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OverClocked ReMix is a website and musical community "dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form." Naturally, it focuses on remixes of video game music. Since 1999, it has been a place for musicians to perfect and share their work, and has accumulated over 2,000 remixes, covering games on everything from the Amiga to the Xbox and ranging from hard-rock to classical to trance/electronica and everything in-between. Besides hosting individual tracks, the site has also allowed artists to collaborate on remix projects, starting with the acclaimed Super Metroid album Relics of the Chozo in 2003.

These aren't just a few amateurs messing around with keyboards and chiptunes - some of these guys are pro musicians who offer remixes on the side, while a few have gone on to do work in the video game industry after getting exposure on OC ReMix (see below). Thanks to a panel of judges that assures quality control, the majority of the music on the site can qualify as Crowning Music of Awesome, depending on your tastes, and in some cases, it's better than the original music that's being remixed. And it's all absolutely free to download.

There was a general bias towards techno remixes early in the site's history. However, due to advances in samples and decreasing costs for quality home studios, it has since expanded to include rock, folk, acoustic, jazz, and even orchestrated symphonic mixes as more musicians contribute to the site.

OC ReMix had a Crowning Moment of Awesome last year when several artists from the site were tapped to handle the Remixed soundtrack for Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. And it rocked.

The site has its own YouTube channel (subscription) for those who prefer to stream instead of download, with pretty much every track you can find on the site available to listen to.

The site celebrated its ten-year anniversary in December of 2009, officially making it an Internet Long Runner.

Tropes used in OverClocked Remix include:
  • Affectionate Parody - Has one of its own in OverLooked ReMiX. It even has a judges panel and a small but dedicated community.
  • Chiptune - Given that it's a site dedicate to video game remixes, you'd pretty much expect it. Halc in particular is known for using a chiptune + drums style he calls "9-bit".
    • Subverted in that straight chiptune arrangements (that is, chiptunes that adhere to the restrictions of their original hardware) will be outright rejected, regardless of the writing caliber of the arrangement.
  • Contemptible Cover: The cover for their Super Dodge Ball album is a tad... risque.
  • Long Runner - Originally founded in December 1999. By internet standards, this site is practically ancient.
  • Product Placement - Mentioned at least Once an Episode on the video game music podcast Nitro Game Injection, which also plays at least one song from the site on almost every episode. Considering Larry Oji, OCR's Head Submissions Evaluator, is a co-host of the show, well...
  • Promoted Fanboy - The site's members were chosen by Capcom to provide the arranged soundtrack for Super Street Fighter II HD ReMix. The soundtrack was released digitally as a free download on OC ReMix.
    • A number of remixers have gone on to create the soundtracks for several independent game releases. Another Soundscape has composed the music for several games, most notably Kaleidoscope and The Perfect Match, while zircon crafted the soundtrack for the shooter Fittest, all found on XBox Live Arcade. Danny B is well-known for the soundtracks to the Meat Boy series.
    • Lee Brotherton, under the name LeeBro, contributed a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remix. He went on to head Remix Factory, which contributed tracks to Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Rivals. He was also the vocalist on the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 song "Dreams of an Absolution".
  • Spin-Off - Several, including the aforementioned OLR, ReMix:ThaSauce (in itself a Spin-Off of the video game music news site Tha Sauce, and originally began as an April Fools joke), and the most popular, VGMix, which has an open song submission system and began as a Take That against OCR, but has since reconciled.
    • OverClocked ReMix itself is actually a spinoff of a webcomic called OverClocked. The comic has been silently discontinued (the last update was in 2001), while OCR has become the main focus of the site staff.
  • With Lyrics - A fair amount of remixes do this, in everything from Piss-Take Rap (ever wondered what it would be like to hear a cactuar or tonberry rap a few lines? Wonder no more!) to epic One Woman Wails.
  • Word Salad Lyrics - The lyrical content of this remix of Paperboy by Navi consists of nothing but this.

Troper Recommended ReMixes (As always, Your Mileage May Vary):

  • bLiNd in general is fantastic, but find the trance remix of the green Brinstar music from Super Metroid.
  • Ok, the Halo Theme. Big, orchestral sized thing with all kinds of instruments. Well, now it's also a Celtic style song by the name of Mahabharath Highlands, and it is pure awesome. Give it a listen: (download/stream)
  • Allow this troper to start it off with "Endings, Beginnings, and One Hell of a Trip" (stream/download), an awesome remix of of the already awesome song "Endings and Beginnings" from Breath of Fire IV by Another Soundscape. To quote djpretzel:

 This is excellent, epic synth work, chock full of synth bass, synth pads, and more hot synth lead action than you can shake a stick at. And yet, even with some magnificent solo sequencing arrangement, what takes the mix up a notch is the addition of the dulcimer, which might seem out of place in a largely electronic setting, but which Mattias blends in perfectly against gated percussive and synth fx.

    • Likewise, the mix by Gman of "Dance" from Breath of Fire II called "You Must Dance" (stream/download) turns the song into a crazy type of trance with some great synth in it. Definitely a song you could dance to.
  • Disco Dan's "Triforce Majeure" (stream/download), The Legend of Zelda's Hyrule Castle theme done orchestral/techno style.
    • "Braving Tal Tal Heights" (stream/download), another of Dan's Zelda remixes.
      • Another brilliant mixer, DarkeSword, decided the Legendary Hero theme from Wind Waker was not good enough. So he did his own version called "Ancient Hero" (stream/download).
      • And, though his name is comparatively mundane, Tyler Heath took the minimal ocarina tunes "Bolero of Fire," "Requiem of Spirit" and "The Song of Storms" (or "Windmill Hut") and created the incredible "A Storm in the Desert" (stream/download).
  • Vigilante's "Beneath the Surface" (stream/download), from the fantastic Kong in Concert project. A mesmerizing remix of the underwater music from Donkey Kong Country.
    • Speaking of Kong in Concert, SnappleMan made an awesome remix of "Gang-Plank Galleon" called "Thrash the Plank" (stream/download), adding rocking instruments to the already awesome song.
  • Reuben Kee's "Ascension to Cosmo Canyon" (stream/download), one of the greatest remixes ever of one of Final Fantasy VII's best tracks.
    • This Troper prefers the rocked out version by Sixto Sounds and zircon, "Lunatic Moon" (stream/download).
  • Darangen's "Atonement" (stream/download), a howling metal remix of the always-popular "Battle with Magus," with a twist.
    • The Masamune by ellywu2 from the "Chrono Symphonic" album. An awesome mix of "Frog's' Theme," it really gives you the feeling that you gotta earn that sword of awesome power. A shame it's not up on the main site.
    • Fight for Our Future" (Battle 1) is freakin' awesome. I always liked the original myself (unlike the ones hating on it in the comments), and this cranks the awesome (stream/download).
    • Star Salzman's "The Incredible Singing Robot" (stream/download takes "Robo's Theme" and turns it into an Image Song. And it is great!
  • The Wingless's "One Girl in All the World," a fantastic take on the "Red Brinstar" music from Super Metroid. (stream/download).
    • ...and inverted in "All the World in One Girl," the jazzed-up counterpart to the above. Yes, it's the credits music for Haloid (stream/download).
  • Children of the Monkey Machine make creepy, atmospheric music. For example, "Drowned in Exile," his take on Super Metroid's already ominous Maridia 2 music (stream/download).
  • zircon and pixietricks are two ReMixers to know. See how they handle Metroid's Maridia music in "Kindred" (stream/download).
    • From the same album (Reserve Tank - VARIAtions), there's also "In Your Prime," a great mix of the Brinstar music by Big Giant Circles (stream/download).
  • "The Souls of Chaos" by RoeTaKa, a remix of (mostly) the already great song "A Way to Nowhere" from Chaos Legion that stays true to the style of the song. If this troper didn't know better, they'd say the remix was from the game itself (stream/download).
  • A brilliant remix by Darangen, "Finally Home," takes the "Temple of Chaos" music from Final Fantasy I and turns it into, of all things, credits music. And it works really well, actually. This troper has no problem believing that this mix could easily have vocals added (stream/download).
    • Darangen had made a mix of the same song a year before hand known as "Warriors of Light." Which is just as awesome in This Troper's opinion. It turns the song into a trumphant battle type of background. Perhaps not better, but definitely still awesome (stream/download).
  • Think Guilty Gear music is awesome? ...Well it still is. But "Destroy Movements" by CHIPP Damage and James George is a haunting and subtle remix of "Writhe in Pain (Millia Rage's' Theme)", and it works nicely. May not rock, but that doesn't mean it's still not awesome (stream/download).
    • Don't forget "Alpha Blade," the trance remix of "Suck a Sage (Chipp Zanuff's Theme)" by Beatdrop (stream/download).
  • Bladiator and The Orichalcon team up to give us "Clairvoyant Elegy," a not quite funk, not quite pop, but definitely awesome remix from Final Doom (stream/download).
  • Trenthian's "Bombin' Shade of Blue" takes Shademan's music from Mega Man 7 and makes it swing (stream/ download).
  • Sole Signal and Tweek unite to give us a fantastic version of the Mario Kart 64 credits music, "Day's End" (stream/download).
  • Newcomer katethegreat19 made an excellent first impression with her lyrical version of FFIX's "Rose of May." Note that all the vocals and the harp, guitar, drum, and recorder are all done by her. (stream/download).
    • "Messenger in the Key of Black," a remix of Dark Messenger. Nex and lightwarmth managed to turn the theme into a grand piano piece that still manages to fit Kuja to a tee (stream/download).
  • "That's What You Get," a mix of "Graceful Assassin" from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, enough said. The only thing making this mix awesomer is that it was made by DrumUltimA and MomUltimA. That's right, a mother and son remixed this together (stream/download).
  • Star Salzman's "Pillar of Salt," a jammin' Xenogears remix with lyrics in Arabic and Hebrew. 'Nuff said (stream/download).
  • "Frame of Mind," a silky-smooth Beyond Good and Evil medley by Aurora, destructo and SGX (stream/download).
  • Anyone into heavy metal will want to check out goat's contributions. "The Raven," his remix of Castlevania's "Wicked Child," is a good place to start (stream/download).
  • "The Ken Song," by jdproject. The lyrics may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the guitar is excellent, the vocals are solid, and the tune catchy. Realize your Ken! (stream/download).
    • That's not the only awesome Ken remix. One of the mixes on the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix album by AE and prozax called "Clamato Fever" is totally awesome and rockin'. The kicker? It's the menu theme (stream/download).
  • "Devastation's Doorway," an electro-orchestral-epic remix of the Bowser stages from Super Mario 64 (stream/download).
    • Another excellent, energetic remix of the same track: ParagonX9's "The Alternate Route" (stream/download).
  • mv's "A Foray Into Eastern Horizons" is a hypnotic and low-key combination of two themes, one from Final Fantasy VII, the other from Chrono Trigger. The particular pairing is, in retrospect, obvious (stream/download).
  • Who wins when Dhsu sets "Koopa vs. Kefka?" The audience (stream/download).
  • "Nuclear Flash" by Sixto Sounds and zircon. Thought Flash Man's theme from Mega Man 2 wasn't intense enough? Here's your solution (stream/download).
    • In fact, anything by Sixto Sounds.
    • In fact, most anything Mega Man. The series already had Crowning Music of Awesome, this just gets even more so.
    • Speaking of Mega Man 2 Akumajo Belmont's "For You" has to be the most unique take on "Wily Stage 1" I've heard.
  • Speaking of zircon, he made a spectacular mix of "Image of Hero" from Phantasy Star Online called "Ragol Weather" which honestly does a wonderful job at sounding like the Weather Channel would play it in the background (stream/download).
  • CarboHydroM and LuIzA's fantastic remix of Tales of Symphonia's "Fatalize" into "Strike of the Devil's Axes". Takes an already epic piece and adds absolutely face-melting guitar to it, making the piece unbelievably epic (stream/download).
    • From the same album, "Summoning of the Spirits," we have The Unholy Wars, a remix of the already awesome "Fighting of the Spirit" from Tales of Phantasia by Dhsu and Sixto Sounds, which also adds in face-melting instruments after a beautiful piano intro.
      • Also from that album is PriZm's' mix of "Take Up the Cross" called "Simplified Design". While not face melting like the above two, the song is still totally rockin' and awesome.
    • "Go the Distance" is another rocking remix from Sixto Sounds. This time of "I'll go" from Dawn of the New World/Knight of Ratatosk (stream/download).
    • My mom and I happen to like Beyond Absentminded.
  • From the Radical Dreamers album Thieves of Fate, with have "Confronto Finale" by Tweek, a great remix of the "Final Confrontation" music of the game. This mix transforms the song into an epic music battle between Trance, Orchestral, and DnB, while still keeping a haunting and awesome feel (stream/download).
    • From the same album, Summer's Dream is a low key percussive affair gently wandering through the epilogue music with a very labyrinthine quality to it. Not on the album, but rather part of a slew of "Far Promise ~ Dream Shore" remixes for Radical Dreamers is Roggah's "Older Promises" (stream/download). This one will leave amateur pianists in lament for the lack of sheet music, it is just so staggeringly poignant.
  • DarkeSword is awesome, Sixto Sounds is awesome, so what do you get when you put 'em together? A high octane remix of course! This being the case for "Metamorphic Rock". A sweet remix of "Green Hill Zone," "Marble Zone," and "Final Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • On the side of Sonic 2 ReMixes there's "Trippin' on Ecstacy" by PxFury. Making the Robotnik Battle theme sound really... trippy (stream/download).
    • And representing the third game, "Scrambled Eggman" gives the boss battle theme an amazing makeover (stream/download).
      • Dude, how could you have mentioned a song on the Project Chaos album and not include the awesome that is "The Doomsday" by SnappleMan, Ashane, and norg? This song freaking rocks and makes the Doomsday Zone theme from Sonic 3 & Knuckles even awesomer. A very big shame it's not on the main site (stream/download).
      • Also from Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Jivemaster's "Lava Reach" takes the Lava Reef Zone themes' status as Crowning Music of Awesome Up to Eleven. (stream/download)
    • How about some Sonic: Triple Trouble? "A New Ray of Light" by Sadorf and Sir_NutS sounds good to me (stream/download).
  • "The Dark World (Crystal Abyss Mix)" by Ubik takes the Very Definitely Final Dungeon theme from Final Fantasy III and turns it from a march of hope and readiness to fight into a creepy and yet interesting tune. Almost like saying, "Okay, we're on our way to fight the Cloud of Darkness! We gotta save both worlds! ...Good god I hope she doesn't murder us." (stream/download).
  • "Blue Lightning", another remix by Disco Dan! This turns the "Title" theme of Mega Man 3 into a slower paced and yet still totally awesome version of itself. (stream/download).
    • And while we're talking about the Title theme of Mega Man 3, "The Passing of the Blue Crown" also manages to be one freaking awesome remix of the theme. (stream/download).
      • "The Passing of the Blue Crown" is this troper's favorite song in all of OC Re Mix.
  • Strike did a great job at remixing the intense Credits music from Perfect Dark, turning it into an almost other form of awesome. I present, "Deploy"! (stream/download)
  • Jewbei did a great trance remix of the title theme from Tales of Destiny. Be sure to check out "Pretension" (stream/download).
  • One of the remixers working on The Missingno. Tracks, ProtoDome, came out with an extremely catchy medley of Pokémon Crystal, and sprinkles of nostalgia here and there (stream/download).
  • From the Kirby album Rise of the Star, we got yet another mix by DarkeSword. This time it's Final Fight ~ Theme of Final Star. Again, shame it's not up on the main site.
  • "The Crossroads" by Jovette Rivera is an epic J-Pop/Hard Rock remix of "Cid's Theme" from Final Fantasy VII (stream/download).
  • Also from Final Fantasy VII, we got this fantastic remix called "Hydrophone Breakdown" by JigginJonT.It's a song which changes directly from strong rhythmic sections to soft melodies and vice versa,while having an absolutely beautiful tune, somewhat like the ones from The Wingless. My Crowning Moment of Awesome on the whole OC ReMix site (stream/download).
  • From the FFVII Voices of the Lifestream album, we got "Beginning of the End". A remix bLiNd made of the already kickass song "Birth of a God." Seriously, OverClocked, get this stuff up on your main site!
  • No one's mentioned the Final Fantasy IV album yet? Almost the entirety of it is filled with awesome. But the cream of the crop has to be the two part finale. First with "Eminense Grise" (stream/download). A vocal mix of "Another Moon" with sinister overtones and a haunting mood. And then followed by "Genesis of Destruction", turning the Zeromus battle music into a rock opera of kickassery. It even got a second version with Phantom of the Zeromus, which This Troper likes to think of it as the Zeromus EG theme. Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption, folks. Aw yeah.
    • In addition to the Finale, this troper also puts a vote in for "Evoking the Dawn" (stream/download), a beautiful piano arrangement of the Prelude and Rydia's theme. Then on the opposite side of the spectrum is "Treason" (stream/download), which takes the Four Fiends battle music and turns it into a thrasher-metal masterpiece.
      • Let's also include "Metal Mage" which, well, I won't spoil the surprise. As well as "Almost Fell for the Trojan" which is a beautiful and mood shifting remix of "Troian Beauty."
      • "Kind of Green" is the last track, a smooth jazzy take on Rydia. It's this troper's favorite album closer, hands down. (stream/download).
      • And don't forget "Fighting for Tomorrow", which turns the Fabul theme into a kickass battle theme. It's like a musical recreation of the whole seige from the game.
      • As well as "Rhymes with Elixir, a Lonely Island-esque parody rap song with multiple Crowning Moments of Funny.
  • The two remixes of "Terra's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI are the explosive heavy metal "Terra in Black" (by Ailsean) (stream/download) and the quiet, somber piano piece "Death on the Snowfield" (by AmIEviL) (stream/download).
  • "Invertebrate Retreat" is a mellow, almost mournful, hip-hop remix of "Lorenzo's Soil" from Earthworm Jim 2, complete with rapping and everything. Better Than It Sounds (stream/download).
    • Speaking of such mixes, Bronx Rican made his own version of Knuckle's theme from the Sonic Adventure games called "Knuckles' Unknown From M.C." This one's a bit more lively, though (stream/download).
    • Speaking of which there's also "Knuckleduster", which gives the Marble Garden Zone theme a nice set of lyrics (stream/download).
  • "The Place We Knew", Reuben Kee and pixietricks' beautiful piano ballad adaptation of "To Far Away Times" has brought more than one troper to Manly Tears (stream/download).
  • "Malevolent Mansion" is a kickass drums-and-bass remix of "Mad Monster Mansion" from Banjo-Kazooie. Crunchy guitar riffs mixed with bombastic synthesizer and percussion work, and by the time the nostalgia-inducing xylophone kicks in, you'll be grinning from ear to ear. Even Grant Kirkhope, the guy who composed the soundtrack for the original game called it "bloody marvelous!" (stream/download)
  • Another track from The Wingless is the beautifully soothing "Pearl Song" (stream/download), which a remix of the "Dire, Dire Docks" music from Super Mario 64 (an already-amazing song in its own right). One of the first remixes this troper heard from the site, and it still hasn't gotten old yet.
  • Try a Phoenix Wright mix on for size. Done by PrototypeRaptor, "Cross-Examination (Sudden Interjection)" (stream/download) is remix of the Objection Theme. Any fan of the series knows that it is practically a law for any version of the song to be awesome.
    • PrototypeRaptor has two other decidedly awesome remixes on the site: "Dark Matter" (stream/download), a remix of the Miracle Matter fight in Kirby 64; and "Barrel Roll" (stream/download), an arrangement of the Corneria music from Star Fox (Which even includes voice samples of the infamous line).
  • Big Giant Cicles, Sole Signal and Tweek, three artists already mentioned on this page, decided to team up to do a Jade Empire remix known as "Global Empire" (stream/download). A very... interesting, to say the least, remix of "Fury, Hammer, and Tongs" and "Techno Tune (World 2)".
  • "Stranger in the Desert" (stream/download), another piece by DarkeSword. This one takes the "Departure" and "For Endless Fight II" songs from Mega Man Zero 2 and puts 'em together into a dramatic piece. Very fitting for Zero.
  • "Lake in Ontario?" (stream/download) a remix of the Final Fantasy X song "Silence Before the Storm" by ilp0 makes you totally wanna take a trip into your own mind.
  • Lots of people love the "Corridors of Time" theme, so it only makes sense that it'd be remixed. In This Tropers opinion, the two best mixes are "Corrupter of Time" (stream/download) by Joren de Bruin & Tweek, and "Time Warp Mix" (stream/download) by The Vagrance. The first being a hard rock mix, the second being pure DnB. Both are easy to get lost in and are great tunes. Check 'em out.
  • The entire Ni GHTS: Lucid Dreams album, but specifically Dies, Nox et Omnia, which is based on D'Force Master and is Ocremix's first operatic duet! stream download
  • Mazedude remixed Final Fantasy IV's "Another Moon", leading to "Surface of the Moon" (stream/download), which sounds like it would be playing in a Nightmare Fuel bad ending to a Sci Fi game.
  • Wild Arms has had its share of kickass remixes as well. For example, take "Dové L'Amore" (stream/download) by Jovette Rivera, remixing "Courage" with some nice Spanish lyrics, turning it into a sort of love song. Also try on "A Ring and a Promise" (stream/download) by Ashleigh James and bLiNd, giving "Prologue 2" song nice vocals as well, giving it a sort of hopeful feel.
  • How'd we get this far without mentioning "Fire Cross" (stream/download) by LuIzA? It takes "Battle on the Big Bridge" and various songs from across the Final Fantasy series, and even Chrono Trigger, and turns it all into a hardcore piece of awesome.
  • "Cantata for Dancing: Part I" (stream/download) and "Part II" (stream/download) are absolutely epic mixes of "Dancing Mad". Ominous Latin Chanting ahoy!
  • "Dueling Consoles" (stream/download) by Shnabubula is a remix of Secret of Mana's boss theme with a Console Wars twist. An NES and a Sega Genesis start competing with each-other in the arena of chiptune music. It starts with the two sources alternating, then playing at the same time, with both sides trying to gain dominance. And then, at 2:00 in, the two sounds fuse together into a rendition of Danger way more awesome than either one could be alone. 8-bit music has never been so metal.
  • "Absolution Comes in Dreams" (stream/download) No more needs to be said.
  • ParagonX9's Super Double Dragon "No. 5 (Snapdragon)" (stream/download) makes excellent energetic fight music.
  • "Dragon Song" (stream/download) by Harmony is a fantastic piece from Secret of Mana for much the same reasons as "Pillar of Salt" mentioned earlier, though they're in entirely different styles; a stunning piece with an interesting blend of instrumentation topped by excellent vocals. It's so fantastic, in fact, that every time Harmony comes to one of the various site meetups, this song ends up getting played acoustically at some point just because.
    • In fact, it's so fantastic that at Otakon 2010, Hiroki Kikuta personally told Harmony that he liked the song, and the two took pictures together. Epic win.
  • The magnificient but under-appreciated Soukaigi soundtrack currently has only one remix, "Aftershock" (stream/download) and it is an experience of the central them. Honestly hard to describe as other than superlatively well-thought out.
  • Mazedude's "River City Rammstein" (stream/download). One of the better techno themes. Its heavy beat and fast pace makes it a perfect soundtrack for any fight or beatdown. The title, however, is a bit of a misnomer; it doesn't seem to sound anything like any Rammstein song I've ever heard.
  • Darengan's "Falling Back" (stream/download). The Gerudo Valley theme is a perennial favorite for remixing, and by adding a message to the awesome guitar riffs the song can only be improved.
  • audio fidelity's "Pirate Shout" (stream/download), an EPIC metal version of the Monkey Island theme, complete with a rousing pirate chorus and a recorder to boot!
  • "Brainshock" by aluminium (based on "Tessie!" from Earthbound) has a very enjoyable dreamlike feel to it. To quote one of the song's comments, it makes you feel "entertainingly dizzy".
  • Even disco gets its due on the site with the catchy, potentially Ear Worm-y"Bust This Groove '81" (based on "Blue Knife (Bust A Move Edit)" from, well, Bust A Move).
  • Variations on The Legend of Zelda theme: "A Fate Preordained" by Lindsay Anne Klemm, a mellow, tranquil rendition that wouldn't sound out of place in the Lord of the Rings, "A Hero's Legacy" by Evan Pattison aka Starblaze, a sweeping, epic rendition perfect for dramatic scenes, and "Fear And Sufferance" by K. Praslowicz, an electric guitar rendition that must be heard to be believed.
    • Another Zelda track: "Pachelbel's Ganon" by djpretzel, a heavy, yet soothing reimagining of Zelda's Lullaby.
  • Super Mario RPG: "Mushroom Way Madness" by Orkybash, a very jaunty variant on the Mushroom Way and Rose Way themes, and "Leafcutter", a reimagining of the Weapons Factory theme courtesy of radiowar, which takes the original and makes it considerably darker and more eerie.
  • Yoshi's Island: "Crystalline Caverns" by McVaffe, quite possibly the loveliest, dreamiest reimagining of the Underground Theme ever.
    • Even then, his own take on Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3 and Knuckles, "IceCapped", probably started the entire memetic music movement of remixing Ice Cap several times.
  • "New Mexican Thunderbird stream. An awesome spaghetti western remix of T. Hawk's theme from Super Street Fighter II. Especially epic is the tribal chanting towards the end.
  • "Holiday with Mia Fey" stream. A pretty good remix of the Turnabout Sisters theme from the first Ace Attorney game. Got some nice synth improv solos too.
    • Not to mention OA's "This Feeling" stream. It's a truly stunning and electric remix that only gets better with the addition of an electric guitar partway through.
  • "Foregone Rejuvenation" stream. An excellently done remix of what is probably the most popular piece of the original Unreal Tournament game's soundtrack, replacing the original version's drum 'n bass with something much more... spacey-er.
  • Navi's (no, not That One) Remix of Parappa the Rapper has some serious flow.
  • This album by Mattias Häggström Gerdt. Eleven tracks remixing various Armored Core games. Each one of them is a masterpiece.
  • Celestial Winds from The East is a laidback, Shamisen-based rendition of Okami's "Reset"~Thank You Version, already a beautiful song on its own. The Ska-like beat combined with the Oriental instruments make for a great cover, while keeping the original's beauty intact.
  • "Amorelle", a Nujabes-styled remix of Shenmue music. Not bad at all.
  • "Power of the Meat". You like Super Meat Boy? Try it with vocals.
  • Sir Jordanius's first remix, "Smooth as Honey", starts out as a muffled remix of Hornet Man's theme in Mega Man 9. Then the funk kicks in.