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File:CherryBlossomsBloomOnDrumIsland 8597.jpg

Even if I should disappear right now, my dream will come true.

What with all the True Companions and the Power of Friendship and all, One Piece got to be one of the most idealistic and warm Anime around.

East Blue Arc

  • The entirety of episode 45, a majority of which is due to the amount of call backs contained within that episode alone.
  • Episode 6. Luffy fights Buggy's animal trainer, Mohji, and his lion, Richie, on behalf of an abandoned dog, Chou-Chou. The moment where he gives some treats to Chou-Chou afterward is also the first use of what will eventually become One Piece's Tear Jerker music, "Mother Sea".
    • Nami's reaction tells the whole story. As she sees the dog mournfully howling in front of the wrecked pet food store, she's reaffirming to herself that pirates are all the same and just destroy things that people hold dear. Then Luffy walks into the scene and she's ready to beat him up for being a pirate too...until he sits down with the dog and compliments him on fighting well, along with handing over a small bag of dog food, the one thing connected to the store he was able to save. This actually brings a brief smile to Nami's face as she sees that maybe pirates aren't ALL like that.

 Luffy: There's no point trying to apologize now. It's not going to bring that dog's treasure back. That's why I'm gonna kick your ass.

  • Sanji's departure from Baratie.

 Zeff: "Hey, Sanji. Keep your feet dry."

Sanji: "Owner Zeff! All this time... I owe you a Hell of a lot!

  • After Zoro is defeated and badly wounded by Mihawk, Luffy makes his way over to get revenge for his friend. However despite his injuries Zoro tells him not to bother, promising his captain he will never lose again, and asks the "pirate king" if that's alright. Luffy just grins and nods. Not only is this heartwarming, it also marks the only time in the manga that Zoro is seen crying (apart from flashbacks).
  • What? Absolutely no mention of Zeff who ate his own foot to save Sanji because he had the same dream as him.
    • I think the anime version of that's a little more so. In the anime, Zeff's leg got pinned under the ship wreckage when he dived to save Sanji. He could get his leg out but Sanji would have drowned by then. So to save time he used the chain of the nearby anchor to sever his leg to get him free. The blood soaked chain in the lightning really put the point across.
  • The Arlong Arc in One Piece. All of Nami's efforts, hopes and dreams are crashing down around her ears, and she's violently defacing the tattoo on her arm with a knife -- when Luffy grabs her wrist and stops her. For the first time completely open with any of the other heroes, Nami begs him to save her village. Without a word, he places his precious hat--something he'd previously told her NEVER to touch--on her head and marches off to battle. The rest of the crew joins him with little more than an acknowledgment of his order. It was perhaps this incident that took such a radical and disparate group and made them all True Companions.
    • And then he proceeds to storm into Arlong's base and punch him in the face. The reason? "You made our navigator cry!". It made this troper all teary-eyed.
    • Nami's reaction when she sees Luffy tear her room at Arlong's base literally to shreds.
    • When Luffy rises from the ruins of Arlong Park declaring that "NAMI! WE ARE NAKAMA!" with Nami tearfully nodding her head. Even better when the village realises there finally free from Arlong, and celebrates by throwing Luffy in the air. The anime later shows Nami putting back Luffy's Straw Hat on his head as a thank you, although the manga does this later just prior to walloping the Marine asshole who sided accepted his bribes with her staff.
      • The quote is even better in the Funimation dub. "Nami! You will always be my friend!"
  • After the Arlong arc, you get one from the Marines. In his introduction, when Captain Smoker goes on patrol, a young girl bumps into him and spills her ice cream cone on his pants. Her father is immediately apologizing profusely, fearing retribution. Smoker just pats her on the head and gives her a coin so she can buy a bigger cone. Not only is it heartwarming, but a perfect demonstration that, although the Designated Villain of the series, not all Marines are downright evil like Morgan or Nezumi (or a Jerkass like Fullbody).
  • After Usopp leaves his village with the Straw Hats, his old friends the Usopp Pirates wonder what they're going to do now. Pepper has an idea, and the last we see of them is the three boys yelling "PIRATES ARE COMING!" as a fitting tribute to Usopp's daily commotion, where he raised a ruckus with a similar cry.

Drum Island Arc

  • The Doctor and Chopper. That scene always makes me cry...
  • The Drum Island arc is crammed with CMoH.

 Chopper: But I'm a reindeer! I have antlers and hooves! And a blue nose! Well, of course I want to be a pirate, but I'm not like you! I'm a monster! I can never be part of your group! But I wanted to thank you...Thank you for asking me. I'm going to stay here, but please, come and visit sometime, if you feel like it-


Chopper: ... *bursts into tears*

    • Keep in mind Luffy wanted Chopper in his gang not realizing Chopper was a doctor. In fact, only Nami knew this before they departed. (Of course, Sanji thought he was emergency rations.)
    • And at the end, Chopper thinks he forgot his bag of medical equipment, when it turns out Nami found it in the sled. It would appear Doctorine tossed it in the sled before he left, knowing he would leave.
    • The last scene of the Drum Island arc, pictured above, was a perfect combination of this, a crowning moments of awesome and a serious tearjerker. Tony Tony Chopper, on leaving his homeland, turned around to see that Doctorine had fired off the cannons in a salute to his exit. The cannons fired off a powder that mixed with the constantly falling snow to form a giant cloud of pink snow surrounding the tallest drum-shaped mountain in the center of the island. The result was a spitting image of a cherry blossom tree. Years before this took place, Chopper's father Hiruluk told Chopper the tale of a pirate who saw a field of cherry blossom trees that healed his incurable disease and that Hiruluk wanted to make a tree bloom in the inhospitable snowy environment. Of course, the pirate in his tale was Hiruluk himself and he did create the method for his dream to come true, but his life was cut short by the corrupt government that controlled Drum Island before he could make it happen. His death sparked a chain of events within the government that led the King's second Dalton to pull a coup on the king Wapol, believing in Hiruluk's final speech of how the country could return to its former glory. Cherry blossoms symbolize renewal, as it did to Hiriluk's health and Dalton's country. Chopper, upon seeing the "tree", burst into tears over how his father's dream had come true and that the country had been healed of its torment. The Drum Island Arc is often overshadowed by the later Alabasta, Enies Lobby and Whitebeard War Arcs, but it manages to give one of the most satisfactory conclusion to a story in any form of media in recent years. The final scene can be seen here.
    • And Luffy after he climbed Drum Rock. Utterly frozen and with the last bits of his strength, likely hearing Dr. Kureha say Nami is dying, he grabs her arm and tells her, "They're my nakama!"
  • When in Drum Island, Luffy and Sanji were attacked by a bunch of Lapahn while they were bringing sick Nami to the only doctor on the island. They kicked a baby Lapahn's ass easily but then it's parent and other Lapahn showed up and caused an avalanche which buried not only Sanji but the baby Lapahn's parent as well. While carrying both Sanji and Nami, Luffy saw the baby Lapahn trying to desperately dig up its parent even though its paws already ached. When Luffy approached it, the baby Lapahn thought he was trying to harm them and growled while trying to protect its parent. Luffy grabbed the Lapahn which was buried under the snow and pulled it up. He helped those in need and carried on with his mission. Now that is a heartwarming scene that brings a smile on your face and tears to your eyes.
    • What was also pretty sweet about that was when Luffy was about to get attacked on 3 sides by the baddies of the arc--unable to fight with Nami and Sanji in his arms--the Lapahn suddenly showed up to help him! I personally thought it was sweet how they paid him back for his kindness.
  • This is a bit of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it: When Sanji and Luffy realize that Chopper changed size and exlaim "HE'S A MONSTER!", at first Chopper walks away from them, obviously sad. Later, when Luffy punches Wapol in the face, we get the following exchange:

 Chopper: Did his arm just scretch?

Sanji: Yep. He's a rubberman.

Chopper: Rubberman? What is that?

Sanji: [Smiles widely] A monster.

    • Chopper's face after that just melts this troper's heart.

Alabasta Arc

  • The earliest scenes with Ace and Luffy together when they first reunite in Arabasta. We get to see some good brotherly bonding, including an arm wrestling match which ends with them crushing the water barrel they're holding it on.
  • The scene where Luffy defeats Crocodile counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome, Crowning Music of Awesome due to Dvorak's New World Symphony 4th Movement playing, and this due to how well it fit in. In particular, the part where Vivi sees Crocodile sent flying and remembers despite all her worries about Crocodile's manipulation of the country, Luffy with his usual enthusiasm simply says "So all I have to do to Crocodile, is kick his ass, right?". Then the True Companions pondering how the hell Crocodile was sent flying with Usopp replying with great joy that finally, Luffy won.
  • Vivi telling the Straw Hats that she must stay behind and hoping that they will consider her a friend if they meet again. While they are unable to say yes for fear of her being labeled a criminal, they show her the "marks of friendship" on their arms, and she immediately understands and shows hers. While the moment could be a Tear Jerker, it is touching to see them acknowledge her as a friend.

Skypiea Arc

  • Montblanc Cricket's reaction to hearing Luffy ring the bell in Skypiea. Especially moving for this Troper, as he had completely forgotten about those guys over the course of the storyarc.
  • Calgara's farewell to Noland made this Troper cry tears of joy. Manly Tears, of course.
    • Made better when we see an image of his ancestor Montblanc Noland and Calgara together laughing, something that both had been denied when they died.
  • Episode 180 of the anime, when Zoro goes out of his way to catch Robin from falling after she is blasted by Eneru's lightning. Standard nakama-practice, until you remember that Zoro was the only one of the crew that had remained leery of Robin's presence up to that point.

Davy Back Fights

  • After being bombed and hit relentlessly by Foxy in the Davy Jones Games, Luffy continually stood up again and again, shocking his opponent and the audience, leaving many wondering how he could still fight. And Luffy tells them:

  Luffy: "To save my nakama ... I will fight to the death!!!"

    • For those who don't know, the winning team of the Davy Jones Games can select a member from the losing team to be their new teammate. Meaning that if Luffy lost, someone from the Straw Hats would be with the Foxy Pirates for good.
    • Even the guys on Foxy's side thought it was this when they saw Luffy's determination to fight on. And they had to be reminded by Foxy they're cheering for the wrong side.
    • The countdown for Foxy to be sent flying after Luffy used a shard of mirror to reflect his own Noro Noro Beam on him and give him a few powerful wallops as he goes up to the helm of the ship. It starts with Zoro counting own the seconds until Foxy's beam wears out, then Sanji, then Usopp leads the crowd on Foxy's side to join in as Foxy slowly gives motion, and when it reaches zero, Foxy goes sky high as Luffy cheers his victory.
    • Made even better, after Luffy won and woke up, he was surrounded by all the Straw Hats, smiling at him gratefully. But Zoro's line was the one that made the most impact.

  Zoro: "I thought about it. If I left this ship, I'd have no point in being a pirate anymore."

    • You guys forgot one.

  Chopper: I went out to sea because of you! No... I refuse! Luffy! I went out to sea because you asked me to! I wont go with these guys! I WONT! I'm the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates... TONY TONY CHOPPER!


Water 7/Enies Lobby

  • That scene in the Enies Lobby arc. You know, the one where the Straw-Hats face Robin after she ran away from them and willingly gave herself over to the government for their safety. She yells, almost on the verge of tears, that no matter what, no matter how much they care for her, they'll eventually see her as a burden and abandon her. At which point Luffy proves how far they'd go for her when he orders Sogeking to shoot down the World Government flag, effectively declaring war on the entire world. This triggers some of the most heartwarming dialogue of the series.

 Luffy: Robin! I still haven't heard it from your mouth! SAY YOU WANT TO LIVE!

Robin: * thinking* Live... I thought wishing for it was forbidden... Nobody would allow me that... If.. If I'm allowed to declare my wish... Then I...


    • Keep in mind that the Strawhats saved her out of sheer apathy for her past. It wasn't "We love you despite your burden." It wasn't even a freaking CONCERN for them. They never even bothered to ASK her what it was! They simply chose to make her burden their burden.
      • They never CARED what her reason was. The fact that their actions up to this point so clearly resemble those when Nami officially joined the crew (Arlong arc).
  • Another scene later on in the series also qualifies. Luffy lies on the ground, so exhausted he can't even move. He breathes in deeply... then shouts at the top of his lungs: "LET'S GO BACK TOGETHER! ROBIIIIIN!" Seeing the happy tears in Robin's eyes made this troper smile hopelessly.
  • An absurdly touching scene takes place between Usopp and Sanji. Usopp, having left the crew out of fear that they will eventually leave him behind because he's so weak, is saved from Jyabura by Sanji, who informs him that he'll take over the fight. He then tells Usopp "There are certain things I can do that you can't. Just like there are certain things YOU can do that I can't!" Later on, after Usopp successfully snipes a group of Marines targeting Robin, it's Sanji that starts cheering "LOOK! OUR SHARPSHOOTER RULES!" The notion that an over-chivalrous woman-lover who would sooner eat a mouthful of sand than treat a man better than a woman would proudly give his crewmate the moral support he needs makes me fuzzy inside.
    • Also the part where Luffy is about to thank Robin for saving him after his fight with Lucci, but she uses her powers to put a hand over his mouth and thanks the crew for saving her.
    • Really, the whole series is built on a foundation of Heartwarming. And Tear Jerkers. Usually both at the same time.
  • After four years of believing that Franky was dead, Iceburg and Franky had a little, bitter reunion. Franky had heard the news of Iceburg accepting a job from the World Government, even though they captured and dragged their father-like figure Tom to Impel Down, and was understandably furious. However, Iceburg calmly argued that it was Franky's fault for making the weapons that allowed the Government to capture Tom in the first place. Then curiously, he gave Franky the blueprints for the ancient weapon Pluton and told him to leave the island, letting the Government believe that Iceburg had the blueprints and would come after him instead. As Iceburg walked away, telling Franky that though he would never forgive him, he was also glad that Franky was alive, with tears in his eyes.
    • In the same scene, Franky gives it right back to Iceburg, declaring that he wouldn't leave the island and leave Iceburg to face the Government on his own. With this flashback, we now know why Franky had a brief Heroic BSOD when Lucci (falsely) told him that Iceburg was dead.
  • Let's not forget the funeral of the Going Merry. Seriously, the scene made you cry over a freakin' ship.
  • The scene where Robin is first inducted as an archeologist. They actually had a celebration for her. This is beautiful because Robin at that point had no friends, and her aunt would always mistreat her. To see that there those on the island that actually care for her shows that even she wasn't completely unloved.
    • When Robin first meets her mother and holds her hand despite the entire island of Ohara going straight to hell, she says:

 Robin: I've wanted to do this for a long time.

    • Even when Saul, a Marine deserter purpose himself to make sure Robin survives, and carries Robin explaining that they can't turn back due to the Marine warships on that side, despite her home being targeted for destruction, despite her being torn from her mother again, and despite the fact that those alone are a damn traumatic thing for an 8-year old child to experience, Saul gives gives this heartwarming gem, even if she's too young to understand the full implications of what that means:

 Saul: Robin! Be proud, Robin! Your mother is great! Ohara is great! And you will pass down their history! The history of how Ohara 'fought the world!!'

  • Usopp's return to the crew. He starts with a bunch of excuses shouted to his fleeing True Companions, who ignore him. Then he swallows his pride, gets on his knees, and shouts his apology at the top of his lungs while Manly Tears stream down his face. Luffy tearfully accepts his friend back onto the ship while the other strawhats smile.
  • Near the end of the Enies Lobby arc, when the Straw Hats jump into the ocean to find that The Going Merry miraculously appeared to help them escape This troper cries every single time he see's that scene.
  • The background of how Franky formed the Franky Family. The big guy? A thug who tried to mug him. The girls? Drunks he picked out of the gutter. Most of the rest? Starving in the streets before he gave them food, jobs, and a place to live. No wonder they're all so dedicated to him, and no wonder he sobbed when he had to leave.
    • When Franky Family were arguing with Franky to convince him to leave and join the Straw Hats, the line that stunned and caused Franky to burst into tears was this:

  Zambai: "Are we not allowed to consider your happiness?!"

  • The marines coming to rescue T-Bone.

Thriller Bark Arc

  • Zoro willing to give up his life to save Luffy and the crew from Kuma. Heartwarming, Tear Jerker, Awesome!
    • Not only that, but Sanji also attempted to give his life for both Luffy's and Zoro's dream and was only stopped when Zoro knocked him out
  • Brook's entire flashback - especially the final song played on the tone dial.

Sabaody Archipelago

  • A moment in the anime: Hatchan, in an effort to protect his friend Cammie, gets shot down by a Celestial Dragon, who, not satisfied, proceeds to further humiliate him. The heartwarming is in when Luffy, who at the beginning wasn't even considering helping Hatchan as an option, kneels next to his wounded body as he (Hatchan) proceeded to apologize, saying that he just wanted to make up for the bad things he did to Nami (who is led to tears). Luffy then does what all the readers wanted to do at that point: he walks purposely towards the Celestial Dragon and punches him to next week, fully aware that doing that would trigger a calamity. But really, who cares? The bastard deserved it!
    • Nami in the same situation qualifies too. She clearly says, at the end of the flying fish fights, that she won't forgive Hacchan. But the revelations about the racism the fishmen suffered and still suffer make her doubt and hesitate, even more when she actively witnesses Hacchan being a victim of said racism. And when he's shot down by that son of a bitch, her horrified scream, her tears as he apologies, and the fact she rushes to his help after Luffy gives the bastard what he deserved clearly shows that she no longer holds a grudge against him and forgives him.

Impel Down Arc

  • Impel Down: Luffy fights the warden Magellan, is "fatally" poisoned, defeated, and carted off to Level 5 of the prison to presumably die a painful death. Back on Level 4, Mr. 2, who had previously ran away, gathers Buggy and Mr. 3 back together and says that they have to go and save Luffy immediately. When Buggy demands to know why they should stick their necks out for him and go to certain death, Mr. 2 replies: "Because he's a friend!! I don't need any other reason than that!!"
  • Again in Impel Down which is shaping up to be both extremely epic and touching: after being poisoned by Magellan, Luffy's only hope for surviving is going through an incredibly painful healing process which causes him to scream in agony nonstop and is supposed to last over two days, which would prevent him from rescuing Ace before his brother's execution. As soon as Bon Clay learns of this, he refuses to rest or eat and stands in front of Luffy's locked recovery room and begins to shout encouragements to the amazement of his fellow Okamas. Spurred by his example, the rest of the okamas begin to join in and shout encouragements for over eight hours to Luffy. This causes him to heal quicker than exepcted and recover in about 18 hours, just in time for his brother's transfer to the execution site.
  • Impel Down: Vice Chief Hannyabal is initially presented as The Starscream of Impel Down. He appears to be nothing more than an incompetent coward that even considered letting prisoners escape so that his superior would take the blame. However, when all hell breaks loose as Luffy and his new incredibly powerful alliance begin to break out through the levels, Hannyabal shows his True Colors. His desire to become Warden is not merely a desire for power, but a true belief in the need to protect the outside world from the scum locked in the prison, lest the fear of these criminals spread, and he would give his life to protect that ideal. To that end, he takes an absolutely brutal beating from Luffy, who is many times stronger, and yet refuses to move time and time again. In the end, though, he's brought down, making this somewhat of a Tear Jerker.
    • As a follow-up to the previous moment: Warden Magellan, who Hannyabal had openly criticized and announced his desire to replace, honors Hannyabal's determination and states that Hannyabal is his only successor. Despite Hannyabal's behavior, Magellan knows that his heart is in the right place. Hannyabal's beaten up and disbelieving face is priceless. Leave it to this series to make even the most sadistic of bad guys sympathetic.
  • Once again, Impel Down: Mr. 2's 'Heroic Sacrifice' where he stays behind in the prison so that he can impersonate its warden so that the Gates of Justice can be opened allowing Luffy and the rest of the escapees to sail to freedom. He only tells Jimbei so that the others won't find out, and when they do, it's far too late to turn back and Mr. 2's cover has been already blown. Everyone is moved to tears (save for Crocodile and Mr. 1), with Buggy and Mr. 3 even apologizing for being assholes throughout the entire arc, and everyone bellows out a tremendous "THANK YOU!!!" as the Gate closes behind them.
  • In an anime-only moment in a recent episode, Garp during his visit to Ace in Impel Down relates Luffy's recent adventures to a beaten and despairing Ace who then smiles. Even in his darkest hour, in the middle of the closest thing to hell that exists in the One Piece universe, Luffy's antics can still bring a smile to his big brother's face! A clear example of why Filler isn't always a bad thing!

Marineford Arc

  • In the recent chapter 552, it consists of a flashback regarding how Ace met up with the Whitebeard Pirates, being forced to join their crew. Several times, he attempted to kill Whitebeard but always failed. Until finally one day he asked Marco, one of Whitebeard's captains, why they all called Whitebeard "pops". Marco told him because he calls them his "sons".

   Marco: We're just a bunch of strays here. So it makes us feel good whether he really means it or not.

    • From the same chapter, when Ace told Whitebeard who his father was, he was afraid he would get kicked out, seeing how Roger and Whitebeard were great enemies/rivals. However, Whitebeard told him it was just a minor detail anyways.
    • Also, after Blackbeard killed Thatch, Ace was determined to hunt him down, even though everyone, including Whitebeard himself, didn't want Ace to. He angrily said that Blackbeard brought disgrace and shame to his father and he wasn't going to stand by it. This shows what a great difference from when Ace first joined the Whitebeard Pirates to the fiercely loyal second captain of the Whitebeard Pirates now.
    • My, this chapter is just brimming with heartwarming moments. Another moment is when Ace apologizes to Whitebeard and the rest of his crewmates for causing them so much trouble and tells them to leave him behind. However, Marco answered on behalf of everyone there.

 Marco: But everybody in these waters should know better than to mess with one of our crew. Anyone who lays a hand on one of us has to suffer the consequences!

Other Pirates: We'l make sure those responsible pay for it, Ace! Just you wait! We're cming to save you.

  • In Chapter 556, Garp opted to sit near his adopted grandson instead of joining the battle against Whitebeard and finally admitted that while he had no sympathy for criminals, family was different and he finally breaks down and begins to cry. Keep in mind, this is the guy that just laughed whenever his family's horrid deeds were reported to him!
  • Most recently, the flashbacks between Ace and Oars Jr. about the time they became friends when Ace made him a hat. Also a major Tear Jerker.
  • And the most recent chapter brought us this: "I'm your little brother!". Whitebeard's reaction to it is also quite the shaker.

 Whitebeard: *grinning* I won't forgive ya if you let him die, Marco.

  • In chapter 563:After getting stabbed through the chest and accused of selling out all of his allies in order to save Ace, Whitebeard hugs the man who betrayed him and says:
  • What may perhaps be the most heartwarming gesture towards a friend happened in chapter 571, courtesy of Mr. 3, the same Smug Snake who once tried making wax sculptures out of the Straw Hats for his own perverted sense of art, by him disguising himself as a Marine, all so he could free Ace inconspiciously, and thanks to him, Luffy finally frees Ace! And the reason Galdino did that? To honor Mr. 2's last wish.

 Mr. 3: If I told you I was here to mourn my fallen comrade and avenge him... would you laugh at me?!

  • In chapter 574, as Ace laid dying in Luffy's arms, he whispered his Famous Last Words to his brother.

  Ace: Pops!! Fellow pirates!! And... Luffy... I've always been such a hopeless person... I was demon spawn.. the son of the devil!! Thank you for loving me!!

  • Chapter 575. Whitebeard and his crew vow to protect Luffy in order to fulfill Ace's promise is pretty heartwarming. Its like they see him as one of their crewmates as well.
  • A retroactive one in Chapter 576. We've gotten a flashback a couple chapters ago that hints at how Whitebeard has no interest in actual treasure. As Whitebeard stands dying, we get the rest of that flashback, which reveals that what he does want, and wanted ever since he was a kid... was a family. Puts yet another layer of heartwarming on the dynamics between Whitebeard and his crew.
  • Even Sengoku gets one in Chapter 578/Episode 487, when the Marines have felt demoralized even after Whitebeard's death, because of Blackbeard stealing the late pirate's power, gloating that no-one is willing to take him on and he'll just take to sink the whole of Marineford with his newfound power to show them exactly what he thinks of justice. Sengoku doesn't this lying down, and quickly transforms into his Buddha form before delivering a shockwave to the Blackbeard Pirates. He then delivers a Rousing Speech to keep the Marines' spirit up and their pursuit of justice:

 Sengoku: The fortress can be rebuilt. But the island of Marineford is the hub of our world!! For all the citizens of the world who fear an invasion of evildoers this is an ominous day!! But justice and righteousness will never be defeated!! Don't you dare speak lightly of sinking this island, you fiend!!

    • This speech, particularly in the anime mirrors that of Hannyabal's. So Sengoku scores with this one, proving he's not just an amoral Chessmaster, but his duty is to the world.
  • A very minor one in chapter 579. In the previous chapter, Luffy had just lost his Straw Hat, and fans everywhere were wondering what would happen to it. Indeed it was a dark time. So when things are at their darkest, none other than Shanks, the man who gave him the hat, shows up. After his Big Damn Heroes moment, he calmly strolls over and picks up the hat. Then you think all the way back to the beginning of the series: "Listen up... you can pour drinks on me, you can throw food at me, you can even spit on me. I'll just laugh that stuff off. But... good reason or not... nobody hurts a friend of mine!" Someone's getting pwned.
    • Turns out no one's getting pwned. Instead, Shanks has Buggy return the hat to Luffy, not wanting to break their promise, then stops the war. After everything is said and done, he takes Whitebeard and Ace to have a proper burial. Nicest rival Warlord ever.
  • At the end of the Whitebeard war, Crocodile has just saved Jimbei and Luffy from Akainu. He demands that someone put them on a ship. Buggy happends to catch Jimbei and Luffy. Law suddenly shows up and demands that Buggy hand over Luffy and Jimbei to him because he is a doctor and he can help them. Buggy angerily yells something along the lines of, "I don't know who the hell you are! Why should I hand them over to you!" Heartwarming because it shows that very very deep down, Buggy cares for Luffy by refusing to just hand him off to a random stranger as he is basically dying.
  • Two Newkamas appear to save Luffy from Mihawk. They ask if he remembers them, and he quips that he doesn't remember the face of every insect he crushes. Standard Badass Boast... until you remember that he told Zoro, who could be considered an "insect he crushed", to surpass him. It adds a whole new layer to the way Mihawk views Zoro.


  • In the latest chapters Luffy flashes back to his and Ace's childhood and what led them to become brothers. He despairs, convinced that he's weak despite all the work he'd put into becoming strong enough to protect his family. Then in Chapter 590, Jinbei reminds him that he still has something to live for: his True Companions.
    • Hell, the flashbacks to his childhood are themselves CMOH: from Luffy, Ace, and Sabo becoming brothers to Dadan claiming Luffy and Ace as her sons!
    • The flashbacks are heartwarming in part that they reveal the depth of Ace's sacrifice. While he wasn't able to keep his promise to Luffy, he was at least able to keep with the last wish of Sabo, his first best friend.
  • When the rest of the Straw Hats learn what Luffy has been going through since they were separated, they all immediately try to leave whatever island they're on because they know that Luffy is in bad shape and they want to be there for him. Nami's reaction is especially heartwarming and sad:

 Nami: I have to go to him before he completely breaks down!

Later: Luffy, I know you're okay! I'm sorry! You've always supported us! Now it's our turn to do the same for you!

    • Special mention goes to Usopp. Despite being in no condition to fight, he tries over and over again to escape the giant venus fly trap filled with dangerous animals he is trapped on.
  • From Chapter 593, Robin tells the Revolutionaries that she doesn't need protection, because:

 "I have my own friends."

    • She also thinks to herself, somewhat amused, that before meeting Luffy, she had never considered becoming strong for someone else.
  • The cover of Chapter 596 features Luffy and his brothers as adults Including Sabo who died as a kid. Eyes are covered, but we get to see what he might have looked like as an adult.
    • Hell, this whole chapter was one giant fuzzy ball of heartwarming. Watching the crew flashback to their time with Luffy and decide to grow stronger so that they can support him as well brings happy tears to this troper's eyes.
  • Your Mileage May Vary, But Chapter 588 has one. Though overall a tearjerker, it does have this gem; Dadan, who had mostly been a rather abrasive guardian who seemed to see Ace no different than many others (as the son of Roger), shows how much she really her typical fashion.

  Dadan: Your father died and changed the entire era! Become as big a man as him before you even think about getting yourself killed!!

  • Your Mileage May Vary: Episode 506: Sanji is apparently become accustomed to the Okama life style when he suddenly comes across the newspaper and reads the news regarding Luffy. That's more than enough to bring him back to his old self instantly. It's somehow nice to see how he, deeply inside, puts his captain's health above anything else.
  • Episode 514: Nami explaining her reasoning for wanting to learn more about weather. She wants to help Luffy to become the pirate king, and to do so, she must be the best navigator there is.
    • It gets even more touching when Nami silently adds to herself that she wants to help Luffy as he helped her. We then get a flashback of when Luffy told Nami that she was one of them after he had defeated Arlong.
  • Episode 515: Usopp's thoughts on Luffy. He thought that Luffy did not really need him in the crew. However, over time he realized that this was not the case and his role in the crew is very important. So he vows to get stronger and become the true king of the snipers in order to help Luffy become the pirate king.
  • Episode 515: Zoro throwing down his pride for Luffy by asking Mihawk to train him.
  • Really any scene between episodes 513 to 515 that involved the straw hat pirates. Each of them remember when Luffy asked them to join their crew and how Luffy had helped them out in the past. Therefore, they all want to become stronger for him.
  • We should add the last half of Episode 516 to the list. Before starting his training with Rayleigh, Luffy thinks about his crew and the promise he made to his brothers before putting his prize hat on the rocks for safe keeping. When he finishes putting it down, a remix of We Are plays as he runs off. We then get several touching scenes of the Straw Hats getting stronger for each other on their different islands. Once they cut back to Luffy one final time we hear him renew his vow to everyone, including Ace and Sabo, to once again become stronger. When the episode ends instead of the usual 'To Be Continued' we get a title card that reads, 'Go To New World'. It really shows that the story is entering a new chapter.
  • Episode 505. If Luffy's "I want to see them again" scene doesn't make you cry, that's fine. But no matter what, it'll definitely force a smile onto your face.
  • Dadan's assaulting Garp after he returns to Windmill Village and Calling the Old Man Out on Luffy and Ace's behalf. Especially when you consider how she and her gang spent years in terror of the man, her rage and despair at what happened during the Paramount War makes her cast that aside with zero hesitation.

 "No matter what kind of pirate that idiot Luffy becomes, I'll be on his side! He must be suffering terribly! It breaks my heart to think about it! Luffy!! Don't let anybody beat you!!"


Return to Sabaody

  • Chapter 598: The crew begins to come back together. Especially heartwarming is the reunion of Usopp and Nami. Usopp has just come in Dynamic Entry style, and has just met Nami for the first time in two years. Her reaction upon seeing his face is to immediately hug him.
    • Even more wonderful in how it outright confirms that Nami has become so much more mature and loving in general ever since the beginning of the series.
    • Her first reaction to seeing Chopper is hugging him as well. The woman's become a virtual cuddle machine.
      • Just happened in episode 517 of the anime. Nami's reaction to Usopp is positively adorable.
  • Chapter 601: Luffy saying his Catch Phrase after the Time Skip, bringing smiles to Zoro and Sanji's faces, as well as Manly Tears to Rayleigh's face. It really means a lot for Luffy to be saying it again, signalling that He's Back, given how the loss at Sabaody and the death of Ace sent him spiraling into a Heroic BSOD.

 "Rayleigh... I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!"

    • Rayleigh's tears could also be interpreted as a sign of remembrance for his own captain. People have compared Luffy to Roger on several occasions. Rayleigh might see Luffy as his captain's dream living on.
  • Chapter 602: The entire crew is finally back together.
    • Also, the allies of the Straw Hats intercepting the marines. Also counts as a CMOA for each of them.
  • Chapter 603: The depth of Kuma's sacrifice: Kuma more or less literally saved his soul to become converted into a human weapon for the World Government, but not only did he save all the Straw Hats before he was fully converted by sending them all to different islands, he made a deal with Dr. Vegapunk to program him to guard the Thousand Sunny until one of the Straw Hats arrive even if means his destruction, after his complete conversion. It was revealed that the Marines one year into the Time Skip found out where the ship was and Kuma sided with Duval and Hatchan in protecting the ship, battling the Marines. Even Duval and Hatchan retreated from sustaining severe injuries, but Kuma kept on fighting. By the time Franky saw him, he had received severe damage. Kuma simply said "Mission complete." upon seeing him and departed. Kuma had essentially sacrificed his life and even in "death"/after his completion as a Pacifista, he purposed himself in making sure the crew of his comrade's son is safe. Franky even said that they owe Kuma a massive debt. It also double as a Tear Jerker as the next time they see him, he'll be a soulless cyborg.
  • The anime rendition of Brook's final concert as Soul King. The song itself is heartwarming, but through it all, Brook's 'manager' (the longarm that kidnapped him in te first place) hesitates shooting, remembering Brook's raise to stardom. And when he tries shooting again, he's held back by his partners, who give a 'let him finish' look.
    • The song itself is basically Brook giving a tribute to the Straw Hat crew, and their dreamer attitudes, accentuated with all the Straw Hats being themselves.

Fishman Island Arc

  • A majority of the "From the Decks of the World" cover art. It's nice to know that Oda has left no major player forgotten, even upgrading their appearances and giving them more story substance, all within just one cover page.
    • One of the most endearing is the Chapter 622 art, which shows Kaya studying diligently while her beleaguered butler tries to hold off a huge posse of completely besotted Bishounen admirers. She ignores them all...and has a newspaper clipping that's pretty clearly the wanted poster of our favorite Cowardly Lion taped to her stack of medical textbooks. All together now: AWWWW. Mind, MANSOPP is hot enough to melt rocks now, so...
  • At the end of chapter 622, in the flashback to Fisher Tiger's life, he scars an 11 year old human girl and makes her burst into tears. It Makes Sense in Context. The girl was a slave who had been rescued by Tiger years before, and was still stuck with mental conditioning that made her a Stepford Smiler, constantly afraid that she would be killed if she displeased those around her. Tiger scarred her to destroy the slave brand, and made her cry by throwing away his pistol and promising that no matter what, he would make sure the child got back to her home.
    • It gets even more heartwarming, remember Fisher Tiger was described as basically a rageaholic by Hancock. He also has an intense hatred of humans because of the racism. He's willing to push all that to the side, more or less, the branding was a bit drastic, but necessary, to try and make an 11 year old human girl feel better and act normal.
    • It continues in chapter 623 where the little girl Koala sails with the crew and there are plenty of adorable interactions of her and Hachi, Jimbei and the others. But the one that got this Troper the most was when she was leaving to return home, she runs up to Tiger and holds his hand as they walked towards her village. Considering what Tiger and fishmen had gone through and their own dislike for humans and yet they've grown to cherish and accept this human girl.
  • Chapter 625 has a subtle but very, very sweet scene between Otohime and her husband Neptune. She's about to go off with the World Noble to negotiate, but Neptune wants to come along, presumably to protect her. She declines, and then tells him to trust the wife he chose, and to trust humanity. What makes this special is how it's possibly the first unambiguously romantic scene in the manga, and it works because it doesn't stall the plot, and is tasteful and utterly heartwarming.
  • In the beginning to chapter 626, Otohime is brought to tears when, after successfully getting a deal from the Tenryuubito, nearly everyone on the island gives her their approval of her ideas.
  • Chapter 627: Nami forgiving Jinbe, Franky crying over the latter's story and declaring his love for fishpeople/merpeople, and also Nami making friends with Shirahoshi.
  • Chapter 634: Luffy has a Pet the Dog moment towards Shirahoushi.
  • Chapter 636: Luffy learns that Surume the Kraken was only following Hody's orders to protect his brothers back home. At this, Luffy cheerfully says to Surume that he'll protect them too. The implications behind it are a good Tear Jerker, but anyone who's read up to this chapter knows that Luffy's going to keep his promise, no matter what.
  • Having realized just how they got here, Fukaboushi asks Luffy to destroy Fishman Island, in his words, returning it back to zero. Luffy's response?

   Just leave it to me. Before we all stepped into the plaza with Jinbei, my crew and I vowed to not let anyone on Fishman Island get hurt. We're friends now, right?

  • There's also Luffy showing he developed a fire-based technique that is clearly a tribute to his brother and his signature technique.
  • After Jinbe saves Luffy's life, in defiance of Fishman Island's laws, with a blood transfusion, Luffy asks him to join the crew. Yes. Yes. YES!!!
    • Not just that, but the way he does it! After a huge war against racism between the two races... after saving Fishman Island from Hody's evil reign, and after nearly dying yet again... the first words out of his mouth were "Hey, Jinbe! Be my nakama!" No trauma, no pent up rage or battle spirit from the fight, not even any concern like "Are my crew members okay? Did Noah crash," etc... He just smiles and asks Jinbe to join!
    • Just how Jinbe had no hesitation to give blood to Luffy. Everyone else (minus Shirahoshi) hesitated, even though they were eternally grateful to Luffy for saving the island. Jinbe without blinking an eye offered as much blood as Luffy needed.
    • Also Fukaboushi's words upon witnessing the above event. And remembering his earlier words to Luffy to "destroy Fishman Island" and free the island from its own hatred, thus making it return to zero, it is doubly heartwarming to see.

  Mother ... this is "zero".

  • Chapter 652: Even after being caught by the Marines, most of the pirates the Straw Hats freed refused to sell them out.
  • Chapter 653: The Straw Hats departing for the New World. Luffy and crew make a pinky promise with Shirahoshi to see her again, this time without her being such a crybaby.

Punk Hazard Arc

  • Chapter 654: After being sucked in by an underwater whirlpool's horizontal funnel cloud ( usual) the Sunny crashes into a school of whales the size of a mountain. After briefly mistaking them for Laboon, Brook breaks down crying and starts calling them out, asking if they had lost a baby whale some fifty years ago and reassuring them that Laboon is alive and doing fine. Then Brook starts singing "Bink's Sake". The whales hear his song, and return a friendly smile before helping the Strawhats to the surface.
  • Chapter 658: Nami deciding to help the giant children escape.
  • Chapter 661 Cover: Hannyabal finally achieved his dream and became Warden of Impel Down!
  • Franky using his cyborg upgrades to help the aformentioned children ignore their fear of the frozen bodies in the room leading to the exit was quite heartwarming. But it gets out shadowed imediately after when he strikes his Super pose, and is accompanied by the children, Chopper, and Nami and Sanji! The fact that two of the most serious members of the crew copied the pose really shows how close they've got. Now we just need Robin and Zoro to follow suit and "Heartwarming" will be redefined...
  • In chapter 663, Luffy thanks Law for treating him two years ago. Even after Law tells him he did it on a whim, Luffy is still grateful to him.
  • Chapter 668: The chapter's cover.
    • Luffy insists on Law being a good guy, but even if he isn't he doesn't need to worry since he has his crews with him.


  • The ending to Movie 10 just leaves a big smile on this troper's face. After Nami joins Shiki's group, she leaves a farewell message on a Tone Dial, saying how she's going with Shiki and that the Straw Hats would surely die if they went against him. While listening to this, Luffy absolutely snaps, lets out a huge scream, and trashes a nearby hillside in anger. At the end of the movie after Shiki is defeated and the Straw Hats are sailing on once again, the Tone Dial turns up again, which hits Luffy's nerve again. Turns out however, that there was more to Nami's message that he couldn't hear before because he was too busy leveling the countryside. Unfortunately, Nami tries to stop him from replaying the message out of embarrassment or whatever, and during their struggle for control over the Dial, it's knocked into the sea. Despite this, we the audience still get to hear what Luffy couldn't.

 Nami: Definitely... Come to save me.



  • The covers to the manga. Usually the covers will tell short stories about minor characters, but in between those stories, there a filler pictures with the Straw Hat Crew interacting with various animals. And ever since the Alabasta Arc, Vivi has always been right there with them and it gets me every time. She may not be sailing to the end of the world with them, but she is part of their Nakama.
  • Anything with Brook, his original crew, and Laboon.
    • "Binks' Sake." Just... Binks' Sake.
    • Even when they are recording on the Tone Dial as they are dying one by one (in the hopes that Brook's Yomi Yomi no Mi powers work and he revives), they flashback to happier times when Laboon joined in singing "Bink's Sake".
    • The Straw Hat Crew's version of the song, sung by the members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Unlike Brook's Tone Dial on the Rumbar Pirates rendition, the song is complete and instead of eerie silence at the end, you have the Straw Hats celebrating and talking. It sinks in that Brook has managed to move past his long period of suffering and found a new place with the Straw Hats. Listen to it here.
  • Your Mileage May Vary but I found that Boa Hancock being able to cry unashamedly in front of another person, open up to someone other than her sisters and reveal her past, fall in love with Luffy and genuinely smile very heartwarming. After all that she had been through, being a slave for the World Nobles for four years and enduring through horrors that made her want to die at age twelve, it was just so heartwarming to know that she still had emotions.
  • Once you realize how much the Straw Hats' lives changed after meeting Luffy and some of them having real friends for once, it makes you want to shed a tear.
  • There's one for Luffy before that. After Mr. 2 begins carrying Luffy to Ivankov via a cart, they get attacked by wolves. Mr. 2 tries to fight them off, but is overrun by their numbers. Then Luffy, who shouldn't even be able to move at this point, stands up and scares away the wolves through his stare. But that's not the Heartwarming part. After that, they both fall to the ground, too weak to stand, and Mr. 2 had apparently fell unconscious. Ivankov and Inazuma find them both like this and is originally opposed to treating them. But, he decides to treat both of them when Luffy asks him to treat Mr.2 before himself, even though he's the one who needs to be treated more.
    • This also happens earlier on the Amazon Island. After the fight to the death with Hancock's two sisters, Hancock gives him the choice of either using her snake-pulled ship to get to Sabaody Archipelago, or have Hancock un-petrify the three girls who originally found him on the island and had stood in his defense. Without missing a beat, Luffy bows on ground and asks for their un-petrification.
      • Not so. Hancock gives him the choice and Luffy bows and thanks her for agreeing to undo the petrification. He never even thinks about the ship.
  • When we found out that Ace was Roger's son and was not Luffy's biological brother, and yet he constantly referred to Luffy as his brother. He even told the other Straw Hats that having "a dumb little brother makes an older brother worry", just like what a real older brother would say.
    • Same with Luffy. He knew all along that Ace wasn't really his brother and still fought to the death to save Ace from Impel Down, calling him his brother the whole time, showing a steadfast admiration for his older brother, just like what a real younger brother would do.
  • To follow from the Heartwarming Moment above, in the most recent chapter, Luffy springs headfirst into battle to save Ace while Ace can only watch in horror. Finally Ace shouts at Luffy that he didn't want his brother to come and that Luffy didn't belong in this fight as they were part of separate crews and it was humiliating to be saved by a weakling. Luffy just shouts back that he is Ace's brother and after a touching flashback of them officially marking their brotherhood, Luffy furiously promises that he will save Ace even if it kills him.
  • It was a Filler leading to episodes of the Straw Hats reflecting on their own traumatic experiences and when they joined with Luffy because it shows that they sympathize and truly consider Robin to be a True Companions. Made better with the first opening theme tune "We Are", and the whole crew singing the lyrics.
  • In an SBS, we find out why Oda deserves the Creator Worship he gets. Someone asked Oda was asked what his treasure was. His answer? "My treasure? Of course, it's ALL YOU READERS."
  • The CP 9 even get one. Like several other characters, they get a cover arc after they disappear from the main story line. The heartwarming comes into effect when they all work their butts off in various odd jobs so they can get the money to pay for Lucci's medical bills. So, the power of nakama works even for the villains of this series, eh?
  • Take a look at chapter 598's cover which shows the crew restarting their adventure after two years,and compare it to the chapter 1's where Luffy has just started his journey.Pretty cool, don't you think?
    • The same applies to the cover of Volume 1 and Volume 61. Also, the chapter and volume names are the also similar.

 Volume 1/Chapter 1: Romance Dawn.

Volume 61/Chapter 598: Romance Dawn for the new world.

  • Now there's the 15th opening. It's just heartwarming after the whole Whitebeard War deal, you see the crew training, never giving up.
    • Some Fridge Brilliance in the very beginning of the open as I note that the quickie montage of Roger, Shanks, and Luffy is the ownership line of the straw hat.
  • The final opening before the time skip, Fight Together, has a brief segment in its second half that compiles each of the Straw Hats' most intimate moments with Luffy. These moments are delicately cropped from their original episodes and carefully framed, so to allow around fifty heartwarming shots, on average about 2 seconds apiece, in the space of thirty seconds.