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  • Captain Buggy, one of the earliest villains the Straw Hat Crew fought together, has a type of cannonball that he named after himself, called the Buggy Balls. The awkwardness of this name is taken Up to Eleven with phrases like "Prepare my Special Buggy Balls!"
  • In episode 38, upon seeing and remembering who Zoro was, Hatchan, one of Arlong's henchmen, says, in a stuttering and humiliated/embarrassed tone, "He... rode me... I mean... I let him ride me...
  • One instance that should really be noted is that Kalifa's Awa Awa no Mi means that she's a Soap Girl. In Japan, Soapland is a term for certain kinds of brothels where, officially, the client is only "bathed".
  • The second movie has two members of the Big Bad's Quirky Miniboss Squad kidnap Nami, so she can be forcibly married to said Big Bad. However, the kicker comes when one of the members announces that they'll have lots of fun seeing him do This and That to Nami. As the crew repeats "this and that" with disturbed-looking faces, what follows is an Awkward Pause...and then the other member blows up their boat.
  • There are a lot of really dirty jokes and allusions in One Piece. Zoro telling Nami he's wearing bandages because he lost his shirt (in the English dub only) and doesn't want to distract her. Nami telling Dr. Kureha, who was telling Nami not to tempt Chopper to their crew, that she doesn't need the Doctors permission to hit on guys. Dr. Kureha calling herself a swinging single.
  • There's the 2nd TV special where a loli is kidnapped and Mind Rape'd to slowly undress, only to reveal a map on her back. Of course, by the length of the scene and the look on her face, it's obvious she feels violated.
  • And let's not forget HOW IN HELL did 2 whole episodes of butt-naked Franky displaying his manliness(es) all over town, and then being... squeezed by Nico Robin, managed to be aired. That had to hurt... for the kids watching too. Funny as hell though.
    • That's nothing, the Italian dub (which has 4Kids-like levels of censorship) aired the whole scene unedited!!!! You may now kneel in shock and awe. To be honest however, they don't specify what Robin's holding and instead says "It's Hurting him!".
  • Surprisingly, in the 4Kids dub when "Zolo" said, during his fight with Mr. 1, "Is he made of steel or steroids?". To think, they edited so many drug references... however, by then, the show was airing on Toonami, so....
  • Another surprising instance from the 4Kids dub was when Captain Morgan had "Zolo" before the firing squad and proclaimed that they were going to "riddle him with more holes than a fishing net."
  • When the Amazon Lily warriors try to pull out that one "mushroom" from inside Luffy's shorts. For all intents and purposes, Luffy's getting a handjob - granted that, of course, he's unconscious at the time. They also wanted to take off his jewels.
  • Fake!Robin trying to bait Chopper with a cucumber. She has... quite the way to offer it. Thank God Chopper didn't bite it. In more ways than one.
  • Nami asks Chopper if he wants to try out the Shower Tempo...while she's in the shower herself.