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"I simply LOVE this sensual feeling!"

Morrigan (after gaining a level), Cross Edge

Sometimes, when a combat scene becomes a bit too vocal and noisy... it stops sounding like fighting. The grunts and yelps and groans start to sound less like hostility and more like rough sex. Related to Cat Fight (and the possible cause of the related Fan Service). Of course, if you have a character that's Too Kinky to Torture, the moans may be genuine pleasure.

A combat-only subtrope of Looks Like She Is Enjoying It.

For those occasions when the characters actually are getting turned on, see Sex Is Violence.

Examples of Orgasmic Combat include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

Films — Live-Action

  • Never Say Never Again. Fatima gets a little too excited by killing, espcially Bond's assistant.
  • GoldenEye. On the other hand, Xenia Onatopp is downright overt about it, calling deadly combat "foreplay".
  • Just watch this Rush Hour 3 sequence...
  • In the French movie Eight Women, Catherine Deneuve and Fanny Ardant get into a Cat Fight, and roll on the floor trying to pin each other down. Before long they aren't so much fighting as fondling one another.
  • Undercover Brother has the Cat Fight in the shower between Sista Girl and White She Devil.

Live-Action TV

  • In Rome, Titus Pullo and Gaia perform this trope in the kitchen...
  • Rod and Tara's duels in Double the Fist invoke this to build up the Unresolved Sexual Tension between them. Their ridiculously brutal over-the-top duels are the only scenes where they show respect and genuine affection for each other, and both seem to enjoy it entirely too much whenever the other lays them out with a particularly badass move.
  • One episode of The Nanny has Fran and Maxwell playing orgasmic ping pong. (And no, this is not an euphemism for something.)
  • The fight scene in the "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" episode of Torchwood, between Jack and John.
  • During the 'Smallville Season 8 finale, Lois Lane gets into a Designated Girl Fight with resident Dark Action Girl Tess Mercer. They end up wrestling on a desk, their bodies pressed firmly against each other, and grunting in precisely the sexy-sounding way that this page's opening text describes. The fact that this was the culmination of an entire season's worth of heavily implied Les Yay and Foe Yay (well, at least on Tess's part) just made it fit this trope even more. When Season 9 premiered a few months later, Tess actually lampshades this, noting that "Things did get a little physical," wiggling her shoulders suggestively...and then she asks Lois whether she'd like to "pick up where we left off." Lois declines.

Pro Wrestling

  • WWE is particularly bad when it comes to its Diva matches.


  • Tennis. The sport is notoriously accompanied by constant grunting, which often leads to this kind of association.
    • As shown in this video, Rafa Nadal has the habit of grunting every time he hits the ball. It's gotten more than one girl flustered.
    • The Williams sisters. Robin Williams points it out:

"Tennis used to be <click> (softly) 'Oh!' <click> (softly) 'Oh!' And then the Williams sisters started playing tennis: AIIGH! AIIGH! AIIGH! 'Forty-love.' 'Naw, that's good love, baby.'" <mimes smoking a cigarette>

    • Lampshaded in an improv sketch between Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. "You're so *big!*
  • Women's fencing at the Olympics also gets a lot of added appreciation from the male audience.
  • Women's curling sounds particularly awkward when you aren't paying attention.
    • All curling can have that effect - in order to get the team to sweep a rock so that it holds its line (just go with it), the skip will often call out "Hard!" or "Harder!" followed by "Hurry!" It gets better in combination. "Hurry! Hurry hard! Harder! Harder! Yes!"
      • Followed often by "Whoa, that's good" to get them to stop. When can then be followed by any number of potentially compromising statements, positive ("Nice!" "Sweet!" "Good lie!") or negative ("Rough shot!" "Bad curl," and the like - or even "Caught a hair" for a shot that went unexpectedly off-kilter).

Video Games

  • Bayonetta. And not just the title character. Of course, the game deliberately set out to parody characters such as Devil May Cry 4's Gloria, so it's to be expected. It becomes obvious it is a parody when you discover that Bayonetta can defeat Joys by using a Wooden Horse and a S&M routine.
  • Play Baldur's Gate with a fully female party and cast a fireball at the party's feet: like an audio clip from a lesbian orgy.
  • Severance: Blade of Darkness: Blade Of Darkness has Amazon as one of four playable characters, and every sound she makes when performing the attack or receiving damage sounds like she's having a powerful orgasm.
  • BlazBlue has Litchi Faye-Ling. Seriously, hit her with a combo with your eyes closed and listen to those supposed moans of pain.
  • Left 4 Dead and its sequel have had interesting... edits with the character sound files.
    • At his death, the Smoker sometimes gives what sounds like a sigh of relief. Sometimes he even says "Yay!"
    • And the same goes for Team Fortress 2, another Valve game.[1]
  • Go fight a female Vrykul in World of Warcraft.
    • Not to mention Paletress.
    • Male human npcs also sound a smidge too relieved when they die.
    • Maiden of Virtue
    • The Succubus, of course. Particular their death cries.
    • Of course, for demons Death Is Cheap, so for succubi, it's just a little death.
  • Juri in Super Street Fighter IV seems to be leaning in this direction.
  • All female sand monsters in the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time trilogy. The ninja-type women actually say innuendos—repeatedly—when you fight them.
    • The female enemies in Warrior Within are probably the most obvious ("So much pleasure in pain.")
  • In Warhammer Online, some people finds the women's screaming in combat is rather disturbingly similar to Immodest Orgasm
  • All of the Rumble Roses girls.
  • All deaths of female characters in Time Splitters.
  • The opening of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.
  • In Neverwinter Nights, a lot of the grunts and such in combat sound very very strange when strung together incorrectly. The author of A Dance With Rogues (an erotic module for Neverwinter Nights) didn't actually need to get new sound effects for the sex scenes.
  • When any character in Forbidden Siren starts to get tired, he or she will begin to... pant. This includes Tomoko and Miyako, who are 14, and Harumi, who is 8.
  • Many, many characters on the English voice track of Yggdra Union. May or may not be because either the voice acting or the voice directing was really, really bad, as the Japanese voices don't sound anywhere near as sexual.
    • A few monsters in its spiritual prequel, Riviera, have death cries that sound like this. Even with the Japanese voices.
  • Gloria's first appearance in Devil May Cry 4. Someone who posted the scene on YouTube actually said "I hope I don't get in trouble for posting porn."
    • To say nothing, of course, of the Lucifer acquisition scene. "First, I whip it out! Then I thrust it!"...
  • In Heroes of Might and Magic II, start a melee fight between Steel or Iron Golems and Archers. Then listen...
    • Grunt! "Aah!" Grunt! "Aah!"
    • Also when a stack of archers/rangers dies, they let out a sigh that sounds more like a mid-coitus whimper than a death whimper.
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 had an announcer that was In Love with Your Carnage up to the point that she was having an Immodest Orgasm if you managed to score a Monster Kill.
  • Appropriately, the female enemies in the Lust circle of Dante's Inferno are quite, ahem,vocal during combat, but their squicktastic design deters from the Fetish Fuel quotient considerably.
  • If you listen to the sound files of the Reyvateils in battle in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, you'll quickly notice how they sound like they're... you know... Like, when they say something along the lines of "Give me more!", "This power... it's flowing inside me!!", or "It's overflowing!" Bonus points with the fact that they also moan, groan, and scream as such.
  • Poison Ivy is already an alluring sex bomb throughout Batman: Arkham Asylum, but during the final boss battle with her she definitely makes some... interesting noises when you attack the giant plant she's fused with.
  • B.Orchid in Killer both the first game and the sequel, whenever you injure her, you may as well ask if she wants a cigarette after.
  • Lego Batman. Not a combat example, but the sounds which come up whenever a character grabs onto a climbable ledge can easily be quoted out of context. Yes, even with Robin.
  • Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII. Slight moans for pretty much any attack ever. Due to her emotional * gasps* being similar, it's unclear if she gets pleasure from fighting or just has constant arousal. Then, if there was ever any doubt, her final move with her Eidolon has to be seen and heard to be believed (Here, skip until 1:09).
  • Destiny of the Doctors, a Doctor Who game: the Fifth Doctor's moans as he gets tortured by the Master are quite... something. Close your eyes for maximum effect.
  • Normally, in Brawl, the characters sound like they're fighting and there's nothing sensual about it. However, in sound test mode, if you go through a character's voice sounds in sequential order, they make all kinds of varying grunts and yelps which gradually increase in volume, climaxing with your character's death cry: an extended scream. All of these sound files are played with no background music with echo effects turned on, so that if you close your eyes (or someone is listening from the next room) it starts to sound like hentai or something. Snake and the princesses are prime examples.
    • Marth as well, his Star KO scream sounds like he just had the mother of all orgasms.
    • Link is also a pretty bad offender.
  • In Tekken 3 (not sure about the others), Nina sometimes sounds like she's doing something other than fighting after being hit by an opponent. It's more noticeable in end-of-round/match replays which occur in slow-mo, thus distorting the sound somewhat and drawing it out.
  • Some of the Japanese voices from Aion are quite... disturbing.
  • Done lots of times in Metal Gear Solid, which is interested in the intersection between violence and the fanservice with which it's handled when watching a movie or playing it in a video game. It's most common in the first game and most obvious with Gray Fox (Snake's best friend, shouts "Hurt me more!!" a lot), but Sniper Wolf ("I'm going to send you a love letter. A bullet, straight from my gun to your heart."), Liquid Snake (why does he take his shirt off to beat Snake to death? Why does he take Snake's shirt off to beat Snake to death?), Revolver Ocelot (long silver bullets etc etc) and Vulcan Raven (running around an arena, grunting and panting) all do this. Shows up less often aftwards, with the exception of Python in Portable Ops, the BB Corp members in 4, and Vamp in both 2 and 4.
  • The Xbox 360 port of Soul Calibur lent itself to this, or at least the Japanese dub did. It gets disturbing rather quickly when you realize that some of the female voice actors have high squeaky voices.
  • In RuneScape, the female players and humanoids gasp suggestively when they are hit.
    • Players...maybe, but NPCs probably gasp from the sudden pain of being cleaved by large and deadly weapons.
  • Hotaru Futaba in Garou Mark of the Wolves has basically an explosive orgasm as a super move.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 contains both an intentional and most likely unintentional example. Morrigan in either language does this very intentionally. As for the unintentional one... switch Chun-Li's voice to Japanese. You're welcome.
  • Probably due to bad voice acting and such, in Bloody Roar 4, if you keep on hitting Nagi after you beat her, she'll let out an... uh... rather uncanny moan as if for sex...
  • In Guilty Gear, I-No gets really into it, including making sexual comments when she defeats the player. Further, if I-No fights Dizzy, who's battle cries involve her begging her uncontrollable powers to stop, it sounds like a rape.
    • In the Xrd games, there's one character who can top this: Raven. He downright gets a Raging Stiffie if he's hit enough.
  • Batman and Robin for the Tiger Game.Com. Listen to it here starting at 13:40.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Link's battle and stamina pants and moans are far from subtle. And he makes them CONSTANTLY.You can hear a lot of them here
  • In League of Legends if you kill Ahri her death cries all sound this way.
  • Go listen to the Korean voice lines for the Academic from Dragon Nest.

Web Comics

Western Animation