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This is a list of silly, or Just for Fun wild mass guesses for the series One Piece. More serious entries should go in one of the open pages.

Please add new entries to the bottom of the page.

Zoro secretly loves sappy romance music

The zombie with his shadow had a shirt with the words Your Song printed on it. A famous Elton John song. Zoro keeps it a secret because Sanji would never let him hear the end of it.

Boa Hancock is based off of Megan Fox

Both are considered the most beautiful person of their world, are next-to-emotionless, and have this... squicky thumb problem. Doesn't help that their names can be taken sexual and are animal related. It's not too unlikely, considered many characters like Django and Donquixote are based off of foreign celebrities.

  • Pretty unlikely, since Hancock's character, or at least design and concept, is around a decade old.
    • Also, Hancock really is the most beautiful person in her world, at least of those we've seen so far. Megan Fox? Not so much.

Portgas D. Rouge was a Bene Gesserit witch from Dune

If she was able to have such absolute control over her body, particularly the growth of her unborn child, then it's conceivable that she had special training. Her mission was to extend the line of the Ds in a gamble that one of the Will of D would become the next Pirate King and bring further changes to the era of Pirates.

  • Alternatively, she mastered Life Return a la Kumadori and Lucci.

One Piece is the after-afterlife of The Demon Ororon

Since Ororon was from the afterlife already, where would his spirit go after dying? It's clear that he didn't go to Heaven or Hell, so there must be a further afterlife - one where his spirit was reborn as Sanji.

They both smoke; they both have dirty blond hair that covers one eye; they both wear black suits with boots (to compare, look here and here; and they both have similar personalities. The only difference is Sanji's women obsession, which probably stems from losing the love of his life because he died. He tries to woo every woman he finds so he can have the relationship that he and Chiaki never got to have.

The Devil Fruits are likely powerful demons as well; but they were not given a human body, but a fruit form which can transfer their powers to whoever eats them.

The secret of how the One Piece world gets babies

Every seven years, all sexually mature One Piece characters go through Pon Farr, and have a mating frenzy, hence how this infamously No Hugging, No Kissing world gets it's babies.

Usopp is a descendant of Drosselmeyer from Princess Tutu, which why his lies come true.

Okay, this just HAS to be said:

The One Piece is a Core Drill

Luffy and crew will discover it, freak out over how it's just this tiny useless thing, and then notice the odd impression in the wall behind the chest. Luffy experimentally inserts the Core Drill, and cue Raftel Island (or perhaps some hidden "secret weapon" of Gold Roger's hidden within Raftel Island) activating and transforming into an enormous face-battleship. Thus the second chapter of the One Piece saga begins, taking the Straw Hat Pirates to the stars to fight for their claim to the title of King of the Spirates.

I apologize for the horrible pun, and am fully ready to admit that I'm mainly saying this because I can't get the image of the Dai-Gurren-Dan crest sporting Luffy's hat out of my brain.

One Piece is the Pirate King from FLCL

In FLCL, we find out that the Pirate King can be imprisoned and that his power can be absorbed. It makes sense, then, that absorbing the Pirate King would make you the new Pirate King. This is exactly what One Piece is supposed to do. The next question, then, is if Naota is related to Gol. D. Roger. And did Gol. D. Roger ever fight with weapons he pulled out of his forehead?

Usopp is a Time-Lord, and the Merry-go was his TARDIS

This is why it was so hard for him to let it go.

  • Alternatively, Franky is one big TARDIS. How else could he keep all of his technologies in there?
    • Heck, even Chopper with the Rumble Balls as some sort of hyperspace matter container. None of that wave Zoan Techno Babble.

The World Government is run by The Patriots

It would fit because of their similar desire to control information throughout the world and bring about "peace". The Void Century is the 100-year period that it took for the Patriots to reduce the world from the state of technology seen in the Metal Gear Solid games to the low-tech seen in the One Piece Universe. They did this largely so that they could more easily control information without the threat of the Internet. They used their mass-produced Metal Gear RA Ys and a large number of nukes to blast the world into fragments and screw with the world's climate to create the Grand Line and the many islands throughout the world. Isolated islands were easier to control than unified countries connected by the internet. They genetically engineered the Transponder Snails themselves. They then circulated false information about the history of the planet and did their best to eliminate any information of the tech level that used to exist. However, the events of the Void Century were too dangerous for anyone to go into, so they left it blank.

The Poneglyphs are incredibly dangerous for the Patriots because anyone who discovers the old tech could reverse-engineer it and use it as a weapon against the World Government and the Patriots. The "weapons" like Pluton and Poseidon are, in fact, various forms of Metal Gear; REX and RAY, respectively.

As outlined in the Metal Gear WMG page, the ending of MGS2 was Raiden undergoing a psychotic break, which means that Arsenal Gear did not break down. Instead, the Patriots have it hidden. The last island of the Grande Line, Raftel, is no island; it is Arsenal Gear, kept in storage. As Raftel is also where Devil Fruits come from, it explains why the powers they give are so many and varied. The Fruits are full of Nanomachines, which means that they can have any number of bizarre, magical effects.

The World Government is run by Templars

And the Poneglyphs are Pieces of Eden. Alternately, Roger collected all the Pieces of Eden and left it in "one piece". The Revolutionaries are Assassins.

The Grand Line is a Hellmouth.

It would explain all the weirdness.

Alternatively, the Grand Line is located on a rift in time and space.

The world One Piece takes place on is Imperial.

Look at the World Government for a moment. It's the Imperium of Man in miniature.

  • This would mean that the "devil" in Devil Fruit refers to Chaos.
  • One Piece is a communication device of some sort that will alert the Imperium that the planet needs "cleansing", which is why Gold Roger went to such pains to ensure that nobody could use the bloody thing. Telling people about it was a Xanatos Gambit: if he told nobody, it would be found accidentally. If everyone is looking for it, they'll stop each other from finding it, keeping the planet from being destroyed.

Boa will get into a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship with Tashigi, except not really.

Think about it: on Amazon Lily, "Strength is beauty." By the end of the Alabasta Arc, it's practically canon that Tashigi will get way, way stronger. Boa hates the world government, and Tashigi is one of the few genuinely good people in it. Boa and Tashigi are likely going to be in close proximity this arc. Somehow, Boa will be impressed with her like whoa and become convinced that they are in a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship. BUT...Tashigi will have lost her glasses, and due to not being able to SEE Boa, not fall for her charms like certain others. This will not hinder Boa at all due to her complete inability to understand that not everyone ([Oh my gosh!]!) is in love with her.

Sanji returns from Kamabakka with the power to HIT WOMEN!

Pretty self-explanatory.

    • ...because his visit to the island gave him a phobia of anything feminine.
      • It means that he'd only want tomboys/masculine girls for girlfriends. It'd be hilarious.
      • As we see now, the only thing he'll ever be hitting women with is a gushing Nosebleed.

Pell is an Alien

In movie 8, the sound played when he lands on the clock tower sounds like he's warping. Then a ray of light sucks him in all tractor-beam-like, and then he survives a giant explosion. By deforming himself into a liquid-like alien state (rain) and then recomposing. Think about it.

    • Alternatively, Pell is Bio Rider, who has survived such a situation with a similar tactic.

Devil Fruits are, in reality, Alien Fruits.

They just cause these effects on people because the Bizarre Alien Biology inside them made it possible. To the aliens that brought the fruits to the planet, they don't have any bizarre effects. Or just a slight indigestion.

Indiana Jones is Robin's father.

He got himself killed by the Marines while studying the Poneglyphs, pissed off a Yonkou or Shichibukai, or the Indy Ploy failed disastrously.

  • No! He's still alive, he just doesn't know that he's a father, once he finds out about his daughters problems he'll go in and rescue her.

Zoro and Perona got poofed to Silent Hill

Freaky Mind Screw moments and emotional trauma for everyone!

The "D" in the Will of D refers to the Endless

D can stand for Death, Dreams, Destiny, Despair, Delerium, Destruction, and Desire. All of the Ds, to some extent, seem immune to the powers related to the Endless. They are unafraid of Death, they fight for their Dreams rather than succumb to them, other than Blackbeard they rarely leave things up to Destiny and would sooner fight for what they want, they rarely give up in Despair, they encompass rather than are affected by Delerium and Destruction, and (from what we've seen thus far) seem immune to Desire.

Luffy's straw hat is one of the Pieces of Eight

Shanks gave it to him after placing a bet on the new era, in other words entrusting him with one of the legendary objects used by the New World Pirates as they gathered. If the pirates ever meet up together, it'll play a large role in their war against the World Government.

Spanner created the lollipops used by the 4Kids Sanji, as well as created the 4Kids timeline.

In all honesty, this'd make crazy sense. Ten Year Bazooka malfunction sends Spanner to the Golden Age of Pirates (or an alternate timeline, ala the Paradox and assists Sanji in his leg training, giving him his special lollipops to enhance his abilities. It'd tie together both series oddly well. Not to mention, it'd give a valid reason for the other things 4Kids did, such as the super-soakers and the cut story arcs-when he came, tech became developed differently, and things happened in a different way.

Ace will be reincarnated as Zuko.

Well, they do both have fire powers and are like rivals to the protagonists of their respective series.

Oda really can read english and is secretely a troper.

He reads this page to find out what everyone seems to think will happen, just so that he can continually throw us off. Only plot points that he's had planned since the beginning stay in place.

Oda is deliberately trolling the fanbase.

  • He made a nice light happy series, only to kill off Ace in such a heartbreaking and depressing way. If this is true, he's the biggest jerk on the planet; but you'd have to salute him, for spending twelve whole years on the setup.
    • Dude, this troper pegged him as a troll YEARS before that happened. He's always giving misleading answers to questions, hiding information until the last minute, throwing red herrings all over the place, or making things happen that are totally contrary to fannish expectations/desires. Plus, OP always took place in a Crap Saccharine World; something like brutally and depressingly killing off the hero's brother despite all the hard work and risk he suffered in to save him feels kind of inevitable.

"One Piece" is actually a spaceship.

"One Piece" is actually a spaceship and when the crew finds it they'll spend another entire series sailing through space and fighting evil Space Pirates.

  • *gasp* Does that mean they'd get the chance to fight Eneru again?

One Piece is specifically designed so that every Wild Mass Guess about it sounds sane.

I shall demonstrate: Zoro will come to the rescue on the back of an army of giant, rapping flamingoes.


  • But he wouldn't do that, he'd know that Kizaru could just shoot them down with his lasers.
  • Ah, but they all can use haki.
    • And now this troper is thinking about the possibility of Doflamingo knowing how to use haki...
      • What about Doflamingo rapping? (This seems likely...)

One Piece is actually...

A full collection of the One Piece manga, Gol D. Roger found out that his entire life and world was nothing but a manga and decided to hide the knowledge for someone worthy to find out the truth...from it he knew he was going to die and that his words before his execution would lead to the world becoming just as the book said...

  • Think about it, one of the characters had mentioned the treasure would cause a battle to engulf the whole world once it was found, likely since if people knew that there was a book that told all of what happened in their world they'd all want it....
  • It makes perfect sense! Gol D. Roger knew what the Poneglyphs said despite not being able to read them. He is the only person (aside from Whitebeard, who got the information from Roger, and possibly Kureha) who knew the true meaning of the Will of D. He could "hear the voice of all things." How else do you get that knowledge? You read through the series!

Iva is a Time Lord and their Hair is their TARDIS.

Luffy will ask Chopper where babies come from.

Poor, poor Chopper would be too young and inexperienced to be able to explain it to Luffy without getting really nervous and scared, seeing how he likely would only have second-hand knowledge. He'll break down and just shove the book with the relevant information under Luffy's nose while running away crying like a little baby.

  • Ha, ha, ha! Funny! Well, maybe that wouldn't happen, considering that he'd have to know everything about human physiology during his training with Dr. Kureha...

Sanji will learn Death Wink from Ivankov

When he uses it though it takes a new form because of his eyebrow, SPIRAL DEATH WINK! His wink will be the wink that pierces the heavens and the distance between man and woman. OKAMA SANJI!


Smoker's scar is the result of a chest-waxing Gone Horribly Wrong.

Just what it says.

Akainu is Clifford.

It's not just a name thing, Akainu transforms (or once was, maybe in a past or future life) into a red dog. A big red dog.

  • So, would that make Hina Emily then?

Sanji will gain a new move durring his training, and it will be...

Him shouting "I AM A MAN!" while punching kicking the person.

X Drake is Dio from Steel Ball Run.

HE TURNS INTO A DINOSAUR. What more do you need?

The World Government is 4Kids! Entertainment

When localizing the scripts of the Poneglyphs, they censored out all references to the Void Century because it was deemed too violent (or too raunchy). The only way to find out about the Void Century was through the original material. The scholars of Ohara were planning to do release an uncut, subbed version using the Poneglyphs, which would have infringed on their copyright (the main reason that the World Government hates pirates), so Four Kids had them killed.

  • It's so hilarious it MUST be canon. Mind if I use this in a fanfic someday?
    • Wait...would this make pirates other anime companies then?
      • Then pirates might be the scanlators. The strawhead-kind of scanlators are the ones who do it just to spread the joy of one piece (not attempting to ruin the mangaka) and the evil-pirate-kind-scanlators would be the ones taking money for their scanlations.
      • And the rebels are fanfic authors.
        • Shouldn't it be the other way round? The Revolutionaries are the Scanlators, with Dragon as the Head Translator, while the pirates are the fanfic-writers, living their dreams and desires while using ridiculous characterization and powers...
      • Then, the shichibukai's are fan-fics/doujins authors who start to work for Four Kids to avoid being demanded.

Coby has a serious case of Osgood–Schlatter

  • Look at how much that kid grew in such a short time. It's a wonder that his tendons are even attached.

Oda, his assistants, and the people who make the anime draw tons of One Piece Rule 34 for fun/to blow off steam

Look, these guys are only human. And it's gotta be tempting for the creators, who are likely mostly very world-weary adults, to explore the seamier side life of characters from a children's manga/anime. And given the sensibilities they display in interviews and such, it's probably hottest, yet most utterly bizarre, insane yet strangely heartwarming porn ever. And it wouldn't end there; it's not unheard of for animation teams to make gag animatics (videos with storyboards/voices) with with really, really violent/sexualized material they'd never be able to put on air. In other words, somewhere out there is a virtual mountain of One Piece porn that we'll probably never get to see unless someone decides to be a jerk and risk the inevitable controversy by posting it online.

  • Oda actually has a wife so I doubt he'd feel the need to.

The Grand Finale will be the most bizarre of the Gainax endings in existence

It will be like combine Lost, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Aeon Flux with Pirates of the Caribbean. We will have a face of [What the!?]?! for weeks...

The sea bear wasn't stopped by haki

It stopped because Luffy was standing inside an anti-sea bear circle.

One Piece takes place in the same universe as Stargate SG-1

The Void Century in One Piece is actually the period of time where their world was under rule by the Goa'uld. The Ponyglyph contain Goa'uld writing and the ones about that weapon are for an alien device used for war/destruction. Since the Goa'uld were known for their experimentation, that's why the people in One Piece are so messed up. Their world was one of the few that imported animals as well as humans so the Goa'uld experimented on them too.

Mihawk and Doflamingo do comedy routines when they're not busy doing Shichibukai stuff

Mihawk's the Straight Man and Blue Oni, Doflamingo's the WiseGuy and Red Oni.

    • Imagine their version of Who's On First.

 Mihawk: Well then, Who's on first?

Doflamingo: Doesn't matter. I killed him.

    • Someone write more of this please.
    • Maybe something where Mihawk's the Deadpan Snarker foil to Doflamingo?

 Doflamingo: I'm wild and I'm crazy and I'm a major Lady Killer!!!

Mihawk: Well, two out of three isn't so bad.

    • Or one where Doflamingo says the joke's punchline:

 Mihawk: What do you call a storm with a dress?

Doflamingo: A her-iccane!

Kuma: *ba dum tish*


Post time-skip Blackbeard is a vegetarian

To make him further opposite from Luffy

  • And Shiliew hates the taste of alcohol. Or just can't hold his liquor.

The treasure One Piece is truly a ticket into another world.

The Straw Hats hang out with the villains behind the scenes.

Examples: partying with Arlong, busting out dance moves with Don Krieg and Gecko Moria, having secret rendezvous with Crocodile and the Baroque Works agents, sharing slapstick with Doflamingo...

Regarding everything that's being done by the World Government....

Palpatine's behind it all!

Eneru's favorite song is Savage Garden's "To The Moon And Back."

After all, he goes to the moon and forms a whole empire there.

Arlong can be kept in check by threatening to make shark fin soup out of him.

Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

Vander Decken IX's power is not that of a devil Fruit

No the Mato Mato power doesnt come from a devil fruit it comes from a devil vegetable

One Piece doesn't exist

Everyone is lying about it being real

The entire series is being scripted along the way by an in-universe character

The character in question is drafting the entire plot on a script-board, drawing actions as the need arises or simply to be a Jerkass, similar to what Bugs Bunny once did to Daffy Duck in a Looney Tunes cartoon and what Elmer Fudd did to Bugs himself as well. The question is, which character is responsible? There are possibly several good candidates for the post, but the best one: Gold Roger himself.

One Piece is

a single gold coin. Gol D. Roger sqandered the rest and sent everyone on a wild goose chase

One Piece is Rouge's Panties

Can't believe no ones suggested this yet. This would lead to Sanji and Brook feeling a great respect for the Pirate King, and the rest calling him a pervert.

Alternately its were hid his porn, after all highly doubtful Rouge would think to look there.

Sanji and Shanks are related

Power of Coincidence being what it is in One Piece, having two characters, both from the same sea, with similar looks (Or is it just me?) and similar personality flip tendencies (Shanks is happy go lucky, but don't 'F' with his friends, Sanji can become calculating, manipulative and down right scary if you 'F' with his crew, plus both are good at Convenient Speeches of Awesome) plus Sanji's level of Badass Normal makes me think that they are related. Illegitimate son mebbe?

Someone is going to ask Oda about the time he met Moritaka Mashiro in a future SBS

In Chapter 130 of Bakuman。, some of Mashiro's classmates ask if he has met Oda, and he says he has. Considering some of the SBS questions and Oda's answers to them, it's possible that if someome asks this in SBS, he:

    1. will say that he has met Mashiro while using some form of time travel.
    2. will say that he hopes to meet Mashiro someday (the event in question takes place in 2016).
    3. will give some vague answer.

The only answer he is unlikely to give is a definite no answer.

The Grand Line was named after an yet-unseen character

Gran D. Line

The way Devil Fruits Leave the Body when they die

All this troper will say: The last thing a person does when they die.

Pandaman is the father of Roger

One Piece's world is actually Iscandar

A planet that's mostly water, with a strip of land crossing it, dotted with islands. And it turns out iscandarium is actually Sea Stone.

Theories on the end of Blackbeard

  • Blackbeard will be defeated by Luffy in a short, anti-climactic battle.

With Luffy's training in Haki, this would put him at an even bigger advantage over Blackbeard. And some theories suggest Blackbeard is Luffy's opposite. But I'm thinking of Luffy's Haki. His Haoshoku Haki is extremely strong, able to knock out weak-minded people for a very large radius. The question is, what if he figured out a way to take all that power and focus it on a single person? It would likely kill them, and very quickly. This might happen to Blackbeard if Luffy is sufficiently enraged by Ace's death, which Blackbeard had a hand in by handing him over to the Marines.

  • Blackbeard will be defeated by Shanks.

Blackbeard is handicapped by his first Devil Fruit power, and it does not work nearly as well against non-fruit users. This places him at an extreme disadvantage to a sufficiently strong mere superhuman. Shanks could be that guy. Besides, Blackbeard said at the Paramount War that he wasn't ready to face Shanks yet.

  • Blackbeard will be defeated by Usopp.

The same theory as the above, taken to its extreme. Just because Usopp is the weakest member of the crew by default doesn't mean he can't beat Blackbeard some day. In fact it would be fitting, as it would extend the contrasts by having the weakest member of the Straw Hats beat Blackbeard himself.

The triangle-headed guy that keeps showing up in SBS will be made a Shichibukai after all.

Cause hey, it's Oda.

Theory on Devil Fruits and Fishmen

This idea won't leave my brain alone so I may as well post it. In chapter 641, one of the mermaid princes keeps asking Hody Jones "What are you?" and at the end of the chapter declares that he knows Hody's "true form." This would seem to imply that Hody has some sort of connection to humans he'd rather not acknowledge. Perhaps Hody was once a human who ate a devil fruit, specifically the Fish Fish fruit: White Shark model (or something similar). But how is he not affected by the sea if that's the case?

We've seen that when Chopper gets dunked in water, he reverts to his half and half form rather than full human or full reindeer. If Hody's half and half form is his "fishman" form, it makes sense then that he wouldn't change underwater. And since that form has gills he doesn't have to worry about drowning.

Another WMG for this series speculates that if a water logia fruit exists, its eater could be immune to the effects of the sea. If there are Fish type zoan fruits, perhaps the same is true for them. Alternatively, Fish type zoans may not be immune to the sea, but as long as they're in a form with gills they won't drown. Given what else has been done in this series due to determination and willpower alone, it might be possible for a Fish zoan to train him/herself to be able to move around when submerged despite the effects of the sea. As the flashbacks show, Hody's been a fishman for well over 10 years, so he's certainly had the time to train his abilities if he is a DF user.

I could even take this a step further and say that a long long long time ago, there were no fishmen but there were a lot of Fish zoan fruits. The first fishmen were humans who ate those fruits, and never went back to their human forms. Perhaps they saw their human selves as weak or something. It wouldn't be the first time in fiction that humans gave up their humanity for such a reason. Somehow the half and half form got embedded into the population's genome, and their decedents (modern fishmen) have the strengths and benefits of the form without the downside of the fruit's curse. The trade-off is, they can't change forms any more. It would explain why fishmen and humans are compatible enough for blood transfusions with each other (that is, if cultural taboos are ignored).

If these Fish zoan fruit didn't have any weakness to the sea (or just seemed dangerous enough in general), then the early World Government could have hunted down the fruit once the original power holders died and the fruit respawned. The WG then locked these fruit away and as time passed, people forgot that fishmen were ever human. Then Hody somehow got his hands on a Fish zoan as a boy and he discovered the truth. Maybe something happened in his early childhood that caused him to view his human self as weak and frail once he ate the fruit. Whatever the case, this knowledge influences Hody's rage toward humans and would even contribute to how in recent chapters Hody seems to have abandoned his idea of ruling Fishman island and is willing to let the ship Noah crash into the island and kill all its inhabitants including other fishmen.

Blackbeard is a rogue member of the Nara clan, or at least closely related.

I mean, he can use shadows and is obviously an EXCELLENT tactician. Odds are that he could give Shikamaru a run for his money in a shogi match.

  • What are you talking about? BB don't use shadows, he use darkness. Moria is the one who use shadows...

Doc Q is going to have a Let's Get Dangerous moment against Chopper

I mean, Blackbeard says he doesn't let weaklings into his crew, but let in the sickly frail doctor. Add that to his speed defending Blackbeard against Whitebeard, and he's probably going to reveal himself as a Lightning Brusier.

Zoro converted to Judaism.

From a conversation: "He's clearly been circumcised. That was the most rebellious thing he could come up with while training with Mihawk (who I'm convinced is a good Roman Catholic with the conquistador look and all)."

  • Well, given that Christianity apparently exists in the OP world via the Bible, it's possible. It'd be hilarious to see Zoro naming his next attack after a dreidel.
  • This theory doesn't make sense because Zoro has stated quite strongly that he is an atheist. If he were trying to rebel against Mihawk through religion, his atheism would actually be a more offensive or rebellious stance against Mihawk if he's one of those Catholic conquistador types.

Nicolas D Wolfwood is the first or the last holder of the Will of D

He's a D and that means he has some sort of importance. Either the planet that he is on had OP take place either in its real far past or future. Also for this WMG to work Wolfwood totally knocked someone up before he died and carried on the Will of D, or humans had lived on the planet previously and died out because of the cataclysm that turned it into Arrakis. So he is either the last holder of the Will of D or the first holder. Also if the OP world is the far future, Vash is One Piece and he has been guiding Wolfwood's decedents for a long time from Raftel. He's their best bro. Because why not?

  • It was Milly, clearly.

Boa Hancock will end up with Alvida

She will get tired of Luffy not returning her feelings. Alvida is in a similar position, so yeah. And then the world will explode from the fanservice.

Hercules is gay

He has an Imagine Spot with a muscular Usopp clad only in a loin clothe, and when we cut to reality he's blushing..

There is some connection between the Spy and Crocodile.

  • While were at it, I'd just like to note how both are sandmen, Badasses In Nice Suits, attack with a pointy weapon, can dissipate, are commonly alligned as Neutral Evil, and yet both have retarded theories associated with them regarding their gender and getting paired off with their enemy. FFFFFUUUUU--

Shanks will grow out his facial hair

And become Redbeard

  • And Sanji will become Blondbeard...

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is a Bad Future for Zoro

A world in which all of Zoro's friends have been claimed by the vile stairs and he is forced to (As Hella Jeff) continually warn as many people as he can about their menace. He told you Dogg, he warned you about stairs!

Roronoa Zoro is the long-lost older brother of Ryoga Hibiki from Ranma 1/2.

He went out to get some milk one day, ended up in the One Piece world, and never noticed. This would explain everything about Zoro's character. EVERYTHING.

Oda was influenced by My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

Lets do an experiment. Look at Shirahoshi, now look at Fluttershy. Now look at Shirahoshi again, now look at Fluttershy again. What do you see?

Knuckles the Echidna was living on Angel Island

The reason that he wasn't there during the Skypeia Arc is because Eggman stole the Master Emerald again and he was on the surface getting it back.

  • Knuckles is the next nakama!

Zoro and Sanji will become an intimate couple

Think about it, the way these two fight clearly they secretly want each other. It's a psychological fact that the tension between these two is most likely sexual frustration.

Possible future Devil Fruits

Ideas for Devil Fruits that haven't shown up in canon or filler, but that could possibly show up (or we wish they could):

  • Zumu Zumu no Mi - Paramecia-type, grants the user Super Speed that can be utilized in a variety of ways with sufficient training, not unlike The Flash (as a bonus, the "Zumu Zumu" name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of something speeding up).
  • Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Tiger, Lion, Lynx or Panther - Zoan-type, similar to Rob Lucci's Model: Leopard fruit but with different cats.
  • Suji Suji no Mi - Paramecia-type, allows the user to turn his/her body into strings, which also allows for individual control of each string (assuming that's not Doflamingo's power already).
  • Hone Hone no Mi - Paramecia-type, allows the user to generate bones of any size and shape from anywhere on their body, either for offensive or defensive capabilities ("hone" is the Japanese word for "bone").
  • Pocha Pocha no Mi - Logia-type, allows the user to transform into pure water, and also allows them to generate unlimited amounts of water from their own bodies (like all Logia users with their respective elements) and weaponize it in a manner akin to water-bending; however, they cannot control any physical body of water (including from rivers or the sea) outside of their own body. Its power is otherwise similar to the canonical Numa Numa no Mi (the Swamp Swamp Fruit eaten by Caribou) and the filler Toro Toro no Mi (eaten by Honey Queen in the second movie). "Pochapocha" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for water splashing.
  • Kaze Kaze no Mi - Logia-type, allows the user to control and turn into wind or tornado-like forms; more serious WMG listings often say Dragon ate a Devil Fruit that grants this kind of power.
  • Bashi Bashi no Mi - Paramecia-type, allows the user to create semi-visible energy force-fields (somewhat like the Invisible Woman) that can repel any projectile like a shield; "bashi bashi" is the Japanese onomatopoeic sound for crackling or a force field repelling something.
  • Kouba Kouba no Mi - Paramedia-type, allows the user to create and manipulate plants, including flowers and vines, like Poison Ivy. "Kouba" is the Japanese word for "plant."
    • Alternatively, it could be named the Tane Tane no Mi; "Tane" is the Japanese word for "seed," which all plants grow from.
  • Ryu Ryu no Mi - Ancient Zoan-type, allows the user to become a dragon ("ryu" being one Japanese word for "dragon").
  • Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Fox - Zoan-type, allows the user to become a fox.

One Piece is...

If One Piece was an tabletop RPG...

  • Luffy would have high wisdom and (very)low inteligence

Luffy is trying to save Boa Hancock's life by not Marrying her

  • Look at how she reacts from mistakenly thinking he did something the least little bit romantic to her. She faints. If they were to get married, she'd never survive the wedding. She'd be lucky to live to the I Do's.

My headphones are a Pacifista

Pekoms is related to Smoker.

  • Why's that? Add a leg to the "P" in Pekoms's name to make it an "R" and spell it backwards.

Sanji is going to die when the Strawhats have to go to Amazon Lily.

  • If you don't know why then you are not a One Piece fan.
    • Amazon Lily is on the Calm Belt. They won't ever "have to" go to Amazon Lily. Hell, I'll be surprised if they even go there at all.

Eiichiro Oda actually writes each chapter in English first, then pulls out the english and inserts the Japanese when he submits it to Jump.

It would explain why all of the dialogue in each speech/thought bubble seems to fit fairly well when translated into English. At least, in the scanlations. Considering that English is supposed to be the actual language of One Piece anyway, it would make sense for Oda-san to write it all in English first to see what it would look like.

The One Piece will be a piece of paper with the number 1 written on it.

Luffy will be glad to have discovered it anyway. He'll put it on himself and declare that he's now Number One! I dreamt this last night so I might as well put it here on record.

Law cut out Davy Jones' heart.

The 100 pirate hearts he gave to the World Government to become a Shichibukai were the 100 pirates Jones claimed from Jack Sparrow in Dead Man's Chest.

Caesar Clown and co. are taking orders from the Joker.

  • We know that they takes orders from (or at least are in league in) with a Joker, at minimum. And given Mistah J's usual arsenal, Caesar's Devil fruit is strangely fitting.

One Piece is a time machine

  • After Luffy defeats all his opponents, he will go back in time to become Gol D. Roger and arrange for his own execution, launching the entire plot of the series to set his younger self on his adventure so he can complete the loop.