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File:Creepy Caribou 8497.jpg


Ah One Piece, a Long Runner filled with exciting adventures that is able to keep up with series such as Naruto and Bleach. Like those two series however, some of those adventures can get you to stay awake and not in a good way.

  • Movie 6. Plant-men suddenly wilting into dead husks, the straw hats being absorbed by a giant plant monster while the villain announces their death, the image of Luffy made into a human pincushion trudging zombie-like while begging for his crew to be returned... it's no wonder the movie is controversial among the fanbase.
    • One of the worst parts of the absorbing sequence was when Zoro is the last one absorbed. Mainly because, while the others appeared to be unconscious, Zoro has this look on his face that makes one think he's completely aware of what's happening. I mean, his mouth is open like he's screaming! What about toward the end when the flower on the villain's shoulder turns into this giant, grotesque beanstalk-thing, and you can see the bodies of Luffy's crew jammed in it?
    • The cutesy Lily avatar on the Baron's shoulder cheerfully exclaiming that it's hungry, and making biting and chewing motions both during and after absorbing the Straw Hats.
    • Just to add a new dimension, Director Mamoru Hosoda has said in an interview that the movie is an allegory for his work on Studio Ghibli's Howls Moving Castle.
  • We also has the Thriller Bark arc, which featured a gigantic ship shaped like a Haunted Castle that was home to Dr. Hogback, a Mad Scientist who made zombies (including zombiefied, literal Mix-and-Match Critters), Perona, an Elegant Gothic Lolita girl who could summon ghosts that came out of the goddamned walls (and floors and paintings), and Big Bad Gecko Moria, a large, vampire-like man who could steal people's shadows, and briefly traps Luffy's shadow in the body of a humongous zombified giant.
  • The Blugoris from Impel Down are freaky. Large, vaguely humanoid creatures wielding giant battle-axes... with no face. Just a small lump for a head and what appears to be a painted-on skull.
    • Impel Down itself. All prisoners are first boiled alive upon being sent there, and part of the punishments involve walking upon a field of razor sharp blades until your feet are nothing more than shreds. The kicker is that this occurs on the first level. The tortures get progressively worse as you continue further deep into what other characters in the manga have explicitly referred to as 'hell on earth'.
    • And then we get the lovely image of Luffy covered in poisoned goop, with face frozen in an expression of agony and horror, like he's screaming. Sweet dreams.
    • That agonizing look? It reappears when Ace dies. The look of despair on Monkey D. Luffy makes it seem he is dying himself.
  • The Celestial Dragons, anyone? Their complete and absolute disregard for human life, not to mention their utter untouchability, has given this troper the chills on more than one occasion.
  • How about in the Marineford arc when Akainu friggin' BLOWS OFF HALF OF WHITEBEARD'S FACE?!
    • Heck Akainu in general especially after he recovers from Whitebeard's beatdown and proceeds to chase after Luffy. The man's a damn tank and nothing is going to stand in his way. Not even the toughest pirates of the One Piece world.
    • Even scarier : from the same arc, we have the anime version of Luffy's breakdown.
  • Caribou. Just Caribou. He is a psychotic homicidal lunatic who prays to God to forgive his victims of their sins.
    • As pictured above, his swamp Logia powers are really grotesque looking. He looks like a puddle of melted flesh, although this can be attributed to being black and white and Oda's art style.
      • Also the way he was kidnapping those mermaids eerily resembled a rapist assaulting his victim.
  • Hody Jones latest form can be this, with that huge, gaping murloc-like jaw.
    • Hody Jones in general. He's basically One Piece's response to Adolf Hitler...or at least, Hitler if he had been stopped before he could have achieved his dreams of conquering his own country...
    • The anime cranks his Energy Steroid usage Up to Eleven by giving him blood-red eyes when he does so.
  • We now have a first full look of Big Mom. Yeesh.
  • The guys in Chapter 656 who kidnapped the remaining Straw Hats look pretty fucking creepy with those diving suits.
    • Wait, there's more: brought to an island half on fire, half frozen, in a nursery-like room full of giant children. Oh, and what exactly "divided" that samurai like that?
      • Recent chapters suggest that the newest member of the Shichibukai, Trafalgar Law, did it to him.
  • Happy-go-lucky Chopper on the 3rd Rumble Ball. Nuff said.
  • Two words: frozen corpses.
  • We find out that Trafalgar Law was able to join the Shichibukai by sending 100 pirates hearts to the government. Knowing what the government would and could do with those hearts, what do you think has happened to those pirates?
    • Him doing it to the Straw Hats, is actually presented as a comic moment, since it results in a Freaky Friday Flip. But then he pulls off a different procedure to Smoker; we see his actual heart. Not so funny.
  • A bit which could also fit into Fridge Horror is that (be careful, triple spoiler ahead) [[spoiler: the 100 pirates who got their hearts stolen by Law are definitely not dead, as Tashigi was perfectly OK in Smoker's body despite the fact that Law had stolen Smoker's heart.
    • Speaking of Fridge Horror, Caesar Clown is an "insane bastard" (Smoker's words) whose primary field of expertise as a Mad Scientist is mass-murder weapons. And he holds kids captive inside his main facility. Just what the fuck does he intend to do with them ?!
  • Caesar Clown: the hellish child of The Joker and a Hannya mask, expert of Weapons of Mass Destruction, capable of turning his body into a mass of deadly gas and using his own men as guinea pigs to test his biological weapon all while he plays the good guy's role to them. Now that you know this, think again about all those kidnapped children and let the Fridge Horror in.
    • It gets worse. It's revealed that Caesar was drugging those children by slipping a stimulant drug known as NHC10 on the candies fed to them, to the point where depriving them of it generates not so pleasantresults.Yikes...
    • And guess who is backing up his experiment? None other than Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, who already established himself as an utter madman in the Marineford Arc, is responsible for sponsoring Caesar's inhumane operations. His right hand man, reveals to be Vergo, who is a Vice-Admiral of the Navy, is in Punk Hazard as well..
  • The Blob Monster Slime released by Clown in chapter 668 isn't a pleasant sight
    • And things just got even worse: after eating a bait made by Caesar, it changed into a huge cloud of gas that petrifies its victims fast as shit. Bonus points for how scary the statues look and the guy begging for help as he's being petrified.
  • Monet's monster form is actually pretty frightening. Seeing the Cute Monster Girl grow a giant set of teeth capable of biting off a Marine's shoulder. Brrr..
    • Later on, Zoro cuts her in half vertically. She survives, but that was only because Zoro decided not use Haki. Because Monet is too scared of what Zoro could have done to her, she is unable to put her body back together right away. Seeing her two halves moving about erratically, melting into snow and getting back into shape time and time again, is disturbing as hell. The look of absolute rage on her face(s) is not a pretty sight either, and gets even scarier when you compare it to how calm and cute she looked before.
    • There's also her ability to weaken someone by embracing them. You have to remember that Monet is a snow woman, and falling asleep in the snow can effectively kill them. Monet does something similar, by weakening an opponent with the cold she exudes and causing them to fall asleep. The fuel doesn't end there though. When she used it on Luffy, she described that his heart would freeze and he would die in his sleep. So Monet basically kills someone with Hypothermia. Urrggh...
  • Akainu, anyone? Sure he's in the Marines, but the way he inflicts his sense of justice.. is horrifying to say the least. He thinks blowing up a ship full of innocent civilians is fine as along as the scholars are dead, even though they were promised freedom. This guy is the reason why Robin's life is an downright misery, and the direct cause of her fear of admirals.
    • To pinpoint how horrible this guy really is, when he becomes the Fleet Admiral after fighting Kuzan, he immediately left the Marines instead to serve under him. Fairly understandable, considering that he was disgusted by Akainu's actions beforehand, and now that the vicious psycho becomes the Fleet Admiral, he decides to leave the Marines.

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