that come to attack the Sunny is ridiculous. And the underwater 'ghost ship', Flying Dutchman, freaks out Brook... Even though he was found on one. And the Kraken finally becomes Luffy's pet and turns out to be incredibly Adorkable.
    • The anime (episode 525) is hilarious on Caribou hiding. He sees Franky watching his scheming, then just looks away and slowly sinks back into the barrel.
    • Robin trolling the crew when they encounter the Flying Dutchman.
  • 607 has the reaction the Kraken has to an erupting undersea volcano, Sanji's reaction to Fishman Island and the subsequent scene, and Luffy being Luffy towards what is basically Arlong's pirates reformed.
  • 608 has The front cover — Brook walking dogs. With afros. also Sanji's reaction to the mermaid district.
    • The introduction of the little mermaids.
  • 609 has Sanji giving out a huge nosebleed that's shaped like a mermaid. Also, a mermaid using snorkeling gear. A MERMAID.
  • 610. Seriously, The look on Sanji's face when he realizes the Okamas had given him his blood donation was priceless.
    • The crew meets a mermaid fortune teller. What's Luffy's first question for her? "So do mermaids poop?" Guess the Time Skip did nothing for his emotional maturity.
      • And said elegant and composed mermaid reaction to Luffy's question.
  • 611. In return for all the Straw Hats did for him and Camie two years ago, Pappug (now a famous fashion designer) allows the Straw Hats to have anything they want in the store for free. He comes to regret this immediately, as it only takes FOUR Straw Hats a single panel to empty the entire store.
  • 614. What is Luffy's solution to the problem of smuggling a Giant Moemaid Princess out of the castle? Put her inside her tiny pet shark. Cue Luffy riding a giant fat shark going out of the doors, with the Mermaid Princess inside it.
    • I'm sorry, did you say her TINY pet shark?! It's about as big as she is.
    • Speaking of the Mermaid Princess, Brook goes off to save her while asking the king of Fishman Island, who happens to be that princess's father, if he could see her panties, even though said princess is a mermaid! A minister also asks to be allowed to go with Brook so he could ensure the princess's safety, and Brook mistakes him for another fan.
        • And before that, Zoro is being chagrined for beating up everyone in Ryuuguu Palace aside from his own crewmates. He then proceeds to act even more like a bad guy, asking for transport and materials in exchange for his supposed hostages. Nami's not being much of a help either, politely asking for an additional one billion Belli to their demands and the location of the palace treasury. And of course Usopp's reaction to how remarkably nonchalant his crewmates are.

 Usopp: You think we can just say 'Oh well!' and leave things like this? 'Yeah, we were just walking through the Fishman District and happened to take over Ryuuguu Palace. Oh well!'

  • 618. Sanji was on the brink of death from being with regular mermaids and the Mermaid Princess is right behind him. What does he do? To accomplish his dream, he chooses death...and gets STONED! AGAIN!
    • Also: After Decken asked to Shirahoshi to marry him for the last time she answers:

 Shirahoshi Sorry, you're not my type!

    • Decken's face aftwards seals the moment perfectly. Seriously, it almost rivals the Eneru face in sheer ridiculousness.
  • Jinbe's expression in 619 when he realizes that Luffy brought Shirahoshi from her tower. Looks like he's Not So Above It All after all.
  • 620: Oda setting up of the 'Simon and Garfunkel' joke on the cover. Seriously, he planned a joke back in the 1990s that just got realized in 2011.
  • 622: The future Vice Admiral Strawberry's perfectly rectangular, multiple foot-tall hair which rests a single Marine cap is just so silly, you can't help but laugh.
    • And even better, in Chapter 624 it's BANDAGED UP after being bull rushed by Fisher Tiger.
    • Even better? Oda revealed that that's not hair: That's his head!!!
  • 627: The revelation that Luffy slept through the entire 7-chapter flashback sequence.
  • 628: Usopp's imitation of Robin.
    • And Brook's reaction: "Yohoho!! Spot on!!"
  • 629: Brook's new ability is to remove his soul from his body, allowing him to go places he usually couldn't. Brook is a pervert. Do the math on what he's been doing with it these last two years. Usopp's jealousy is just the icing on the cake.
    • Then he has to chase down Pappug, who is understandably freaked out by a disembodied soul in the shape of a skull following him.
    • In the same chapter, Robin using her cloning powers to cause a triple KO between Luffy, Jinbei and Sanji in one go!
  • 630: the whole thing with Ikaros and Daidaros. Not only is it a parody of the Icarus story, but a giant squid somehow flew too close to the sun and dried. Which is why he (one of Hodi's subordinates) is weak to fire, at least psycholgically.
    • And what about Zeo, who's using his camouflage powers to fight the residents while lecturing them at the same time... and then gets stomped and walked over several times in a row (by his own men nonetheless), and still acts as never happened.
  • 631: Decken's bald head. And his following angst.
  • 634: Luffy's logic about why he doesn't want to be a hero, followed up by Jinbe's response (and how easily Luffy is persuaded). Also Jinbei's "strategy" and him worrying about a strategy name.

 Luffy: Let's say you have some meat. Pirates will feast on the meat. A hero would divide it amongst the people. I WANT TO EAT THAT MEAT!!

Jinbe: Fine, I'll feed you all the meat you want, just do what I say!

Luffy: Okay!

    • When Jinbe is describing how Luffy will sneak in in Megalo's mouth, Megalo freaks out in the background.
    • In the color spread, Brook has lodged himself in Shirahoshi's bra.
    • In the exact same color spread, Sanji appears to be smoking. Underwater.
  • 635: This chapter is basically a mix of these and Awesome Moments. Highlights include how Sanji learned Geppou and everything Chopper does while riding on the tank.
  • You know how there's a Running Gag of Chopper being confused with other creatures? In chapter 636, that list now includes Luffy thinking Chopper's new horn point is a stag beetle.
  • Zeo in chapter 640. Basically, he's lying on the ground while Brook is accidentally stepping on his head. Zeo is firmly convinced that he is headbutting Brook's foot away. Enphasis on firmly.
    • Not to mention what happens right before it. Zeo is camouflaged and grabbing Nami's ankles and Ikaros Much is about to impale her with a spear. Brook sees this and immediately rushes to Nami and asks to see her panties. Brook then gets speared in the back and slapped in the face at once.
  • Sanji vs. Wadatsumi. Wadatsumi reveals that he can puff up like a blowfish. Sanji is currently standing on his cheek. Sanji's response? "Kraken is bigger." So Wadatsumi expands again, and Sanji just keeps egging him on.
  • Zeo tries to attack Brook while invisible, but since he's yelling the attack name at the top of his lungs Brook manages to stab him anyway. And then Zeo has the balls to seriously claim that he was actually trying to break Brook's sword tip off with his own body.
  • When a fishboy wonders if humans are as bad as the New Fishman Pirates say, Madame Shirley tells him that the ones fighting to protect Fishman Island are human, to which the boy asks, pointing at Brook; "Even him?"

 Madame Shirley: Well, I'm not sure about half of them...


 Brook: Stop right there! Those are your men!! And you, what would you know?! It's not like you've died before! Die and be left as a grudge!!? That's absurd! Nothing is left behind! After death, living things are all just bones!!

Franky: You've gotten a lot more persuasive.


  • From chapter 646, Chopper doing his happy dance... While in Monster Point!
    • While Usopp and Chopper go gaga over Franky's Laser Weapon, Nami and Robin just stare.
  • Brook, after defeating Zeo, makes an utterly badass line...and then ruins it.

 Brook: "Even blood freezes in the wind of Hell" and...I hope it flips some skirts up too!

  • From chapter 647:

 Brook: Nami-san, please put on a mini-skirt.

Nami: Shut your mouth.

  • 649 does a Call Back to 634 when Zoro is trying to explain why being heroes is a bad thing. He uses Luffy's meat analogy only with booze (made even better by the fact that Zoro wasn't even around when Luffy made the original analogy).

 Nami: What is it with you guys and that theory!?

    • Also, King Neptune thinking Robin was coming onto him after she called him to speak to him alone.
    • In a quick, one-panel shot, Nami is apparently out-drinking Prince Fukaboshi.
  • 650: Nami gets excited when told that Neptune is willing to give the whole treasury to the Straw Hats for the capture of Caribou, and then she gets mad at the Big Three for letting Caribou escape. Long story short: no matter how powerful they've become, Zoro and Luffy (Sanji being Sanji, he doesn't count) are still afraid of Nami.
    • What makes it even more hilarious is that the three of them are kicked out of the palace the same way Caribou was kicked out by Luffy!
    • Earlier, when trying to tell the Straw Hats some vital information, Jinbe gets annoyed that Luffy wasn't listening. Luffy cheerfully tells him that he likes leaving to chance. Jinbe then goes into a minor depression, remarking that to the crew that they must have it hard. They agree.
    • When it's found out that the leaders of the New Fishman Pirates have all become old due to abusing ES, we get this little gem:

   Zeo: I became old on purpose.

  • 652 has everyone absolutely freaking out that Luffy challenged one of the Emperors... except Nami, who's annoyed that Luffy gave up all the treasure and so beats the Monster Trio to a bloody pulp. Then Luffy tries to motivate everyone to go to the New World, while still suffering from Nami's horrible beating.
  • In the following chapter, Nami is given a new Log Pose for the New World. She's told that the needles can be used to determine how dangerous an island is. Unfortunately, Luffy overhears this and immediately picks the most dangerous one. Cue Ussop and Nami crying since Luffy is all-too happy to drag them into danger for fun.
    • In the same scene, Luffy interrupts by wrapping his neck around Nami, followed by Nami shaking his outstretched head to berate him while still tied up.
  • "And then I did a big fart!"
  • Sanji's idea of what Big Mom looks like. Please note that this is terrible wrong.

Punk Hazard Arc


 "I'm alone, if I see Straw Hat I'll hunt him down."

*Nami's group and kids burst in*

    • While everybody else is stunned by the sheer rediculousness, Smoker seems to be smiling like it's his birthday.
  • In 661, Law causes Sanji, Nami, Franky and Chopper to switch bodies. Franky is now in Chopper's body and Nami is in Franky's body, but the kicker? Sanji is in Nami's body and Chopper is in Sanji's!
  • In chapter 662, it's revealed that Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Brook and Sanji have new wanted posters. The funny part? Sanji's is no longer a painting, but a photo of the back of his head.
  • In 663, anything that involves Sanji checking out his 'new body' while pissing off Nami who's in Franky's body. She even goes as far as punching her original body !

 "Sanji": WE ARE NAMI-SAN!

Usopp and Brook: Finally! We've been waiting!

    • Luffy getting depressed after losing his 'extra legs', which belong to the Samurai from Wano.
      • Also involving the 2/3 completed Samurai...

 Brook: Yohoho, but having just legs and a head is kind of funny. Reminds me that I met a person who was just a torso!

Zoro: That's definitely this guy's torso...


    • Basically anything that involves the swapped Straw Hats. Mirroring the audience, even Luffy and Usopp laugh their asses off!
    • Tashigi in Smoker's body and Smoker in Tashigi's body. Wrap your head around that and try not to burst out laughing.
  • Chapter 664: This time it's anything that involves Smoker, Tashigi and their crew. Bonus points for Smoker in Tashigi's body unbuttoning 'her' shirt.
    • How to not get confused with Luffy's bodyswapped crew members? Make them wear paper masks on their heads.
    • Kinda hard to see if you don't know what to look for, but when the above occurs, you see Franky in Chopper's body trying to do his usual pose. Only problem? Chopper's arms are too short!
  • Chapter 665: Franky making weird facial expressions while in Chopper's body with Robin calling him out on it.

 Robin: I never want to see that expression coming from Chopper's face again!


Robin: Franky, can you just not speak while you're in that body? Ever.

  • Brownbeard claims he doesn't know much about the Yeti Cool Brothers... before revealing a ton of details about them.
    • Nami mocks Franky's beam, causing Chopper to get mad.
    • Mostly a matter of opinion, but Monet's Opaque Nerd Glasses make her look pretty funny.
  • In chapter 667, Franky asks Chopper to give him a Rumble Ball so he could change into Monster Point. Chopper agrees, but before he could even start explaining, Franky eats it, causing Chopper's body to morph into Monster Point right away. He goes on a rampage, and just won't stop attacking Luffy ! This would normally be a serious situation, but here, it's played for laughs.
    • Also, a more subtle funny moment — immediately after transforming into Chopper's Monster Point, Franky still manages to do his Super pose despite having no control.
    • When Nami yells at the Yeti Cool Brothers, we get this nice exchange :

 Nami: Why did you kidnap me ?! I know I'm cute and I have a nice body, and it probably makes you want to kidnap me, but... !

Rock: What's this guy talking about ?

Scotch: He's an okama. Cool...

    • Luffy frees Nami from chains... by breaking them with his teeth.
  • In chapter 668, Law meets the Straw Hats for the first time. He's quite visibly disturbed by their...quirks, especially when Usopp ties the now-back-in-his-body Chopper onto his head because he can't move.
    • The face Law makes at this moment is so priceless, even Robin laughed! Made even funnier because both happen both be stoics for their respective crews.
    • When Law refuses to allow Chopper on his head, he carries him around like a keychain.
    • When Robin brings up that a pirate alliance could end in betrayal, especially since Luffy is so trusting, Luffy naturally turns to Law and asks him if that's the case. Law just calmly responds "No." This is juxtaposed with an annoyed Usopp in the foreground.
    • There's also Luffy and Franky arguing over whose fault it is that Chopper's body is beat up, blaming each other for it before Chopper yells that they're both to blame.
    • Nami in Sanji's body. We have to pity Nami for the body-swapping abuse due to her original body's absence.
    • There's also the faces the rest of the crew makes when Luffy tells them that the crew is forming an alliance with the Heart Pirates. It's especially funny to see Robin with a straight look on her face while her friends' jaws are gaping open in surprise.
  • In chapter 669, Tashigi accidentally activates Smoker's Devil Fruit ability, causing her to fly around uncontrollably.
    • Zoro, Sanji and Brook imagining who the giant footsteps they saw (Actually the Yeti Cool Brothers') might belong to.
    • Luffy, Franky and Robin barge right into Caesar Clown's lab, even though they were supposed to stick to the plan of just capturing Clown. Bonus points for Franky actually screaming that out loud!
  • In chapter 670, Luffy finds out that Smoker and Tashigi have been body swapped. His reaction? Start laughing. While still fighting them.
    • And then Caesar Clown shows up. We're treated to a panel of him bragging about the slime. Then...

 Caesar: When all the slime pieces get here, they'll feast on the lot of you! Four years ago-

Luffy: (tackles Caesar) Gotcha!

Caesar: Whaaat!?

Ending Caption: He doesn't care!!


Filler Arcs

  • During that brief mini-arc where Foxy returned, both Sanji and Zoro got hit by Foxy's Slow Slow Beam, and the result was Sanji slowly falling towards Zoro, both with looks of terror on their faces. Just when they're about to lock lips, the thirty seconds expire, and Sanji manages to catch himself in time. They then have the following exchange.

 Sanji: That was terrifying.

Zoro: I agree.

  • When Sanji tries to free Usopp, Luffy, and Zoro from G8's brig, Usopp suggests using his Impact Dial to blow the cell bars apart. Sanji takes the Dial from Usopp's pocket, but when he uses it, it plays back comments Zoro made in Skypiea, as he had taken the Tone Dial by accident. One of the Marines wonders if that is supposed to be a secret weapon, which causes Sanji to turn bright red. He takes another Dial (glaring at Usopp all the while), but this one turns out to contain foul gas. Usopp demands to know who put a fart in his Flavor Dial, and Luffy weakly apologizes. The joke is then taken to its logical conclusion when the gas ignites a candlelight and creates a large explosion that blows the bars apart. Finally, when they finally escape, Zoro manages to get everyone lost in a straight corridor, thus enabling them to avoid the ambush that has been set up for them.
  • Speaking of the G8 arc, Luffy plays ninja.
    • The part where the question marks start popping up over all the marine's heads make me giggle just to think of it. Priceless.
    • Condoriano. 'Nuff said.
    • Lovable gentle Chopper acting like a berserker brute and threatening to kill the "hostages" if they aren't allowed to escape. Made better by "hostages" Nami and Dr. Kobato overacting their pretty little heads off plus Zoro grinning and golf-clapping.

 Zoro: I'd do as he says, guys. He's serious. If you haven't seen the neck-snap thing, it's pretty messy.

  • When trying to leave G8 in episode 206, Usopp comes up with a plan to use the Octoballoon from Skypiea, along with an Impact Dial, Breath Dials and Flame Dial, to escape. But...

 Usopp: We don't have the octopus.
Chopper: The octopus.
Nami: Yeah, the octopus.>
Sanji: Shitty octopus.
Robin: Yes, the octopus.
Zoro: Damn octopus.
*Luffy gets between Zoro and Usopp with a big smile on his face*
Luffy: I have it.
Usopp: He says he's got it.
Chopper: He has it?
Nami: He's got it.
Sanji: Shit, he's got it.
Robin: He has it!
Zoro: You have it?
Luffy: Yeah, right here!
Everyone except Robin: Eeehh!
[Luffy then pulls the octopus from his shorts. From the inside.]
Luffy: See?
Luffy: Well, he was our savior who brought us down from the sky!
Zoro: I know, but... didn't it feel funny down there?
Luffy: Down where?

  • Episode 510: Ivankov arrives on his island in his full female form, which Sanji instantly falls for. But he reverts back to his original sex as Sanji was about to take "her" hand. Talk about Dropped a Bridget On Him !!
    • And funnier still, Sanji knew that was coming.
  • In the TV Special Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy, Zoro blatantly attacks Mohji and Richie to protect Vivi and then nonchalantly states "Sorry, my hand slipped", much to Cabaji's annoyance.


  • In Movie 4 Dead End Adventure, when hearing about how the crew is low on money, Luffy says this.

 Luffy: [seriously] Oi, let me say this as your captain. You guys are spending too much money on food.

[gets beaten up the rest of the crew]


    • This background conversation between Luffy and Zoro had this troper cracking up.

 Barman: There's no cures for idiots or pirates, is there?

Luffy: Did he call you an idiot, Zoro?

Zoro: Why me?

Luffy: Because I'm a pirate.



  • This isn't from the series proper, but a fandom April Fools prank that grew to staggering proportions. When it was learned that a character who could gender bend people was treating Luffy for a poison, a group of people on the Arlong Park forums got together and came up with a fake spoiler summary and fake pictures involving Luffy becoming a girl and disguising herself as part of the Impel Down staff. While close examination would reveal the picture as fake, after being tweaked in Photoshop and done up to look like a spoiler image from JUMP, it proved to easily fool the layman. From there, it spread across much of the English fandom, and even a few foreign ones, with people either finding the Gender Bender uproariously hilarious and awesome or cringe worthy, though it was mainly the former. While the joke was prematurely exposed, Luffyko will certainly live on in the hearts of many.
    • Now "Sir" Crocodile is up on plate.
    • The really funny part about all this, is that a fan asked Oda in the SBS what would happen to the Straw Hats if they were gender bent, and Oda complied. The tales of Luffyko continue.
  • Basically everytime Zoro gets lost is a crowning moment of funny per se.
  • During the One Piece/Toriko Cross Epcoh Manga special, we get a look at Luffy's full course menu. For reference, In Toriko, every Bishokuya has this. It's all of their favourite foods ranging from entree to dessert, showcasing their tastes and variety in food. What is Luffy's? Meat. Just meat. FOR EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY.
  • The "Mugiwara Theater" sketchs. All of them.
  • The opening to Gigant Battle 2: New World features Usopp attempting to shoot Akainu, only to piss him off in the process. What makes it even funnier is the fact that it came right after some scenes of Luffy battling Hody, Sanji facing off against Marco, and Zoro dueling against Shiki.
  • Hancock's constant squeeing like a teenage girl in rock concert everytime she speaks to Luffy is hillarious, especially in the anime.
  1. Bug-eyes and his formerly Evil Grin just kind of frozen on his face by the shock of it all